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Selected Artworks by Rex Sexton, Private Collections

Rex Sexton (1946-2015) was a Surrealist painter, who exhibited in Chicago and Philadelphia.  His award-winning art has been exhibited in museums, televised on PBS, written about in newspapers, reproduced in magazines and included in national and international exhibitions.  His poetry and prose have appeared in cutting-edge literary magazines.  His short story "Holy Night" received an Eric Hoffer award and was published in Best New Writing 2007His poem "The Orchard" received the 2012 Annual Editor-in-Chief Award from Mobius: The Poetry Magazine.  His poem "Ashes of Winter" was runner up for The 2011 Doctor Zylpha Mapp Robinson International Poetry Award.  His poem "Gift Wrapped" was nominated for a 2013 Pushcart Prize by Kind of a Hurricane Press. His book of artwork, stories and poems "X-Ray Eyes" received acclaim by Chicago Art Magazine: "Sexton's work... brings to mind the flattened forms and spaces and line qualities of Miro ... [and] the bizarre figures and spaces of Chagall.  Bridging reality and fantasy through vaguely chimera-like figures/personified animals, and oddly flat ... pictorial spaces, Sexton's paintings emotionally engage viewers directly with multitudes of figures and multitudes of vivid expressions."  He was married to the neuroscientist Dr. Rochelle S. Cohen.

Works that are still available are shown on a separate web page.

You can read Rex's books at this website:

Desert Flower

Constant Is the Rain

Night Without Stars

Paper Moon

Skeleton Key

Time Hotel

X-Ray Eyes
Kill the Umpire by Rex Sexton

1990. Kill the Umpire, Richard Seltzer, Milford, CT

X-Ray Eyes by
            Rex Sexton

1986 X-Ray Eyes, David Kargl, Chicago, Il.

The Dollmaker by Rex Sexton

1986 The Doll Maker, Leslie Seitz, Chicago, IL

Cat Sipping Milk by Rex

1986 Cat Sipping Milk, Judy Saslow, Chicago, IL

          Merchant by Rex Sexton

1986 Dream Merchant, Alan Katz, Chicago, IL

Home Alone
          by Rex Sexton

1986 Home Alone, Will Fire, Panama City, FL

Sunrise by Rex Sexton

1986 Sunrise, Dr. Joseph Levy Chicago, IL

Dream by
          Rex Sexton

1987 Dream, Nadine Woloshin, NY, NY, Study for Dream, Dr. Gleb Gorelick, Chicago, IL

Kaddish by Rex Sexton

1987 Kaddish, Nadine Woloshin, NY, NY

Ode for the
          Time Being

1988 Ode For The Time Being, Dr. Rochelle S. Cohen, Marlton, NJ

Toulouse by
          Rex Sexton

1991 Toulouse, Lawrence Weiner, Chicago, IL


1991 White Mountain, John Phelan, Chicago. IL

Cheers by
          Rex Sexton

1991 Cheers, Vadim Muchnik, Chicago, IL

Piano Lesson by Rex Sexton

1991 Piano Lesson, Bryan Miller, Chicago, IL

          Hunters by Rex Sexton

1995 Head Hunters, Gary Hilman, Chicago, IL,

1995 Study for Head Hunters, Dr.Yasuko  Nakajima and Dr. Shigehiro Nakajima, San Francisco, CA   

Love Song by Rex Sexton

1995 Love Song, Dr. Madelyn Pullman and Mr. Martin Schloss, Brooklyn, NY

Hotel by Rex Sexton

1998 Hotel, Jay Marvin, Denver, CO

Poor Fare
          by Rex Sexton

1999 Poor Fare, Drs. Hedwig van den Brink and Eerde Beulakker, Leeuwarden, The Netherlands

Woman in
          Black by Rex Sexton

1999 Woman in Black, Charles, Vivi, and Valerie Portolano, Fountain Hills, AZ

Enchanted Cafe by Rex Sexton

2001 Enchanted Café, John Sexton, County Kerry, Ireland

Moon Ladder by Rex Sexton

2001 Moon Ladder, Robert Wayner, Berwyn, IL

          Hotel by Rex Sexton

2002 Heartbreak Hotel, Mark and Brooke Sheldon, Chicago, IL

Lunar Cats by Rex Sexton

2003 Lunar Cats, Margie Skimina, Munster, IN, Study for Lunar Cats, 2003, Leslie Seitz, Chicago, IL

Firing Squad by Rex Sexton

2003 Firing Squad, Jeff Brown, Chicago, IL, Study for Firing Squad, 1986, Ruth and Milton Komar, Rydal, PA

Bill Due by
          Rex Sexton

2003 Bill Due, Karen Shuman, Riverwoods IL

Painted Rocks by Rex Sexton

2003 Painted Rocks, Marion Cohen, Cherry Hill, NJ

Diner by
          Rex Sexton

2004 Diner, Mark and Brooke Sheldon, Chicago, IL


They Know
          I'm Only Browsing by Rex Sexton

2004 They Know I’m Only Browsing, David Walksler, Oak Park, IL

Oh Goody More Money by Rex Sexton

2005 Oh Goody More Money! Mark and Brooke Sheldon, Chicago, IL

          Dancing Women by Rex Sexton

2006 Counting Dancing Women, Dr. Marian Joëls and Dr. E. Ronald De Kloet, Tienhoven, The Netherlands

Streetwise by Rex Sexton

2006 Streetwise, Boris Arnstein, Russia

Temporary Lobster by Rex Sexton

2006 Temporary Lobster, John Phelan, Chicago, IL

Solange by Rex Sexton

2007 Solange, Michael Driscoll and Simone Jubyna, Chicago, IL

Neverman by
          Rex Sexton

2007 Neverman, Margie Skimna, Munster IN, Study For Neverman, Dr. Xao Tang

Snake Charmer by
          Rex Sexton

2008 Snake Charmer, Marion Cohen, Cherry Hill, NJ

Echoes in
          the Attic by Rex Sexton

2009 Echoes in the Attic, Richard Seltzer, Milford, CT

Piaf by Rex Sexton

2009 Piaf, Dr. Rochelle S. Cohen, Marlton, NJ

Paper Moon
          by Rex Sexton

2009 Paper Moon, John Tenorio, Denver CO

The Lady
          and the Tramp by Rex Sexton

2015 The Lady and the Tramp, Mary Anne Timmins, Philadelphia, PA

Dreamers by Rex Sexton

2015 Dreamers, Rochelle S. Cohen, Marlton, NJ  privacy statement