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Works of Robert Greene (1558-1592)

A critical edition of Menaphon by Robert Greene with the Preface by Thomas Nashe, edited by Ardelle Cowie (aka Ardelle Cowie Short), Yale Ph.D. 1977: Greene's Menaphon, with Nash'e Preface, originally published in 1589, was reprinted four times in the 16th and 17th centuries (1599, 1605, 1610, and 1616). This critical edition collates three copies of the 1st edition, along with copies of the other early editions. Since no changes in the texts can be ascribed to Greene or Nashe, the 1589 edition is used as the copy-text. A full textual apparatus records all substantive variants and emendations. An Essay on Nashe's Preface places it in the context of his developing prose style. Greene's Menaphon is treated in a separate Essay concerned with the self-consciousness of the work and its relation to various sources and influences (such as Greek romance, Euphuism, and Sidney's Old Arcadia). The Commentary identifies literary allusions, clarifies stylistic obscurities, and discusses difficult passages. Contemporary writers, such as John Lyly, are quoted for comparison. The Glossary includes words that might not be easily understood, either because of peculiarity of spelling or because of specialized, archaic, or obsolete meaning.
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