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The Name of Hero  by Richard Seltzer

This historical novel is based on the life of Alexander Bulatovich, a Russian explorer in Ethiopia, a cavalry officer during Russia's conquest of Manchuria in 1900, and later, a monk. He led a group of "heretics" who challenged the hierarchy of the Russian Orthodox Church, asserting the divinity of the Name of God.

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Ethiopia Through Russian Eyes by Alexander Bulatovich; edited and translated by Richard Seltzer

Ethiopia through Russian Eyes consists of two books: From Entotto to the River Baro and With the Armies of Menelik II, both written by Alexander Bulatovich and translated by Richard Seltzer. This is a unique and detailed first-hand account of Ethiopia in 1896-98 -- at the change of an era -- by a Russian officer with remarkable understanding for the many varied people who lived there and keen insight into their destiny.Africa World Press/Red Sea Press published a print edition of this book which is available through Amazon. According to a review in "Old Africa" (published in Kenya): "Despite its bland title, this is the most important book on the history of eastern Africa to have been published for a century. And it was written over a century ago! Based on his [Bulatovich's] day-to-day diary, it is not only the sole but an astonishingly vivid first-hand description of how Menelik II created his Ethiopian Empire," 

Ethiopia Through Russian Eyes, complete, with over 100 photos from Ethiopia in 1900
From Entotto to the River Baro

With the Armies of Menelik II
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