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What's Your Problem

By Inushoujo Sakura Akina,

Chapter 1:

Good Going Inuyasha

This Fanfic is a good Kagome/Inuyasha where Kag isn't a halfdemon (as far as I know). That might change in later chapters but seems good so far. Tim Seltzer,

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha unfortunately. But I love him and one day he will be mine.

The idea for the story came to me one day when I was in boring Social Studies class.



(blah)-authoress talking

Feudal Japan

Inuyasha was sitting in a tree when he smelled Kagome. He looked over to the well and saw a backpack on the ground and Kagome pull herself out the mentioned well. 'Where is everyone?' Kagome thought. Just then Inuyasha decided to make himself present. He jumped out of the tree he was residing in and landed gracefully in front of Kagome.

"Come on wench," Inuyasha said.

"Where is everyone Inuyasha?" Kagome asked a little worried. Only because another person was usually close by when she returned and know one was in sight at the moment.

"They are at Kaede's waiting for you to come back," Inuyasha said with annoyance. He was still mad at her for going back to her time again. He hated it when she left because she had to find the jewel shards.

"Oh," Kagome replied.

"What's your problem wench?" Inuyasha asked without emotion making Kagome think that he truly didn't care at all.

"Nothing. What's your problem?" Kagome snapped.

"Nothing you stupid wench," Inuyasha snapped back.

"And stop calling me wench," Kagome yelled at him and stomped off towards the village to get to the other side where Kaede's and camp was.

"Wench," Inuyasha mumbled under his breath, but somehow Kagome managed to hear him.

"Sit!" she yelled at him and ran off.

Inuyasha smelt tears. 'Oh shit I made her cry. I'm such a jerk.' When the subduing spell wore off he stood up and spat the dirt out off his mouth and wiped the other dirt off of his face. He knew what he had to do so he headed off towards Kaede's hut.

At Camp

Sango was sitting by the fire she had built when she felt a hand grab her butt. "Hentai!" she screamed at (bet you can guess who it is) Miroku then smacked him so hard on the head that he was knocked unconscious. "Oops," Sango said not sorry one bit. "Serves him right," she mumbled to herself. Sango heard something and looked up. She saw Kagome running towards camp. Wait, she was crying too. Kagome didn't even stop at the camp she kept on going so she would go straight into Kaede's. About five minutes later Inuyasha came walking into camp. Sango could tell from the look on his face that it was his fault that Kagome was upset. Inuyasha looked at Sango and she just glared at him. He was always getting Kagome angry or upset but this time he had gone far enough to make her cry.

Inuyasha followed Kagome's scent into Kaede's hut. 'I knew she would come here.' He looked into a room and saw Kagome crying. It was tearing him apart knowing that it was his doing for her tears. He knew he should tell her sorry. He was going to but when he opened his mouth his pride got to him and he didn't say what he planned to (when will he ever learn to suck it up and forget about his damn pride).

"What's your problem wench?" Inuyasha said. 'Why can't I just say sorry? Shit. I'm in for it now.'

"You wanna know what my problem is? Well I'll tell you. You're my problem. You. YOU. YOU!" Kagome screamed at him and ran out of the hut.

"Kagome wait!" Inuyasha yelled to her.

Kagome stopped, "No. I'm going home. Now, SIT BOY?" She screamed at him with tears running down her face. Kagome started to run toward the well again when a ball of reddish-brown fur flew at her.

"Hey Kagome, where ya going," said a happy Shippo (aww! Ain't he kawaii?). Then he saw her tears, "What's the matter?"

"I'm going home Shippo. And if you wanna know ask that baka Inuyasha," Kagome answered him still crying. She set him down and kept on running (she likes to run a lot).

Shippo watched as Kagome jumped into the well. He noticed just as she leapt over the side of the well that she didn't have her backpack. No backpack meant no shards. No shards meant that she couldn't come back. 'Oh no! She isn't coming back,' he thought, 'Baka Inuyasha.' Shippo ran to Inuyasha to give him a piece of his mind. He was really angry at him.

"I hate you Inuyasha! What's your problem? Because of you Kagome left!" Shippo shouted at Inuyasha

'What's with asking me what my problem, what's their problem, is,' Inuyasha thought. "So, who cares? That wench always leaves. She probably wanted to go home for awhile. She'll come back in a few days."

"Well this time you're wrong. Kagome isn't coming back. Ever," Shippo said.

"W-what? How do you know baka little kitsune?" Inuyasha asked. 'Kami. I have to be more careful I almost showed that I actually cared.' (Inuyasha and his damn pride again.)

"Because she left her backpack here. And do you know what is in her backpack? The jewel shards you baka," Shippo yelled/cried at Inuyasha.

Inuyasha looked at the crying kitsune stunned (he should be stunned, Kagome did something that he thought she would never even think of doing). He looked over by the side of the hut and sure enough Kagome's backpack was there and he knew that she had them in there because she just came back from her time so she didn't have time to put them around her neck. Shippo jumped up and ran to the camp to tell Sango and Miroku.

Inuyasha looked over at everyone. He saw Miroku glare at him. Shippo was still crying but even more now. And he saw Sango trying to calm Shippo down. Then Miroku leaned over to tell Sango something. She nodded in agreement. Inuyasha just barely caught what was said. He waited to see what they had to say. When Shippo fell asleep he heard some hurtful things. What made it worse was they were true.

Inushoujo- Should I stop here?

Inuyasha- Keep on going I want to know what they have to say.

Inushoujo- Okay I guess I can tell everyone what they said. I'm doing this for you Inu-chan.

Inu-chan- Good. Hey what's with the Inu-chan?

Inushoujo- I can call you whatever I want I'm the authoress.

Inu-chan- That's good enough for me.

Inushoujo- On with the fic!

Around the fire

"It's okay Shippo," Sango said trying to calm him down so he would get some sleep, "I'm sure Kagome will be back." As Sango said that she some doubt. Well actually a lot of doubt. Inuyasha really ticked Kagome off this time.

Miroku waited until Shippo was sound asleep before talking with Sango about the situation. "This is real bad Sango. Inuyasha has really done it now. Kagome will never even think about wanting to come back without Inuyasha at least trying to bring her back. She might even ask her grandfather to put a spell on the well to keep all demons from coming through it (I highly doubt the spell would work if Kagome's grandfather put it up). And that of course would include Inuyasha."

"What will we do Miroku? We need Inuyasha to go through the well and bring Kagome back soon. Or at least try to. Persuade her or something. Just before she becomes too angry to forgive him. I know if he left soon she would easily forgive him. She really likes him a lot," Sango said.

"I know she does like him a lot and I pretty sure too that she would forgive him," Miroku agreed.

Once Inuyasha heard this he knew they were right. Well except he wasn't sure about them saying that Kagome really liked him. Inuyasha knew what he had to do. He turned and headed toward the well but not before telling the others that he would be back in a little while and for them to stay put. He said that he needed some time alone. Well it was kind of true except he wanted time alone with Kagome not himself. 'I hope she can forgive me,' he thought, 'I screwed up big time. Damn.' Inuyasha jumped into the well and thankfully landed in Kagome's time.

So what do you think? This is my very first story. Please R&R. There should be a new chapter up in 2-5 days

Ja ne

What's Your Problem This story is incomplete. We'll post the rest as soon as it's ready.

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