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World War II Intelligence Documents on Germany and Japan

pdf file (photographic reproduction)

Handbook on German Military Forces, Sept. 1, 1943

Technical Manual TM-E30-451

Military Intelligence Division, U. S. War Department


Organization and Strength of Units

Administration, Command and Staff

Recruitment and Mobilization

Uniforms, Insignia, and identification


Cavalry and Reconnaissance Units

Infantry Weapons

Field Artillery

Panzer Troops

Chemical Warfare Troops

Supply and Administrative Services

SS, Police and Other Militarized Organizations

German Air Force


Permanent Fortifications

Coinage, Weights, and Measures


pdf file (photographic reproduction)

Handbook on Japanese Military Forces, Oct. 1, 1944

Technical Manual TM-E 30-489

U.S. War Office


Recruitment and Training

Japanese Military System

Field Organization

Japanese Air Service

Special Forces

Japanese Military Police

Tactics of the Japanese Army

Supply, Movements, and Evacuation



Uniforms, Personal Equipment, and Insignia

Conventional Signs and Abbreviations

Military Terms and Characters


web page

Orientation for the Pacific Theater, July 1944

Military Intelligence Training Center, Camp Ritchie, MD

U. S. War Department


Geography of the Pacific Theater

The Social Basis of Japan's Military Power

The Religious Basis of Japan's War Effort

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