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Poetry by Tim Seltzer


The demon crashes,
Trying to go past the wall,
In a blood-filled rage.
Dogs bark at the scene they see,
Where I slug the hateful fool.

Wolves run in a rush,
To reach the fresh defenseless one,
Before it would be lost.
Crows swarm at the body,
That used to be a wolf pup.

Honor is no more,
For guns have beaten swords,
And courage reigns.
As I stand looking at stones,
I wonder what help it did.

Blood with blood, it comes,
Men fight for the vengeance deserved,
And turn numb crying of lost.
When the dead look at us now,
The see fools that needn't fight.

Every age needs heroes,
to protect the good from evil,
And give us hope.
The only heroes I see,
Are imaginary or dead.

Darkness and light fight,
Each represents hope and fears,
And is eternal.
Though any light can breach the dark,
There must be someone to light it.

Old legends tells,
Of terrible monsters around,
That died by valiant hands.
yet those who look closely,
See we are the new demons.

Many movies come,
Showing the greatest actors,
That we learn to love.
Yet we see actors all the time,
In the mirror and around us.

The old Ninja,
They are present in our lives,
As cheesy villains.
But do we really understand,
The shadow's way of life?

Common sense is rare,
With few ever thinking of it,
And fewer knowing.
Since so many confuse it,
Why call it common sense?

We all ask now,
When did the battle begin,
Where much was lost.
It began when the two met,
And neither turned or gave quarter.

We stand our ground,
not letting the enemy through,
and hope we're right.
The emotions we feel are hidden,
For we have held them back.

Blades of blood dance,
The waltz of the fallen men,
And tune of wounds.
The old geezers had nosebleeds,
From looking at a naked women.

The cornered bear fights,
Frantically bashing the wolves away,
Who charge with vigor.
The bear fights to save its cub,
The wolves fight to gain a home.

The wind is free,
As are the birds that ride it,
Going wherever.
A pilot stares and wonders,
"Why can't I be that free?

I hide in my head,
unable or unwilling
to leave my world.
So, what is it about her
that makes me forget to hide?

Life is no easy track
and we have to run through the woods,
blind to mistakes.
If we can't find the right path
we'll just have to improvise.

If a lone wolf
searches for a pack and den
with only hope.
Hope keeps the wolf going well
yet doesn't get the job done.

Bullets fly around,
hitting the tank, but not piercing.
I only say this:
You fools, either yet better guns
or try something completely new.

Does she notice them,
The emotions for me she holds?
Or does she hide them,
deny they exist at all,
and try to change how she feels?


The fox, it runs
from a wolf pack
like a man from bullets.

The fires burn
in an unforgiving rage
on the farmer's pants.

The winter air
cuts like demonic wind blades
on my numb arm.

My veins flow
with a gallon of blood
That is quickly shed.

Honor and pride
have no substance at all
with a cocked pistol.

The wolf, it looks
for a pair of his own
The ippihi ookami.
[in Japanese, ipphi ookami = lone wolf]

Many walk alone,
but some day find their place.
Will I ever?

My body burns
with a need for a  battle
yet isn't prepared.

My insides plead
for summer's cool breeze, not
winter's cutting chill.

Battles come and go,
but a fighter's blazing fire
shall never truly leave.

I fear death,
But I cannot deny this feeling.
I'm already gone.

It is certain,
no matter what outward act,
I am indifferent.

My eyes, they glow
with a demon's blood red rage
at having to awaken.

Always I work,
never is my heart in it.
Life is troublesome.

If life has choices,
why do I always feel
There's no alternatives.

Soldiers charge forward,
going under a general's whim,
to their own death.

I feel empty,
writing for something impossible,
and hoping still.

I love, yet I hate.
The feelings twist, randomly
but I still feel them.

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