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Before I Was Fire Cat, Before the Blitz Team

By Chibi Reli,
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Chapter 1:


This fanfic is a prequal of Zoids Chapter 2. We see how Ami became Fire Cat and how she got Rapidfire. The discovery of Rapidfire and the birth of the FireCat are what happen here.  Tim Seltzer,

Disclaimer: Chibi Reli does not own Zoids, but did create the original characters who are not from the TV show.

You all know my story about joining the Blitz team, meeting Bit, finding out Rapidfire is an Ultimate-X, the battles, and the championships. But you may not know the whole story, the story of my life before the Blitz Team, so I'm here to tell you that.

The story of my life is a very complicated one. I started out as a child with an older brother and two parents. Then my parents died. Then it was just me and my brother. Instead of telling plain out in a few sentences what happened, I think it's important for me to tell you the whole story, so that you can understand who I am.

My name is Ami Kamiya, better known as the great Fire Cat. I didn't give myself this name as other warriors have given themselves named. No. I was given the honor of this name which I hold very dear to my heart, for it is who I am. I will tell you how I came to have this name too.

My story would not be complete without the story of my Zoid, Rapidfire, so far the only one of her kind. I do not know what type of Zoid she is. My best guess is that she evolved from a Lightening Saix, because she is one of the fastest land Zoids there are. And this, ladies and gentlemen is where the story begins.

"I can't wait Kikeru. My first real battle. We're going to win aren't we?" A young Ami without ears or a tail asks as she and her older brother Kikeru as they sit outside watching the sunset. She turns towards him and gives him a big smile. He looks down at her and returns hers with a softer smile.

"Don't be anxious Ami. Overconfident warriors often lose in battle."

"Is that why you've never lost a battle in your life?"

"That's right. But I'm sure that you'll never lose a battle yourself if you practice and believe in your Zoid." He puts his hand on her head and rubs it, frizzing some of her longer auburn-red hair.

"Oh, I will." She nods and looks back at the sunset.

I was so excited about my first battle, even if I only had an ordinary Saber Fang. My brother was able to get it from a guy that he did a few favors for. It was in good condition, but it was still an ordinary Zoid, especially compared to my brother's. He had a Red Blade Liger. He told he saw it in a dream and then one day, it magically appeared to him. He told me that though when I was eight years old. I'm thirteen now.

The day before my first battle I decided to go out for a run and just to relax. Kikeru said that a relaxed warrior clear of everything has the best concentration during a battle. That's why he was the best. The next thing that I knew, I had run into the desert and I decided it was a good time to take a break.

Ami sits on top of a Saber Fang, starring out into the distance in a short black skirt with a red shirt and red boots. "My first real battle. I hope I don't let Kikeru down. I want to be just as good as him. And maybe if I work hard enough, I could be even better than him and then I would be able to take care of him with all the money I would make. He's been taking care of me ever since mom and dad died in that car accident. I just want to return the favor." Suddenly, a giant cloud of sand appears and moves from the right to the left. Ami follows it with her head and watches as it leave. "What in the world is that?" She jumps into her Zoid and starts off in the same direction.

I didn't know what I was getting into. All I knew was that I was somehow attracted to that Zoid. It may have just been curiosity, or something else.

The Saber Fang soon approaches what looks like a red dot from afar. As she comes in closer, she sees an oasis surrounded by palm trees and on side across from her, a giant red machine by the edge of the water. Her Zoid soon stops and as she opens the door and slowly stands up, the red machine stand up to. "It's a Zoid. A red cat type of one. But I've never seen one like it before." As she starts to walk out, the red cat roars and starts to back away. "Wait! I don't want to hurt you." Ami jumps out of her Zoid and runs into the water, swimming the rest of it and finally winding up on the other side. She slowly approaches the now still Zoid with one hand out. "You're so pretty. Don't you have a warrior? Or are you a wild Zoid?" The red cat roars in agreement.

"I've never seen a wild Zoid before." Ami starts to inch her way closer and soon touches the cat's leg. "You're so warm. Nothing like a machine." Suddenly, Rapidfire backs away and lowers her head. Her eyes glow a bright red and suddenly her hatch opens. At first doubtful, Ami steps into the cockpit and sits down. The hatch closes and the cat lifts her head up, Ami giving a squeal. And closing her eyes. After a few seconds, she opens her eyes again and sees where she's at. "Wow, this place is amazing. I wish I could take you for a run, but what would I do with my Saber Fang?" The red cat gives a shake and roars, making the Saber Fang come alive and making it run away. "How did you do that? Wait a sec! I can't lose that Zoid!" In an instant, the red cat starts to run away, even though Ami has no control over it. "It looks like you want me to go on a run with you then. What are we waiting for?"

I didn't know why I went after that Zoid or even why it let me into the cockpit. Usually wild Zoids try to avoid humans. But this one, something felt special about it. It would take me years before I ever figured that question out.

"Kikeru! Kikeru! Guess what!" Ami says running into the base as Kikeru is about to get into his Zoid. He sees Ami and quickly jumps down, running to meet her.

"Ami. Where have you been? Your Zoid came home and you didn't. How did you get back?" He comes up to her and places both hands on her shoulders, giving a worried look.

"That's what I want to show you." She grabs her brother by the wrist and leads him outside. "I found a wild Zoid and she brought me home."

"A wild Zoid?" Once the two step outside, Ami lets go of the brother and runs toward the red cat as he stares in amazement. "Ami, I've never seen a Zoid like this before. Where did you get it?" He steps closer, but Rapidfire only backs away.

"I found it. I was going for a run and I found it by an oasis. When I went near her, the hatch opened and she let me inside. Can I keep it?" She asks, running next to it iwhtout making the Zoid move.

"Well, I don't see why not? We'll have to register it though to make sure it isn't' someone else's."

"Yay! What do you think about joining us?" She looks up at the Zoid and she roars.

"Well it looks like it agrees. So have you named it? You just can't call it Zoid."

"I haven't really thought of it yet. Let's see. It's red like your Zoid and by the cloud of dust it was kicking up, it was going pretty fast."

"So it's red and fast?"

"Hey. How about Red? Or maybe Quicky?"

"I got it," Kikeru says snapping his fingers. "How about Rapidfire?"


"Yeah. I mean its red like fire, and it runs quickly or rapidly."

"That's a great name. How do you think of Rapidfire?" Ami looks at the Zoid as it roars. "Then it's agreed. Your new name is Rapidfire."

After that, I did some training with Rapidfire so I would be ready to use her during the first battle. It was strange though. Things always felt different with Rapidfire when compared to my Saber Fang. I couldn't understand it.

During the training, I couldn't believe how strong and fast Rapidfire was. There were a few times where I wasn't able to control what she was doing though but I just thought it was because I pushed some wrong buttons.

Anyways, the day of the match came. My brother in his red Blade Liger stood majestically on the battlefield, strong, calm and proud. Rapidfire and I stood ready to battle on a moment's notice. I waited anxiously as I saw our enemy, three Command Wolves, standing in the horizon, waiting for the judge to arrive just like us. Suddenly, a large object crashed into the ground. Once the dust cleared, the white judge was shown to all and was ready to start the battle.

"The area within a 5 mile radius is a designated Zoid battle zone. All unauthorized personnel must leave the area. Battlefield 0996. The X Team versus the Fire Team. Ready? Go!"

"Let's show them what we're made of."

"Remember Ami, keep it cool and think before you act."

"Got it." It seemed that the wolves made the first move as they fired at the two, moving ever so closer. Kikeru and Ami start to charge, avoiding each of the wolves' attacks.

"Ami, let's split up. You take one and I'll take the other two."

"Alright. Let's beat them and then go out for a victory meal."

"First we have to win." Kikeru charges ahead as Ami heads towards the side, taking one of the wolves with her. She quickens her pace and then turns around, starting to fire at the wolf coming toward her. The two soon start running circles around each other, firing.

"Ami, watch out!" Her brother exclaims as his picture appears on her screen.

"Huh?" She suddenly jolts forward as Rapidfire is hit from behind. "Not another Command Wolf."

"I tried to keep them both, but one went after you. They want to take out the weakest link first," he says as he tries to attack the wolf as quick as possible.

"Don't worry. I'll show them who's the weakest link." I don't know what exactly happened to me or to Rapidfire at that moment, but it was weird. I felt some kind of energy between us. It was as if Rapidfire agreed with me and wanted on her own will to show these guys she wasn't weak. But could a Zoid really feel like that? At that moment, Rapidfire ran off to the side and started running at top speeds away from the wolves chasing her.

"Ami, I'm coming to help you out."

"I can do this Kikeru, just trust me."

"Alright. This is good experience for you." HE stops in his tracks, but gets himself ready to move on a moments notice.

"It's time to finish this Rapidfire. You know what to do." Rapidfire turns around and charges head on towards the wolves. While she runs, her front paws start to glow a bright golden color. "Strike Laser Claw!" She jumps into the air, and brings her paw down, slicing at one of the wolves, sending it to the ground. She then lands, quickly turns around, and pounces toward the last wolf, sending it to the same fate as the one before it in a matter of seconds.

"The battle is over. The winner is the Fire Team."

"Alright! We did it Rapidfire. You were great! We're we not great or what brother?" She asks jumping up and down in her seat.

"You two were amazing. A real great team. And because this was only your first battle, it shows just how great you two will become." Ami hops out of Rapidfire and lands on the ground safely. She turns towards Rapidfire and hugs her left leg.

"I couldn't have done it without you." That's when it happened. I felt some kind of warmth from Rapidfire, the same warmth that I felt when I first touched her. I couldn't understand it. I thought maybe it was the gears being overheated from the running, but it felt like a different kind of warm. Even though it was hard to describe it, I enjoyed it and somehow felt that Rapidfire was actually alive.

And that was the story of Rapidfire and my first battle. After that, something got easier, but some things got harder-like the enemies we fight against. But for some reason, I felt that as long as I had Rapidfire, I would never be the same fighter again.

Before I was Fire Cat, Before the Blitz Team This story is complete.

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