StarCraft from the solider's perspective -- ideas for new videogames

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StarCraft from the soldier's persective -- ideas for new videogames

by Timothy Seltzer


I know what you are thinking -- this StarCraft game is going to be like all the others: you'll be the commander, sitting on your butt, while your soldiers risk their lives. But that's not what it's going to be. It's going to be you being the actual solider and not the commanding officer.

Game Details

You start off as a private. Then you move all the way up to colonel, but no matter how high of rank you have you still will end up being in the front lines.

Your first weapons and defenses are as the Marine, with the regular machine gun. Then it goes on up to Firebot with a flamethrower. Then, after that, you end up  going up to a Ghost.  Next there's Vulture; there's also Siege Tank. Then there's a Wraith. And last, but not least, you get to control a good old fashioned Battle Cruiser, after you use a Valkyrie, that is. And that's only when you choose the Terrans.

The only thing you can't control is the Zerg, because they are just plain old disgusting.

The Protoss are a different matter, though.

You might not end up getting your favorite weapons at first, but you will be able to gain them and be able to use them later in the game when you have reached a high enough rank.


You'll see everything different because you will be taking the orders and not giving them. You'll see everything from first person viewpoint on the ground or in the vehicle (not from on high).


Sometimes as the Terrans, you'll be fighting both the Zerg, and the Protoss. There's no retreating, only going straight forward.

Other times, as the Terrans, you'll end up fighting just the Protoss.

And other times, you'll fight the Zerg and the Zerg only.

The final thing you have to fight as Terrans are other Terrans, sometimes.

The main thing you have to be careful for in each race is their stronger part, no matter if you are controlling Protoss or Terrans. For example, if you are the Terrans and you are fighting the Protoss, you have to be careful of their mind-control ability.

Blizzard, the makers of Warcraft and Starcraft, have just announced that they will be releasing a new Starcraft game -- "Starcraft Ghost" -- at the end of 2003, not for the PC, but rather for several different (unnamed) game systems. You can read details about that game (which is very different from what I am suggesting) at They also say that they will develop a StarCraft II. If you know anyone at Blizzard please point them here so they can see my suggestions. Thank you.  Tim.

StarCraft from the soldier's persective -- ideas for new videogames
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