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Zoids Game Suggestions #2 (games I want to see)

The Zoids TV show (which currently runs on Cartoon Network) would be ideal as the basis for video games. Here's a second page with suggestions intended to encourage game developers to work in this direction. My first such suggestion page is at http://www.seltzerbooks.com/zoids.html Please send me your comments and suggestions, and I'll add the best of them at the end of this article. You can reach me (Tim Seltzer) at

I know I made another Zoids suggestion page but this is different. This time, you end up as a mercenary instead of on a team already. At first, you are a one-on-one Zoids pilot. After that, you could end up on one of your favorite teams. If you are an excellent one-on-one champion, then you can join whatever team you want.

You can use whatever Zoid you want here.

Also there is no limit to the number of battles you can have with one registration and your games are automatically saved. The reason there is no limit is because even after the battles the designers built in it, you can play more games, and the computer learns your battle style from the information it has saved. Your partners (members of your team) will improve if they are just computers. Whether you'll face a certain team or the Backdraft is random. You can create your own team as well.

No matter what members your team has start with, your level/name at the beginning is "Class D team". Your class changes as you prove yourself and advance.

The way to get to Class S is for you to either be undefeated after all your battles or have 12 times as many wins as losses. The only other way is a test of luck (the "Gold Cup Tournament", that you know from the show). The chances of you drawing the right card to be in it, are ridiculously small.

The battles in the Gold Cup competition are very difficult. You might be tempted to attempt to take out all the teams but remember that it's a race. You absolutely have to do only 5 battles in this and if you lose one fight you lose the whole competition. Try not to get into any unnecessary battles. The Zoids you can use are not limited.

If you use the right codes, then you can use the Deathsorer and the Ultrasauras. Before you do anything --  before you can even become a pilot at all -- you have to find an organiod.. When you find the area with the organiods, you have a choice of Shadow, Zeek, and Ambient. Shadow is for those who want to win no matter what the effects (in getting him, you can go to the Backdraft). Zeek is for those who will follow the rules and battle the Backdraft when they're not fighting. Ambient is for people who want to bend the rules and just win.

There are also bonus levels. The first one is the test shown in Zoids Chaotic Century. Most of the bonus levels are Van vs. Raven battles. The only other bonus level is you, with the armies of the Republic and Empire, vs. the Deathsorer. In that case, you are Van, so you have to destroy it once and for all.........

There is also the ability to have pilots from the teams actually fight hand-to-hand combat. The only exception is the Champ team members, because none of them are going to be in that type of fight. Instead there is Harry's sister (whatever her name might be :-).

You can have every pilot for themselves where all fighters will participate, one-on-one, or a fight with a group of fighters fighting another group (with no limit to what number on each side); or a fight with all of one gender.

The fighting moves are punches, smacks, kicks, strangling, hair pulling (a move the women do :-), and eye poking. Each character has a special ability depending on their specialty in the Zoid.

Naomi uses a tranquilizer and has one shot. That is her special ability. Members of the Lightning team move extremely fast when the specialty is activated. Leon uses a sword, but has to stand still for 10 seconds after use. Lena throws punches very wildly. Brad can sneak up on an opponent and stun him/her for 3 seconds. Members of the Backdraft have things like brass nuckles and sledge hammers. Harry's sister has no special abilities. Bit and Vega have a sword, a rocket launcher with sleeping gas bombs, and speed.

Edit mode has plenty of possibilities. You can change the weapons the Zoids or your team members use, add weapons, create new weapons, create different Zoids altogether, and things like that. You can even get exact copies of the mobile suits in Gundam Wing and G Gundam from the wide varieties of choices there.

You can listen to absolutely all the music ever put on Zoids -- from Moonbay's transporter song to Liger Zero's little theme music just before victory. There is a soundtrack part of the game where you listen to whatever music you want without something happening in the background.

You can use the money from won battles to buy your favorite characters off other teams and hire mercenaries. The mercenaries in this game are the characters from Chaotic Century in about the time of the guardian force. The characters I am about to mention are the only ones you can get:

Every one else is back in their own time line. You can work with them in the bonus missions I talked about earlier.

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