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Ideas for Halo Sequel

by Tim Seltzer

It's been a while since the first Halo was created. By now everyone must have been able to beat at least one difficulty. So I was thinking about a possible sequel. Please send me your comments and suggestions, and I'll add the best of them at the end of this article. You can reach me (Tim Seltzer) at

Well in this version you have more allies, more challenging levels, new toys, better armor and shields. First, I think I'll talk about the destructive little toys.

Laser- you now have a laser gun that is in your left arm on the suit. It has plenty of modes: stun, kill, melt, world-class hot foot, and signal flare. Stun and kill are obvious. Melt has the ability to actually melting anything -- from walls to floors. Nothing is safe anymore. Not even a rock can last. Signal flare can get reinforcements to your position and if it can't, then you can use it like a rocket launcher (it has an easily seeable light and the shot blows when it contacts something) and take out some tank or aircraft. It may sound like it will make you invincible but it won't. Don't fire this inside any ship, becaue it will blow holes in the hull and you'll get sucked out in to the vacuum of space. Also you might get bored killing your enemies so quickly and easily and use other weapons for the fun of it.

Thor- the Thor is the newest human-piloted fighter ship. It has two missile launchers, two machine guns, 3 times the speed of a Banshee, and is hard to hit. The Banshee, though, is only a bomber. The actual enemy fighter can go only a little bit faster than the Thor, but not by much.

Scorpion- the old tank has some new guns. These guns can shoot anywhere, from directly above to directly below. The only downside is that they are computer controlled. Also, the only aircraft they can hit is the Banshee. A fighter could take the tank out without even a dent.

Berzerker- this thing has a lot of guns. It's a turret with plenty of guns. Anything in the sky won't damage you without getting destroyed. You can get in it and shoot but the other guns will have all the anti-air fun. They are computer controlled, predict where it would be by the time the shot hit, aim at all the other spots it could reach, and all of the guns will fire. Ground units can destroy it, but they would have to be close enough to shoot at the turret before the computer controlled guns would react.

S-1- this is the very first sonic weapon and is perfect for instant destruction. This is such a perfect anti-tank weapon that tanks are now a thing of the past. The weapon creates a focused beam of sound -- like lasers do for light. It can bust up anything made of any material at all, up to a range of 100 yards. It does, however, have some limitations. It is dangerous to anyone within a hundred yards, including the guy trying to shoot it. Hence you have to operate it from a distance, which makes aiming a bit difficult. Also, it is not very maneuverable. Once you start firing it, you can't turn it much.

Livewire- electric pulse weapon that will disable a vehical for exactly 60 seconds if hit directly! You could steal the vehical if you wanted after using this weapon. Your aim though has to be extreamly presise. Only a direct hit will do anything and there are no scopes. If the target has a sheild then even a shot from right next to it will fail.

Worthog- remember the frustration the driver of the jeep had that he had no way to shoot? Now he can with two guns below the lights. You still need a gunner to hit air units but now the driver can have some fun.

I will talk a bit about the missions now. None of them are very easy and get a bit harder (if possible). I will mention the first level. A bigginer and expert can have a ball here. There is always an easy and hard way. Here's a tip, easy isn't fun. Your new suit is able to do underwater battle so expect some missions under the sea. On space missions you are given a jetpack, but unless you go into an actual ship to fight there is no place to land for long. Those cheapskate inventors, they give you everything but gravity boots!!!

On the first mission you have landed on an under attack human planet. The only weapons you have with you are from the origional Halo. This could be tough if you do it the wrong way. The route to the right leads towards a nearby base yet a battle as hectic as D-day and other WW2 battles is in the path. The other route leads to a farther away base, mabe 17 min. of pure running. If your impatiant go right and if not read a book because this could take a while. When you reach a base you will get the new weapons so things will be easier. From here on there is nothing but suprises.

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