Van and the Mercenary

By Sakura Courage Solo,
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Chapter One

"Play the Cards on the Table"

Very clever fanfic. It makes it so that characters from two eras which are hundreds of years apart end up meeting.  The main Zoid in here, called The War Wolf, is very believable. Tim Seltzer,

Sakura's Disclaimer: This goes for all chapters,so I don't have to write this dislaimer again...I don't own Zoids and don't get paid for writing this.Thank you.

Chapter One

"Play the Cards on the Table"

*Sakura's P.O.V.*

I sighed lazily as I looked up at the stars from my Zoid's cockpit.Once again I,Sakura,had found myself camping out in the desert.Alone.

My Zoid is a trusty one called the War Wolf.The only one of it's kind.It looks like a Command Wolf,but has legs like a Liger so it can use Strike Laser Claw.It also has Wild Weasel Units hidden under it's side panels,a 360 Degree Laser Vulcan Gun and a Smoke Discharger.Not to mention quad Ion Boosters.And the whole thing is painted in camouflage.

I myself am a mercenary Zoid warrior.I travel around in my War Wolf all the time,looking for my next job.And I've never lost a battle.

The only problem with being a mercenary's so lonely.

You see,I have this...curse.Whenever I find a friend or if I have a loved one or get close to any family,something terrible happens to them.My parents are dead because of my stupid curse.And my older brother;the only family I have left if he's still alive;I don't know where he is.We were separated such a long time ago,I forgot his name.

And ever since then,I have'nt been able to have a friend.My foster family died because of me and my curse,Brad may be dead because of my curse,I have'nt seen Naomi in forever.I even miss Jack Cisco a little bit.A little bit.

I just wish that I did'nt have to be alone all the time.

That's when I saw a shooting star suddenly flash by the twin moons of Planet Zi.It was a beautiful sight.

I leaned forward,putting my hands together in prayer,and said,

"Lord,I don't know how much longer I can go on with this loneliness curse.I just don't know.All I want is a friend.I have faith in you,Lord.Please send me one.One that won't be affected by my curse.Of course,I guess that a friend like that would have to be an Angel,would'nt it?But I like Angels.As long as I have a friend.Please.That's all I really want is a friend."

*Van's P.O.V.*

"Why can't I sleep tonight?"

I wondered aloud as I tosse around in my sleeping bag.

"Man,what's the matter with me tonight?"

I sat up,completely disgusted with the fact.If it's anything I can't stand,it's not being able to sleep at night.

"Lord help me."

I prayed,wanting nothing more at the moment than some shut eye.

I looked over at Moonbay's Gustav,seeing my Shield Liger and Irvine's Command Wolf on the traction platforms it pulled.

"Maybe a run would help me sleep."

I thought,getting up and going over to my Zoid without a sound.I climbed up into the cockpit and mobilized,making as little noise as possible.I succeeded in not waking anyone up.

But soon enough,I got disgusted with this,too.I still was'nt getting any drowsier.

"This has got to be the worst night in the long,sad history of bad nights."

I muttered to myself.

That's when I happened to spot a small pond up ahead.I figured I'd give it one last shot and see if a drink of water would help me go to sleep.I was getting sorta dry,after all.

I brought the Shield Liger up and jumped down from the cockpit,then dipping my hands in the cool,surprisingly clean and fresh water and taking a drink.

"That's good stuff!"

I said to myself,thanking the Lord I had found it.

I dipped my hands in again to get another drink,watching the water ripple with it's reflection of the full,twin moons that hung in the sky above.It was really a beautiful sight.One of those things that makes ya wonder why men believe evolution against all odds. Seeing that and thinking there was'nt a Creator God and that everything just evolved would be stupid.

I simply watched for a moment,taking in the beauty.Then,as the ripples stopped,I was amazed to see the reflection of a girl!She was sitting in the cockpit of a Zoid;I could'nt tell which kind;and she had long,blonde hair and aqua eyes.She wore a camouflage tank top and a pair of these wierd looking blue pants I had never seen before.She also had on a pair of boots and had a gun of some type sitting nearby.

I watched as she leaned forward,putting her hands together as if she were about to pray.She then began her prayer,her voice echoing.She said,

"Lord,I don't know how much longer I can go on with this loneliness curse.I just don't know.All I want is a friend.I have faith in you,Lord.Please send me one.One that won't be affected by my curse.Of course,I guess a friend like that would have to be an Angel,would'nt it?But I like Angels.As long as I have a friend.Please.That's all I really want is a friend."

"She sounds so lonely..."

I said to myself.

"I wonder who she is.Maybe I could help her."

Then the reflection just disappeared.I wondered if I had imagined the whole thing for a second.Maybe it was from lack of sleep.But then,I suddenly felt myself being lifeted up into the air!It was like gravity had just decided to let go of me!


I yelled,my loyal,blue Zoid then running forward to help me.It leapt into the air and I managed to grip a hold of it's armor.I thought that maybe I had escaped the force that pulled on me.

But I soon found myself wrong.

My body suddenly went limp.I could'nt hold my grip on the Shield Liger's armor,and was forced to let go.I was then pulled up into the sky,my heart racing as it all happened,then finally disappearing into a star.

*Sakura's P.O.V.*

"The area within a five mile radius is now a designated Zoid battlefield.Only competitiors and personnel have authorized entry. Danger!All others must leave the area at once!"

The Judge said just after landing on the battlefield,about to announce the start of the battle.I was going in it today hired on by the Vesuvius Team.

"Area scanned.Battlefield set up.The Howler Team vesus the Vesuvius Team.Battle mode 0982.Ready...FIGHT!"

I charged my War Wolf out onto the battlefield against the Howler Team's blue Konig Wolf and pink Command Wolf.The Vesuvius Team's Rev Raptor,piloted by Satoshi Blaze was to my right,and to my left were Sombra Alloro,who piloted a Shadow Fox,and Mira Riplos,who piloted a snow Command Wolf.There was one more member;Mira's twin brother Seth,who piloted a Zaber Fang;but he had been injured and was unable to pilot,resulting in the Vesuvius Team hiring me for today's battle.

I charged my Zoid out at top speed,the blue Konig Wolf heading straight for me.

"So,he wants to see which of us wins wolf-to-wolf,huh?"

I thought as we whizzed by each other at top speed.We then turned to make another run,but the Konig Wolf was crippled.The pilot had'nt seen me connect with Strike Laser Claw on the fly.

"Nice try.But I'm the top wolf around here."

Suddenly,my sensors began beeping wildly.Something was coming in from above!

"What is THAT?!"

The pilot of the Pink Command Wolf asked as the object soared in.

I think I was the only one there that realized that the object was actually a person.

The War Wolf gave a mighty roar as I brought it forward,positioning the cockpit under the falling boy.

"Sakura,whaddya think you're doing?!"

Satoshi asked in alarm.

"Do you want to get hit?!"

But I paid no mind as I opened my cockpit and unclipped my harness.

"Easy does it,War Wolf."

I told my Zoid as I watched the person come in.I held out my arms as I stood,then catching him.

The force threw me back into my seat,but I was okay.What I was worried about was the rescuee's condition.

I shook his unconcious body lightly and coaxed him to wake up,then seeing his eyes open.But just slightly.

*Van's P.O.V.*


I thought groggily as I somewhat regained conciousness.I felt someone shaking me gently.They asked me to wake up.

I opened my eyes slightly,and gasped.

"Y-you're...that girl..."

I said as everything came into focus.

"The...the the pond..."

I could'nt believe that I was looking at her.The long,blonde hair.The aqua eyes.The camouflage shirt.It was her!The girl I had seen in the pond illusion before I got pulled into the air!

She gave me a look that just screamed that she already thought I was a lunatic.But she seemed to push it away and put a hand to my forehead.

"Are you all right?"

She asked in the same voice I had heard at the pond.It was'nt echoing though.

I could'nt answer.I was too stunned.

"Unauthorized personnel has entered the battlefield!"

I heard an electronic voice say over a comlink.That's when I realized that I was even in the same cockpit a the reflection showed.

"Battle cancelled!Battle cancelled!"

I was wondering what was saying that when everything started to go dark again.I was fading fast.


The blonde yelled as she turned back to me.Her voice did seem to echo now.

"Just hold on."

She said as my eyes closed.

"You're gonna get help soon."

That was the last thing I heard as I slipped back into complete darkness and silence.

End of Chapter 1

Van and the Mercenary by Sakura

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