Richard Seltzer, author and publisher

Milford, CT 06460.

Married Barbara Ann Hartley July 28, 1973, Boston, MA. She died December 4, 2012.
Married Marilyn Mandel Lender Sept. 27, 2015 Orange, CT. Divorced March 28, 2017.

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An antidote to social distancing, political chaos, environmental crisis, and war.
Laughs to help you get back to feeling normal.
3000 jokes, 500 pages, a pound and a half of laughs.

Grouped as:
     Trump and Company
     Nonsensical Science, Philosophy, History, and Religion
     Letter, Number, and Grammar Play
     Speaking in Tongues - Word Play in Two Languages
     Never Grow Up - General Fun
     Bedtime Whimsy and Romance
  Pithy jokes for every taste and mood and occasion.

cover imageThis bittersweet comedy and romance has touches of tragedy and magic. Writing during the pandemic and feeling nostalgia for what has been lost, the narrator, Abe, recounts stories told around the dinner table on a Caribbean cruise two years before.
Abe explains the title:
"I'm writing from the midst of this crisis, not with the wisdom of hindsight. Even if it gets no worse than it is right now, much has been lost.
"I'm hoping that we can gether. That's a word that isn't in the dictionary.
"To gether is to find new ways to be together, new ways to meet, to bond, to love.
"Even when physically isolated, we can come together in spirit, to share experiences and emotions to the point that we are intimately connected.”
"In any case, may we always treasure our normal life, knowing, as we now know, that it is fragile and should never be taken for granted."

On one level, To Gether Tales is a collection of stories told around a dinner table. But it's also a novel, in which themes echo from one story to another and tellers both disguise and reveal themselves through what they say, all woven together in the frame of the narrator.

"A refreshing antidote to the struggles borne of the pandemic, politics and threatening conflicts that haunt our daily lives. Richard Seltzer’s “To Gether Tales” takes us on an unusual ocean cruise that elevates our spirits and counteracts the current climate of cynicism and despair. Captivating, intimate and poignant stories brimming with romance, friendship, warmth, and humor bring a group of voyagers together. Seltzer's inventive and engrossing writing enables us to join the journey and participate as if we were on board, ourselves. We disembark feeling enchanted, renewed and reinvigorated."

The Princess Tango, a story from To Gether Tales, read by the author (YouTube video)

Shakespeare's twin sister wakes up in the body of a 99-year-old woman in a nursing home in 1987. Kate has quite a tale to tell:

-- her coming-of-age story, posing as a boy to get an education,

-- twins separated at birth sorting out the mystery of their otherworldly connection to one another,

-- a lifelong three-way love story,

-- soul projection and transference linking individuals to one another and connecting past to present,

-- and the story of a young reporter who falls in love with the soul he finds in the body of an old and dying woman.

As a cross-dressing sword-fighting teenager, Kate beats Mercutio, captain of the King's Musketeers, in a duel in Paris.

As Will's double and writing partner, Kate enables him to do the work of two geniuses.

This outlandish view of Shakespeare's life and times stays true to the facts, while presenting explanations that are intriguingly plausible.

Like Shakespeare in Love, this is a humorous, romantic take on Shakespeare the man.

Like Yentl, a brilliant young woman finds creative ways to succeed in a man-dominated world.

"Richard Seltzer’s story, Shakespeare’s Twin Sister, is a clever insightful romp.
We first encounter Kate as Lettie, a 99-year-old woman in a nursing home, 1987.
Her personality transforms and she tells her “real” story to a young journalist, Bill Greene.
He, in turn, retells a surprisingly plausible tale of Kate’s multiple identities (male and female) as Shakespeare’s twin sister.
Apparently, Kate played a large role in the writing of the famous works.
Not only that, but she is an arch feminist in men’s clothing with longings of her own.
The book is full of good humor – the Arden family quotes lines from Shakespeare’s play in their daily banter.
The titles are fun too – “If You Incest!”
Read this novel – it’s a mind-bending hoot!"

5.0 out of 5 stars"Albert Einstein wrote: “The distinction between past, present and future is only a stubbornly persistent illusion.” This revelation is illustrated in captivating literary form in Richard Seltzer’s “Shakespeare’s Twin Sister.”
In the setting of a nursing home, we find a 99-year old woman, who not only has a story of her early life, which is compelling in and of itself, but, also, a deeper tale, which challenges our assessment of our conventional, apparently linear existence. The duality of the consciousness of this amazing woman draws us in from the very beginning. Superimposed on this remarkable theme is the poignant love story of the reporter of this phenomenon for the younger self of the aged woman.
The theme revolves around the perspective of twins separated at birth, the girl belonging to a privileged family, the boy having a rough and tumble existence. Their common origin is unknown to both twins and they develop an attraction for one another. The boy is William Shakespeare, himself.
As always, Richard Seltzer’s books are both informative and imaginative. Here, we enter the realms of Russia, Elizabethan London and present-day America. Space and time are blurred like an Impressionist painting. Nevertheless, descriptions of place and historical anecdotes are true and told in a vivid manner so that we feel as if we are there.
Richard Seltzer’s novels dare us to extrapolate our own present-day existence with that of our past, possibly hidden, and future, so that our “souls” can shift or even transfer. That is the intellectual and engaging challenge of all of Richard Seltzer’s books."


Breeze, a young woman in present-day Connecticut, goes into a medically inexplicable coma. Her boyfriend, Yannie, a senior at Yale, has to get her the help she needs to survive while trying to solve the mystery of this goddess-like free spirit who appeared out of nowhere two months before.
In part two, Breeze awakens in a different body in a different place and time. She is at Troy in the body of Briseis, love-slave of Achilles. She fears she’ll be taken for a demon. She knows the story she is trapped in, and she learns that she can make changes in what the story leaves unsaid, so long as she doesn't alter the direction of the narrative.

In part three, Breeze finds herself in still another body. It's the fourth century AD and she’s at the temple of the Eleusinian Mysteries, near Athens. A young woman lies down on the altar next to the corpse of another young woman. In the ritual, she expects her soul will move to the body of the dead woman. Instead, the dead woman comes to life with the soul of Breeze. That glitch leads to humorous complications as well insights into the ironies of everyday life and love.


A WWII romance veers off into an alternate reality and then another and another.

"Richard Seltzer takes us on another spellbinding journey into an alterante reality that defies our familiar perception of space and time. Nevermind is a story with a backdrop that seems grounded on the surface, but turns into a flight of mind-bending twists."

Interview about Nevermind at Readers Magnet




Without knowing why or how, two college students wake up 50 years older than they were when they went to sleep and with no memory of what has happened in between.
The first door is birth. The second is death. Finally, Frank and Marge go through the fourth door.

"Richard Seltzer's vast imagination knows no bounds...
Think Thomas Wolfe. Think The Razor's Edge by Maugham.
...the main character...talented, energetic, charismatic... genre-defying Be prepared for a wild ride."
"Richard Seltzer is a master of educating us to the possibilities of existence once we set our mind free and open the door to the unknown."


The story, which begins in an assisted-living facity in New Hampshire, leads to 18th century Boston and London, where there's unfinished business that residents, through mirror selves, must take care of.

"Ingeniously woven trip through space and time"

blog interview


The AltaVista Search Revolution:How to Find Anything on the Internet, Osborne/McGraw-Hill, 1997 and 1998, with Eric J. Ray and Deborah S. Ray
     The first consumer book about search engines. (AltaVista was the forerunner of Google.)
Winner of the "Distinguished Technical Communication Award," the highest award given by the Society for Technical Communication Publications.    
     2 editions, Hebrew and Japanese translations. Braille version published by National Braille Press    
     "This complete guide to using the AltaVista web searching/indexing system will be indispensable to both librarians and patrons.... Get one copy to circulate, nail one down in the computer lab, and pass one around the reference desk."
-- Library Journal

  Ethiopia Through Russian Eyes by Alexander Bulatovich, translation by Richard Seltzer (Red Sea/Africa World Press, 2000)      at Kobo     at Nook    at Apple
     including 78 photos taken in Ethiopia in 1896-1898
     "...the most important book on the history of eastern Africa to have been published for a century...."
   Old Africa (complete review)

  The Lizard of Oz, fantasy, 1974, revised and expanded 2018  at Kobo  at Nook query message for second edition     at Apple      at Nook      at Kobo
"An intriguing and very entertaining little novel" Library Journal
     "Carroll and Tolkien have a new companion"
     "A work so saturated that the mind is both stoned with pleasure and alive with wonder"
Lancaster Independent Press
     "A commentary on our times done delightfully" Philadelphia Bulletin
     "A gallery of figments of contemporary culture that could take its place on the library shelf of memory along with classic figures of children's fiction" Valley  Advocate

Now and Then and Other Tales from Ome, children's stories, 1976    at Kobo     at Nook     at Apple
     "A highly original collection of short stories, sometimes humorous, sometimes profound." Boston Globe

The Name of Hero, historical novel, Tarcher/Houghton Mifflin, 1981    at Kobo     at Nook     at Apple
     translation of this novel into Russian 
     sources and related documents

Saint Smith and Other Stories, 2011    at Kobo    at Nook     at Apple

MGMT MEMO: Management Lessons from DEC, 2018    at Apple    at Nook    at Google Play

Snapshots of DEC, 2018     at Apple     at Nook

Web Business Boot Camp Hands-on Internet lessons for manager, entrepreneurs, and professionals, Wiley, 2002     at Apple     at Nook     at Kobo

Take Charge of Your Web Site, MightyWords, 2001

Shop Online the Lazy Way (Macmillan, 1999. Braille edition published by National Braille Press)    at Nook    at Google Play    at Apple  

The Social Web: How to build successful personal or business Web sites, 1998)     at Apple  

 The Way of the Web Lessons from the Internet. How to adapt to the new business environment, 1995)    at Kobo     at Apple

  Dryden's Exemplary Drama, senior thesis at Yale (1969)    at Apple     at Google Play     at Nook

 Death of the Federalist Party, paper written in high school, in 1963.   at Apple     at Google Play

Dark Woods and Other Poems


"Why didn't the walls come tumbling down? An outsider's view of distance education," chapter in Perspectives of Web Course Management, published by Canadian Scholars Press, 2000.

"Reinventing Publishing in a Global Electronic Mall," chapter in The Electronic Publishing Business & Its Market , edited by Brian and Margot Blunden, International Electronic Publishing Research Centre (IEPRC), Reading, England, 1994.

Health Web Science
by Joanne Luciano et al., 2014.  Wrote the preface.


  Without a Myth and Five Other Plays     at Apple   at Google Play   at Nook

- Without a Myth, three-act play (1971) - Heel, Hitler, ten-minute play (2015)

- The Barracks, a three-act stage play (1989)

- Rights Crossing, a two-act historical play, set in the American Revolution (1976)

- Mercy, a two-act historical comedy, set in the American Revolution,  based on the lives of Mercy Otis Warren and General Johnny Burgoyne. (1975)

- Heel, Hitler, ten-minute play (2015)

- The Wallflower, one-minute play, staged reading at the Boston Play Marathon (2015)

- The Lizard of Oz, children's play (1976)


- The Lizard of Oz radio script,
episode 1, episode 2, episode 3

- Spit and Polish, a full-length screen play (2001)

- Traffic Jam, a short screen play (1972)

Family on Demand, first episode of proposed sitcom, co-written with Ethel Kaiden (2004)


The Story of the Trojan War in Unintentionally Humorous Verse doggerel written in the sixth grade (age 11)

- Hi-Q or Peg Solitarie, a solution to the game solved and recorded in the third grade (age 8)

- Stories Written in the Second Grade


- Parallel Lives, novel query message

- Making Time,  novel  query message

- Beyond the Fourth Door, novel query message

- Breeze
, novel query message

- Uncle Adolph's Cruise of Fiction, novel

- The Attic, with Ethel Kaiden   query message

- Lenses for Looking Through a Glass Darkly, a book-length collection of essays that look at knotty questions from unusual angles, looking for a publisher. query message

- What Did Newton Say to the Apple? and other word play query message

- Sign Me Up, (picture book)

- What Can You Do With a Fifth Foot (picture book)


- The Name of Man, historical novel, sequel to The Name of Hero  opening chapters available here - The Name of God, historical novel, sequel to The Name of Man

- TGSN (True Galactic Super Nova), scifi novel about the consequences of an end-of-the world scam conceived for humanitarian reasons.

- Mercy and the Gentleman, an historical novel about Mercy Otis Warren and General Johnny Burgoyne, during the American Revolution
works of Mercy Otis Warren

Everyday Witchcraft in Virginia, an historical novel about Grace Sherwood in colonial Virginia 
   historical documents about Grace Sherwood


Short stories

"Vienna, Pension Barbara"

"The Gentle Inquisitor," Aspect, No. 68, July-September 1976, pp. 27-30, 51.

"Chiang ti"

"Creation Story"

  • "Yanni"


    "Mirror", published in Italian translation in GQ Italia, April 2012


    "Tiger in the Intercom"

    "Hundreds and Hundreds of Gerbils"

    "See you later, elevator"


    "View from Beacon Hill," Colorado North Review, January 1991.

    "Finnegan Died," Colorado North Review, Jan. 1991.

    "Brief Reprieve," Greenwood, summer 1965; Calhoun Literary Magazine, May 1966; Colorado North Review, Jan. 1991, included in "Letters from the Sou" published by fall 2002

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    "Il errait dans la rue," Greenwood, summer 1965, and Calhoun Literary Magazine, May 1966.

    "I come from the land of Frost and Sandburg," Cyclotron, summer 1965.

    "Journey to the West," Flame, 1965.


    Ethiopia Through Russian Eyes, translation from the Russian of two books by Alexander Bulatovich about his travels in Ethiopia in the 1890s -- From Entotto to the River Baro, and With the Armies of Menelik II. Published in paperback and hardcover by Africa World Press/Red Sea Press in 2000. Excerpt "Even Elephants Pray" published in Safari Magazine, Sept./Oct. 1994. Excerpt: "Hunting Man and Beast in Ethiopia" published in anthology Hunting in Ethiopia, Woodbine Publishing Co., 1995. Reviewed at length in Old Africa, issue 18, August-September 2008.

    Linguistic Systems, 116 Austin St., Cambridge, MA 02138. Intermittent 1971-73. Freelance translation, Russian to English, technical articles and books, including for NASA (1973): Infrared Filters by N. A. Borisevich et al., Minsk, 1971, 228 pp. and Infrared Spectra of Radiation from Earth by Yu. G. Andrianov et al., "Sov. Rad.," 1973, 112 pp.

    NRID, Army Security Agency Training Center, Fort Devens, MA. During monthly Army Reserve drills, translation, Russian to English, of articles relating to political dissent in the Soviet Union. The school published two of these articles in Samizdat: Translations of Selected Samizdat Documents, Vol. 1, 1973, pp. 18-48.

    Aerospace Technology Div., Library of Congress, Washington, DC. Translation, Russian to English, of titles and articles in chemistry journals, as part of a computerized bibliography project, summer 1968.

    BOOK PUBLISHER -- Seltzer Books (originally Samizdat Express), 1974-present

    INDEPENDENT WRITER/SPEAKER/CONSULTANT -- October 1998 - October 2005,

    MOST RECENT FULL-TIME POSITION -- Compaq (formerly Digital Equipment), 19 years

    Internet Evangelist, Internet Business Unit (Dec. 1997-Oct. 1998), Internet Business Group (Sept. 1994-Nov. 1997)

    Internet Marketing Consultant, U.S. Communications (July 1993-Sept. 1994) Senior Communications Consultant, U.S. Communications (April - June 1993)
    Senior Communications Consultant & Editor of MGMT MEMO 1984-93

    Editor of DECWORLD 1980-84

    Associate Editor of DECWORLD 1979-80


    Benwill Publishing, Boston, MA, Editor of technical trade magazines 1973-79
    Editor -- Electronics Test Magazine; Managing Editor -- Circuits Manufacturing Magazine; Contributor -- Microelectronics Times, Minicomputer News, Electromechanical Design, & Digital Design.

    Various teaching and translating jobs 1968-73

    US Army Reserves, Russian Linguist (Army Security Agency), top secret/crypto security clearance, 1969-75


    The Cobb Group/Ziff-Davis, Contributing writer, 1997-1998 Wrote column for The Internet Search Advantage, a monthly newsletter.
    Nova Southeastern University, Tutor, 1997-1998 Provided on-line help for students who are working on an Ed.D. in distance education.
    Editor, The Word Guild Magazine, April-October 1977  The Word Guild, 119 Mount Auburn St., Cambridge, MA 02138 On volunteer basis, converted 12-page house-organ newsletter to magazine of interest to professionals in the book publishing industry; solicited articles; wrote interview stories, book reviews, reports of meetings, etc.; topics included copyright, problems of publishing, current publishing practices, editing, proofreading, and works by contemporary authors.


    Thursdays noon-1 PM (US Eastern time), chat sessions on Business on the World Wide Web, transcripts of previous sessions & upcoming schedule. These sessions have been running regularly since June 1996.

    AltaVista Marketspace webcasts from Fall Internet World 97 in New York and Spring Internet World 98 in Los Angeles. Conducted dozens of interviews for posting in RealVideo format at

    Speaker on "The Social Web" at Placeware,

    America Online, speaker on Web Page Design and Search Tips in the PC Desktop & Web Publishing Forum, August 19, 1996.

    America On-Line, speaker on The Internet in the Intel PC Forum on the Internet, March 1995.


    University and High School

    U.S. Army Work-related courses



    Clark-Eldridge Fellowship for graduate study at Yale 1969-70

    Graduated "cum laude" from Yale 1969

    History Prize and Upper VIth Arts form prize at Brentwood School 1965

    Highest average in school at Holderness each year for four years and numerous academic prizes while there

    N.H. state French prize 1964.



    French, German, Russia, some Latin, a little Greek


    US Army Reserves, 1969-75, Army Security Agency, Russian linguist. Active duty for training July - Dec. 1970. Refresher courses in Russian at the Defense Language Institute, Monterey, CA, Aug. 1972 and June 1973. Top Secret/Crypto security clearance during service period.

    PAST MEMBERSHIPS (none current)


    INTERNET SPEECHES (complete list with links to slides and/or scripts)

    "Surviving as a small business in the age of Google. Tips on how to generate search-engine traffic." Speech delivered at NEXPO, the newspaper technology show, in Washington, DC, in June 2004. Article based on it.

    "Selling your own stuff at eBay, tips for serious sellers." Speech/tutorial delivered in Boston in June 2004. Article based on it

    "Why didn't the walls come tumbling down? An outsider's view of distance education," keynote speech delivered Oct. 4, 1999, at NAWeb 99, a distance education conference in Fredricton, New Brunswick, Canada. Article/chapter based on that speech

    "Internet Quick Startup for Small Businesses," September 9, 1999, at SCORE in Boston.

    "The future of the Internet and the future of business," keynote address delivered at Cities of the Androscoggin Annual Dinner and Business Forum on Technology and the Future," Lewiston, ME, May 1999 script. To buy a videotape of this speech, go to

    "The Power of search across an enterprise" Pharm 2000, Parsippany, NJ, April 29, 1999

    "How to increase traffic without paying for it" Effective Strategies on Measuring and Improving Internet Marketing, an IQPC Conference, San Francisco, Jan. 1999 (Richard Seltzer was the conference chairman).

    "Finding and Being Found -- Basics of Internet Marketing" keynote address delivered at IT Vision: Seeing the Future in Marketing, at an American Marketing Association event at Bentley College, Waltham, MA Nov. 1998

    "Corporate-wide knowledge management -- breaking through the barriers today," speech delivered at ExpoManagement 98 in Buenos Aires, Argentina, September 10, 1998

    "The Social Web and Business Opportunities on the Internet" plus "AltaVista Tips for Information Providers," September 12, 1997, for the Shared Engineering Services organization at Digital Equipment, in Littleton, MA

    "The Social Web," keynote address delivered at Web Week 97 at the Oak Ridge National Laboratories, Tennessee, September 8, 1997. Also delivered at NT Wizards in Vienna, Austria, Oct. 1997. Also delivered at Brown University Industrial Partners Program, November 1997 and at Women in Networking in Chelmsford, MA, Feb. 23, 1998

    "Business Opportunities on the Internet: Today and Tomorrow," keynote address delivered at Comdex in Buenos Aires, May 23, 1997. Variation of that delivered at Digital partner event at Victoria Falls in Zimbabwe, January 29, 1998.

    "Unlocking the Power of AltaVista Search," demo/talk delivered in Bogota, Colombia, and in Rio de Janeiro, Sao Paulo, and Campinas, Brazil in May 1997. Variations of this speech (ranging from 45 minutes to 3 and a half hours) also delivered at NT Wizards in Vienna, Austria, October 1997; at Internetcom 97 in Moscow Russia, October 1997; at Digital Equipment's Engineering Education Distinguished Speakers Program in Littleton, MA, and Nashua, NH; at Boston Internet SIG at MIT in November 1997; at the Boston Bar Association, Feb. 18, 1998; at NT Wizards in Seattle, WA, Feb. 24, 1998; at the Mass. Association of Buyers Agents in Framingham, MA; at the SAS Users' Conference in Nashville, TN, March 24-25, 1998; CA World, New Orleans, LA, April 25-26; New Hampshire Internet Special Internet Group, Nashua, NH, May 5; DocuWorld, Toronto, Canada, May 13, 1998; DocuWorld, Edmonton, Canada, June 3, 1998; DocuWorld, Vancouver, Canada, June 11, 1998 ; 10th International Genome Sequencing and Analysis Conference in Miami Beach, Sept. 1998; IHEEP (highway engineers), Colorado Springs, Colorado, Sept. 1998; NA Web (Web-based education), U. of New Brunswick, Canada, October 1998

    "The Role of Search in Web Strategy," Datatech Intranet/Web Strategies, Los Angeles, July 30, 1998

    "Getting the most out of the Internet," Great Boston Seniors, Newton, MA, June 10, 1998; Boston Internet Special Interest Group (ISIG), Cambridge, MA, Oct. 22, 1998.

    "Basics of Effective Web Sites: How to Succeed When the Rules of the Game Keep Changing," seminar delivered at Internet Expo/Email World in Boston, Oct. 16 and 17, 1996.

    "Building Communities on the Internet," various versions of this speech were delivered Nov. 29 & 30, 1995, at Internet Expo/Email World in Boston and Dec. 12, 1995; at seminars on How to Market on the Internet in New Orleans and June 27, 1995 in New York City, run by the International Quality & Productivity Center; and at How to Market on the Wild, Wild Web, September 1995 in New Orleans, run by Global Business Research. For the underlying concepts, see related article

    "Business Opportunities on the Internet," slides from which Richard has derived many presentations and speeches (includes expected major impact of Internet on nine industries); for instance, delivered as keynote address at Alabama Information Highway Conference, February 27, 1996.

    Panelist at Business Wire seminar on Business Use of the Internet, Cambridge, MA, March 1995.

    Panelist at Business Wire seminar on "The Internet: An Integral Part of Your Corporate Communications Equation," NYC, May 1995.

    AltaVista talks at SuperComputing 96 in Pittsburgh, November 1996, at Internet World in NYC, Dec. 11-13, 1996, at Internet World in Los Angeles, March 12-14

    "Not Cool, Not Hot -- Medium: Understand the Medium," at seminar on How to Advertise on the Internet, February 28, New Orleans, LA

    Panelist in discussion on the Future of the Internet at Service to the Citizen, February 29, 1996, Denver, CO

    "Planning for the Future Internet -- Anticipating Change", The Telecom and Industrial PCI Conference, Framingham, MA, Dec. 4, 1996

    "AltaVista: the Implications of Finding and Being Found," NERCOMP, Sturbridge, MA, March 25, 1997, and then at Williams College, Williamstown, MA, April 29, 1997, and at Web-Net in Cambridge, MA on May 13, 1997

    Panelist, discussion on use of the Internet to promote alumni activitiees, Yale Alumni Association, New Haven, CT, April 26, 1997

    "AltaVista Advice," Microsoft Internet Developers Users Group, Waltham, MA, June 1997.

    Panelist for discussion on "Commercial Netiquette" at the Center for Communication, NYC, Nov. 1994

    Boston Computer Society, Lowell Chapter, speaker (twice) on doing business on the Internet, Feb. 1995.

    NON-INTERNET SPEECHES AND PRESENTATIONS Boston Globe Book Festival, on The Lizard of Oz and what eventually became The Name of Hero, Oct. 18, 1975

    Boston Globe Book Festival on Now & Then and other stories, Oct. 1976

    Boston Public Library, served as moderator of a panel discussion of Boston publishers sponsored by the Society of Children's Book Writers, Feb. 29, 1976

    Wesleyan College, on The Name of Hero, March 28, 1990


    "Master Learning Director" for pilot distance learning project being run by the Otter Group for Harvard's Kennedy School of Government Instructor on AltaVista Search, September 1996-present Distance education tutor for Nova Southeastern University, Fort Lauderdale, FL, December 1997-June 1998 Guest speaker on business on the Internet at MBA classes 1995-present Dept. of Comparative Literature, U. of Mass., Amherst, MA 01002. 1972-73


    "On the Internet, There's Power in Words", Sportlight on Performance, Volume 16, Issue 5, 2000.

    "Searching: Internet Scouring Techniques that Go Beyond the Basics", Smart Computing Learning Series, Internet, September 2000, Volume 6y, Issue 9, pp. 36-43.

    "What You Should Know about Shopping Online", Straight Talk, published by the Women's Consuemr Network, May/June 2000, pp. 1 and 3.

    "Employee with interview with Richard Seltzer, Digital Today, December 1, 1996, p. 8

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    "Creatures of the Web" by Michael Saunders, The Boston Globe Sunday Magazine, June 2, 1996, pp. 16-41.

    "The Tug-of-War Between Site Developers and Users: interview with Richard Seltzer," Internet Innovators News, fall 1996, p. 2

    "Tips from a 'Web Evangelist': Interview with Richard Seltzer", InfoAlert (from The Economics Press, issue #108, March 1997, p. 6

    "Build It Correctly, and They Will Come: How to attract visitors to your Web site" by Robert Israel, published in MarketSpace, the online magazine of Digital Equipment, June 16, 1998

    "Personalities in Profile: Richard Seltzer -- Internet Evangelist," Boston Software Newspaper, October, 1998, p. 9.


    "The Power of Words on the Early Web", Feb. 2015.

    "The Power of Words on the Internet: Content-Based Internet Marketing", The Wire Industry, published in England, pp. 359-362.

    "Internet Advice for Newcomers", Proceedings of the International Workshop "Internet as a Vehicle for Teaching", held at KIDA, Ilieni, County Covasna, Romania, June 9-14, 1997, p. 8.

    Tutorials for "How to Find People Online," and "Online Shopping" are now available at "Best Online Stores," "How to Create Web Pages," "Advanced Search Techniques," and "Internet Marketing" are in progress.

    Weekly column ("Beyond the Basics") for Building (and protecting) your reputation 11/19/99

    Monthly column for TechRepublic "Lay the foundation for your knowledge management system," "Build pilots, not virtual mausoleums"

    White paper for SiteScape, "Breaking down the barriers to effective online collaboration" at

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    pp. 28-34.

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    "Why Forum/Chat for Your Business? Community and Content," editorial/commentary published at August 1997.

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    "Internet Advice for Newcomers" in Internet as a Vehicle for Teaching, Proceedings of the Romanian Internet Learning Workshop, KIDA, Ilieni, County Covasna, Romania, June 9014, 1997

    "The School-Within-the-School: The Internet is an historic event the main purpose of which is to connect people to people" Holderness School Today, Spring 1997, p. 8. Variant, entitled "Internet Advice for Newcomers" published in Internet-on-a-Disk #20, April 1997.

    "Listen to your Customers" p.25 in 22 Success Secrets from Top Internet Marketers, edited by Audri and Jim Lanford, NETrageous Inc.

    Articles published in MarketSpace,  the on-line magazine of Digital Equipment/Compaq:

    Articles written for Power Searching with AltaVista and Internet Search Advantage, monthly newsletters published by Cobb/Ziff-Davis: "Picture Power: The Web can serve as a family album and hall of fame," Internet World Magazine, Oct. 1995.

    "Personal Touch: by hosting chat forums, Web publishers can build communities -- and their businesses," Internet World Magazine, Nov. 1995.

    "Heads Up: After you create your Web site, you need to let everyone know it's there", Internet World Magazine, , April 1996.

    Priming the Pump: The potential for Web-based discussion for distance learning is great, but will people catch on?, Internet World Magazine (on-line edition), September 1996.

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    Article published at B&R Samizdat, at Marketspace (, and other Web sites:

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    France (Paris and Strasbourg) June, July, and August 1963
    England (Brentwood School, Essex) 1964-1965
    Belgium and Holland by bike, winter vaction 1964-65
    Belgium, Wales, Ireland, spring vacation 1965
    Egypt (2 weeks), Grand Circle, 2010
    China (3 weeks), Grand Circle, 2011
    Cruise Barcelona to Rome and back, Royal Caribbean, 2011
    2015-2017 -- dozens of ocean cruises (over 300 days, mostly on Princess, also Holland-American, Norwegian, and Celebrity) including the Caribbean (half a dozen times), the Mediterranean (half a dozen times), the Baltic, Atlantic crossings, around South America, and the South Pacific from LA to New Zealand and Australia; and half a world cruise from Barcelona through the Suez to Shanghai; plus stays in Aruba, Hong Kong, Venice, Florence, Rome, Edinburgh, Japan (Tokyo and Kyoto), and Paris (half a dozen times); river cruise Paris to Normandy and  river cruise Lyons to Arles (AMA)


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