By Quickening,

Chapter 1

This fanfic says what would have happened if the beads on Inuyasha's neck broke. Never seen a fic this well written and highly loved. In this gained more than 600 people commenting on that. Let's try to break that record, shall we?  (Tim Seltzer,

Quickening's Disclaimer: Inuyasha & Co. do not belong to me.  Only the story does.  Kagome and Inuyasha might seem a little OOC at times.  Sometimes it’s deliberate.  Other times it might simply be accidental on my part (I’m still learning their personalities, as well, and am bound to make some mistakes).  But I’ll leave it up to you to decide which is which.  ^_~

In the meantime…enjoy!  And by all means, leave a review and tell me what you think.  Unless of course you’re simply looking to release some pent-up anger or something, in which case I suggest making an appointment with a good therapist.  Which I’m not.

Author's intro words: This type of story has probably been done before, but I hope that I can provide my own unique take on what certain character reactions would be to the following events.  I’ve always wanted to try my hand at a story like this, although sadly I don’t know much about IY.  I’ve been watching the episodes as aired on Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim, but have only seen up to the episode where Kikyo first makes her appearance.  Therefore, this story takes place somewhere just after Kikyo appears but before the appearance of Sango and Miroku (which could be any amount of time as I have no idea when they actually show up).  Since I haven’t seen them yet, I have no grasp on what their personalities might be like so therefore I intend to forgo writing them in.  Shippou will be here, though.  I like Shippo.  He’s cute.  I want my own little Kitsune to cuddle.  *^_^*

She never realized how much she depended on that subduing spell—that one, insignificant little word—until it was suddenly, inadvertently taken away from her.

They stood in the middle of the forest close to the well, staring in shock at Kagome’s fisted hand, from which several beads clung stubbornly to a broken, dangling string.  On the earth between them were scattered the remaining beads and several teeth…all that was left of the rosary that had once hung around Inuyasha’s neck.  Kagome’s senses were reeling as she sought to understand just what had happened.  One minute, she was heading home to go to her little brother’s eighth birthday party—she had promised him on a double-pinky swear that she wouldn’t miss it—and in the next Inuyasha had shown up, refusing, as always, to allow her to leave.  Thus had begun their normal power-struggle, which usually ended up with Kagome losing her temper and yelling the usual word to send Inuyasha’s face into the dirt.

But this time was…different.  This time, Kagome had tried to get away without the usual subduing; after all, no need for her to have a guilty conscience for sitting the stupid hanyou when she should be enjoying a birthday party.  She’d even invited him to go along, for pity’s sake (Souta would have loved that), but no.  Inuyasha had to go and be a stubborn idiot and refuse.  Finally, she’d given up and merely tried to force her way past him, which had naturally led to him forcing back.  Somewhere along the line, her hand had become tangled in the rosary, and when she’d tried to pull away from him before he could carry her back to the village, there had been a faint snap and beads were suddenly flying through the air between them.

There was absolute silence in the little clearing that surrounded the well.  Not even a bird chirped.  It was as though the very earth was holding its breath, awaiting the inevitable explosion.

Both the hanyou and the human continued to stare in bewilderment at the broken rosary, watching dully as yet another shining bead slid slowly down the thread and fell with a faint clack to the rocky earth.  There was not even a trace of the magic that had once bound Inuyasha left within its remains.  It was completely gone.

“No.  Oh no…” Kagome whispered, her face paling with shock as realization slowly dawned on her.

“Ohhhh, yes.”

She winced at the triumphant hiss and slowly raised her gaze to meet that of the hanyou.  Inuyasha’s eyes were gleaming and an evil grin parted his lips, revealing his fangs…which also appeared to be gleaming.  He practically radiated with smug satisfaction, and Kagome couldn’t help but think that she’d never seen him look this feral since she’d first awakened him from his enchanted sleep.

They were both as motionless as deer caught in an open field and sensing danger, quivering with tension and ready to spring at a moment’s notice.

The well was only ten feet away.

But Inuyasha was right there.

Could she make it?  It really wasn’t that far to run, if she dove in head-first.

Kagome’s eyes darted back and forth between the dog demon and the well, and he followed her gaze, his eyes laughing at her, practically daring her to try to make a break for it.

Then the moment was there, and both of them shot forward like arrows released from a bow, aiming straight for the dilapidated old structure.  Inuyasha was almost three steps behind her, but she wasn’t stupid enough to think that she had a ghost of a chance of making it.

It didn’t keep her from trying, though.

And she almost made it.  Almost.

Just as she was beginning to think she might actually be able to dive into the well and to freedom, a strong, firm arm caught her by the waist and swung her around, pulling her back roughly against a warm, hard body and fair knocking the breath out of her.  A laughing voice in her ear scolded almost playfully, “Now, now, wench.  What do you think you’re trying to pull here?”

“I’m trying to go home!” Kagome shouted, royally pissed at being man-handled like a stuffed animal.  She squirmed furiously and tried to kick, but he easily avoided her legs.  “Let go, Alpo breath!” she squealed.

He tsked at her.  “Now, Kagome, that isn’t a very kind thing to say.  I think you’d better apologize to me.”  He was half-laughing as he spoke, clearly more amused than anything, and she was hard-pressed not to stomp on his bare feet.  The jerk was having way too much fun with this!

“Or you’ll do what?” she sniffed, crossing her arms petulantly over her chest.

His smirk widened.  “Oh…I dunno.  I was thinking something along the lines of…this!”  And with that, he raised one hand, claws glimmering in the filtered sunlight streaming between the trees, and brought it down toward the well with all his might.

Well…this seems to be as good a place as any to end it.  The chapter, I mean.  Not the story.

What’s that, you say?  You don’t agree?  Well, gee, too bad for you.  ^_~

Of course, if you really want another chapter very soon (I have it half-finished already), a few moments of your time to leave a comment or two would make it all worthwhile.  *smiles sweetly, until a brick goes hurtling past her head*

O_o  Erm…then again…I suddenly feel lots of inspiration flowin’ through me veins…mebbe I’ll get back to work on it right now…?  ^^;

*smiles nervously and edges for the door*

Broken This fanfic is complete.

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