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Best Fanfics on the Web

Flash! -- I just finished my Inuyasha fanfic, Strength Comes with Time. It's all here: Essay, What is Godzilla by Tim Seltzer

I've read hundreds of fanfics and been frustrated trying to find my way back through the maze of the Web to reread the ones I really like. And that means I've wasted lots of time reading real  clunkers, because there was no easy way to find the good ones. So I decided to gather here the ones that I like best (with the permission of the authors). And I'll put my own fanfics here, too, as soon as I stop being lazy and start putting into words all the stories I have in mind.

If you would like your fanfic to appear here because you're tired of Geocites (ANNOYING FAULTY PIECE OF SHIT...............that felt good to let out) then send it in its full form to If I like it, I'll post it, giving you full credit (and also helping you get an audience, because this site is well-indexed at Google and gets lots of traffic). I don't really care for filters, so swear to your heart's content, if that's what you want to do; or don't if that's what you want. Hell, you could have a whole dictionary of swears and cusses if you want. The only thing I am against heavily is yaio [spelling?] (i.e., male-male relationships), combinations of Kurama and Hiei, or any combos to that effect.

Let the fics begin! Everyone is welcome, whether they be demon or human, alien or native, youkai or nigen, orc or.......................whatever else you consider yourselves. Send feedback to me after you read.

Tim Seltzer,

My music video -- Lord of the Rings We Follow You.   This is an mpeg movie file. If your computer gives you the choice of downloading, do so. With a high speed connection that might take about 10 minutes. Then play it. If your computer automatically opens a movie player, like Windows Media Player, click "save as" and save it to your hard drive or click stop and let it sit for a while. If you have a high speed connection, if you click Play after about 5-10 minutes, it should play well over the Internet.

Reikai Arc by Sheyasan
This fanfic has Harry Potter getting a few moves from our favorite Yuyu Hakusho guys. And Sirius isn't exactly dead anymore... Want to know more? Then read it:
  • part 1: Sirius in Reikai
  • part 2: Sirius's Return
  • part 3: The Decision, the Choice and the Chance
  • part 4: What They Learned
  • part 5: Tantei in Training
  • More to come (email Sheyasan and beg for more soon, )
  • One Month for Romance by Corisu Li
    Inuyasha has lost a bet. Now he has to spend one full month in Kagome's time. Will the appearance of a strange youkai change things for the worse?...or the better?
    Two Months to Live by Corisu Li
    This is a sequel to One Month of Romance. It is complete in 27 chapters. It has a few plot twists that will shock you.
    Van and the Mercenary by Sakura
    This fanfic makes it so that characters from two eras which are hundreds of years apart (Van being one of them) end up meeting. The main Zoid in here, called The War Wolf, is very believable.
    The Lone Mercenary by Sakura
    This is a good prequel to Van and the Mercenary, which is another of my favorites
    This is a work in progress. Lots more to go.

    Zoids Chapter 2 by Chibi Reli
    This fanfic tells what happens to the Blitz Team after the television show. The Zoid called Rapidfire and the pilot nicknamed Fire Cat are unique.

    Before I was FireCat, Before the Blitz Team by Cibi Reli
    This fanfic is a prequal of Zoids Chapter 2. We see how Ami became FireCat and how she got Rapidfire.
    Blades of Blood By Kenny Bewley (complete in one file)
    Good combination of Anime and a horror film. Predator has its little hunt in the middle of the Meiji era and has a run-in with Kenshin and friends.

    What's Your Problem By Inushoujo Sakura Akina
    This Fanfic is a good Kagome/Inuyasha where Kag isn't a halfdemon (as far as I know). That might change in later chapters but seems good so far.

    Broken By Quickening
    This fanfic says what would have happened if the beads on Inuyasha's neck broke. Never seen a fic this well written and highly loved. In this gained more than 600 people commenting on that. Let's try to break that record, shall we?
    Rurouni Kenshin and the Lord of the Rings by John the Visionary
    This is a work in progress (not yet complete). It is the best combination of anime and Lord of the Rings that I've seen yet,  which is why I asked John for permission to post it here.
    Silent Requiem by Nightmaresama
    This is the best Gundam fanfic you will ever read.
    Buffy the Youkai Slayer by Sharibet
    A great combination of InuYasha and Buffy the Vampire Slayer, the two demonic shows we thought couldn't mix.
    New Age, by Sh33p, Part one of Trilogy, part 2 = Reign of Chaos, part 3 = Tides of Darkness Reign of Chaos by Sh33p, Part 2 of Trilogy, part 1 = New Age, part 3 = Tides of Darkness Tides of Darkness by Sh33p, Part 3 of Trilogy, part 1 = New Age, part 2 = Reign of Chaos Two Halves By DameWren
    Best fic about Hinata Naruto, and their relationship.
    This fanfic is complete.

    Dimensional Exchanges By XyoushaX, Sakura is sucked into another world, and has to figure out a way to come back

    This fanfic is complete.

    Beyond Hearts and Minds By XyoushaX - chapters 1 to 28

    Green Leaf by Ninja Shen, A fic that shows that Kankuro can occasionally get a girl of his own...even if it is Tenten (no offense meant to Tenten lovers. I just see her with Neji so often it's almost like he owns her). Believable on every front.

    Fox Hunt by dave-d What is going on? Why do all the girls that Naruto knows want him to father their children? Answer: Kitsune. Variations by Eagleheart A unique alternate universe version of an all time great, Final Fantasy 7. Damn, it's hard getting a fic of this quality.  privacy statement