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Ties to Estes Kefauver

Estes Kefauver (senator from Tennessee and nominee for vice president for the Democratic Party in 1956, running with Adlai Stevenson) and Virginia Bradford (silent screen star) were third cousins of my mother, Helen Isabella (Estes) Seltzer. The line indicated here is based on The Carey Estes Genealogy. Richard Seltzer

Joel Estes, captain in the War of 1812 married Sarah Langhorne Bates


Albert Monroe Estes Married Mildred Colman
Their son Louis Powhatan Estes married Eliza Mildred Moore
Their son Smith William Estes married Mae Griffith
Their daughter Helen Isabella Estes married Richard W. Seltzer
Their son Richard W. Seltzer, Jr. is me.

Moreau Pinckney Estes married Mary Quarles Noel
Their son Albert Carey Estes married Leonora Perry Mann
Their daughter Phredonia Bradford Estes married Robert Cooke Kefauver
Their son Carey Estes Kefauver (Senator Kefauver) married Nancy Patterson Pigott
Their son Jefferson Mann Estes married Ruby Grace Wynne
Their daughter Ada Virginia became the silent screen star Virginia Bradford

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