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Zoids Chapter 2

By Chibi Reli, chibireli@yahoo.com
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Chapter 1:

A Brand New Team, Goodbye Brad and Hello Ami

Zoids: Chapter Two - The Blitz Team is in the S Class, but someone is leaving the group. The pilot taking his place is a girl named Ami Kamiya, or better known as Fire Cat with her one of a kind Zoid Rapidfire. Can this new team have what it takes and is Bit falling for the new pilot.

This fanfic tells what happens to the Blitz Team after the television show. The Zoid called Rapidfire and the pilot nicknamed Fire Cat are unique. Tim Seltzer, seltzer@seltzerbooks.com

Disclaimer: Chibi Reli does not own Zoids, but did create the original characters who are not from the TV show.

            "Brad, I can't believe that you're actually leaving us. We're a team," Leena complains standing up from the couch. The whole Blitz team has been called into the common area so that Brad could tell them of his decision.

            "We were. I'm going to a different team now," Brad says as he lay on the couch.

            "Well, which one then?" Bit asks while looking through a magazine.


            "But, but, but why?" Jamie asks who is just as disappointed as Leena.


            "Leave it alone Jamie. If he wants to leave, he can leave. We'll miss you a lot though bud," Bit answers looking up from his magazine.

            "Same here."

            Bit walks in the town, with an arm full of flyers, posting them around. The wind picks up and starts to blow away some of the papers, but he doesn't notice. "Why am I the one who always has to do things like this? I'm the best warrior on the Blitz Team .I shouldn't have to put up the fliers."

            "Hey you! Didn't anyone teach you not to litter?" Bit turns around to see a woman, about his age. She is average height with a great figure, medium length auburn-red hair and green eyes. She is wearing a pair of jeans with a short tight red tank top. She also has a long red tail that moves and a pair of red cat ears. Bit just stares at her though.

            'Wow! She's a total knockout. So pretty…'

            "Hello?" The girl waves the fliers in front of him. He suddenly wakes up out of his stupor and looks at the girl only inches away from his face. He starts to blush, rubbing the back of his head.

            "Sorry about that. I zone out sometimes."

            "No problem," she says giving him a huge smile. "So, you're looking for a new Zoid Warrior for the Blitz team? I've heard a lot of great things about them, especially that Ligar Zero and its pilot."

            "Yeah? Well, you talking to him right now," he says poitning to himself with pride.

            "So, you're Bit Cloud? It's nice to meet you." She puts the fliers back on his stack, except for one.

            "It's nice to meet you too, um…"


            "So, are you a warrior?"

            "Sure am."

            "Then you should come by and apply. You'd be joining one of the best teams there are."

            "Alright, I'll try. Well, I gotta go. See ya." She turns around and runs away.

            'I wonder if she'll really come? And what's up with that cat costume?'

            "Next!" Dr. Toros shouts with the three remaining warriors of the Blitz team by his side. They all organize their papers as the next person walks in, none other than Harry Champ.

            "Harry! What are you doing here?" Leena screams.

            "I'm here to join your team. That way, I can be closer to you Leena dear."

            "Sorry, application denied," she says stamping it with a stamp showing rejected in big red letters.

            "What? But, you can't do that to me."

            "I already did. See ya." She gets up from her seat and kicks him out the door. She sits back down and starts to look through the papers.

            "We had almost a hundred applicants and we still can't find someone to replace Brad," Jamie complains resting his head on the table. "All the good warriors are on teams."

            "I guess we'll just wait for tomorrow," the doc sighs.

            "Wait! I'm here." The girl Bit met from before walks in with her red cat costume, except she is wearing a pair of black leather bell bottoms with a red jacket that only covers her bust with a tail that goes to the back of her knees. But all the men can do is stare, with their mouths wide open and drooling.

'Wow, she's pretty,' they all think.

"Am I too late?" she asks putting her application on the table.

            "Of course not pretty lady. Why don't you sit down?" The doc pulls up a chair for her and she sits down.

            "Thank you very much." Leena only gives her a death stare.

            "So, miss…"

            "Kamiya. Ami Kamiya."

            "Well, it looks like you seem like a very qualified applicant. You've never lost any battles except one and you were once part of the Fire Team, a class S team. What happened to that?" the doc asks.

            "That team sounds familiar," Jamie whispers.

            "Oh. My partner passed away, so I've become a solo warrior, until now I hope," she says turning her head away all teary eyed.

            "Oh, I'm so sorry to hear that. Something as tragic as that should never happen to such a pretty girl like you," the doc says holding both of her hands in his.

"Hold on! I have a question," Leena shouts, standing up and slamming both hands on the table. "What's up with the cat costume?" Ami gets up and looks at the four.

"It's to match my Zoid of course. I believe that for a warrior to be successful, she must be in tune with her Zoid at all times and dressing up as it helps me out," she answers moving her tail around like a cat.

"Alright then, just one more question, what kind of Zoid do you have?" Bit asks.

            "I don't what it's called because I just found it one day, but I named it Rapidfire."

            "Wait a sec. You're, you're, you're that Ami Kamiya?" Jamie asks surprised.

            "That's right. Normal people know me as Ami, but the true Zoid Warriors know me as Fire Cat." She ends her speech with a little smirk with her arms crossed at her chest.

            "Whoa. I've heard some great things about the great Fire Cat. It would be an honor to have you aboard our team," the doc responds all starry eyed. 'She could get us a lot more money.'

            "Hold it right there girly. If you want to be a part of this team, you have to battle me," Leena says.

            "I wouldn't want to embarrass you, but if you insist, I can never turn down a challenge."

The group walks into the storage area for the Zoids, only to see a huge red cheetah like Zoid by the entrance. "Is that yours?" Bit asks.

"Yeap. This is Rapidfire. I found her when I was very young and getting ready for one of my first battles. My baby has top of the line weaponry, a great defense system, and a pair of ion rocket boosters to go along with its light weight to help it go even faster than when the Ligar Zero gets that blue armor. This is probably one of the fastest and most powerful Zoids around."

"Let's get started. I'll show you how powerful my Gunsniper is," Leena boasts.

"Alright. Keep the battle fair you two," Jamie says at his computer in the hoovercraft.

"Sure thing Jamie."

"Good. Then start fighting."

"Try this on. Weasel Total Assault!" Ami waits with her Zoid as the missiles approach. Once they reach only a few feet, she sprints away. "Hey, where did she go?" Leena looks on her radar. It suddenly beeps and Rapidfire comes straight toward her. She quickly moves out of the way. "Man, that things fast."

"Wow. I've never seen a Zoid move so fast before. It might even be faster than Zero Jagar," Jamie comments.

"With speed like that, she doesn't have to worry about getting hit."

"So Leena, are you ready to give up, or do I have to humiliate you?" Ami says continuing her sprinting so Leena can't find her.

"No one humiliates me! Weasel Total Assault!" But the attack misses again.

"Now, to defeat you with only one hit." Rapidfire starts to charge straight towards the Gunsniper. As it charges, it starts to glow.

"Is it going to use what I think it's going to use?" Bit asks out loud.

"Strike Laser Claw!" Rapidfire claws Leena and the Zoid falls to the ground.

"So, as the agreement set by Leena, since you beat her, you can now join," Doc Toros states.

"What about it Ami?" Bit asks.

"Sure. I'm getting a little tired of the whole solo thing anyways."

"Hey, you want me to show you around?"


Hey, so I've finally joined the Blitz team. It's only been a few days and I'm already going into my first battle. It's going to be a challenge working with others again, but I think I can handle it. Well, here goes nothing. Next time on Zoids: Chapter Two- The Big Day, Fire Cat's Day View. Ready? Fight!

Thanks for reading. Please respond. Just a note, as for Ami's tail, she doesn't use her hand to move it. It's like she was born with it, even though she wasn't. My idea was that she had the tail implanted so little nerve like things went into her spine so she could move it. Anyways, check out my other stories.

Zoids Chapter 2 This story is complete. Hallelujah!

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