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Book reviews by Deane Rink

Deane Rink, writer, producer, and project director, is a voracious reader with very eclectic tastes. He sends us short, provocative reviews, introducing us to fascinating books that otherwise might pass unnoticed. He has worked for PBS, National Geographic, the American Museum of Natural History, Hearst Entertainment, and Carl Sagan. From his involvement in numerous projects about science, he has remarkable insight into present-day scientific endeavors and their implications, and in-depth knowledge of specialized fields (like Antarctica from his two "Live from Antarctica" PBS productions. But he also savors provides illuminating commentary on literature, fantasy, biography, and popular fiction. You can reach him at

Centurion the Younger, a poem by Dean Rink
Has the News Become Like the Neutrino? a speech by Deane Rink
The Role of the Arts in Times of Peril, an essay by Deane Rink  privacy statement