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Star Fox Sequel Ideas (video games)

by Tim Seltzer

As a fan of the N-64 Star Fox game, here are my suggestions for sequels. So I'm posting these ideas to encourage game developers to work in this direction. Please send me your comments and suggestions, and I'll add the best of them at the end of this article. You can reach me (Tim Seltzer) at

A lot of people should know the old Star Fox game and all the things in it. You know, the having to do special things to get to certain levels. It was a good idea but it got boring easily. Only 2 difficulties and you had to earn one. Maybe there should be a sequel which takes place 18 years after the last one. You can chose whether you took out the robot at the end or the brain thing. You have to go through with the training missions first though. I know, you want to do the whole hero thing, blast the bad guys, save the solar system, bla, bla, bla. You have to prepare yourself first. After those you can kick  their butts (actually blast their ship to smithereens). You can chose what kind of aircraft you use before each battle.

Vehicles you use

Arwing: The first ship the Star Fox guys had. It gas 3 guns, 2 are on the wings and fire lasers, the other is a smart bomb launcher that also has charged laser shots come from it.

E-gule: The best fighter to date, it has 4 guns. 2 are where the Arwing laser guns are. The other 2 are in the middle of the wings and fire heat-seaking missiles that go faster and harder to dodge than the smart bombs

Landmaster: The best ground unit (actually the only ground machine) in the teams inventory. The cannon fires smart bombs and plasma shots so it can take on air units as well.

Great Fox: The team's battle cruiser with a hanger inside and 2 laser guns at the front has a few modifications from last time. Extra guns on the sides, better accuracy, and a cafeteria inside.

Omega: This ship has the weapons on the E-gule, but is faster. The only problem is that whenever it shoots it also slows down from the recoil.

Blue-Marine: The only way the good guys fight under water is with this. It has 2 laser guns and unlimited torpedoes. The only set back is that it can't fight anything out of the water.

Army Fighter- This thing has just one laser gun and goes slower than the Arwing. Nothing special.


Fox: The leader of the Star Fox squad tries to keep all his men alive while trying to stop the enemy forces.

Peppy: Yes, long ears is back in the old Arwing from the first game. Still is good with advice but got a little rusty with his battle skills after 18 years of just flying around in a ship and looking tough. Can't fly like the rest but he can do better than any rookie.

Falco: The bird brain is back in the team but still the same old mean attitude featherbrain (pardon the joke here). He is in the newest ship the E-gule and trained nonstop in all those years. He's almost as good as Fox but he is trying to show he's top gun.

Terry: A green horn on the team is here. Since he's new I should describe him. This guy looks like a rhino and looks up to Falco (I think because of the actions he dose). The newbe uses the Landmaster (still the best ground tank) when there is ground to be on. When there is no land than he uses the guns on the Great Fox.

Slippy: Remember the frog that always got in trouble in the first one. This nut now uses the Blue-Marine when there's water, Landmaster when there's no water, and the Omega when there's no land or water.

Kent: A news reporter that does not care who wins as long as he gets the front page. Sometimes gets in the line of fire when he thinks the story's too boring.

Bill: An old friend of Fox, he uses the army fighter all the time. He is a lt. and uses his men and himself in every way to get it done.

Kat: Falco's girlfriend (though he won't admit it and will insult her) is a little crazy. She made a ship of her own and no one knows the name of this fighter craft. It has a laser cannon and 2 missile launchers, not to mention a refrigerated beverage holder.

ROB 88: ROB 64 blew a fuse (and exploded) so this robot is taking his place.

General Max: The old General died of old age so this guy is in charge of the army, just not the Star Fox team. The only way he can get their help is if he pays the bill.......


The Star Wolf Team: Andross has this team on his side and last time they fought the Star Fox Team they got beat and none of them died though. No new members have come so the whole team looks like terminators with a touch of what they used to be there.

Andross: This guy is the leader of the other side. Kill him and there the war will be over, but the will not end there. You end up in the beginning having a choice of if you beat the robot copy or the brain in the first game. If you say the robot than you have to fight a bit easier than if you chose the brain. I mean in the Andross. If you say the robot than you have to only order your men around as well as attack the big machine he uses, if you chose brain than your on your own in the fight.

Andross army: Unknown on what they use except mobile suit like things and allot of types of fighters. Sometimes there are high ranking officers in their own ships attacking you. In other words, don't ge ambushed.


This first actual mission has the star wolf team with an army of other enemy fighters attack the planet Cornaria. Your on it and all soldiers are under heavy attack. You and your team can't go in without the General Max saying he'll hire you. What you have to do is convince him and after that take out the enemy forces. The 2 old bosses from last time here in the old game you have to fight. First it's the big walking machine thing than it's the huge battle ship. Than Star Wolf attacks and even if you get their health to zero they will still be alive only they will escape.

Sector Y

The General is getting a beating by the growing forces of Andross. Bill, his forces, and Kat are trying to save him but unless you help they will die in 1 hour as soon as you arrive in Sector Y. Save them and take out all enemy forces. The mobile suit like things than get the Great Fox in their control, save them fast.


Get the outside secure, move in with you and all your allies as just infantry, destroy the base generator, and get out of there.

The rest is a mystery on what you are to fight

It is up to you on what order to attack, but the biggest planet in the Lylat system is the end of the first mission, but you have to take out all the other planet problems.

The coward Andross runs to another system and you have to stop him from rising again.

Then you have to kill the Star Wolf team for good. Yet they keep running.

After that you have to get your team together and wipe out the enemy remnants.

There are 10 difficulties. Each 2 times as hard as the last. 2 you have to earn by beating all the others. Each is also allot longer.


There are 3 modes, co-operative, counter-operative, and just fight with no rules.

When this game comes out than good luck, your going to need it.

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