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Zoids -- video games I'd like to see (#1)

The Zoids TV show (which currently runs on Cartoon Network) would be ideal as the basis for video games, but I haven't seen any yet. So I'm posting my suggestions here to encourage game developers to work in this direction. Please send me your comments and suggestions, and I'll add the best of them at the end of this article. You can reach me (Tim Seltzer) at

A Zoid battle is a fighting competition put on enormous battle fields (from 1-20 miles wide) The competitors put their pride on the line using mechanical, mobile-suit-like machines called "Zoids."

Battle modes explain what you can or can't do. But there is one battle mode which has no rules, which is Battle Mode 0999.

"Battle mode approved, area scanned, battle field set up. Ready... FIGHT!" This is what the judge of Zoid battle usually says in the beginning of a battle. The judge (referee) decides if  you break the rules or if the opponent breaks them. There are two kinds of judges. The white one does everything fairly and has regular rules instead of Battle Mode 0999. But the dark (black) judge does only Battle Mode 0999. And the Backdraft Group, the guys who harass the players use the dark judge.

The white judge, if you break too many rules, orders a space ship to start shooting lasers at you and your team, so you automatically lose, because the lasers will pretty much kill you.

The Backdraft Group is a bunch of people who try to disregard the rules and make battles "more interesting". They search for a couple of Zoids called "the ultimate X" -- like the main Zoid "Liger Zero".

Just so you know it is a 3d game and is like a camera looking right behind you chasing you or a camera inside, you get to choose in the options menu that comes up just before the battle.

Zoids' names and weapons

I just thought of something great, all the zoids can have any wepons equiped to them like a Gun Sniper with a Strike Lazer Claw or a Blade Liger with a sheild for examples. You can also remove some wepons from the Zoid for as long as you want.

Zoid 1 -- Name = Gun Sniper. Weapons = anything is far range, such as machine guns and missile launchers. The Gun Sniper can have the best far range weapons and looks like a Tyrannosaurus Rex with guns on it. The Gun Sniper has only one disadvantage though. If you attack it at close range, it's a dead Zoid all right.

Zoid 2 -- Name = Command Wolf. Weapons = a five meter gun on its back. The Command Wolf is another type of far range based Zoid. But this one has one way of fighting at close range that the Gun Sniper doesn't -- using the teeth in its mouth, since it actually looks like a wolf.

Zoid 3 -- Name = Dibison. Weapons = horns (like a buffalo/bison) and missile launcher on back.

Zoid 4 -- Name = Liger Zero. Weapons = Strike Laser Claw and a Shock gun right near the stomach. He is one of "the ultimate X". This Zoid has plenty of transformation parts so it isn't limited to its original equipment. The first transformation part, called Jager, can go at high speeds, almost at the speed of sound. The second transformation part, called Schnider, has plenty of blades so it can do two attacks, like "seven blade attack" and "buster slash". The third and final transformation part, called "Panzer", is kind of weird considering the other two. It's slow, but it has far range weapons, so whether it is attacked from the air or the ground it will win. It has almost perfect offence and defence. That causes it to be slower than the Cannon Tortoise.  All of the Liger Zero transformation parts plus the original make it almost impossible to defeat.

Zoid 5 -- Name = Shadow Fox. Weapons = strike laser claw, special laser vulcan gun, smoke screen ability. The Shadow Fox not only has these great weapons but also it can go as fast as Liger Zero's Jager. The special laser vulcan gun can do a whole lot of damage and it's automatic. It can see any Zoid even if it is equipped with stealth technology. Warning: some Zoids are able to see through the smoke screen so don't be dependent.

Zoid 6 -- Name = Cannon Tortoise. Weapons = any type of far range weapon that can be equipped on the back.  The Cannon Tortoise is slow and should be used as a gun turret in battle. It can move, just very sluggishly.

Zoid 7 -- Name = Shield Liger. Weapons = a shield that can be used as a weapon and a machine gun. The Shield Liger might not be good for offense, but you can use it as a battering ram and it is good for defending other members of your team.

Zoid 8 -- Name = War Shark. Weapons = A gun in the mouth and an optional shield. The War Shark goes just like a fish in water, and is the only Zoid that can go under ground and still hit you. This is one of the favorites of the Back Draft. So you can expect some damage dealt from this thing. It is faster than the Jager but the ones controlled by computer when playing instead of other players are slower than the Jager.

Zoid 9 -- Name = Blade Liger. Weapons = Blades in the same places as the Schnider and a Strike Laser Claw. This Zoid is typically the type that doesn't do a lot of far range attacks. It goes to point-blank range and uses those blades plus a Strike Laser Claw. Not to metion the blades are guns when not being used.

Zoid 10 -- Name = Elephander. Weapons = laser guns inside the trunk, a missile launcher on the back, and an optional shield. This Zoid is one of the best that the Back Draft has. It's very durable, and the shield adds on to how much it can take. Good thing there is only one.

There are so many other Zoids that it would be impossible to describe them all here. All those who think I'm forgetting some, I just didn't think I should describe them all.

You can also create your own Zoids. For more info on that go to the near bottom.

Battle Modes

Battle Mode 0982 -- This battle mode has basic rules where it can be three Zoids against three Zoids, no destroying the other Zoids, and plenty of other rules, unlike Battle Mode 0999.

Battle Mode 0988 -- In this battle mode, you only get six shots out of your gun. So you had better have a very accurate Gun Sniper or a close range Combat Zoid to win this.

Battle Mode 0973 -- This battle mode you fight blind and the place is a huge maze.

There are other battle modes but I don't have time for them.

Ideas, Formations, and Good Suggestions on How to Beat Zoids in Story Mode

There is a "story mode" and the game is for at least four players but can be for 1 player when only one wants to kick but.

Battle 1

Since in story mode, you are the Blitz team, you have to fight the Tigers team which has 3 Saber Tigers with heavy artillery fire from the gun on the back. You can use a Shield Liger, Command Wolf, and a Dibison. You can have 2 players or computers backing you up. You should use the Liger to battle, the others should go as a distraction. With the enemy distracted hit them from the back with the Liger. If you try something like using the Command Wolf or Dibison than cover the Shield Liger.

Battle 2

You have to fight the Tigers again only now instead of a Shield Liger you have Liger Zero. You should go for the Zoid hiding or you will have some trouble. It won't move so you can take it. The others should go down with a hit from the Strike Laser Claw. If you chose the other Zoids than it will take 10 hits to destroy your enemies.

Battle 3

You have to deal with the Flugel who has a team leader named Naomi Flugel who almost never misses a shot. You go in Battle Mode 0998 and you can use Liger Zero, Dibison, Command Wolf, and a Terrose which is an air unit with a shock gun. The enemy has Gun Snipers and Naomi's is red. Aim for the red one first or it will go in the best sniper place. Even if it gets there you can use a few shots on the right spots to take her out of the poisson so you can take her down. The other 2 are easy. All of them use the sniper cannon on the tail and have no other weapons. Naomi is the type of person who uses accuracy to win.

Battle 4

The Champ team has a Dark Horn with allot of modifications like a machine gun and cannon. Did I mention the thrusters that make it better at cornering. Also a snake like Zoid, and a lizard like Zoid. The Dark Horn can't do to many sharp turns so if you bend it's legs too much it will fall and be an easy target. The others won't be a problem. The tough part is that it is Battle Mode 0973. You can use the Liger Zero, Dibison and Command Wolf

Battle 5

The Champ team has the man Jack Siscko who pilots a Lighting Sikhs. It is very fast so you should equip the Jager. This is the first time you can use it so be prepared of a little trouble handling it. The 2 Cannon Tortoises backing it will be annoying but ignore them and go for Jack. He is speedy but can be stopped. If you choose the Command Wolf or Dibison, even the Terrose, go for the Cannon Tortoises and hope the computer backup can take out Jack.

Battle 6

The Backdraft is sending the Elephander against you. The Jager can just barley damage it. The other Liger parts you have not earned yet. A dome appears above so you can't use any air units at all. To make things worse is that they are using Battle Mode 0999. It is so hard it is like boss but the game won't end after this. Hit it with everything you have and dodge the lasers from the trunk. You can't transform without the hover cargo getting hit hard. To be safe destroy the trunk.

There are more missions after this so prepare for battle and hope you don't lose.

The final battle that is way latter I can't tell much about. It is Battle Mode 0999. You have to attack with Liger Zero because it is an Ultimate X like the Liger Zero. It has a shield that surrounds him. You can't beat it with the transformation parts. Also no computer backup. You are on your own now fight.

There is also bonus missions on the battles on the show that aren't in the regular missions. For example, the one with just invisible enemies and that rolling ball, I thought would be almost impossible. You have to use the Liger Zero, Command Wolf, or Dibison. Your 2 computer backup (as the 2 other Zoids that you didn't chose to use) won't last long.

I can't tell you what you have to the other fights . There is a multiplier mode where you can use any Zoid team with whatever Zoids. Also be on any team you have beaten in story mode there.

In the main screen as soon as you turn it on and press start there are these choices of play. Exhibition is where you find the ability to do more than one player battles or just go like in stroy mode (if you have other players when doing story mode), have players on your side and computers on the enemies. There is a royal cup part ( like in the near end of the show and game). To find out watch Zoids or when the game comes out try it out. Than the story mode and bonus battles. There is also an area to see the teams you've beaten ranks and see the Zoids you've seen so far. You know as in seeing statistics and all that.

The create your own Zoid has a small catch. To have the weapons you need money. For money you need to win either 50 exhibition battles or beat story battles or bonus battles. You can't use your created Zoid in the story mode.

There should be 5 difficulty modes. Amateur, Rookie, Veteran, and Ultimate X.

Before you battle, you have a choice to look at a little thing called "Know your foe". And also after every couple of battles you end up seeing Zoids Battle News, which is like a TV news show. It tells what teams are doing the best. Your team will have to be winning the battles that were won in the show or you lose.

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