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Wrestling video games I'd like to see

by Tim Seltzer,

This is more of an observation, really. The WWE (World Wrestling Entertainment) has a potential goldmine in videogaming, and they focus too much on making their games seem like a football sim, with seasons and such. What they ‘could’ do, however, is make games where you play as ‘one’ legendary wrestler through his long career. The Undertaker, who is also known as the phenom, has dominated the place for around twenty years and still goes strong. Mick Foley is the man with three faces, three personas who all took a beating, and seemed immortal considering how much abuse he took in each match. Rick Flair went forty years in the business, staying a legitmate member of the roster for all that time as a ‘High riding, jet flying, kiss stealing, wheeling dealing son of a gun’.

If the WWE followed the careers of legends like these, then the term ‘wrestling game’ wouldn’t be viewed as dull. Each and every one of these people worked hard to go from unknown to well known. Love them or not, we can’t deny that Hulk Hogan is a timeless image of the eighties, or that Andre the Giant touched our hearts. Why waste time trying to make a game that tries to focus the ‘sport’ in sports entertainment? The WWE should go be honest with themselves and their fans, making video games that are unique and entertain us with legends. Chyna, the Road Warriors, and the Rock could become as prominent gaming icons as Cloud Strife from Final Fantasy..if the damn company had any marketing sense.

They have nothing to lose, and if they succeed..then people will buy their DVDs with the legacies of these wrestlers, watching as the characters they played went from zero to hero. Hell, why bother just doing the legendary matches, why not mix in the day-to-day matches these guys went through? Then every gamer would view wrestling as intelligent fans of it do, respecting the men behind the names. So what is Vince doing?! He should start talking to the guys at THQ and make it happen, he’s not getting a lot of money from the games the way it’s going!

PS: If this somehow ‘does’ inspire a series of games, can I get some recognition? I’m not talking money, but maybe an honorable mention in the credits, or pointing to some of my web pages..just another suggestion, take it as you will. I’d be happy enough if my suggestions add to the gaming world!

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