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Centurion the Younger

by Deane Rink,

Deane Rink, writer, producer, and project director, is a voracious reader with very eclectic tastes. He sends us short, provocative reviews, introducing us to fascinating books that otherwise might pass unnoticed. He has worked for PBS, National Geographic, the American Museum of Natural History, Hearst Entertainment, and Carl Sagan. From his involvement in numerous projects about science, he has remarkable insight into present-day scientific endeavors and their implications, and in-depth knowledge of specialized fields (like Antarctica from his two "Live from Antarctica" PBS productions. But he also savors provides illuminating commentary on literature, fantasy, biography, and popular fiction. Links to Deane's other reviews. You can reach him at

Often in error, yet never in doubt,
The odd banty rooster grumbles about
"Sore losers," "Wimps," and Negative Thinkers"
Unable to transcend his somnolent blinkers.
Locked in by fear of his own rectitude,
Yet buoyed by an ability to sense his God's mood,
Superior to others whose rigorous training
Get trivialized by his media de-planing,
Centurion the Younger swaggers into war
With the stride of one who's ne'er been there before.
A sky-diving father encourages him on,
"Here's how I did it," to the errant son.
But the son is thinking: "Secular Fool,
You never learned to use your faith as a tool.
Watch these sparks," says the son to the man,
Forgetting that sparks are but a flash in the pan
And further cloaking an uglier truth -
You can't win hearts and minds with force, forsooth!

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Dialogue on favorite books with Deane Rink before and during his latest trek to Antarctica, with a note from Bill Ransom and a digression about Frank Herbert (a.k.a Bookbabble 101) -- a very long and rapidly growing document:

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