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What's Your Problem

By Inushoujo Sakura Akina,

Chapter 3:

Miroku Gay?

This Fanfic is a good Kagome/Inuyasha where Kag isn't a halfdemon (as far as I know). That might change in later chapters but seems good so far. Tim Seltzer,

Disclaimer: I do not own Inuyasha. If I did life would be perfect.

"blah"-talking 'blah'-talking (blah)-authoress talking

Feudal Japan

Inuyasha helped Kagome get out of the well once they got on the other side. As soon as Kagome fixed her skirt after Inuyasha set her down on the ground she was knocked her flat onto the ground. Again it was because of a reddish- brown ball of fur flying at her.

"Hi Shippo," Kagome said patting the little kitsune, on the head, who was sitting on her chest. Inuyasha noticed this and got really mad at Shippo.

"Hi, hi Kagome. I missed you so so much. I was afraid that you might not have come back because of stubborn Inuyasha," a very happy Shippo said in one breath.

"I missed you too Shippo," Kagome said and kissed the top of his head.

"Get off of her now!" Inuyasha yelled at Shippo losing his patience. (What did you expect? You know how Inuyasha is.)

"Don't yell at him Inuyasha. He was just saying 'hi'," Kagome sternly said to Inuyasha while she sat up a little bit.

Shippo got off of Kagome and looked up at Inuyasha, "Why are you so angry Inuyasha? Huh? What is your problem?"

"Kami!" I have no problem. It's you with the problem you little brat."

"Kagome!" Shippo cried, "Inuyasha called me a little brat."

"It's okay Shippo," Kagome said standing up, "Hey Inuyasha?"



"Wench," Inuyasha mumbled while his face was smashed into the not so soft ground.

"Inuyasha I think you need to 'sit' on the ground again."

"Come on Shippo I need a bath. You can come and bathe with me and Sango," Kagome suggested to Shippo making Inuyasha get mad at Shippo all over again without even knowing it.

"Okay," said an unhappy Shippo gone happy again, "Do you have any chocolate?"

"Yes Shippo, I do," Kagome sighed. He liked chocolate a little too much. At least not as much as Inuyasha loved his Ramen.

"Yay!" Shippo yelled and ran off to get Sango while Kagome went ahead towards the hot spring.

At the hot spring Kagome quickly peeled off her clothing and walked into the warm water. The warm water and steam from the hot spring soothed Kagome. She relaxed against a boulder that was against the edge of the hot spring while waiting for her bathing friends. Within minutes Kagome saw Shippo coming along with Sango following behind him quickly and quietly. While Sango slowly took off her clothing, Shippo literally threw his clothes off and jumped into the water off of the boulder Kagome was leaning on. Shippo made a giant splash. Where there is a cause there is an effect. Kagome screamed as she got splashed by the big wave of water.

"Ahhhh!" an angry Kagome screamed, "Shippo what did you do that for?"

"I'm sorry Kagome but why does it matter. You are already wet. Even if some of you wasn't wet wouldn't you still get all wet when you wash up," Shippo stated.

"You're right Shippo. I'm the one who should be sorry not you. I'm really sorry Shippo; it's just that you caught me by surprise. I didn't see you coming and you didn't warn me," Kagome said.

Inuyasha heard Kagome scream and ran to the hot spring. (No he is not going to be a pervert in my story. That job is already taken by Miroku.) "What's wrong?" he asked staring at Kagome, Sango, and Shippo. (Ok he won't be a pervert if he can help it.)

"Hentai!" Sango yelled and dunked under the water.

"Ahhh!" screamed Kagome as she covered herself, "SIT BOY!" Inuyasha flew face first into the ground which he hadn't gotten used to yet even after all those sits.

Before the spell wore off Kagome and Sango made sure that the water had them well covered. Inuyasha was finally able to peel himself from the ground he growled. Then he looked at Kagome and glared at her. She glared back.

"What's your problem Kagome? I come here thinking that something horrible has happened because you screamed. Then when I get here you scream again and sit me," Inuyasha practically yelled at her.

"Sorry Inuyasha. I didn't mean to. Shippo scared me so I screamed. Then you came. And because you saw me I screamed again and sat you. I'm really sorry. Please forgive me," Kagome was pleading to Inuyasha. She was almost in tears. Of course Inuyasha didn't want her to cry but he didn't want to be soft with her when other people were around. (Of course that's because of his stupid pride again. We've already heard him say some pretty stupid things because of his pride.)

"Sure whatever," was Inuyasha's reply. He thought that was a good answer to say.

Kagome was cheered up right away. She knew what he wanted to say. It would have been something like 'of course I'm sorry, please don't cry'. "Thank-," Kagome was interrupted by a voice. "Are you guys having a party without me or something?" Miroku asked. He stopped talking when he say the girls and started to take of his clothes.

"Hentai!" both Sango and Kagome screamed. Right after they did Inuyasha knocked Miroku unconscious and started to drag him back to camp.

"Hey Kagome why is it okay for me to bathe with you and Sango but it's not okay for Inuyasha or Miroku?" Shippo asked after Inuyasha had gone dragging Miroku with him. Kagome blushed, "Well Shippo, you can bathe with us because you are young and it doesn't matter. When you get older you won't be able to bathe with us because it is not appropriate behavior for older boys to do. So when you're like 10 in youkai years you won't be able to bathe with us. Do you understand?"

"Yup I got it," Shippo said.

The girls and Shippo bathed and played around for a little while longer then they decided to head back to camp. Shippo wanted to run ahead to make sure there was afire started when the girls got back. Sango and Kagome were glade and took their time so they could have a girl talk.

Back at Camp

"Stupid perverted monk," said Inuyasha as he looked at he monk lying on the ground still knocked unconscious.

"Mmmm," Miroku moaned gaining consciousness and tried to grope Inuyasha in the process.

"Ahhh!" Inuyasha yelled, "You fucking pervert!" He punched Miroku and knocked him out again. To Inuyasha that was barely a punch. It didn't take much to knock out Miroku. Well at least for Inuyasha. For Sango to knock Miroku out she has to hit him pretty hard.

"What happened?" Kagome asked as she and Sango came walking into camp. They wanted to know what all the ruckus was about.

"I saw what happened," Shippo said giggling.

"Stop laugh twerp or I'll chop you up and have Kagome cook you," Inuyasha threatened to Shippo.

"Don't call me a twerp Inuyasha," said Shippo. He was really upset that Inuyasha called him a name but what he witnessed just a couple of minutes ago was too funny. So instead of whining he started to giggle even more.

"What is so funny Shippo?" Kagome asked.

"Nothing's funny, he is just a twerp," Inuyasha said before Shippo could answer.

"Hey Inuyasha, I was asking Shippo. You're not Shippo," Kagome stated. "So why don't you 'sit' down," She added on casually.

"Wench," she heard Inuyasha mutter with his mouth full of dirt.

"Like I asked, what's so funny Shippo?"

"Well, I was just coming into camp when I heard Inuyasha say something to Miroku; I think he was really talking to himself out loud. So I decided to hide in a bush. Then I saw Miroku waking up. Since he was really drowsy I guess he thought that Inuyasha was one of you girls so he kind of groped Inuyasha," Shippo said giggling even more again.

When Shippo was done explaining what had happened Kagome and Sango looked at each other and burst out laughing. They both tried to settle down as Inuyasha's spell wore off. At first it worked. Both of them looked at Inuyasha then at Miroku and burst into another fit of laughter. While Kagome laughed so hard that she fell down onto the ground and couldn't get up, Sango had to lean against a tree to stay upright.

They finally settled down after like 15 minutes of ongoing laughter. Kagome got up and made ramen for everyone. Miroku came to and walked over to everyone. No one noticed him at first because he was walking slowly and quietly, he had a major headache. Miroku said 'hi' as soon as he got close to everybody. Inuyasha glared at him, Shippo and Sango giggled, and Kagome doubled over in laughter. She tried not to but couldn't help herself.

"Oh great here we go again," Inuyasha said really annoyed.

"What's so funny?" asked a very confused Miroku.

"N-no-nothing," Kagome answered, controlling her laughter. "I'm gonna go on a walk, okay guys. I won't be long. I'll come back in a while.

"I'm going with you," Inuyasha replied to what she said, "You will probably get lost or attacked if you are by yourself."

"Fine, I don't mind," Kagome said, "Come on."

Inuyasha followed Kagome like an obedient puppy. (Sorry for writing that. It was all I could think of. I'm not trying to offend him.) Kagome and Inuyasha walked into the forest. They just walked, said nothing, and made no sound. They both stayed like that until Kagome stopped. She sat down against a tree.

"What's wrong?" Inuyasha asked with a little bit of concern. He thought Kagome might be hurt or something.

"Nothing. I'm just a little tired. That's all," Kagome said yawning.

"Maybe we should," he was interrupted by a soft little snore.

He looked over at Kagome and saw that she had fallen asleep. Since he was worried about something coming at night, and he didn't want to head back to camp in case Kagome was a light sleeper; she would wake up, he picked up her small body and jumped into the tree she was laying against. He sat down and let her sleep against his chest. Because Kagome was still asleep after all that moving around Inuyasha figured that she was in a deep sleep, or just a heavy sleeper. Inuyasha breathed in Kagome's scent. Her smell was so intoxicating. Through the whole night he never fell asleep, he wanted to be able to protect her at all times. The only time his eyes closed was to blink, which he didn't do very often.

Back at Camp

Shippo laid down on Kagome's sleeping bag and went to sleep. Sango and Miroku were going to stay up a while longer. They were waiting for Inuyasha and Kagome to come back. But they both were pretty sure that they wouldn't see those two until morning. Sango knew because it was late and Kagome probably fell asleep. Of course Miroku had other ideas.

Sango and Miroku stayed awake a long time just talking. Mostly about the Shikon no tama. They wondered what would happen after the jewel was complete. Especially what would happen to Kagome and Inuyasha/Kikyo and Inuyasha. They knew that Kagome wouldn't be able to stay here or Inuyasha stay in her time. That's what made it difficult. They both came from a different time period and also since Inuyasha was a hanyou he would live longer than Kagome. What if Inuyasha still wanted to become a full youkai? Another thing they wondered was if they would ever admit their feelings to each other. There was just way too many unanswered questions. Sango finally decided to go to bed leaving Miroku to think to himself.

Yay! It only took me a few days to type this and put it up. Please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please please R&R. I want some reviews before I put up a lot of chapters. I don't care what you say. Give me some ideas. If you don't like something about it tell me, I won't mind it will just help me. Next chapter will be up ASAP.

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