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Blades of Blood

By Kenny Bewley,

Good combination of Anime and a horror film. Predator has its little hunt in the middle of the Meiji era and has a run-in with Kenshin and friends.  (Tim Seltzer,

Kenny Bewley's Disclaimer: I do not own any of these characters and most likely never will. The Predator is a copyright of Twentieth Century Fox and Kenshin is…I don't know who Kenshin belongs to but it isn't me. 

In Kyoto, citizens walk back to their houses as night approaches. But suddenly they stopped to see a bright light in the sky. Most stop and point at the burning object others rush home trying to get away from it, but little do they realize that they won't get away. The light raced across the sky slowly lowering until it crashes into the water by the city. Two of the local fishermen stood not sure exactly what happened. The light under the water dies but before the fishermen can leave to tell the police a figure begins to emerge from the water. The giant man stands about seven feet tall with a metal mask covering his face and thick strands of hair. The giant being looked around investigating its new surroundings.

"Are you okay," One of the fishermen asked.

The beast then turned its attention toward the human studying him. Suddenly twin blades extended from its right gauntlet and with lightning fast speed it rammed the blades into the poor soul. The old man gagged as the beast raised him up to its face. The other fisherman tried to run, but the creature saw him. It quickly tossed the dead man on its blades over its shoulder into the water.

As the man ran he was unaware of the three red dots on his back. Suddenly there was the sound of a thunder crash from behind him, he turned and saw a beam of blue fire racing at him. Before he could escape the blast tore right through him. He fell to the ground, dead before he even hit the floor. The creature rushes over and using its blades ripped out the human's spinal chord. It shook the head in its hands as it roared into the night. The hunt began and now all that was needed was greater sport.

Cho was informed the next day that a headless body was down by the docks. He strolled down the streets, not really concerned with what he was told; he figured it was just some simple incident. But as soon as he neared the dock he became aware of a foul smell in the air. He rounded the corner and saw a large crowd of people; he parted them and saw what could only be described as a scene from a nightmare. Dangling from the top of one of the roofs was the skinned body of a man missing its head and spinal chord. This gruesome scene reminded Cho of his former life, but even he had never done anything so bad.

"Judging by the amount of flies and the smell of the body, it would appear that this man has been dead for at least ten hours," a voice from behind Cho said.

Cho turned and saw Saitoh leaning against a wall smoking a cigarette.

"Is that your handy work," Saitoh asked Cho.

"You know I gave that up," Cho said, "How long have you been here?"

"Not long. I was sent here to check on you and your friends," Saitoh said as he took a drag on his cigarette," Now tell me about this poor bastard."

"I was informed about this incident, but I have no clue as to what happened here," Cho responded.

"I see," Saitoh said," well I have to go and check on the other members of the Juppongatana, keep me informed."

As Saitoh walked away, he felt he was being watched but could see nothing. Unknown to him, Cho, or any of the other people on the top of one of the roofs a silent phantom watched over the people. The creature studied Saitoh but then turned its attention towards Cho. The creature studied the unusual individual and saw all the swords he holding. Beneath the creature's helmet it grinned knowing that this person would prove to be a great trophy.

Misao and the others had heard the rumors that some serial killer was in town and had killed two fishermen. They thought it might be a good idea to tell Kenshin and the others, but then that might worry them, they wouldn't let it bother them; the police would catch him in a short amount of time.

That night as Cho made his final rounds through the city, be became aware of a scent in the air. The smell of blood and oil mixed together, but he could see nothing. He continued until he heard a voice call out his name. He quickly turned and drew out two swords. A drop of sweat rolled down his cheek as he continued to stare out into the dark not aware of what was out there. Suddenly he saw a red light appear out of nowhere and land on his chest. As he looked up again he saw a blast of blue fire flying straight at him. He quickly dodged to the side as the blast hit the ground.

Cho looked at the direction from where the blast came from and saw two blades walking toward him, but nobody was holding them. Cho couldn't believe his eyes as the phantom continued to approach him, but then there was some electrical crackling. The creature appeared in the flesh and Cho looked up at the giant in fear. Cho quickly stood with his swords and charged at the creature. The two exchanged blow for blow, until the creature shattered his swords. Cho fell backwards in shock of what just happened, he quickly stood and drew out yet another sword and charged forward, but by this time the creature was through toying with him, it quickly fired three fork-shaped objects at Cho. One landed in his left shoulder, another landed in his right leg and the last one went right through his hand impaling the sword to his flesh. Cho screamed in pain as he collapsed to the ground trying to remove the objects in imbedded in his flesh, but he soon stopped as the creature towered over him.

"What the hell are you," Cho asked despite the pain.

"Cho…Trophy," The creature said as in moved closer toward Cho.

"Get the hell away from me…no…no…noooo," Cho screamed as the creature used its blades to rip out his spinal chord and head. The creature also sliced off the hand Cho held his sword with and roared with excitement as it gained yet another trophy, but it was not satisfied, it wanted more trophies before it left this planet. Hopefully someone in this area could prove to be a great challenge. Before the creature left for its lair, the creature had to do something the body. It grabbed Cho's body and quickly headed towards one of the buildings.

The next morning, Misao started to head off toward the market place to pick up some materials Okina had asked for. Just before she left she felt a drop of water on her face, but as she wiped the drop away she realized that it was blood. She looked up and saw that the blood cadaver hanging from the railing. She covered her mouth in shock then ran back inside to tell Okina and the others.

In Tokyo three days later, Kenshin and the others were having afternoon tea when there was a knock at the front gate. They went to answer it and saw Saitoh outside the gate with a wicked smile on his face.

"Saitoh," Karou said.

"You've come here to kill Kenshin," Yahiko said as he drew his sword.

"Come on Saitoh," Sanosuke said," You and me have some unfinished business to attend to."

"Sano! Yahiko," Kenshin said," that's enough."

"But Kenshin," Yahiko said.

"I will deal with Saitoh," Kenshin said," What is it you want?"

"Your very direct Battousai," Saitoh said," Are you aware of what happened in Kyoto?"

"No, please tell me has anything happened to Misao and the others," Kenshin asked.

"Nothing yet," Saitoh said," it seems that a new manslayer entered Kyoto about five days ago, the night a star fell from the sky. In the past few days it has killed eight people, two fishermen and six police officers, one of which was Cho."

"Cho, the sword hunter is dead," Karou said.

"But how could that be," Yahiko shook his head in disbelief.

"Broom-head…I mean Cho can't be dead," Sano said as he clenched his fist in anger.

"What happened to him," Kenshin asked.

"He was attacked in the middle of the night; his head and spinal chord were removed as well as his hand. Aoshi and the other police officers are now patrolling the city in hopes of finding the killer but so far it hasn't worked."

"Then what are you doing here," Kenshin asked.

"I came to see if you would want to help, you can bring everyone with you if you like, personally I don't really give a rat's ass," Saitoh said.

"Of course Kenshin is going to help and we'll go with him," Yahiko said.

"Yahiko is right, I will be there to assist in the matter please send word to Aoshi ands the others," Kenshin said.

"If you plan on coming you better leave that peaceful notion behind," Saitoh said as he began to walk off," we plan on killing this bastard, and if you don't have the same intention then you might as well stay here."

"What an asshole," Yahiko said.

"So Kenshin when do we leave," Karou asked.

"Sano and I will be leaving tonight, you two will stay here," Kenshin said.

"You can't do that Kenshin," Yahiko said," I want to help."

"I feel the same way, those are our friends in Kyoto as well," Karou said.

"Miss Karou, if this killer is as dangerous as Kurogasa then you will both be in danger, Sano and I will be able to handle this. We will return in a few days, now please promise me that you won't follow this time," Kenshin said.
They were both silent, until Karou said," Very well Kenshin we will both stay behind this time."

"But Karou," Yahiko started.

"Yahiko," Karou said with a wink in her eye," Kenshin is right, it may be more dangerous than fighting with those members of the Juppongatana."

"Okay Karou," Yahiko said with a smile.

"Don't worry Yahiko and Karou, me and Kenshin will give this guy hell for both of you," Sano said.

Shortly after that, both Kenshin and Sano began to walk off towards Kyoto as Karou and Yahiko waved good-bye.

"Now listen Yahiko, well will leave tomorrow morning on the boat. We'll show Kenshin that we can protect our friends just like he does," Karou said.

"Okay," Yahiko said with a smile.

Two nights later in Kyoto fifty police officers and the Oniwa Banshu groups were scouring the city in search of the killer, but there was still no sign of the person. Unknown to them the creature was watching there every movement, the Oniwa Banshu members were on the roofs but were close by each other, the police on the other hand were scattered across the area.
Two officers stood isolated from the others with rifles and swords ready, but not even they knew what they were up against.

"Wonder of we have time for a smoke," one of the officers said.

"Are you insane, what if that killer comes by," the other said.

"You worry too much, you need…" he stopped when he heard the sound of an insect chattering.

Both officers froze and raised their guns but saw nothing. They slowly lowered their guns despite the chattering noise.

"Could be some cicadas," one said to the other.

"You're probably right, but," he stopped when he saw three red dots on his friends face," hey what are those…"

Before he could finish, a burst of blue fire hit his friend's head and shattered it. As the chunks of brain and skull hit him he quickly fired all the bullets in his rifle in a panic. He got up slowly checking to see if the killer was still in the area, but saw nothing until he looked up and saw a huge figure towering over on the roof with a spear in its hands. He tried to fire his rifle but it clicked reminding him that he was out of ammo. The being quickly jumped off the roof and flying at him with spear ready to impale him.

Misao and Aoshi were the first to hear the screams of fear and pain. Misao reached the scene of the attack before Aoshi and saw in horror as the being raised the head of the officer to the sky as if showing off a trophy to some unseen God.

"Your evil ends now," she said as she prepared to throw here shuriekens.

The creature turned around and with great speed jumped off the ground back onto the roof towering over Misao. Misao stood there in fear as the creature prepared to attack her with its blades.

"You will not lay a hand on her," Aoshi said," Oniwa Banshu Double Kodachi, Onmyo Hasshi."

The creature turned and saw the blade flying at him, but was not fully aware of its true potential. With a swift move of its hand it knocked the blade away, but just as it did that it saw another blade but there was no time to defend. The blade struck its face, but rather than kill it, it simply knocked off the creature's mask.

Both Aoshi and Misao the beasts true face and were horrified to discover the creature's hideous face. Mandibles like that of an insect and behind those was a row of sharp teeth. Adding to its already ugly features was a large boney forehead and thick, black dreadlocks behind its head. The creature looked at them with anger as it roared preparing to attack, but soon noticed that more officers were gathering. It quickly retrieved its mask and quickly activated its cloaking device and took off with its trophy.

The rest of the Oniwa Banshu soon arrived, and found out in detail what happened here this night. There was no question that this being was dangerous, but what exactly was it and how long before it came back.

By the next day both Kenshin and Sanosuke met Misao in the market place and after a short greeting, they soon headed back to meet with Aoshi and learned of what had happened as well as knowing the face of their enemy.

"What do you think this creature could be," Sano asked Kenshin.

"Sounds like a demon from hell." A familiar voice from behind Sano said.

Everyone turned and saw Saitoh enter the building.

"Glad to see you could make it Battousai," Saitoh said.

"So you're here as well Saitoh," Aoshi said.

"I go wherever there is a challenge," Saitoh said.

Suddenly Okina rushed in yelling," There is another report of the monster."

"Where exactly is the creature," Kenshin asked.

"It's attacking the police headquarters," Okina said.

Kenshin and the others quickly left the towards the police headquarters hoping they would be able to save the men before it was too late.

That evening Karou and Yahiko finally reached Kyoto only to hear from the locals that the serial killer was attacking the police headquarters this very instant. They quickly took off to reach the headquarters and save the officers before it was too late.

Both Karou and Yahiko reached the scene of the attack first and saw the horrific carnage around them. Yahiko looked on with horror and Karou shook her head in disgust. They quickly overcame their sickness and rushed in to help those who were screaming.

Kenshin and the others soon reached the headquarters and immediately rushed in just as a headless body was thrown out from the third floor of the building. They searched through the building, but seemed like they were too late. They had passed what seemed like fifty body, most of which were missing their heads, others had strange burns on their bodies, and others were mutilated beyond recognition.

They soon reached the top floor and were quite surprised to see both Yahiko and Karou standing there in with bodies all around them.

"Yahiko! Miss Karou," Kenshin said," What are you doing here?"

"Sorry Kenshin, but we had to help," Karou said.

"Besides these are our friends as well," Yahiko said.

"So where is the killer," Sano asked.

"No clue," Yahiko said," we got up here and found…"

He stopped talking when they all heard a creaking sound on the roof. Everyone tensed up as the noise continued.

"Enough of this shit," Saitoh said as he pointed his sword toward the ceiling," Gatotsu, Third Stance."

He quickly struck the ceiling and in an instant it exploded, but there was no sign of the killer.

"My turn," Sano said as he prepared to strike the ceiling with his right fist," Futae no Kiwami."

In an instant, a chunk of the ceiling completely disintegrated, but yet again there was no sign of the creature.

"Where the hell is it," Sano yelled in fury.

Suddenly there was an explosion from the center of the roof and the monster crashed through catching everyone off guard. It quickly fired forked-shaped objects at the Oniwa Banshu members. Aoshi, Okina, and Misao were able to dodge the blades, but the others were not as fortunate. Fortunately they were able to avoid any fatal wounds, but they were still injured.
Misao and Okina then went on the attack, but the creature had other plans. Pulling a disc from behind its back the monster launched the blade at the two. Misao rolled to the side, but not without injury. The disc slashed her left leg and before Okina could escape the blade cut through his arm rendering it useless. The creature retrieved the disc then turned its attention toward Aoshi.

Aoshi attempted to counter, but the creature parried the attack with its spear. The giant quickly grabbed Aoshi and threw him directly at Saitoh and Sano knocking them to the ground. The creature then turned its attention towards Kenshin just as he prepared to attack.

"Hiten Mitsurugi: Sou Ryu Sen," Kenshin yelled as he charged at the creature. Kenshin's blade and sheath struck the monster in his side, but the monster remained unfazed. It instead struck Kenshin in the face with the back of its arm sending Kenshin flying into the wall. The creature then began to approach Kenshin as it prepared to take Kenshin's skull, but was struck by a wooden sword.

Karou quickly launched her sword to keep the creature from killing Kenshin; on the bright side it work, but on the bad side it was now heading toward her and Yahiko.

"Good job distracting it Karou," Yahiko said," now it's my turn t-"

"Yahiko no," Karou yelled.

Yahiko yelled in anger as he charged at the creature, but wasn't fully aware of what he was up against. The creature fired an energy beam at Yahiko right hand burning it. Yahiko screamed in pain, but that wasn't the end of his suffering. The creature then jammed the twin blades through his right shoulder and raised him up towards its face. Yahiko screamed in agony as the creature studied him. The creature was prepared to finish off Yahiko, but it was soon aware of Kenshin and the others preparing to attack. It quickly threw Yahiko to the side and grabbed it net full of skulls.

"It's getting away Kenshin," Misao yelled despite the pain in her leg.

The creature turned towards Kenshin and the others and said," Kenshin…Heten… Mitsuurugii…Soo Ryu Senn."

Kenshin was consumed with rage, but was shocked when the creature said his name and repeated his attack. The creature roared before turning invisible and exciting the building. Kenshin and those who could still move helped the others rather than go after the creature, but then again, how could they stop what they couldn't see.

Megumi was at the Karou Dojo taking care of it while the others were away when she received a note from Kenshin. She was needed in Kyoto because Yahiko was in serious condition. In less than three days she arrived and began to examine Yahiko and the others. In that time the creature had claimed the lives of sixty-five police officers during the attack at the police headquarters and five more angry citizens who tried to take the law into their own hands.

"Kenshin tell me what happened," Megumi asked.

"We were attacked by this large being at least seven feet tall and defeated us all," Kenshin said grimly.

"It was able to take on all of you," She asked.

"This monster was the uncanny ability to turn itself invisible and has a wide variety of weapons including some new sort of gun," Sano said.

"What kind of weapons," she continued to ask.

"It had a spear, a large circular blade, and small spear heads as well as a gun that fires a blue flame," Karou said.

"This monster was even able to withstand the Battousai's attack," Saitoh said," it seemed impervious to our attacks but was also afraid of us."

"Why do you say that," Aoshi asked.

"It could have easily killed the boy, but when it saw all of us preparing to attack it took off," Saitoh said.

"Then it can be killed, or is at least afraid of death," Okina said.

"I've done all I can for him," Megumi said as she finished her work on Yahiko," His right hand has suffered third degree burns, and his shoulder it completely shattered, it will heal in time, but he will never have complete control over it again, but he will live."

"That's good to hear," Karou said.

"Miss Karou," Kenshin said.

"Yes," she said.

"You are to remain here with Miss Megumi and the other members of the Oniwa Banshu while Sano, Saitoh, Aoshi and myself go on to finish the monster," Kenshin said.

"You can't be serious," Megumi said," if it was able to does this to everyone you won't have a chance against by yourselves."
Kenshin turned toward her with the eyes of the manslayer causing her and the others to shake with fear. They would say no more, with eyes like that there was no way of changing his mind.

"Where will you go to find this killer," Okina asked.

"The beast has to be close by this area, I would think it is hiding somewhere in the mountains," Kenshin said.

Suddenly the doors slid open and Kenshin's master walked in. He studied everyone but then looked at Kenshin and noticed his eyes.

"Master," Kenshin said," what are you doing here?"

"Do I really have to have a reason for being here my apprentice," he said.

"Master Hiko," Karou said," Have you come here to aid us?"

"I have, but it seems that Kenshin here has forgotten what I taught him," Seijuro said.

"What are you talking about," he asked.

"Your letting your anger dictate your moves," he said," if you are to truly master the Heten Mitsurugi you must let go of this feeling of rage and calm down," Seijuro said.

"But it's my fault for what happened to Yahiko," Kenshin said.

"Don't be an idiot, you are not to blame for the boy's injury," Seijuro said," you now have the opportunity to avenge him and set things right, but you can't do it alone. It is time to stop this monster."

"Only problem is that this creature is invisible," Sano said.

"I don't give a rat's ass," Seijuro said," it may be invisible but it can be injured."

"What do you mean," Aoshi asked.

"Yesterday, I heard a strange roar close by my hut and when I went to investigate I saw trails of green liquid. My guess it that who ever hit the creature yesterday injured it and caused it to bleed," Seijuro said.

"You mean my attack injured it," Kenshin said," but after my attack it remained on its feet."

"It may be strong, but it's not invincible," Seijuro said," And if we attack together we may be able to defeat it."

"Then why are we waiting around here," Sano yelled," lets go kill it now."

"For once I'm in agreement," Saitoh said.

"Master," Kenshin said," Would you know if there are any caves around that area?"

"You really are an idiot. Of course I know the area now if you're ready then let's go," Seijuro said as he exited the restaurant.

The others began to leave when they were stopped by Misao and Karou.

"Aoshi, you be careful now," Misao said.

"You too Kenshin don't get yourself killed," Karou said.

"I will return Karou and I'll make sure we all come home," Kenshin said.

"Good luck to you all," Okina said.

"Let's go," Seijuro said.

The warriors quickly left towards the mountain area in hopes of finding and destroying their foe. The only question any of them really had on their minds was, were they the hunters or the hunted?

Within the creature's lair, the beast removed its mask and quickly spit out the blood in its mouth. The one called Kenshin had injured him the other night, as powerful as he was the wound still pained him. This "Kenshin" would prove to be a great trophy. Suddenly it heard a twig snap outside and the creature immediately went to investigate the noise. The creature saw five figures coming up the side of the mountain and quickly recognized Kenshin among them. The creature felt a tingle of excitement and ran back towards its lair to retrieve its mask and continue its trophy hunt.

Seijuro and others continued to move onward until they saw a cave. They paused for a moment checking to see if the creature was inside. Slowly they entered and found the creature's lair as well as the "trophies" it collected. Among the trophies was a skull that was separate from the others and in front of it was a severed hand gripping a sword. Sano and the others assumed that they had Cho. The exited but as soon as they went out into the open the creature attacked.

Using its blades it quickly slashed at Seijuro's chest making him collapse from the pain. The creature turned toward Sano and with a quick kick knocked Sano to the ground. It then turned its attention toward Kenshin and the others who stood with swords drawn. The creature studied them for a second then pulled out what looked like a log but it suddenly began to expand and turned into a spear.

Kenshin, Saitoh, and Aoshi circled the creature, which stood ready with to attack. The immediately rushed in and the creature used the spear and its blades to counter their every attack.

"All right then," Kenshin said as he prepared to attack," Hiten Mitsurugi: Do Ryu Sen!"

As soon as he struck the ground a wave of rocks flew outward striking the creature. As the beast moved back slowly from the blast he unfortunately moved to its side allowing Aoshi to attack.

"This is for the Oniwa Banshu you freak," he yelled as he charged at the creature," Oniwa Banshu Double Kodachi: Kaiten Kenbuu Rokuren"

The creature turned in time to see the slashes but there was nothing it could do. The blades cut through his skin, but it wasn't strong enough to kill him. The creature stumbled back a few steps but forgot about Saitoh.

"You die now," Saitoh said as he got into the stance for the Gatotsu.

With a quick burst of power he charged forward and struck the creature in the head, but instead of piercing it, the attack merely knocked the creature's mask off. The warriors saw the true face of their opponent, and were both shocked and afraid of what they saw. The creature roared with anger as green blood dripped down from its mandibles; it then pressed a button on its left gauntlet and sent out an electrical shockwave that knocked Kenshin, Aoshi and Saitoh to the ground. The warriors screamed in pain before the collapsed to the ground. As they hit the ground, bolts of lightning shot across the sky followed by a down pour of rain as if signifying the creature's victory. The beast prepared to take Kenshin skull when he saw some movement from the corner of its eye. Sano stood up despite the pain in his ribs and prepared to fight.

"Okay you son of a bitch, it's my turn now," he yelled as he charged right at the creature," Futae no Kiwami!"

As Sano launched his right fist the creature, which was unaware of the true power in that man's punch, caught it with its left hand. Instantly the bones in the creature's arm shattered under the tremendous force. The creature roared in pain before it impaled Sano with the blades on its right arm. Sano spewed out a pool of blood before he slid off the blades.

"I got him Kenshin," he said before he passed out.

The creature held what was left of his arm, giving Saitoh and Aoshi the perfect time to strike.

"Hey ugly," they said.

The creature turned to see Saitoh and Aoshi standing and ready to attack.

"Gatotsu Zero Stance," Saitoh yelled as he drove the blade straight through the monster. The creature spit up some blood and quickly fired some fork-shaped blades into Saitoh shoulder. As Saitoh collapsed Aoshi quickly rushed forward and jammed both Kodachi blades into the creature adding to the pain it already felt. The creature quickly fired its shoulder cannon despite the fact it was unable to aim it precisely and burned the right side of Aoshi face. Aoshi moved backwards grabbing his wound as the creature continued to stand on its feet despite the injuries it had received.

"Now it is our turn," Kenshin said.

"You're finally thinking correctly you idiot," Seijuro said.

The creature looked and saw the both Kenshin and Seijuro were on either side of him. It was time to strike with the technique that Kenshin inherited along with his ultimate attack.

"Hiten Mitsurugi Ryu: Kuzu Ryu Sen," they both said as they attack the creature from either side.

Both attacks successfully struck the creature, which spewed up a fountain of blood, yet it would not die. It pulled out a disc, which expanded in its hand, and sent if flying at Seijuro. He rolled to the side but as he rolled the disc followed him and cut his right side. As Seijuro lay on the ground, the disc returned to the creature, which then targeted Kenshin.

As it launched the first disc it suddenly pulled out another disc and launched it as well, and to add to that fired five more fork-shaped blades. Kenshin tried to dodge but the first disc cut through his left arm and the other cut his right side. The blades flew at him two landed in hit right shoulder, two more landed in his left leg and the last one grazed the side of his head. Kenshin quickly removed the spear heads from his body and prepared to attack no matter how much his body hurt. The creature understood and prepared to attack using it twin blades.

Kenshin took the Battou Jutsu stance and prepared to use the ultimate technique against the creature.

"We finish this now," he said," Hiten Mitsurugi: Ama Kakeru Ryu No Hirameki!"

He quickly charged forward and before the creature could react, the blade struck him sending the creature flying into the air. As Kenshin collapsed to his knees the creature's body hit the floor with a loud thud. Kenshin was grateful that he had won and saw Saitoh and Aoshi supporting Seijuro and Sano who were still alive and conscious.

"Good job Kenshin," Sano said.

Suddenly there was some movement from behind Kenshin. He turned and they all saw the creature begin to rise up once again. The beast pulled the blades out from his body and tossed them towards Kenshin. The blades landed on the ground a couple feet in front of Kenshin. Saitoh and Aoshi retrieved their weapons while the creature remained immobile. It suddenly raised its head and looked at the warriors and began to laugh. It then began to press a series of button on its left arm then turned toward the warriors one final time as an annoying beeping began to grow louder and louder.

"Fight over…you lose," it said before it laughed again," shit happens."

The beeping continued to increase in volume as well as speed.

It took Saitoh only a second to realize what was going to happen," The creature's going to blow us all up we have to leave now!"

The warriors quickly moved as fast as they could, but they knew they wouldn't be able to outrun the blast. Just then they saw the river nearby, and in a foolish attempt jumped in and let the current send them down the mountain. The creature's laugh continued to echo across the mountain even as Kenshin and the others washed up on the banks by the bridge. They quickly made their way up the side and looked toward the mountain. Suddenly they saw a small explosion and the laughter died off, they though it was over but then they saw electricity begin to gather. It was then followed by a giant explosion that covered the mountain. Those who were asleep felt the tremors from the explosion, those who were awake saw the blast and could swear that the sun had come out briefly then vanished. As the blasts subsided, Kenshin and the others saw another explosion from the bay destroying a few ships but no part of the city.

"The creature was crazy enough to destroy itself along with the entire city," Sano said.

"Fortunately that won't happen Sano," Kenshin said," we have stopped the monster and now peace can finally return."

They all began to walk towards the Oniwa Banshu headquarters where they were greeted by everyone including Yahiko.

"What was that explosion," Misao asked.

"Are all okay," Karou and Megumi asked.

"Is it over then," Okina asked.

"It's over," Kenshin said.

"Quickly into the house," Megumi said," I have to treat those wounds"

With their wounds treated, both Seijuro and Saitoh took off. Their business was completed and now it was time for them to return to their own lives. After spending a few days together Kenshin and his friends soon left to return to Tokyo knowing they had save the city from total destruction.

"Until we meet again Himura," Aoshi said.

"Until we meet again," Kenshin said with a wave of his hand.

Saitoh watched from the shadows as Kenshin and his friends boarded the train and said to himself," Don't get yourself killed Battousai, we still have to have our rematch," just before he left to go report to the police chief.

All was well now, the creature had been killed and now the city of Kyoto could return to its peaceful ways. But up in the sky, past the clouds in space was a ship flying past the small planet. On aboard the ship there was recorded projection of the battle between the Predator and the Battousai. The creatures on the ship studied the Battousai and his friends then roared in anger as the puny human struck their brother. The image soon turned off and a giant Predator at lest nine feet tall walked forward.
"Battousai…Trophy…," it said before roaring.

The other creatures roared in agreement, Kenshin would prove to be a great trophy and whoever caught him would be remembered as a legend. They would soon go to Tokyo and hunt the most challenging prey, Kenshin and his friends; it was only a matter of time.


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