Genealogy and Family History

From The Cary-Estes Moore Genealogy

Foreword and Estes Listings

written and compiled by Helen Estes Seltzer
published 1981

This file consists of the Estes family listings from that book.
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This book is a continuation of and addition to the Cary-Estes Genealogy compiled and arranged by May Folk Webb and Patrick Mann Estes, published 1939 and reprinted by Helen Estes Seltzer in 1979.

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On this Web page, you will find basic facts regarding descendants of Abraham (2), Jr., Robert (2), Elisha (2) and Thomas (2). The number in parentheses refers to the generation, starting with Abraham (1), Sr., who was the first Estes in America. This follows the numbering system used in the Cary-Estes Genealogy.


There are many American families with the names Cary, Estes, and Moore. Numerous genealogy books have been written on all three. This book focuses on one branch of each family and traces them from the earliest known ancestors to the present generation.

All three families came to America in the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. The Carys came from England; the Estes from Italy, by way of England; and the Moores from Scotland.

The earliest known record of the name Cary was in the “Doomsday Book”, written in 1086 by edict of William the Conqueror. It lists the Manor of “Kari” in the Parish of St. Giles in the Heath, Devonshire, near Lancaster, closeby the border of Cornwall, and also a Somersetshire Manor named “Cari”.

When the members of the Estes family use Cary as a given name, they almost invariably spell it “Carey.” On page 14 of THE CARY FAMILY IN ENGLAND, the author, Henry G. Cary, of Boston, Mass. tells that his father added the”e” to the family name in 1820. Many American Carys adopted this new spelling.

The Estes family descends from the House of d’Este, dukes of Ferrara in Renaissance Italy. From Italy our progenitors emigrated to England, then to Wales, and from there to Virginia.

The Moore family name probably derived from the moors of Scotland, from which this family emigrated to Ireland and Wales during the reign of James 1 of England. The Celtic spelling is “More”; the Welsh spelling is “Mwr”; and the English is “Moore.”

The Europe that our progenitors left behind was dominated politically by England and France, and spiritually by religion and science, or faith and reason, sometimes in uneasy truce, and sometimes in open war. It was the time of PILGRIM’S PROGRESS and of Newton, of Cromwell, Milton, Louis XIV, Racine, Corneille, Moliere, Dryden and Alexander Pope. We know that Miles Cary came to Windmill Point, Virginia from Bristol, England in the early 1640’s, that Abraham Estes was in Virginia by 1704, and that Shields Moore landed in Maryland from Wales in 1732. There is no record of their having come as a result of religious persecution. The early Carys were members of the Church of England in colonial Virginia, one being a vestryman of Bruton Church in Williamsburg, where his name may still be seen on the pew reserved for his family. The religious leanings of the early Estes are not documented and, although there are records of all their marriages, what churches they attended is not mentioned. On the other hand, many of the Moores, from the earliest days in America, have been prominent members and ministers of the Methodist Church.

Perhaps our immigrant ancestors, like so many others, came to make their fortunes. There was a strict law of primogeniture in Europe at that time — the eldest son inherited all the property. Not being the eldest sons in their families, they probably thought the New World, even with all its risks, offered more opportunity than the Old. In any case, they all became respected, landed gentlemen whose progeny married into the leading families of Virginia.

How many people were living in America and in the various colonies to which these ancestors immi2rated? When Miles Cary arrived in America in the early 1640’s, the population of Virginia was around 10,500 — a very small, select group, most of whom were of English stock. By 1704, when the earliest known Estes is recorded as being in Virginia, that colony’s population was just over 53,000 — still relatively few. When Shields Moore landed in Maryland in 1725, the population of that colony was around 78,600. In 1690 there were only a quarter of a million people in all of the colonies; but by the time of the American Revolution, there was a population of over two and a half million. Up to 1680, nine-tenths of the colonists were of English stock.

Miles, the first Cary in America, owned and lived in many large homes in Virginia, some of wbich are still standing. He also owned large tracts of land. The two hundred acres in King and Queen County, Virginia, which Abraham Estes owned in 1704 pales in comparison with the holdings of Miles; yet Abraham’s grandson, Benjamin, married a Thorp, granddaughter of William Triplett, close friend of George Washington, and Benjamin’s grandson married Unity Fontaine, great-granddaughter of Patrick Henry. Shields Moore’s descendants married into such prominent families as the Masons, the Yates, the Menefees and the Hills. His grandson, John, married a daughter of Green Hill, a landed gentleman, an officer in the Revolutionary War, and a founder of the Methodist Church in America. Green Hill’s North Carolina home, “Moorland,” is still extant, and is open to the public.

While this book traces three families, most of the material deals with the Estes family in America. The Estes section of THE CARY-ESTES GENEALOGY (C-E) followed the descendants of Elisha (3) and Benjamin (3), grandsons of Abraham (1) Estes of King and Queen County, Virginia, and sons of Abraham (2) Estes, Jr. But Abraham (1) had more than one son — in fact, he had nine cnildren. In this book, we are dedicated to including descendants of as many of those children as can be found and documented. We want this genealogy and all future editions of it to be as comprehensive a record of the descendants of the original Abraham as is possible.

In this edition, we add descendants of the fifth child, Robert (2) and of the eighth, Elisha (2). Also, one line from the third child, Thomas (2), appears in “Estes Listings Appendix”. Furthermore, we add descendants of Abraham (3) Estes, III, the first son of Abraham, Jr.
Like C-E, this book deals mostly with descendants of one son of Benjamin (3), Joel (4), whose marriage to Sarah Langhorne Bates connects us with the Carys of Virginia. This book updates those listings and also those of Abraham (2), Jr.’s fourth son, Elisha and those of Joel’s brothers, Triplett (4) and Benjamin (4).

As for Sarah Langhorne Bates’ Cary line, we endeavored to update all the lines from the CARY-ESTES GENEALOGY, and to include all documented descendants from the original ancestor, Miles. But we had success with only one line, the Blair family, descendants of Judith (8) Cary Bell’s daughter, Judith Cary (9) Bell, who married Nathaniel Gist. In addition, an appendix to the Cary Listings provides partial information on lines from two otirer children of Miles, Miles, Jr. and Bridgett.

Joel (4) Estes’ grandson Louis Powhatan (6) Estes married Eliza Mildred (5) Moore, connecting us with the Moore family. Many of Eliza:s ancestors and descendants are included here.

We will continue to update this information and to gather additional information on other lines. In about five years, or whenever we have accumulated enough material to warrant publication, we will assemble another volume to supplement this one. 


First find your name in the index and turn to the page indicated. Under the paragraph about your parents, you will see your first name and the first names of all your siblings, in the order of your birth. Immediately below that paragraph, you are listed again, in greater detail. The number preceding your given name indicates the order of your birth. This number may be a small Roman numeral or an Arabic numeral. These two numbering systems are used for alternate generations to make it easier to immediately recognize differences of generation.

In any case, immediately before your family name is another number in parentheses indicating the generation, numbered from the earliest documented direct ancestor (Estes — Abraham; Cary —William of Bristol, England; Moore — Shields). Under the Estes family you will find listed basic facts regarding descendants of Abraham (2), Jr., Robert (2), Elisha (2) and Thomas (2), followed by a collection of biographies, obituaries, and news items about outstanding achievements and family gatherings. Then come family history, legends, and documents, such as birth, marriage and death certificates, wills, and land deeds — important for proving one’s ancestry to join such patriotic organizations as the Daughters of the American Revolution. “Estes Family Connections” provides information on some of the families that have married into the Estes family, for example, the Tripletts of Virginia. (All of Benjamin (3) Estes’ descendants are directly descended from those Tripletts). Much of the information regarding “connections” came from documents and family Bibles. It is recorded here to help others in their research into other family lines.

The Cary and Moore sections of this book each consist of listings of family members up to the present time, plus, in the case of Cary, family history and documents, and, in the case of Moore, family history and family connections.

Estes Listings

Abraham (1) Estes, who owned two hundred acres in King and Queen County, Virginia in 1704, and died Nov. 21, 1720, is our earliest direct ancestor of record. Every Estes listed in this book can trace himself/herself back to him.

The CARY-FSTES GENEALOGY (abbreviated here C-F) by May Folk Webb and Patrick Mann Estes, supplies a detailed account of the family from 1704 up to 1939. This book includes some new material that has been uncovered regarding our early ancestors, and then brings the family history up to 1980. In the case of ancestors about whom no new material was available, we include here just the name; the reade~ should consult C-F for further details. Where new material was found, even if only a date, we have carried over other data on that individual from C-F to provide a meaningful context.

Abraham (1) Estes married Barbara (last name unknown) and had nine children: Abraham, Jr., Samuel, Thomas, Richard, Robert, John, Moses, Elisha, and Barbara. In this book we shall be concerned with the descendants of only four of them: Abraham, Robert, Elisha, and Thomas. (There is a genealogy published in 1973 by Carl 0. Estes of Storm Lake, Iowa, covering the line of descendants from Thomas that leads to Carl, ESTES BROTHERS - KENTUCKY TO IOWA).

Abraham (2) Estes was born about 1697 and died in Caroline County, Virginia in July 1759. The first child of his first marriage was Abraham (3).


(Material on Abraham (3) Estes and his descendants was supplied by James Bartlett (9) Estes of Kansas City, Mo.)

i Abraham (3) Estes, b. 1717, Va.; d. after 15 Jan. 1780, Spotsylvania Co., Va.; md. Ann (Clarke?). Children: 1 Elijah; 2 Richard; 3 Moses; 4 Fielding; 5 Nancy; 6 Thomas; 7 John; 8 Samuel; 9 Sarah.

7 John (4) Estes, b. 1755, Spotsylvania Co., Va.; d. after 22 July 1808, Fayette Co., KY.; soldier in Cont. Army; md. Nancy Ann Montague, (dau. of Clement and Ann Bartlett Montague of Spotsylvania Co., and granddaughter of Win. Bartlett of St. Geo. Parish, a descendant of Win. the Conqueror) b. in Spotsylvania Co., Va.; d. Fayette Co., Ky. Children: i Nancy Bartlett; ii Middleton; iii John; iv Clement; v Abraham; vi Mary “Polly”; vii Elizabeth; viii Bartlett.

iv Clement (5) Estes served in War of 1812; shot 7 times in Battle of River Basin; Col. Allen’s Regt. 18 Jan. 1813; P.O.W. 22 Jan. 1813.

viii Bartlett (5) Estes, b. 31 Mar. 1794, Fayette Co., KY.; d. 10 July 1880, Clay Co., Mo.; Charter Member Masonic Lodge, Liberty, Mo. (Bartley); ind. Elizabeth Higgins, b. 1795, Va.; d. after 1870, Clay Co., Mo. Children: 1 Permilia; 2 John A.; 3 Abraham; 4 Benjamin F.; 5 Patsy; 6 Elizabeth.

3 Abraham (6) Estes, b. 20 Jan. 1823, Fayette Co., Ky.; d. 15 July 1864, Clay Co., Mo.; was bugler in Col. Doniplame’s (?) 1st Mounted Regt. in Mexican War;
killed near Liberty, Mo. by Federal soldiers after he killed 5 of them; last of his family line to have slaves; ind. 22 Jan. 1850, Sarah Elizabeth Clinkenbeard (?), b. 26 Nov. 1831, KY.; d. 5 Nov. 1895, Clay Co., Mo. Children: i James Bartley; ii Harriet; iii Mary Ann; iv Allen Luke; v Elizabeth; vi John; vii Lee F.

i James Bartley (7) Estes, b. 7 June 1851, Clay Co., Mo.; d. 13 Oct. 1922, Clay Co., Mo.; md. 19 July 1877, Texanna Susan Bandy, b. 19 May 1861, Bedford Co., Va.; d. 5 Feb. 1938, Clay Co., Mo. Children: 1 Abraham Richard; 2 Ann Elizabeth; 3 Ruth; 4 Wayne Ezra.

1 Abraham Richard (8) Estes, b. 6 Sept. 1878.

4 Wayne Ezra (8) Fstes, b. 13 July 1889, Clay Co., Mo.; d. 2 Sept. 1969, Kansas City, Jackson Co., Mo.; ind. 27 Oct. 1923, Clarice Ada Pace, b. 11 Nov. 1900, Corning, Iowa; Clarice now living in Raytown, Jackson Co., Mo. Children: i James Bartlett; ii Charles A.;
iii Maryann; iv Richard Wayne.

i James Bartlett (9) Estes, Kansas City, Mo.; b. 6 Sept. 1924, Wyandotte Co., Kans.; served in U.S. Navy, WWII and in Korean War; md. (1) Ida M. Bird, b. 23 Mar. 1928, Texas Co., Mo. Children: 1 Jerry Alan; 2 Wanda Joyce.

James Bartlett (9) Estes md. (2) Catherine R. Cave. Child: 3 James Bartlett.

James Bartlett (9) Fstes md. (3) Maxine A. Setter (Ballew) a widow.

Children of James Bartlett (9) Estes and Ida M. Bird:

1 Jerry Alan (10) Estes, Mountain View, Texas Co., Mo., b. 7 June 1948, Texas Co., Mo.; md. Jeanie K. Beasley, b. 26 Mar., 1950, Cob. Children:
i Jeremy Alan; ii Johnathan Eric.

i Jeremy Alan (11) Estes, b. 21 Oct. 1970, Texas Co., Mo.
ii Johnathan Eric (11) Estes, b. 20 July 1972, Texas, Co., Mo.

2 Wanda Joyce (10) Fstes, Moutain View, Texas Co., Mo., b. 17 May 1950, Texas Co., Mo.

Child of James Bartlett (9) Estes and Catherine R. Cave:

3 James Bartlett (10) Estes, Fort Worth, Texas, b. 7 Nov. 1957, Kansas City, Jackson Co., Mo.

James Bartlett (9) Estes also has two step children of his third wife Maxine A. Setter (Ballew): Kenneth L. and Kathleen L. Ballew.

Wayne Ezra (8) Estes md. Clarice Ada Pace. We continue with their fourth child, Richard Wayne:

iv Richard Wayne (9) Estes, b. 6 Sept. 1937.

Abraham (6) Fstes md. Sarah Elizabeth Clinkenbeard. We continue with the listing of their 4th child, Allen Luke:

iv Allen Luke (7) Estes, b. 6 Sept. 1856.

Abraham (2) Estes married twice. We have covered descendants of Abraham (3), a child of his first marriage. We now list the descendants of two children of his second marriage, to Elizabeth, whose last name is not known: Elisha (3), the fourth child, and Benjamin (3), the sixth. As the format of this book follows strict chronological order, the listings of all the descendants of Elisha (3) and Benjamin (3) will be covered before we list those of Robert (2), the fifth child, and Elisha (2), the eighth child of Abraham (1) Estes.


[son of Abraham (2), Abraham (1)1

Elisha Estes served in the Second Virginia Regiment under CoL Alexander Spots wood and Capt. Francis Taylor (C-F p. 106). His descendants, therefore, are eligible for the patriotic societies for those descended from Revolutionary War servicemen.

iv Elisha (3) Fstes md. Catherine Tompkins. Children: 1 Christopher Tompkins; 2 Mary T.; 3 Joyce R.; 4 Elizabeth Goodbe; 5 Elisha Beauford (or Beaufort).

1 Christopher Tompkins (4) Fstes ind. (1) Jane C. Howard. Children: i Sarah Jane; ii Catherine T.; iii William H.; iv Mary Patterson; v John Howard; vi Christopher T. vii Lucie Gwynne (Gwynn or Gwyne); viii Elizabeth T.

Christopher Tompkins (4) Estes md. (2) 2 Jan. 1838, in the Methodist Church in Lovingston, Va., Martha J. Morgan. Children: ix Morris Kent; x Annie H.; xi Ella K.; xii Lena; xiii Elisha; xiv Christopher; xv Robert. (Lucie Howard Carter’s family material states that there were eight children, but only seven were listed).

Children of Christopher (4) Tompkins Estes and Jane C. Howard:
i Sarah Jane (5) Estes, b. 8 Apr. 1823.
ii Catherine T. (5) Estes, b. 16 July 1824; md. 184—, Lovingston, Va., R.G.N. Winfree of Chesterfield Co., Va.
iii William H. (5) Estes, b. 3 Feb. 1826; md. 14 Apr. 1847, Roseathea Hickok, dau. of Patrick Hickok.
iv Mary Patterson (5) Estes, md. 4 Jan. 1846, Lovingston, Va., James Forbes, M.D. (son of John and Elizabeth Forbes of Richmond, Va.)
v John H. (5) Estes, b. 3 Mar. 1830; md. Nannie Perkins.
vi Christopher T. (5) Estes, b. 14 Nov. 1832.
vii Lucie Gwynn (5) Estes, b. 19 Apr. 1834, Lovingston, Va.; d. 10 Aug. 1935 (101 years old); her home in Lovingston, Va. is still standing; md. 10 June 1857 Halifax Co., Va., Dr. Egbert Granville Vaughan, b. 14 Feb. 1815, Amelia Co., Va.; d. 9 July 1888, Lynchburg, Va. Children: 1 James Oscar; 2 Beaufort Estes; 3 Mattie; 4 Jane Howard; S Garland Estes; 6 Nannie.

1 James Oscar (6) Vaughan, b. 7 Apr. 1858, Halifax, Va., md. Clifford Kiser.
2 Beaufort Estes (6) Vaughan, b. 1859, Halifax, Va.; d. 15 Feb. 1935.
3 Mattie (6) Vaughan, b. Halifax, Va., 1865 or 1866.
4 Jane Howard (6) Vaughan, b. 6 Aug. 1865, Halifax, Va.; d. 22 Dec. 1939; md. Charles Carter Hudson, 1895. Child: 1 Mildred.

i Mildred (7) Hudson, md. C.R. Pettyjohn of Lynchburg, Va.

5 Garland Estes (6) Vaughan, b. 1870, d. July 1926, Lynchburg, Va.; md. Marian Yancey Jackson, b. 1880; d. 10 July 1916, Lynchburg, Va. Several children, among them: i Rosa; ii Marian.

i Rosa (7) Vaughan, Lynchburg, Va., b. 22 Jan. 1903, Lynchburg, Va. Retired social worker; md. (1) 2 Jan. 1926, William Joseph Allen, Sr., (son of Charles Pollard and Minnie Chitty Allen) b. 1 May 1900, Birmingham, Ala.; d. 22 Oct. 1960. Children: 1 Marian Vaughan; 2 William Joseph; 3 Phillipa Ball.

Rosa (7) Vaughan md. (2) Guy Dirom; sans issue.

1 Marian Vaughan (8) Allen, Petersburg, Va., b. 20 Nov. 1926, Petersburg, Va.; md. 26 Feb. 1949, Petersburg, Va., Marshall Johnson, homebuilder, b. 4 July 1921, Petersburg, Va. Children: i Kimbrough Epes, ii Marshall

i Kimbrough Epes (9) Johnson, b. 18 Nov. 1949, Petersburg, Va.; md. Capt. Warren C. Wagner, Ft. Knox, Ky.
ii Marshall (9) Johnson, Jr., b. 1 Feb. 1953, Petersburg; salesman; unmd.

2 William Joseph (8) Allen, Jr., Raleigh, N.C., b. 27 Dec. 1932, Richmond, Va., in securities sales with E.F. Hutton & Co.; md. 29 Oct. 1960, Florence, Ala., Sherrod King, b. 28 Apr. 1938, Florence. Children: i William Joseph, III; ii Susan Irvine.

i William Joseph (9) Allen, III, b. 28 May 1963, New York, N.Y.
ii Susan Irvine (9) Allen, b. 24 Jan. 1966, Greensboro, N.C.

3 Phillipa Ball (8) Allen, Chester, Va., b. 16 July 1939, Petersburg, Va.; Planner - State Dept. of Welfare; md.15 Oct. 1960, Petersburg, William Guy Smith, III, b. 21 Feb. 1939, Dinwiddie Co., Va., elementary school principal. Children: i Elizabeth Stratford; ii Allen Clay.

i Elizabeth Stratford (9) Smith, b. 23 Jan. 1964, Petersburg, Va.
ii Allen Clay (9) Smith, b. 17 June 1966, Petersburg.

Marian (7) Vaughan, Louisville, Ky., b. 10 July 1916, Lynchburg, Va., Asst. Mgr., TV Traffic Dept., WAVE-TV Louisville, Ky.; unmd.

Nannie (6) Vaughan, b. 24 June 1873, Danville, Va.; md. 14 Oct. 1897, Lynchburg, Va., David Halbert Howard, (son of John Milton and Rhoda Jane Allison Howard of Wythe Co., Va.) b. 19 July 1865, Wythe Co., Va.; d. 5 Aug. 1925, Lynchburg, Va. Children: i Lucie; ii Nannie Vaughan; iii Rhoda; iv David Halbert; v Estes Vaughan.

i Lucie (7) Howard, Lookout Mt., Tenn., b. 4 July 1900, Lynchburg, Va., md. 21 Sept. 1929, John Otey Carter, Jr., b. 5 Jan. 1890, Pulaski, Tenn.
Child: Lucie Estès.

1 Lucie Estes (8) Carter, b. 17 Aug. 1933, Chattanooga, Tenn.; md. 6 Sept. 1958, Chattanooga, Tenn., Gerry Underwood Stephens. Children: i Lucie Howard; ii
Allison Ward; iii Gerry Underwood, Jr.

i Lucie Howard (9) Stephens, b. 10 Nov. 1959.
ii Allison Ward (9) Stephens, b. 24 Feb. 1961.
iii Gerry Underwood (9) Stephens, Jr., b. 7 Sept. 1963.

ii Nannie Vaughan (7) Howard, Lynchburg, Va., b. 2 Mar. 1902, Lynchburg; d. 14 Oct. 1959; md. 24 June 1923, Christopher Winfree Ryan. Children: 1 Christopher Winfree, Jr.; 2 Nancy Vaughan; 3 Elizabeth Howard.

1 Christopher Winfree (8) Ryan, Jr., Eugene, Ore., b. 24 Oct. 1934; md. Child: i Elizabeth Howard.

i Elizabeth Howard (9) Ryan, b. 27 Mar. 1943.

2 Nancy Vaughan (8) Ryan, Tel Hashomer, Ramat Gan, Israel, b. 29 Apr. 1937, Richmond, Va., teacher of English as a second language to adults; sings in a professional choir; plays piano; md. 15 Apr. 1962, Tel Aviv, Israel, Leachaim Naggan, M.D., specialist in epidemiology, amateur violinist, b. 20 Feb. 1936, Tel Aviv, Israel. Children: i Laora; ii Barak; iii Tamar.

i Laora (9) Naggan, b. 2 Sept. 1965, Boston, Mass.
ii Barak (9) Naggan, b. 22 July 1967.
iii Tamar (9) Naggan, b. 4 Sept. 1968.

3 Elizabeth Howard (8) Ryan, Fort Lewis, Wash., md. --- Mathewson.

iii Rhoda (7) Howard, Lynchburg, Va., b. 30 Jan. 1905, Lynchburg; md. 13 Apr. 1932, Samuel Garland Slaughter, Jr., b. 21 May 1898, Lynchburg, was employed by Frances I. Dupont - investments; d. Apr. 1970. Children: 1 Rhoda Jane; 2 Samuel Garland, III; 3 Nancy Vaughan; 4 David Howard.

1 Rhoda Jane (8) Slaughter, Lynchburg, Va., b. 3 Nov. 1933, Lynchburg, Va.; d. 15 Jan. 2001; md. at Concord, N.C., 3 Nov. 1958, Walter Nelson Webber, Jr., b. 17 May 1928. Children: i Jane Allison Webber, ii Walter Nelson Webber III.

i Jane Allison Webber (9) b. 11 Sept. 1963;. md. Thomas Thompson. Children: 1 Walker Nelson Thompson, 2 Jane Elizabeth Thompson.

2 Walter Nelson Webber III (9) b. 23 Nov. 1960; md. Laura Christine Jackson, b. 27 Sept. 1970.
[thanks to W. Nelson Webber III for the above update, 11/11/2002]

2 Samuel Garland (8) Slaughter, III, Birmingham, Mich., b. 9 May 1936, Chief Engineer at Ford Motor Co.; md. 25 June 1960, Lansdowne, Pa., Katherine Abbott, b. 22 Feb. 1936, Lansdowne, a teacher. Children: i Samuel Garland, IV; ii Claire; iii Beth.

i Samuel Garland (9) Slaughter, IV, b. 11 Nov. 1962, St. Louis, Mo.
ii Claire (9) Slaughter, b. 6 Nov. 1964, Birmingham, Mich.
iii Beth (9) Slaughter, b. 23 Jan. 1968, Birmingham, Mich.

3 Nancy Vaughan (8) Slaughter, Huntington, N.Y., b. 1 June 1939, Lynchburg, Va.; md. 27 May 1967, Lynchburg, Robert Arnold Gay, b. 15 Dec. 1938, Brooklyn, N.Y. stockbroker; partner in specialist firm, Gay and Co. on N.Y. Stock Exchange. Children: i Robert Slaughter; ii and iii twins Charles Richard Sherman and Willis Richardson Slaughter.

i Robert Slaughter (9) Gay, b. 21 Dec. 1968, Huntington, N.Y.
ii and iii (twins) Charles Richard (9) Sherman Gay and Willis Richardson Slaughter (9) Gay, b. 27 Sept. 1971, Huntington, N.Y.

4 David Howard (8) Slaughter, Richmond, Va., b. 10 Nov 1944, Lynchburg, Va.; computer programmer at State Police, Richmond; md. 9 July 1966, Lexington, Va., Frances Wilcox Butt, b. 13 Sept. 1944, Suffolk, Va.; Latin teacher. Children: i Frances Garland; ii Leanora Wilcox.

i Frances Garland (9) Slaughter, b. 11 Sept. 1972.
ii Leanora Wilcox (9) Slaguhter, b. 31 Mar. 1976, Richmond, VA

iv David Halbert (7) Howard, Jr., b. 23 June 1906; d. 26 Apr. 1936, Ph.D. Cornell Univ., teacher at Davidson College, N.C.

v. Estes Vaughan (7) Howard, b. 7 May 1911; d. 12 June 1931, at age 20 in car accident. Was an honor student at the Univ. of Va. at the time. Excellent musician.

Children of Christopher Tompkins (4) Estes and Martha J. Morgan:
x Annie H. (5) Estes, md. the Rev. William I Hunter.
xi Lena (5) Estes, md. C.B. Cutler.
xv Robert (5) Estes, md. Mary Hobday.

Elisha (3) Estes md. Catherine Tompkins. We continue with the listings of their fifth child, Elisha Beauford:
5 Elisha Beauford (4) Estes, b. 2 Aug. 1802; d. 5 Jan. 1887; md. 10 Jan. 1828, Matilda R. Garland, b. 22 Oct. 1803; d. Dec. 1870. Children: i Mary Elizabeth; ii Elisha Beauford; iii Cousin Pomp (?); iv James Boyd; v Henry Tompkins; vi Garland.
i Frances Garland (9) Slaughter, b. 11 Sept. 1972.
ii Leanora Wilcox (9) Slaughter, b. 31 Mar. 1976, Richmond, Va.
iv James Boyd (5) Estes, b. 31 Aug. 1833; d. 23 Dec. 1843.
v Henry Tontpkins (5) Estes, b. 17 Dec. 1836; d. 2 Dec. 1843.
vi Garland (5) Estes, b. 11 Aug. 1840; d. Apr. 1854.

Abraham (2) Estes, Jr. married Elizabeth. We continue with the listings of their 6th son, Benjamin:


[son of Abraham (2), Abraham (1)1

Benjamin Estes furnished provisions for soldiers of the Continental Army. The document proving his service is in the Lunenburg Co., Va. Public Service Claims. Therefore, his descendants are eligible for membership in the National Society, Daughters of the American Revolution and other similar patriotic organizations. A copy of this proof may be obtained from the Virginia State Library, Richmond, Va.

Benjamin (3) Estes’ wife, Cecelia Rebecca Thorp, connects us with the Tripletts, Adam Thoroughgood (a distinguished colonial leader), and two Lord Mayors of London. She was also the great, great granddaughter of Gerard Fowke (also known as Gerald) who built Guns ton Hall, home of George Mason, author of the Bill of Rights. The Fowkes were cousins of the Masons. See “Estes Family Connections" for details.

vi Benjamin (3) Estes, md. Cecelia Rebecca Thorp (Thorpe) Children: 1 Triplet; 2 Joel; 3 John; 4 Benjamin; 5 Thomas; 6 William; 7 Edward; 8 Elisha; 9 Thorp; 10 Nancy; 11 Elizabeth; 12 Lucy; 13 Cecelia; 14 Sarah; 15 Martha.

1 Col. Triplet (or Triplett) Thorpe (4) Estes, b. 1773; d. 8 Dec.1857, at Olde Lynesville, N.C.; md. (1) Elizabeth Gibson of Fauquier Co., Va., bapt. 17 Apr. 1878, Lawrenceville, Va., the Rev. Robert White officiating; md. three times, but children of only first marriage; moved to Granville Co., N.C. soon after War of 1812; was “Capt. Triplet T. Estes of the Eighth Regular Va. Militia”; about 1819 moved from Charlottesville to Fredericksburg; in 1832 was living in Dinwiddie Co., Va., probably Petersburg. Children: i Charlotte M.; ii William Triplett.

i Charlotte M. (5) Estes md. Col. John Hargrove. Children: There were fourteen. Only one known is Triplett, who was killed in the Civil War.

ii William Triplett (5) Estes, M.D., b. Aug. 1834; d. 26 Aug. 1877, Granville Co., N.C.; md. 8 June 1859, Lawrenceville, Va., the Rev. James Andrew Riddick (an uncle of the bride) officiating, Louisa Alston Riddick, dau. of Joseph Alston Riddick and Martha Harrison Lashley, b. 2 Nov. 1837; d. 9 Feb. 1877. Children: 1 Margaret Riddick; 2 William Triplett; 3 Joseph Riddick; 4 Benjamin Lashley; 5 Louis; 6 Bessie Gibson; 7 Marion.

I Margaret Riddick (6) Estes, “Maggie”, b. 27 July 1 86 1; d. 5 Jan. 1919 at “Home Place”, Wylliesburg, Va.; md. May 1892, Henderson, N.C., John William Ponton; b. 10 Sept. 1851, Rice, Va.; d. 26 June 1921, Saxe, Va. Children: i John William; ii Joseph Estes; iii Mary Elizabeth; iv Frances Sarah; v Robert Edward Lee; vi Cooper Downey.

i John William (7) Ponton, Jr., b. 19 May 1893, Henderson, N.C.; d. 19 June 1978, Woodbury, N.J.; grad. V.P.I. Class 1917; was a salesman; md. 25 Dec. 1926, Coral Gables, Fla., Alma Rode, b. 17 Mar. 1900, Swedesboro, N.J.; she was a bookkeeper before marriage. Children: 1 John William, III; 2 Charlotte; 3 Patricia.

1 John William (8) Ponton, III, “Jack” known as John William Ponton, Jr., Media, Pa., b. 27 Nov. 1930, Swedesboro, N.J.; Vice-President of Sales,
Watkins Leasing Co., Chester, Pa.; md. 24 Apr. 1954, Joan Garson, b. 1 Nov. 1929, Phila., Pa. Children: i Victoria Joan; ii Virginia Rode.

i Victoria Joan (9) Ponton, “Vickey”, b. 22 Mar. 1957, Phila., Pa.
ii Virginia Rode (9) Ponton, “Ginger”, b. 19 May 1964.

2 Charlotte (8) Ponton, Allendale, N.J., b. 14 Aug. 1935, Swedesboro, N.J.; nutritionist; md. 7 June 1958, Woodbury, N.J., Martin Meredith Frey, “Muff’, b. 27 Dec.1932, Union Beach, N.J.; Pres. Cronite Co. Children: i Martin Meredith, Jr.; ii John Rutledge.

i Martin Meredith (9) Frey, Jr., b. 24 June 1959, Jersey City, N.J.; college student; Freshman year Univ. of Del., at present matriculating at Brigham
Young Univ., Salt Lake City, Utah.

ii John Rutledge (9) Frey, b. 3 Nov. 1963, Englewood, N.J.

3 Patricia (8) Ponton, “Pat”, Ramsey, N.J., b. 12 Nov. 1939, Woodbury, N.J.; teacher; md. 16 May 1964, Woodbury, Robert Frederick Zimmermann, “Bob”, b. 15 Nov. 1938, New Brunswick, N.J.; pilot; past member S.A.R.; Swiss descent. Children: i Peter Totten; ii Susan Elizabeth.

i Peter Totten (9) Zimmermann, b. 23 Sept. 1966, Phila., Pa.
ii Susan Elizabeth (9) Zimmermann, b. 23 Sept. 1966, Phila.

ii Joseph Estes (7) Ponton, b. 3 Oct. 1895, Henderson, N.C.; md. Bertha Smith, Stone, KY.; ended in divorce. Children: 1 Joseph Estes, Jr.; 2 Virginia May.

1 Joseph Estes (8) Ponton, Jr., Saxe, Va., b. 13 Aug. 1930, Huddy, KY.; md. Patricia Williams, “Patsy”, b. 7 Apr.1938, Farmville, Va. Children: i Joseph Lstes, III; ii Terry Lee.

i Joseph Estes (9) Ponton, III, b. 14 June 1962, Farmville, Va.
ii Terry Lee (9) Ponton, b. 14 Sept. 1965, Farmville.

2 Virginia May (8) Ponton, Wylliesburg, Va., b. 1 Sept.1931, Wylliesburg; md. E.T. Newcomb, “Billy”. Child: David Wade.

i David Wade (9) Newcomb.

iii Mary Elizabeth (7) Ponton, “Eliza”, b. 11 Nov. 1897; d. Aug. 1974; md. Al. E. Smith; sans issue.

iv Frances Sarah (7) Pon~on, “Fannie”, Wylliesburg, Va., b. 4 June 1899, Chase City, Va.; attended Longwood and Madison Colleges; retired teacher; unmd. Frances Ponton raised her nephew and niece, Joseph Estes Ponton, Jr. and Virginia May Ponton.

v Robert Edward Lee (7) Ponton, “Bob,” Drakes Branch, Va. b. 24 Aug. 1901, Wylliesburg, Va.; lumberman and wood
pallet manufacturer; md. 29 Dec. 1941, Elkton, Mich., Avis L. Severn, b. 18 May 1920 Elkton, Mich.; linotype operator. Children: 1 Robert Severn; 2 Margaret DeVinney.

1 Robert Severn (8) Ponton, Drakes Branch, Va., b. 29 Nov. 1943, Richmond, Va.; elec. eng. and wood pallet manufacturer; took over father’s business in 1976; md. Ludile Murrie Bates, b. 26 Aug. 1947, Danville, Va., Children: i Robert Severn, Jr.; ii Charles Bates.

i Robert Severn (9) Ponton, Jr., “Rob”, b. 25 Dec. 1968, Melbourne, Fla.
ii Charles Bates (9) Ponton, “Chuck”, b. 25 July 1974, Melbourne.

2 Margaret DeVinney (8) Ponton, Salem, Va., b. 2 Nov.1946, Richmond, Va.; grad. from Stratford, Danville, Va.; md. 10 Sept. 1967, George Woodson Shorter of Aspen, Va.; elec. eng. in management, Gen’l Elec., Salem. Children: i Margaret Paige; ii George Brent; iii Jonathan Edward.

i Margaret Paige (9) Shorter, “Paige”, b. 18 Aug. 1972, Roanoke, Va.
ii George Brent (9) Shorter, “Brent”, b. 24 Jan. 1976, Roanoke.
iii Jonathan Edward (9) Shorter, b. 2 Nov. 1977, Roanoke.

vi Cooper Downey (7) Ponton, Southbury, Conn., b. 11 May 1905, “Home Place”, Wylliesburg, Va., A.B. Wm.and Mary College, Williamsburg, Va. 1926; retired, 1973, from Sales Promotion with C.B. Fleet Co., Lynchburg, Va., in N.Y. City and Westchester Co., N.Y.; md. 19 Aug. 1933; Fredericksburg, Va., First Bapt. Church, Bapt. and Episcopal ministers officiating, Virginia Bragdon Melton, dau. of Bernard Lee and Mary Elizabeth Bragdon Melton of Fredericksburg, Va., b. 8 Mar. 1908, Fredericksburg; A.B. Win. and Mary College, 1929; Kappa Alpha Theta; M.S. in Social Work, Smith College; certified social worker; in family service and private practice 17 years (1956-1973); family lived in Scarsdale, N.Y. 35 years; now summer in Wellfleet, Cape Cod, Mass.; winter in Pompano Beach, Fla. Children: 1 Cooper Riddick; 2 Elizabeth Bragdon.

1 Cooper Riddick (8) Ponton, b. 17 May 1936, Lenox Hill Hosp., N.Y. City; parents then living in Forest Hills, N.Y.; A.B. Hamilton College, Clinton, N.Y. 1958; Delta Kappa Epsilon; Masters Degree in Library Science, Columbia Univ.; occupation, book publishing; employed as a librarian; md. 17 Aug. 1957, at her parent’s home, nr. Katonah, Westchester Co., N.Y., Elizabeth Hope Franklin, “Betty”, dau. of Clyde Ray Franklin, M.D. and Winifred Louise Hope Franklin, M.D.; attended Smith College; A.B. Barnard College; marriage ended in divorce 1963. Children: i Lance Downey; ii Franklin Hope.

i Lance Downey (9) Ponton, “Bob”, “Robin”, “Robbie”, Salt Lake City, Utah, b. 25 Sept. 1958, Columbia Pres. Hosp., N.Y. City.
ii Franklin Hope (9) Ponton, b. 28 Nov. 1960, Columbia Pres. Hosp., N.Y. City; student at Univ. of Western Ky.

2 Elizabeth Bragdon (8) Ponton, “Lybeth”, “Lisa”, Concord, Calif.; now known as “Lisa Lawrence”, b. 7 July 1938, Lenox Hill Hosp.; parents then living in Forest Hills, N.Y.; A.B. Win. and Mary College, 1960; Kappa Alpha Theta; md. 9 June 1962, Chapel of Riverside Church, N.Y. City, Henry Stanley Freynik, Jr. of Pa.; M.S. from M.I.T.; nuclear physicist; marriage ended in divorce 1968; sans issue.

William Triplett (5) Estes md. Louisa Alston Riddick. We continue with the listings of his 2nd child, William Tripplet, Jr.:
2 William Triplett (6) Estes, Jr., b. 14 Nov. 1863, Townsyule, Granville, Co., N.C., d. 22 Oct. 1944, Franklin, Warren Co., Ohio, bur. at Woodside Cemetery; Pres. Estes Tobacco Co., Franklin, Ohio; resident there 27 yrs.; md. Lucy Henderson Bullock, “Lulie”, dau of Capt. Richard Henderson and Elizabeth Macon Martin Bullock, b. 9 Nov. 1867, Henderson, Vance Co., N.C.; d. 8 June 1960 (age 92); town of Henderson, N.C., named for paternal grandmother’s family. Children: i Henderson; ii Robert Gilmore; iii Edward Triplett.

i Henderson (7) Estes, b. 3 Nov. 1892, Henderson, N.C.; d. 7 Sept. 1967, Middletown, Butler Co., Ohio; prominent lawyer in Ohio; md. (1) Gwendolyn Johnston or Johnson, of Bedford, Mass.; marriage ended in divorce.
Child: Johnston.

Henderson Estes md. (2) 9 Feb. 1938, Hamilton, Ohio, Marguerite Jones; sans issue.

ii Robert Gilmore (7) Estes md. Elenore Carney. Children: 1 Adelaide; 2 William Gilmore.

5 Louis (6) Estes, b. 12 Aug. 1870, Va., d. Sept. 1961, Decatur, Ga.; migrated from Va. to Atlanta, Ga. and founded Estes Surgical Supply Co.; see “Activities and Accolades”; md. 12 June 1895, Newburyport, Mass., Zaretta Potter, b. 8 Aug. 1870, Newburyport, Mass.; d. 12 Sept. 1944, Decatur, Ga. Children: i Zaretta Louise; ii Louis Schultz; iii Charlotte Marilla; iv Norma Evelyn; v Gretchen Adele.

i Zaretta Louise (7) Estes, Atlanta, Ga., b. 22 Sept. 1896; md. 1 Jan 1916, Decatur, Ga., Eugene A. Brooks, b. 8 June 1891, Atlanta; d. 20 Oct. 1953, Atlanta.
Children: 1 Eugene Estes; 2 Mary Zaretta; 3 Alice Louise; 4 John Louis.

1 Eugene Estes (8) Brooks, b. 7 Jan. 1917, Decatur, Ga.; agent with The Equitable Life Assurance Soc. of the U.S.;md. 29 Oct. 1942, Atlanta, Ga., Jean Dennison, b. 4 Dec. 1919, Atlanta, Ga. Children: i Eugene Dennison; ii Robert Burns; iii William Estes.

i Eugene Dennison (9) Brooks, Atlanta, Ga., b. 1 Sept. 1951, Atlanta, Ga.; purchasing agent with Fischback & Moore.

ii Robert Burns (9) Brooks, Greenville, S.C., b. 16 Mar. 1954, Atlanta, Ga.; employed by Appalachian, Health Systems, Greenville.

iii William Estes (9) Brooks, Atlanta, Ga., b. 24 Nov. 1955; student at Univ. of Ga.

2 Mary Zaretta (8) Brooks, Decatur, Ga., b. 11 June 1918;A.B. Fine Arts Univ. of Ga., 1952;md. 22 Oct. 1942, Atlanta, Ga., Thomas Edwin Garner,
“Ed”, b. 29 July 1919, Luxomni, Ga.; grad. Ga. Tech.; Sigma Chi; architect. Children: i Thomas Edwin, Jr.; ii Alice Zaretta; iii Anne Brooks.

i Thomas Edwin (9) Garner, Jr., Atlanta, Ga., b. 19 Feb. 1947, Atlanta, grad. Ga. Tech.; Sigma Alpha Epsilon; an engineer; md. Julie Studer of
Columbus, Ohio.
ii Alice Zaretta (9) Garner, Reading, Mass., b. 17 June 1950; grad. Medical College of Ga.; md. Thomas J. Saroka.
iii Anne Brooks (9) Garner, b. 16 Sept. 1958, Atlanta, Ga.; student at Univ. of Ga., Athens.

3 Alice Louise (8) Brooks, b. 27 July 1920; no information available from family.

4,John Louis (8) Brooks, Decatur, Ga., b. 7 Nov. 1928, Atlanta, Ga.; engineer; md. 4 Aug. 1956, Atlanta, Ga. Carolyn Sims, b. 8 Feb. 1934, Atlanta, Ga.; teacher. Children: i Susan Carolyn; ii John Louis, Jr.; iii Dana Sims; iv Elizabeth Zaretta.

i Susan Carolyn (9) Brooks, b. 24 July 1958, Atlanta, Ga.
ii John Louis (9) Brooks, Jr., b. 16 Feb. 1960, Atlanta, Ga.
iii Dana Sims (9) Brooks, b. 17 Apr. 1963, Atlanta, Ga.
iv Elizabeth Zaretta (9) Brooks, b. 13 May 1966, Atlanta, Ga.

Louis Schultz (7) Estes, Atlanta, Ga. b. 22 Apr. 1898, Atlanta, Ga.; Chairman of the Board Emeritus, Estes Surgical Co.; md. 14 Jan. 1920, Atlanta, Ga., Park St. Meth. Church, Virginia Roy Collier, b. 9 Aug. 1898, Atlanta, Ga.; d. 4 Feb. 1978, Decatur, Ga.; a talented musician. Child: Louis Collier.

1 Louis Collier (8) Estes, Atlanta, Ga., b. 18 Aug. 1921, Atlanta, Ga.; Pres. Estes Surgical Supply Co.; md. 11 June 1948, Decatur, Ga., First Bapt. Church, Anne
1-lagerty, b. 9 May 1926, Valdosta, Ga.; teacher; Media Specialist. Children: I Anne Coile; ii Leonora Collier.

i Anne Coile (9) Estes, b. 17 Oct. 1955, Atlanta, Ga.; grad. cum laude, Univ. of Ga., 1977; student at Emory Univ. Law School.
ii Leonora Collier (9) Estes, b. 23 July 1957, Atlanta, Ga.; employed in the business office Anesthesiology Dept., Emory Univ. Clinic; md. Thomas Bradford

Louis (6) Estes md. Zaretta Potter. We continue with the listings of his fourth cliikj. Norma Evelyn.
iv Norma Evelyn (7) Estes, b. 29 Dec. 1902; md. 27 Oct. 1925, Alan S. Renfrew of Decatur, Ga. Children: 1 Martha Jane; 2 Marjorie Spaulding; 3 Alan Spaulding.

I Martha Jane (8) Renfrew, b. 27 Oct. 1927.
2 Marjorie Spaulding (8) Renfrew, b. 4 Nov. 1929.
3 Alan Spaulding (8) Renfrew, Jr., b. 9 Sept. 1936.

v Gretchen Adele (7) Estes, md. 12 Nov. 1927, August C. Ware at Decatur, Ga. Children: 1 William; 2 Gretchen Estes; 3 Janet.

1 William (8) Ware, b. 3 Dec. 1928.
2 Gretchen Estes (8) Ware, b. 12 July 1930.
3 Janet (8) Ware, b. 8 June 1935.



[Joel (4) Estes, son of Benjamin (3), Abraham (2), Abraham (1)1 [Sarah Langhorne (10) Bates, dau. of Elizabeth Cary (9) Bell Bates, Judith (8) Cary Bell, Henry (7) Cary, Henry (6), Miles (5), John (4), William (3), Richard (2), William (1)1

Joel Estes served in the War of 1812 He was “Capt. of Co. Vol Riflemen in 43rd Regt. Va. Mil, attchd to 4th Regt. Va. Mil. in War of 1812; Muster Roll dated Norfolk, Va., 9-16-1813 — 1 0-15-1813. (Archives and Ms. Section, Tenn. State Library, Nashville, Tenn.) His marriage to Sarah Langhorne Bates connects the Estes family to the Carys of Virginia. Photos of Joel and Sarah’s home “Estes Hall” appear elsewhere in this book.

2 Joel (4) Estes md. (1) Sarah Langhorne Bates. Children:
i Albert Monroe; ii Moreau Pinckney; iii Henry Cary;
iv Virginia Thorp; v Eliza Jane; vi Comelia Sarah Rebecca;
vii Judith Bell; viii Sarah Ann.

Joel (4) Estes md. (2) Mary Lee Wilson (Sharpe), widow of
William Sharpe. Child: ix Bedford Mitchell.


[son of Joel (4), Benjamin (3), Abraham (2), Abraham (1)]

i Albert Monroe (5) Estes, b. 19 Nov. 1804, Bedford Co., Va.; d. 22 Dec. 1863; bur. Pickett family cemetery, Lauderdale Co. Tenn. (on a farm presently owned by Mr. Jamie Elder; stone is still standing); md. (1) 22 Nov. 1832, Haywood Co., Tenn., Elizabeth Alston Pickett, dau. of Matthew and Sarah Alston
Pickett, b. 16 Dec. 1811; d. 16 Nov. 1843. Children: 1 Sarah Elizabeth; 2 Pocahontas; 3 Albert Monroe, Jr.; 4 Annie Lynne; 5 Thomas Hale. Only two children had issue: Albert Monroe, and Thomas Hale.

Albert Monroe (5) Estes md. (2) Mildred Colman. Child: 6 Louis Powhatan.

Albert Monroe (5) md. (3) Marcia Burton Owen (Holman) a widow. Child: 7 William Lawrence.

Children of Albert Monroe (5) Estes and Elizabeth Alston Pickett:
3 Albert Monroe (6) Estes; served in Civil War; was Pvt., in Co. D, 7 (Duckworth’s Tenn. Cavalry. Confederate); his name appears on a Roll of Prisoners of War, dated 11 May 1865, Gainesville, Ala.; md. Belle Gates (see “Estes Family Connections”). Children: i Annie Lynne; ii William Gates; in Lizzie; iv Albert Monroe, Jr.

iv Albert Monroe (7) Estes, Jr., md. Sallie (7) Estes, dau of Louis Powhatan (6) Estes and Eliza Mildred (5) Moore, b. 1 Jan. 1888, christened “Sarah” but later name changed to “Sallie”; this book is dedicated to Sallie Estes. (See Dedication, “Estes Activities and Accolades” and her listing under the Louis Powhatan (6) Estes line). Child: Lena Gates.

I Lena Gates (8) Estes, b. 17 Feb. 1913, Haywood Co., Tenn.; d. 28 Nov. 1972, Palm Beach, Fla.; bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Brownsville, Tenn.; attended Univ. of Tenn.; md. 16 Oct. 1935, Norman Stanley Smith. Children; i Norman Estes; ii Harry Clarence.

i Norman Estes (9) Smith, Atlanta, Ga., b. 18 Nov. 1949, Wash., D.C.; A.B. Univ. of N.C. 1962; J.D. Univ. of N.C., 1971; attorney; md. (1) 12 Aug. 1962,
Epsom, N.C., Annie Jo Smith, b. 17 Dec. 1939, Rocky Mount, N.C.; divorced 1975. Children: I Eric Estes; 2 Betsy Elaine.

Norman Estes (9) Smith, md. (2) 10 Apr. 1977, Atlanta, Ga., Frances Anne White, b. 24 Dec. 1946, Waycross, Ga.; B.S. Ed. Ga. Southern, Statesboro, Ga.;
M. Ed. Ga. State, Atlanta. Child: Kelly Ann.

Children of Norman Estes (9) Smith and Annie Jo Smith:
1 Eric Estes (10) Smith, b. 29 Aug. 1964, Neubrueke, West Germany.
2 Betsy Elaine (10) Smith, b. 6 Aug. 1969, Louisburg,  N.C.

Child of Norman Estes (9) Smith and Frances Anne White:
3 Kelly Ann (10) Smith, b. 25 May 1979.

ii Harry Clarence (9) Smith, Eden, N.C., b. 13 May 1942, Wash., D.C.; pastor of North Fork Baptist Church; md. 30 May 1964, High Point, N.C., Joy Watkins, b. 5 Oct. 1943, Henderson, N.C. Children: 1 James Stanley; 2 David Scott.

1 James Stanley (10) Smith, b. 30 Apr. 1967, Bethesda, Md.
2 David Scott (10) Smith, b. 20 Dec. 1968, Bethesda, Md.

5 Thomas Hale (6) Estes, md. (I) Emma C. Powell. Children: i Mattie V.; ii Thomas Hale, Jr.

i Mattie V. (7) Estes md. A.J. Parker. Child: Patrick Mann.

I Patrick Mann (8) Parker, b. 25 July 1900, Brownsville, Tenn.; d. 7 May 1977; (see “Activities and Accolades”); md. 10 Sept. 1928, Durhamville, Tenn., Elizabeth Fisher, b. 11 Nov. 1908, Durhamville; school teacher. Children: i Martha Joy; ii Patrick Mann, Jr.

i Martha Joy (9) Parker, Durham, N.C., b. 4 Oct. 1929, Durhamville, Tenn., grad. of Maryville College, Maryville, Tenn.; md. 10 July 1951, St. Paul’s Meth.
Church, Durhamville, Orval Stewart Wintermute, of Scranton, Pa., b. 20 Nov. 1927; degrees from Maryville College, McCormick Seminary, Johns Hopkins
Univ.; teaches religion and Semitic languages at Duke Univ., Durham, N.C. Children: 1 Philip Michael; 2 Walter; 3 Elizabeth Joy.

1 Philip Michael (10) Wintermute, b. 24 June 1959, Durham, N.C.
2 Walter (10) Wintermute, b. 14 Aug. 1961, Durham, N.C.
3 Elizabeth Joy (10) Wintermute, b. 20 Sept. 1963, Durham, N.C.

ii Patrick Mann (9) Parker, Jr., Ripley, Tenn., b. 25 Nov. 1935, Jackson, Tenn.; a farmer; md.--—, Martha Ruth Hendren, b. 21 June 1935. Children: 1 Wil-
liam Andrew; 2 Elizabeth Ann.

1 William Andrew (10) Parker, Ripley, Tenn., b. 10 Dec. 1954; md. 30 Mar. 1975, St. Henry’s Catholic Church, Nashville, Tenn., Mary Anne Liebhart,
dau. of Mrs. Clara Johnson Liebhart and the late Mr. Kenneth Walter Liebhart, b. 20 June 1955, Nashville; grad. of St. Cecilia Academy; attended
Univ. of Tenn. in Knoxville. Children: i Franklin Andrew; ii Patrick A.D.

i Franklin Andrew (11) Parker, b. 18 June 1976.
ii Patrick A.D. (11) Parker, b. 9 May 1979.

2 Elizabeth Ann (10) Parker, b. 9 May 1956, Lauderdale Co., Hosp., Ripley, Tenn.; dental hygienist; md. 3 Feb. 1979, First United Meth. Church, Ripley,
Billy Edward Chipman, b. 11 Oct. 1951, Lauderdale Co. Hosp., Ripley; building contractor.

Albert Monroe (5) Estes, md. (2) Mildred Colman. Child: 6 Louis Powhatan.


[Louis Powhatan (6) Estes, son of Albert Monroe (5), Joel (4), Benjamin (3), Abraham (2), Abraham (1)]
[Eliza Mildred (5) Moore, dau. of Smith William (4), John (3), Risdon (2), Shields (1)]

Eliza Mildred Moore ‘s marriage to Louis Powhatan (6) Estes connects this branch of the Estes family to the Moore family. All of their descendants
are also dfrect descendants of Shields Moore, the original Moore immigrant, and are directly descended from Miles Cary, the original Cary immigrant to

 In addition, descendants of Eliza Mildred Moore are direct descendants of Green Hill, a major in the Revolutionary War. His home, “Moorland”
is still extant, in Louisburg, N.C. and is open to the public. (See “Moore History and Family Connections”).

6 Louis Powhatan (6) Estes, M.D., grad. Thomas Jefferson Univ., Phila., Pa., in 1871; a land owner and physician in Haywood Co., Tenn.; md. Eliza Mildred Moore, “Lily”. Children: i Mary Moore; ii Mildred Colman; iii Smith William; iv Belle; v Laurence Bradford; vi SaIlie; vii Warner.

i Mary Moore (7) Estes, b. 23 Nov. 1876, Haywood Co., Tenn.; d. 25 Aug. 1965, Jacksonville, Fla.; md. 4 Apr. 1900, Russell Gaston Evans, of Brownsville, Tenn., b. 20 June 1872; d. 2 Aug. 1937; was Ruling Elder Pres. Church of the U.S. Children: 1 Louis Estes; 2 Miriam; 3 Annie Mann; 4 Russell
Gaston, Jr.; 5 Martha Virginia.

1 Louis Estes (8) Evans; b. 22 Apr. 1901, Brownsville, Tenn.; d. 1 Dec. 1967, St. Genevieve, Mo., his last pastorate;
Presbyterian Minister; never md.

2 Miriam Estes (8) Evans, Nashville, Tenn.; b. 18 Oct. 1902; md. 28 June 1924, Nashville, Tenn., James Roy Carson, son of James Alonza and Lou Etta Waggoner Carson of Chapel Hill, Tenn.; b. 25 Mar. 1903, Chapel Hill, Tenn.; d. 25 June 1932, Nashville, Tenn. Children: i James Roy, Jr.; ii Betty Estes.

i James Roy (9) Carson, Jr.; b. 1 Oct. 1927, Nashville, Tenn.; served in U.S. Marine Corps, 1945-49; Chief of Crew Schedule Operations for American Airlines in
Nashville, Tenn.; md. 3 Sept. 1950, Nashville, Katherine Ferguson, dau. of William T. and Jean Sterling Ferguson, both born in Scotland and immigrated to Nashville in 1928. Children: 1 James Roy, III; 2 Mary Catherine; 3 John Robert.

1 James Roy (10) Carson, III, Nashville, Tenn., b. 15 Mar. 1952, Franklin, Tenn.; B.A. Austin Peay State Univ., Clarksville, Tenn.; is a coach in the metro.
school system in Nashville; md. 1 Sept. 1971, Nashville, Tenn., Deborah McNeil, dau. of Donald and Lorene Johnston McNeil; b. 23 July 1952, Paducah,
Ky.; attended Paducah Community College. Child: Baron Lee.

i Baron Lee (11) Carson, b. 30 June 1972, Nashville.

2 Mary Catherine (10) Carson, b. 25 Mar. 1955, Nashville; in nurses training at Bapt. Hosp., Nashville.
3 John Robert (10) Carson, b. 12 Jan. 1966, Nashville.

ii Betty Estes (9) Carson, Orlando, Fla., b. 4 June 1930, Nashville; attended Peabody College; md. 14 Mar. 1953, Westminster Pres. Church, Nashville, Tenn., Robert Burkhalter, (son of John and Emma Foster Burkhalter of Springfield, Tenn.) b. 27 July 1926, Springfield, Tenn.; B.S. Peabody COllege; Masters, Peabody;
law degree from Emory Univ.; mgr. Fla. office of American Credit Indemnity Co. Children: 1 Steven Carson; 2 Sally Crawford.

1 Steven Carson (10) Burkhalter, b. 14 Apr. 1956, Orlando, Fla.; B.A. Fla. State; is planning law career; md. 22 Mar. 1.976, Orlando, Harriet Haines,
b. 6 June 1956, Orlando; grad. of Fla. State Univ.

2 Sally Crawford (10) Burkhalter, b. 25 Feb. 1960, Orlando; student at Berry College, Rome, Fla.

4 Russell Gaston (8) Evans, Jr., Ripley, Tenn.; b. 28 Nov.  1912, Brownsville, Haywood Co., Tenn.; farmer; owner, mgr. Hurricane Hill Fish Farm, Ripley; served in South Pacific WW II; church soloist, choir dir., Elder and teacher of Men’s Bible Class, First Presbyterian Church, Brownsville; md. 3 June 1951, Ripley, Margaret Leigh Drake, dau. of George Johnston and Sue Gregory Eggleston Drake, b. 16 Mar. 1916, Hurricane Hill, Lauderdale Co.; piano teacher; organist at First Pres. Church; outstanding musician. Child: George Drake.

i George Drake (9) Evans, Martin, Tenn., b. 5 Oct.1952, Brownsville; employed by Production Credit Administration - lending institution for farmers; md.
1 Sept. 1974, Nashville, Lisa Lamar Prentice; teacher of retarded children.

5 Martha Virginia (8) Evans, b. 16 May 1916, Brownsville, Tenn.; d. 21 June 1974, Jacksonville, Fla., bur. Brownsville, md. (1) 1943, Marion, Ark., John F. King; sans issue; md. (2) Sterling 0. Connally, Tupelo, Miss.; sans issue.

Louis Powhatan (6) Estes md. Eliza Mildred Moore. We continue with the listings of his third child, Smith William:
iii Smith (or Smythe) William (7) Estes, md. Mae (or May) Griffith. Children: 1 John Griffith; 2 Lily Margaret; 3 Lewis Stanley; 4 Virginia Griffith; 5 Agnes Griffith; 6 Helen Isabella; 7 Mildred Elizabeth.

1 John Griffith (8) Estes, b. 27 Sept. 1907, Phila., Pa.; d. 30 Nov. 1961, Phila.; bur. West Laurel Hill Cemetery, Bala Cynwyd, Pa.; served in Army ‘NW II; unmd.

2 Lily Margaret (8) Estes, “Lillian”, Phila., Pa.; b. 12 Dec. 1908, Phila.; noted for her culinary skills - see Appendix; md. 24 July 1929, Phila., William Norris Moyer, Jr., son of William Norris and Bessie Mill Moyer, b. 29 Aug. 1906, Phila.; now retired from Pennsylvania State Government; was fingerprint expert. Children: i Betty Jane; ii William Norris, III.

i Betty Jane (9) Moyer, “B.J.”, Phila., Pa., b. 14 Apr. 1932, Phila.; medical sec’y seven years previous to marriage; active in Bethany Lutheran Church, Roxborough, Phila.; sings in choir; serves her community in many ways. On the Board of the Roxborough Memorial Hosp.; on Home and School Board; Sec’y of Davis Bldg. Supply Co., Phila.,; md. 2 June 1956, Phila., Paul William Knittel, Jr., son of Paul William and Marie Miller Knittel of Phila.; b. 5 June 1921; Phila.; served in Navy ‘NW II; V-7 Columbia Univ.; Lt. Comdr., USNR; B.S. Univ. of Pennsylvania, 1943; Pres. of Davis Bldg. Supply Co. Children: 1 Paul William, III; 2 David John.

1 Paul William (10) Knittel, III, b. 28 June 1957, Phila.; student at Drexel Univ., Phila.; capt. and voted most valuable player on Roxborough H.S. tennis team; out-
standing tennis star in Phila. competition; has many trophies.
2 David John (10) Knittel, b. 24 May 1963, Phila.; Student at Roxborough High School; cited for heroism details in appendix; received many trophies for soccer and baseball championships.

William Norris (9) Moyer, III, “Billy”, Zionsvile. Pa. b. 24 Oct. 1935, Phila., Pa.; Test Desk Technician, Bell Telephone Co.; md. 26 July 1958, Phila., Blanche Elizabeth Wilkerson, dau. of Ira and Mary Lea Langford ‘Nilkerson, b. 19 Feb. 1939. Children: 1 William Norris, IV; 2 Craig Wilkerson; 3 Scott Alan.

1 William Norris (10) Moyer, IV, “Bill”;b. 21 Jan. 1959, Phila.; student at Penna. State Univ., Univ. Park, Pa.
2 Craig Wilkerson (10) Moyer, b. 28 July 1960, Phila.; student at Lehigh Co. Community College, Schnecksville, Pa.
3 Scott Alan (10) Moyer, b. 13 Feb. 1966, Abington, Pa.; student at Emmaus Jr. H. S., Emmaus, Pa.

3 Lewis Stanley (8) Estes, b. 31 Mar. 1911, Phila., Pa.; d. 9 Aug. 1978, Phila.; was blessed with a beautiful tenor voice; sang in St. Martin’s in the Field Episcopal Church, Chestnut Hill, Phila., Pa. twenty years - boys’ choir to adult choir; md. 14 Apr. 1940, Elkton, Md., Jean Brulinski, b. 18 June 1922, Phila., Pa. Children: i Joan Mae; ii Robert Lewis; iii Jeanette Louise.

Joan Mae (9) Estes, Phila., Pa., b. 4 Aug. 1941, Phila.; operator, data processing; md. 12 Feb. 1966, Phila., Harry Hober, Jr., b. 20 Sept. 1940, Phila.; served in Vietnam; shear operator. Children: 1 Michelle; 2 Harry, III; 3 Jason Estes.

1 Michelle (10) Hober, b. 10 Dec. 1967, St. Mary’s Hosp. Phila.; a champion gymnast in her age group; came in second in recent Amateur Athletic Union District
2 Harry (10) Hober, III, b. 9 Dec. 1970, St. Joseph’s Hosp. Phila.; takes dancing lessons.
3 Jason Estes (10) Hober, b. 10 Feb. 1973.

ii Robert Lewis (9) Estes, b. 7 June 1947, Phila.; md. Kathleen McLean. Children: 1 Lewis Joseph; 2 Robert Lewis, Jr.

1 Lewis Joseph (10) Estes, b. 21 Nov. 1974, Phila., Pa.
2 Robert Lewis (10) Estes, Jr., b. 8 June 1978.

iii Jeanette Louise (9) Estes, b. 19 Sept. 1957, Phila., Pa.; md. 28 Apr. 1979, Phila., Edmund Witalec, (son of Louis and Helen Stodonoly Witalec of Phila., Pa.); M/M in US Marine Corps; stationed in N.C.

4 Virginia Griffith (8) Estes, “Jinney”, Abington, Pa., b. 13 Jan. 1914, Phila., Pa.; at age 16 mothered three younger sisters when mother died in 1930; was talented thespian before marriage; md. 12 June 1937, Phila., Edward Robert Jacoby, Jr., (son of Edward Robert and Catherine Melissa Wallace Jacoby), b. 27
June 1914, Phila., Pa.; d. 1 Jan. 1974. Children: i Wayne Robert; ii Virginia Mae.

i Wayne Robert (9) Jacoby, Lansdale, Pa., b. 24 Sept. 1940, Phila.; B.S. Ed. Plymouth State College, Plymouth, N.H., 1964; M.Ed. Temple Univ., Phila., 1969; M.A. Lehigh Univ., Bethlehem, Pa., 1977; high school history teacher; co-founder and project director of Global Educational Motivators (GEM), Oreland, Pa., a school devoted to fostering understanding of world interdependence; md. 13 Aug. 1966, Cheltenham, Pa., Joanne Jordan, dau. of George and Elsie Irvin Jordan of Cheltenham, Pa.; B.S. Kutztown State College, Kutztown, Pa., 1965;M.Ed. Temple Univ., 1969; reading teacher. Child: adopted daughter, Leslie Ann.

ii Virginia Mae (9) Jacoby, “Ginney”, Willow Grove, Pa., b. 26 Jan. 1945, Phila.; hobby - ceramics; md. 16 Oct. 1965, Phila., Charles Thomas Coffman, son of Charles and Isabella Fuhrmeister Coffman, b. 18 Apr. 1945, Phila.; printer. Children: 1 April Lynne; 2 Amy Dayle.

1 April Lynne (10) Coffman, b. 22 Apr. 1968, Phila.; catcher on Upper Moreland Softball League.
2 Amy Dayle (10) Coffman, b. 5 June 1971, Phila.

5 Agnes Griffith (8) Estes, Phila., Pa., b. 20 Aug. 1915, Phila., Pa.; md. 3 Sept. 1938, Phila., George John Meyers (son of George John and Susan McGettigan Meyers) b. 23 May 1916, Phila.; retired printer. Children: i George John, III; ii James Lewis; iii Patricia Agnes; iv David George John.

i George John (9) Meyers, III, Warminster, Pa., b. 28 June 1939, Phila., Pa.; a warehouseman for Sears, Roebuck Co.; md. 22 May 1971, Phila., Kathleen Julia Pierson (dau. of Edward Thomas and Mary Bridget Toner Pierson; Mrs. Pierson was born in County Louth, Ireland), b. 19 Sept. 1946, Phila.; grad. St. Basil Academy, Fox Chase, Phila., Pa.; grad. Manor Jr. College, Fox Chase, Phila., Pa.; grad. Gwynedd Mercy College, Gwynedd Valley, Pa.; Asst. Exec. Sec’y Amer. Federation of TV and Radio Artists and Screen Actors Guild; substitute teacher for special learning disabilities, Centennial School Dist., Bucks Co., Pa.; family are members of Nativity of Our Lord Church, Warminster, Pa. Children: 1 Gregory Edward; 2 Patrick John.

1 Gregory Edward (10) Meyers, b. 15 Feb. 1973, Rolling Hill Hosp., Cheltenham, Pa.
2 Patrick John (10) Meyers, b. 31 Oct. 1979, Rolling Hill Hosp., Cheltenham, Pa.

ii James Lewis (9) Meyers, “Jim”, Philadelphia, Pa., b. 23 Apr. 1944, Phila.; served in Vietnam War on aircraft carrier Enterprise; Chief Petty Off., USNR,
instructor and Chief of Damage Control and Nuclear Biological Chemical Warfare; grad. Spring Garden College, Chestnut Hill, Pa., Mech. Engrg. Technology;
md. 27 July 1968, Phila., Pa., Doris Marie Gilhool, (dau. of James F. and Marie Swanick Gilhool), b. 29 Oct. 1942, Phila., Pa. Children: 1 Diane Marie;
2 James Lewis; 3 Maryanne; 4 Rosemary.

1 Diane Marie (10) Meyers, b. 9 June 1969, Phila.
2 James Lewis (10) Meyers, b. 22 Jan. 1971, Phila.
3 Maryanne (10) Meyers, b. 8 Oct. 1975, Phila.
4 Rosemary (10) Meyers, b. 8 Feb. 1978, Phila.

iii Patricia Agnes (9) Meyers, “Patti”, Folcroft, Pa., b. 25 Nov. 1947, Phila., Pa.; very active in civic and school affairs; pres. of Folcroft Middle School Band Parents Assn.; md. (1) 27 Nov. 1964, Darby, Pa., Joseph Michael Mauriello. Child: Michael Joseph.

Patricia Agnes (9) Meyers md. (2) 20 Nov. 1970, Charles Francis Castagna, (son of Alfonso Peter and Dorothy Ann Margaret Schindeldecker Castagna of
Phila. Pa.), b. 7 Jan. 1946, Phila., Pa. Children: 2 Lisa; 3 Felicia.

Child of Patricia Agnes (9) Meyers and Joseph Michael Maurieio:
1 Michael Joseph (10) Mauriello (now legally adopted by second husband and bearing his name, “Castagna”), b. 29 Apr. 1966; plays trumpet in the school band.

Children of Patricia Agnes (9) Meyers and Charles Francis Castagna:
2 Lisa (10) Castagna, b. 20 Dec. 1971, Phila.
3 Felicia (10) Castagna, b. 9 Nov. 1973, Phila.

iv David George John (9) Meyers, b. 6 Apr. 1955, Phila., Pa.; d. 6 July 1975, as the result of a tragic motorcycle accident; a handsome, personable young
man, loved and mourned by all who knew him.

6 Helen Isabella (8) Estes, Huntingdon Valley, Pa., b. 31 Jan. 1920 Phila., Pa.; compiler and author of CARY-ESTES-MOORE GENEALOGY; grad. Peirce Jr. College, Phila.; attended Temple Univ., Phila., Pa., Univ. of Md. and Plymouth State College, Plymouth, N.H.; B.A. (English) Goddard College, Plainfield, Vt.; former English teacher, cert. in Vt. and Penna.; member of Nat’l Soc. Colonial Dames of America, Phula. Chap. D.A.R., Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women, League of Women Voters; on Board of Directors of Alumnae Assn. Phila. H.S. for Girls; md. 5 June 1944, Redeemer Lutheran Church, Phila., Pa., Richard Warren Seltzer. autobiography, doctoral dissertation (son of Warren Ray and Lillian Leona Daly Seltzer) b. 5 June 1923, Washington, D.C.; B.A. Univ. of Md.; M.S. Univ. of Penna.; Ed.D. Univ. of Md.; ret. Supt.
of schools. Children: i Richard Warren, Jr.; ii Sallie Estes.

i Richard Warren (9) Seltzer, Jr., West Roxbury, Mass., b. 23 Feb. 1946, Clarksville, Tenn.; grad. Yale Univ., cum laude, 1969; M.A. (comparative literature) U.
of Mass., 1972; with Digital Equipment/Compaq  1979-1998 most recently as Internet evangelist; now independent Internet marketing consultant and author; md. 28 July 1973, Barbara Anne Hartley (dau. of Charles Francis and Mary Elizabeth Wilson Hartley of Boston, Mass.), b. 20 Feb. 1950; youngest of 6 children; grad. Girls’ Latin School, Boston, Mass.; B.A. (English) Albertus Magnus College, New Haven, Conn.; M.A. (early childhood education) Boston State College; President of Prescription Parents (mutual support organization for parents of children with cleft lip/palate). Children: 1 Robert Richard Hartley; 2 Heather Katherine Hartley; 3 Michael Richard Hartley. 4 Timothy Richard Hartley

1 Robert Richard Hartley (10) Seltzer, b. 29 July 1975, Boston, Mass.; grad. Milton Academy, 1993; grad. Yale Univ., 1997. md.10 August  2002 in Boston, MA  Stacey Denenberg
2 Heather Katherine Hartley (10) Seltzer, b. 13 Aug. 1977, Boston, Mass.; grad. Newton Country Day, 1995; grad Sarah Lawrence, 1999
3 Michael Richard Hartley (10) Seltzer, b. 14 June 1980, Boston, Mass.; currently a student at Northeastern Univ.
4 Timothy Richard Hartley (10) Seltzer b. 5 Oct. 1989, Boston, Mass.; currently a student at St. Theresa School in West Roxbury, Mass.

ii Sallie Estes (9) Seltzer, b. 8 Jan. 1964, Bristol, Pa.; grad. Shipley School Bryn Mawr, Pa., 1981; B.A. Mount Holyoke College, South Hadley, Mass.; plays piano, flute and guitar and is an accomplished equestrienne.

7 Mildred Elizabeth (8) Estes, Somers Pt., N.J., b. 20 July 1922, Phila., Pa.; member of Jr. League, D.A.R., and Grace Lutheran Church, Somers Point, N.J.; md. (1) 3 Mar. 1943, Phila., Pa., James Glisson Brinton, of Jenkintown, Pa.; killed in action in Italy WWII; 2nd Lt. Engr. Corps; sans issue;

7 Mildred Elizabeth (8) Estes md. (2) Walter Taney Rowland, (son of Albert Theodore Betson and Harriet Ogden Wellington Rowland), b. 30 Dec. 1917, Prospect Park, Pa.; d. 16 Sept. 1969, Somers Pt., N.J.; master yacht builder; salesman for Elisha-Webb & Son Co., yachting equip. Children: i Joyce Lynne; ii Gay Diane; iii Lawrence Walter.

Mildred Elizabeth (8) Estes md. (3) 10 Nov. 1975, James Joseph Kleiner of Pleasantville, N.J.; sans issue.

Children of Mildred Elizabeth (8) Estes and Walter Taney Rowland:
i Joyce Lynne (9) Rowland, Woodbury, N.J., b. 14 Mar. 1949, Somers Point, N.J.; attended Temple Univ., Phila., Pa.; md. 26 Jan. 1974, Somers Point, N.J., Richard Emery Brown, (son of the late Thomas Edward Brown and Emma Kiefer Brown of Phila.); b. 24 Mar. 1949, Phula.; B.A. in Bits. Admin. from Temple Univ., 1971; Pres. of Versatech, Inc., of Delran, N.J. installing racquetball and synthetic flooring for sports facilities. Children: I Keith Richard; 2 Pamela Lee.

1 Keith Richard (10) Brown, b. 22 Dec. 1976, Woodbury, N.J.
2 Pamela Leigh (10) Brown, b. 18 Sept. 1979, Woodbury, N.J.

ii Gay Diane (9) Rowland, Ocean City, N.J., b. 23 Mar. 1951, Somers Point, N.J.; B.S. Trenton State College, Trenton, N.J.; member of the National Honor Society; kindergarten teacher in Crestlea Park School, Linwood, N.J.; currently taking graduate work at Fairleigh Dickinson Univ., Rutherford, N.J.; md. 30 Sept. 1978, Somers Point, John Larry Blohm, son of James Russell and Janice Kendricks Blohm, b. 22 May 1948, Mansfield, Ohio, grad. of Bridgewater College, Bridgewater, Va.; phys. ed. teacher at Ocean City Intermediate School; football and basketball official and baseball umpire.

iii Lawrence Walter (9) Rowland, “Larry”, b. 4 Feb. 1955, Somers Point, N.J.; Lance Corp. in the U.S. Marine Corps; stationed at the Marine Corps Air Sta-
tion, Beaufort, S.C.; grad. with honors, Cape May VocTech School, Cape May, N.J.; attended Atlantic Community College, Mays Landing, N.J.; md. 11 Oct. 1975, Ocean City, N.J., Deborah Ann Foglio, dau. of Leonard Joseph and Dorothy Ann McLaughlin Foglio of Ocean City, b. 6 Oct. 1954, Somers Pt.

Louis Powhatan (6) Estes md. Ellza Mildred (5) Moore. We continue with the listings of their 4th child, Belle:
iv Belle (7) Estes md. (1) James Minos Dykes. Children: 1 James Minos, Jr.; 2 Albert Estes.

Belle (7) Estes md. (2) 23 Dec. 1926, Judge Lee Brock, of Nashville, Tenn.; sans issue.

Children of Belle (7) Estes and James Minos Dykes: 1 James Minos (8) Dykes, Jr., b. 3 Nov. 1905, Nashville, Tenn.; d. 31 Aug. 1972, Chapel Hill, N.C.; md. 23 Nov. 1935, Frances Davis Henry, (dau. of John Elmore and Elizabeth Agnes Bosley Henry) b. 25 Dec. 1910, Chicago, Ill. Children: i Elizabeth Bosley; ii James
Lee Estes.

i Elizabeth Bosley (9) Dykes, Irvington-on-Hudson, N.Y., b. 20 Dec. 1942, Wash., D.C.; grad. Agnes Scott College, Decatur, Ga.; md. 28 May 1970,
New York, N.Y., Gerald Leitzes, b. 6 Jan. 1930, New York, N.Y. Children: 1 Cary Estes; 2 Sarah Bosley.

1 Cary Estes (10) Leitzes, b. 7 Apr. 1972, Tarry- town, N.Y.
2 Sarah Bosley (10) Leitzes, b. 25 Mar. 1975, Tarrytown, N.Y.

ii James Lee Estes (9) Dykes, Durham, N.C., b. 11 Jan.1945, Coral Gales, Fla.; attended Univ. of N.C.; Duke Seminary; serving part-time ministry in Grace
Fellowship (charismatic); supervisor trainee; licensed pastor (Methodist); md. 17 Jan. 1972, Grand Forks, N.D., Pamela Joy Denton, b. 21 Mar. 1952, Reigate,
Surrey, England; was nurse before marriage. Children: 1 Joanna Lee; 2 Christopher Caleb.

1 Joanna Lee (10) Dykes, b. 3 Apr. 1974.
2 Christopher Caleb (10) Dykes, b. 12 Jan. 1978, Durham, N.C.

2 Albert Estes (8) Dykes, Nashville, Tenn., b. 10 Sept. 1910, Nashville, Tenn.; ret. civil engr.; retired from Nashville Dist. Corps of Engrs., U.S. Army, Chief of Planning;md. 6 Oct. 1934, Franklin, Ky., Louise Allen, b. 14 Mar. 1913, Centerville, Tenn. Children: i Sally Estes; ii Nancy Louise.

i Sally Estes (9) Dykes, Huntington, W.Va., b. 6 Apr. 1939, Nashville, Tenn.; B.S. Univ. of Tenn.; M.S. Sp. Ed. Marshall College, Huntington, W.Va.; school
teacher; md. 15 Aug. 1961, Lamar, Cob., Thomas Walker, b. 18 Oct. 1935, Nashville, Davidson Co., Tenn.; U.S. Corps of Engrs.; this marriage ended in divorce.
Children: 1 Travis Anne; 2 Allison Leirh.

1 Travis Anne (10) Walker, b. 31 Mar. 1962, Nashville, Tenn.; student; member of National Honor Society.

2 Allison Leigh (10) Walker, b. 22 Oct. 1963, Nashville, Tenn.; student; member National Honor Society.

ii Nancy Louise (9) Dykes, Fredericksburg, Va., b. 23 Feb. 1945, Nashville, Tenn.; school teacher; md. 27 Aug. 1966, Nashville, Claude Hunter Ryan, Jr., b. 6 June 1943, Pascagoula, Miss.; d. Aug. 1979, car accident; U.S.M.C. officer, pilot. Children: 1 Pamela Michele; 2 Scott Hunter Dykes.

1 Pamela Michele (10) Ryan, b. 1 Sept. 1968, Pensacola, Fla.
2 Scott Hunter Dykes (10) Ryan, b. 13 Apr. 1974, Birmingham, Ala.

v Laurence Bradford (7) Estes, b. 25 Oct. 1885; d. 9 May 1962, at his home, “Oaklawn”, Haywood Co., Tenn.; bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Brownsville, Tenn.; md. 11 Apr. 1917, Lidy Kate King, b. 13 Oct. 1890. Children: 1 Kathryn King; 2 Laurence Bradford, Jr.; 3 & 4 Mary Williams and Thomas King (twins); 5 Warner Moore.

1 Kathryn King (8) Estes, b. 18 Aug. 1919, in home of parents, “Oaklawn”, Haywood Co., Tenn.; attended Athens College, Athens, Ala.; degree in foreign languages from Maryville College, Maryville, Tenn.; md. (1) 22 Mar. 1942, Bushnell, Fla., Paul Owens Treadwell, b. 21 Feb. 1917, Ashland, Ala.; in Air
Force; marriage terminated Apr. 1954. Children: i Paula Elizabeth; ii Thomas Michael; iii Victoria Louise; iv David Estes.

Kathryn King (8) Estes md. (2) Robert Arnold Nix, 15
Sept. 1954, Albuquerque, N.M.; sans issue.

Children of Kathryn King (8) Estes and Paul Owens Treadwell:
i Paula Elizabeth (9) Treadwell, Tallahassee, Fla., b. 10 Oct. 1943, Brownsville, Tenn.; attended school in Cheney, Wash.; degree in music from Murray Univ.,
Murray, Ky.; secretary; md. 17 June 1967, Durhamville, Tenn., David Waterbury Henne; doctorate in music from Univ. of Fla. Children: 1 Elizabeth
Anne; 2 Lisa Christine.

1 Elizabeth Ann (10) Henne, b. 17 Feb. 1971, Tallahassee, Fla.
2 Lisa Christine (10) Henne, b. 8 Jan. 1973, Tallahassee, Fla.

ii Thomas Michael (9) Treadwell, Baltimore, Md., b. 26 Feb., 1947, Napa, Calif.; attended college in Spokane and N.C.; grad. degree in Indus. Engr.,
Baltimore College.
iii Victoria Louise (9) Treadwell, Minneapolis, Minn., b. 24 June 1948, Belleville, Ill.; degree in sociology from Univ. of Mont.; air line stewardess for Western
iv David Estes (9) Treadwell, Spokane, Wash., b. 19 Apr. 1952, Albuquerque, N.M.; degree in philosophy from Eastern Wash. State.

2 Laurence Bradford (8) Estes, Jr., Nashville, Tenn., b. 6 Aug. 1922, Haywood Co., Tenn.; md. 6 Aug. 1949 in the T.A. Freeman home, Brownsville, Tenn., Eldora Gilbert, b. 6 Aug. 1922, Haywood Co., Tenn.; lab. tech. Children: i Laurence Bradford, III; ii Freeman Haralson; iii Elizabeth Ann; iv Michael Gilbert.

i Laurence Bradford (9) Estes, III, b. 26 Mar. 1951 Haywood Co. Hosp., Brownsville, Tenn.

ii Freeman Haralson (9) Estes, b. 20 June 1952, Haywood Co. Hosp., Brownsville; md. 2 June 1979, Memphis, Barbara Anne Vaughn, dau. of Mr. and Mrs.
S.C. Vaughn of Memphis.

iii Elizabeth Ann (9) Estes, b. 30 Jan. 1960, Meth. Hosp., Memphis, Shelby Co., Tenn.

iv Michael Gilbert (9) Estes, b. 9 May 1967, St. Joseph Hosp., Memphis.

3 Mary Williams (8) Estes, b. 10 Apr. 1925, Haywood Co., Tenn.; md. (1) 27 Mar. 1949, St. Paul’s Meth. Church, Durhamville, Tenn., by Rev. James L. Bagby, Earl Akes, O.D.; b. 27 May 1927, Mansfield, Ark.; d. 8 June 1971; Child: i Earl Alton, Jr. There is an adopted daughter, May Kay (now Mrs. Dan Barnes).

Mary Williams (8) Estes md. (2) 24 Aug. 1972, Dr. Carl H. Haws; sans issue; this marriage ended in divorce.

Child of Mary Williams (8) Estes and Earl Akes:
i Earl Alton (9) Akes, Jr., b. 21 Dec. 1951, Jackson, Tenn., md. 3 Dec. 1977, Nashville, Tenn., Nela Downing, b. 18 Apr. 1942.

4 Thomas King (8) Estes, b. 10 Apr. 1925, Haywood Co., Tenn., d. 24 Dec. 1943 in service to his country in WW II;
stationed on Destroyer USS Leary; torpedoed in the North Atlantic.
5 Warner Moore (8) Estes, b. 15 May 1927, in family home, “Oaklawn”, Haywood Co., Tenn.; ret. from So. Central Bell Telephone Co.,; md. (1) Shirley Turner; this marriage ended in divorce. Child: Cynthia Ann.

Warner Moore (8) Estes, md. (2) 16 Feb. 1963, Joanne Stanley (Anderson). There are two stepchildren: Robert Lauren and Lori Jane Anderson.

Child of Warner Moore (8) Estes and Shirley Turner:
i Cynthia Ann (9) Estes, b. 31 Dec. 1956, Greenville, Miss.; employed in florist shop, Covington, Tenn.

vi Sallie (7) Estes, b. 1 Jan. 1888, christened “Sarah” but later name changed to “Sallie”; this book is dedicated to Sallie Estes (see Dedication), md. Albert Monroe (7) Estes, Jr., son of Albert Monroe (6) Estes and Belle Gates (see his listing in this book). Child: Lena Gates.

1 Lena Gates (8) Estes, b. 17 Feb. 1913, Haywood Co., Tenn.; d. 28 Nov. 1972, Palm Beach, Fla.; bur. Oakwood Cemetery, Brownsville, Tenn.; attended Univ. of Tenn.; md. 16 Oct. 1935, Norman Stanley Smith. Children: i Norman Estes; ii Harry Clarence.

i Norman Estes (9) Smith, Atlanta, Ga., b. 18 Nov. 1949, Wash., D.C.; A.B. Univ. of N.C. 1962, J.D. Univ. of N.C., 1971; attorney; md. (1) 12 Aug. 1962,
Epsom, N.C., Annie Jo Smith, B. 17 Dec. 1939, Rocky Mount, N.C.; divorced 1975. Children: 1 Eric Estes; 2 Betsy Elaine.

Norman Estes (9) Smith, md. (2) 10 Apr. 1977, Atlanta, Ga., Frances Anne White, b. 24 Dec. 1946, Waycross, Ga.; B.S. Ed., Ga. Southern, Statesboro, Ga.;
M.Ed. Ga. State, Atlanta, Ga. Child: 3 Kelly Ann.

Children of Norman Estes (9) Smith and Annie Jo Smith:
1 Eric Estes (10) Smith, b. 29 Aug. 1964, Neubrueke, West Germany.
2 Betsy Elaine (10) Smith, b. 6 Aug. 1969, Louisburg, N.C.

Child of Norman Estes (9) Smith and Frances Anne White:
3 Kelly Ann (10) Smith, b. 25 May 1979.

ii Harry Clarence (9) Smith, Virgilina, Va., b. 13 May 1942, Wash., D.C.; pastor of North Fork Baptist Church; md. 30 May 1964, High Point, N.C., Joy Watkins, b. 5 Oct. 1943, Henderson, N.C. Children: 1 James Stanley; 2 David Scott.

1 James Stanley (10) Smith, b. 30 Apr. 1967, Bethesda, Md.
2 David Scott (10) Smith, b. 20 Dec. 1968, Bethesda, Md.

vii Warner (7) Estes, b. 6 Jan. 1890, Haywood Co., Tenn.; d. 9 Mar. 1973, mgr. GMAC auto service for 40 yrs.; md. (1) Ethel Smith; sans issue; md. (2) 24 Feb. 1940, Clarksdale, Miss., Lavern Dean, b. 8 Feb. 1913, Weir, Choctau Co., Miss.; a sales person. Child: James Warner.

1 James Warner (8) Estes, “Jimmy”, Syracuse, N.Y.; b. 8 Jan. 1944, Memphis, Tenn.; musician - teacher; md. 17 Feb. 1968, Mobile, Ala., Rosemary Elzen, b. 10 Sept. 1945.; musician - teacher; both teaching and working on Ph.D.’s at Univ. of Miami, Coral Gables, Fla. Children: i David Alexander; ii Abigail Marie.
i David Alexander (9) Estes, b. 31 July 1968, Decatur, Ill.
ii Abigail Marie (9) Estes, b. 13 Aug. 1973, Syracuse, N.Y.

This concludes the listings of descendants of Eliza Moore. For her ancestry, see the Moore family.

Child of Albert Monroe (5) Estes and Mrs. Marcia Burton Owen (Holman):

7 William Lawrence (6) Estes, b. 28 Nov. 1855; d. 1940; noted surgeon; md. Jeanne Wynne. Children: i Jeanne Wynne; ii William Lawrence, Jr.; iii Marcia Burton; iv Anna Barnard; v Margaret Owen; vi Edward Wynne.

ii William Lawrence (7) Estes, Jr., b. 1 Mar. 1885, Bethlehem, Pa.; d. 15 June 1971; prominent surgeon; md. 11 June 1913, Wash., D.C., Anne Greble; sans issue.

iii Marcia Burton (7) Estes, Richmond, Va., b. 8 Nov. 1889, Bethlehem, Pa., md. 10 Dec. 1917, Bethlehem, Pa., Lloyd C. Taylor. Child: Lloyd C., III.

1 Lloyd C. (8) Taylor, III, b. 31 Dec. 1924, Richmond, Va.; d. 1977; professor of history, Texas A. & M.; unmd.

iv Anna Barnard (7) Estes, Bethlehem, Pa., b. 27 Aug. 1891, Bethlehem, Pa.; md. 11 June 1913, Bethlehem, Pa., Justin Evans Williams, b. 11 Aug. 1892, Swansea, Wales; grad. N.E. Conservatory; musician; sans issue.

vi Edward Wynne (7) Estes, Virginia Beach, Va., b. 6 Sept. 1899, Bethlehem, Pa.; industrial eng.; md. (1) 13 Sept. 1929, Phila., Pa., Julia P. Houston, (dau. of Win. Houston of Phila.) b. 12 Aug . 1901, Swarthmore, Pa. This marriage ended in divorce, 13 Oct. 1951. Children: 1 Patricia H.; 2 William L., III.

Edward Wynne (7) Estes md. (2) 11 Dec. 1953, Pittsburgh, Pa., Sally L. Stouffer; sans issue.

Children of Edward Wynne (7) Estes and Julia P. Houston:
1 Patricia H. (8) Estes, Pittsburgh, Pa., b. 28 Aug. 1931, Phila., Pa.; md.-—- June 1952, Bethlehem, Pa., Lewis A. Waterman, Jr., b. 6 Aug. 1929, Providence, R.I.; industrialist. Children: i Lisa; ii Deborah; iii Winthrop Edward.

i Lisa (9) Waterman, b. 19 Mar. 1955, Providence, R.I.; attending graduate school.
ii Deborah (9) Waterman, b. 1 Apr. 1957, Pittsburgh, Pa.; college student.
iii Winthrop Edward (9) Waterman, b. 18 Feb. 1959, Hartford, Conn.; college student.

2 William Lawrence (8) Estes, III, New York, N.Y., b. 25 Jan. 1934, Phila., Pa., investment counsellor; md. 25 Apr. 1970, New York, N.Y., Barrie W. Landauer, B. 17 Apr. 1935, New York; choreographer; sans issue.


[son of Joel (4), Benjamin (3), Abraham (2), Abraham (1)]

Moreau Pinckney (5) Estes, second son of Joel (4) Estes, was a plantation owner in Hay wood Co., Tenn. (See “History, Legends, and Documents”).
The co-authors of the CAR Y-ESTES GENEALOGY, the late May Folk Webb (Mathesia Bell Folk in the listings) of New York City, and the late
Patrick Mann Estes, Sr., of Nashville, Tenn., both of whom spent decades researching the Carys and the Estes, are descendants of Moreau Pinckney

ii Moreau Pinckney (5) Estes, md. (1) Mary Quarles Noel. Children: 1 Martha Cornelia; 2 Mary Frances; 3 Moreau Pinckney, Jr.; 4 Joel Henry; 5 Thomas Ewell; 6 Lucie Quarles; 7 Edward Carey; 8 Albert Carey; 9 Sarah Belle; 10 Francis Marion.

Moreau Pinckney (5) Estes, md. (2) Katherine Van Buren Sherrod; sans issue.

Children of Moreau Pinckney (5) Estes and Mary Quarks Noel:
1 Martha Cornelia (6) Estes, md. Henry Bate Folk. Children:
i Edgar Estes; ii Mary Frances; iii Benjamin Moreau; iv Henry Bate; v Reau Estes; vi Carey Albert; vii Joseph Wingate; viii Mathesia Bell; ix Humphrey Bate; x Lucile Cornelia.

i Edgar Estes (7) Folk md. Lizzie Handly. Children: 1 James White; 2 Annie White; 3 Edgar Estes, Jr.; 4 Cornelia; 5 Joseph Henry.

2 Annie White (8) Folk md. Wayne Franklin Murphy. Children: i Betty Ann; ii Wayne Farrington.

ii Wayne Farrington (9) Murphy, Nashville, Tenn., b. 30 Nov. 1930; broker-mgr. of realty firm, Nashville; md. Mary Louise Lea, b. 20 April 1938.
Children: 1 Wayne Farrington, Jr.; 2 William Folk; 3 Steven Estes; 4 Timothy Russell; 5 John Randolph; 6 Warner Lea; 7 Woods Foster.

1 Wayne Farrington (10) Murphy, Jr., b. 30 May 1954; musician.
2 William Folk (10) Murphy, b. 6 June 1956; college student.
3 Steven Estes (10) Murphy, b. 18 Oct. 195’
4 Timothy Russell (10) Murphy, b. 18 Apr. U.S. Marine Corps.
5 John Randolph (10) Murphy, b. 22 Mar. I
6 Warner Lea (10) Murphy, b. 24 Dec. 1975
7 Woods Foster (10) Murphy, b. 12 Nov. iS

3 Edgar Estes (8) Folk, Jr., md. Minta Holding. ( Edgar Estes, III. i Edgar Estes (9) Folk, III, a doctor in Wal N.C.

4 Cornelia (8) Folk md. Lemuel Birthright Steve Philip Henry and Misniah Birthright Stevens, o Tenn.). Children: i boy, unnamed (b. and d. ii Lemuel Birthright, Jr.; iii Cornelia Folk.

ii Lemuel Birthright (9) Stevens, Jr., Nashville. 3 Aug. 1933, Nashville, Tenn.; Pres. of Gray and Dudley Co., md. 8 Apr. 1961, Nashville, Tenn., Car
Ann Boyd, b. 14 Mar. 1940, Nashville, Tenn. Children: 1 Carey Boyd; 2 Lemuel Birthright, III; 3 Caroline Boyd.

1 Carey Boyd (10) Stevens, b. 26 July 196
2 Lemuel Birthright (10) Stevens, III, b. 29 Nashville.
3 Caroline Boyd(10) Stevens, b. 18 Feb. 15

5 Joseph Henry (8) Folk, b. 9 Feb. 1905, Nash’s d. 14 Sept. 1976, Danielsvilie, Ga.; md. Charl Children: i Charlotte; ii Joseph; iii Benjamin.

v Reau Estes (7) Folk, b. 21 Sept. 1865, Haywoo d. 8 Feb. 1948, Nashville, Tenn.; md. Nannie D b. 18 Feb. 1876, Nashville, Tenn.; d. Sept. 195 Tenn. Children: 1 Winston Estes Pilcher; 2 Ju( 3 Reau Estes, Jr.

1 Winston Estes Pilcher (8) Folk, Old Lyme, Conn. b. 10 Nov. 1901, Nashville, Tenn.; grad. U.S. Naval Academy, 1923; served in WWII; attained rank of Rear Adm.; now ret.;md. (1)6 June 1931, Wash. D.C., Pauline Lewis Brown. Children: i Floy Lewis; ii Reau Estes, II. This marriage ended in divorce 3 June 1971.

Winston Estes Pilcher (8) Folk, md. (2) 17 July 1971, Janet Woolcott Atkins Guitar, widow of Rear Adm. Estil Guitar; sans issue.

Children of Winston Estes Pilcher (8) Folk and Pauline Lewis Brown:
i Floy Lewis (9) Folk, Knoxville, Tenn., b. 3 Jan. 1938, Long Beach, Calif. Unmd.

ii Reau Estes (9) Folk, Brunswick, Me., b. 25 Aug. 1939, Long Beach, Calif.; Lt. Comdr. U.S. Navy; md.  31 July 1965, Dallas, Tex., Carole Ann Cushing.
Children: 1 Katherine Ann; 2 Suzanne.

1 Katherine Ann (10) Folk, b. 6 May 1969, Moffet Field, Calif.
2 Suzanne (10) Folk, b. 19 Apr. 1973, Moffet Field.

2 Judith Dudley (8) Folk, b. 31 July 1912, Nashville, Tenn.; an advertising executive; d. 22 Feb. 1951, Bermuda; md. 17 Apr. 1937, Nashville, John Marks Templeton, of Nassau, Bahama Islands, b. 29 Nov. 1912; founder of Templeton Prize for Progress in Religion; investment counsellor. Children: i John Marks, Jr.; ii Anne Dudley; iii Christopher Winston.

i John Marks (9) Templeton, Jr., “Jack”, Bryn Mawr, Pa., b. 19 Feb. 1940, New York, N.Y.; Pediatric Surgeon; md. 2 Aug. 1970, Fort Lee, N.J., Josephine Joan Gargiula, “Pina”, b. 19 Mar. 1940, Capri, Italy; an anesthesiologist. Children: 1 Heather Erin; 2 Jennifer Ann.

1 Heather Erin (10) Templeton, b. 20 April 1976, Portsmouth Naval Hospital, Va.
2 Jennifer Ann (10) Templeton, “Jenner”, b. 28 July 1978, Phila., Pa.

ii Anne Dudley (9) Templeton, Tucson, Ariz. b. 9 May 1942, New York, N.Y.; a general surgeon; unmd.

iii Christopher Winston (9) Templeton, Jamestown, N.D., b. 1 Sept. 1948, New York, N.Y.; religious counsellor; unmd.

3 Reau Estes (8) Folk, Jr., b. 6 Jan. 1917, Nashville, Tenn.; d. 27 Jan. 1973; an attorney in Nashville; md. 12 June 1944, Seattle, Wash., Elinor H. Johnson, b. 9 Apr. 1917, Alhambra, Calif.; radio announcer. Children: i Rozanne Elizabeth; ii John Winston.

i Rozanne Elizabeth (9) Folk, Norfolk, Va., b. 11 Aug. 1955, Nashville, Tenn.; WAVE, U.S. Navy, rank of seaman; enlistment ends May 1981.

ii John Winston (9) Folk, Nashville, Tenn., b. 18 Mar. 1957, Nashville, Tenn.; welder and metal worker; unmd.

Martha Cornelia (6) Estes md. Henry Bate Folk. We continue with the listings of their 6th child, Carey Albert:
vi Carey Albert (7) Folk, b. 2 Dec. 1867, Brownsville, Tenn.; d. June 1957; md. Emma Harrison Gates, b. 5 Aug. 1871, Jackson, Tenn.; d. 22 June 1954, Nashville, Tenn. Children: 1 Virginia Sinclair; 2 Robert Gates; 3 Eleanor Lewis; 4 Jane Carey.

1 Virginia Sinclair (8) Folk md. Ewing Griffin. Children: i Ewing, Jr.; ii Emily Carey.

2 Robert Gates (8) Folk, md. Rosemary Poindexter Pelham; last known address: El Paso, Tex. Children: Robert Gates, Jr.; ii Rosemary Pelham.

3 Eleanor Lewis (8) Folk, b. 25 Dec. 1904; d. 25 Feb. 1964, Nashville, Tenn., md. 24 June 1930, Robert Eugene McNeilly, b. 2 May 1901, Nashville, Tenn.~ d. 25 July 1957, Nashville. Children: Robert Eugene, Jr.; ii Carey Folk.

i Robert Eugene (9) McNeilly, Jr., Kingsport, Tenn., b. 4 Aug. 1932, Nashville, Tenn.; in the printing business; md. 15 Oct. 1955 Mary Katherine Gordon, (dau. of Dr. 1.0. and Ruby Thomas Gordon), b. 17 Mar. 1934, Memphis, Tenn. Children: 1 Robert Eugene, III; 2 Caroline Clark; 3 Eleanor Folk.

1 Robert Eugene (10) McNeilly, III; Nashville, Tenn., b. 27 Oct. 1956, Bad Canstadt, West Germany, while father was serving in the U.S. Army.

2 Caroline Clark (10) McNeilly, Nashville; b. 30 July 1958, Nashville.

3 Eleanor Folk (10) McNeilly, b. 23 Aug. 1961, Nashville.

ii Carey Folk (9) McNeilly, Columbia, S.C., b. 9 Oct. 1934, Nashville, Tenn.; mgr. of acctng.; md. (1) 8 Feb. 1958, Atlanta, Ga., Gwynn Lanier, b. 26 Sept. 1935, Atlanta. Children: 1 Carey Folk, Jr.; 2 Claudia Lanier. This marriage ended in divorce, Sept. 1967.

Carey Folk (9) McNeilly md. (2) 19 Aug. 1970, Nashville, Tenn., Mary Gracie Clayton, b. 2 Apr. 1938, Nashville. Child: 3 John Gates.

Children of Carey Folk (9) McNeily and Gwynn Lanier:
1 Carey Folk (10) McNeilly, Jr., b. 12 Mar. 1960, Atlanta, Ga.
2 Claudia Lanier (10) McNeilly, b. 30 Mar. 1962.

Child of Carey Folk (9) McNeilly and Mary Gracie Clayton:
3 John Gates (10) McNeilly, b. 21 Mar. 1971, Nashville, Tenn.

4 Jane Carey (8) Folk, Shelbyville, Tenn., b. 13 Feb. 1911, Nashville, Tenn.; retired; taught speech correction 17 years, Bedford Co. Tenn. public schools; md. 28 Dec. 1935, Nashville, Tenn., Robert McGill Thomas of Shelbyville, Tenn.; hosiery mfr., b. 27 Aug. 1906; d. 30 June 1967. Children: i Robert McGill, Jr.; ii
Carey Gates.

i Robert McGill (9) Thomas, Jr., New York, N.Y., b. 9 May 1939, Shelbyville, Tenn.; attended Webb School and Yale Univ.; reporter N.Y. TIMES; md. 24 Feb. 1962, New York City (Staten Island), Joan Elizabeth Lynch, b. 17 June 1936, New York City (Staten Island); Vassar grad.; magazine researcher; nursery school teacher; legal asst. Children: identical twins, 1 David Folk; 2 Andrew Lynch.

1 David Folk (10) Thomas, b. 19 Feb. 1964, New York, N.Y.; student, Trinity School, N.Y.

2 Andrew Lynch (10) Thomas, b. 19 Feb. 1964, New York; student, Trinity School., N.Y.

ii Carey Gates (9) Thomas, Birmingham, Ala., b. 9 July 1944, Tenn.; attended Randolph Macon College; B.A. Birmingham Southern, 1966; md. 14 Aug. 1965, Shelbyville, Tenn., William Lyle Hinds, Jr., b. 8 Sept. 1938, Montgomery, Ala.; grad. the Citadel, 1960; L.L.B. Univ. of Va., 1965; attorney. Children: 1 William Lyle, III; 2 Jane Carey; 3 Robert Gates; 4 Carey Martin.

1 William Lyle (10) Hinds, III, b. 29 May 1968, Birmingham, Ala.

2 Jane Carey (10) Hinds, b. 17 Apr. 1970; d. 21 Apr. 1970, Birmingham, Ala.

3 Robert Gates (10) Hinds, b. 24 Apr. 1971, Birmingham, Ala.

4 Carey Martin (10) Hinds, b. 25 Sept. 1976, Birmingham, Ala.

viii Mathesia Bell (7) Folk, “May”, b. 5 July 1873, Brownsville, Tenn.; d. 1 July 1958, New York, N.Y.; bur. in Folk family lot in Brownsville, Tenn.; md. James Avery Webb, b. 2 July 1868, Ripley, Tenn. Sans issue. May Folk Webb co-authored the CARY-ESTES GENEALOGY.

ix Humphrey Bate (7) Folk, b. 26 July 1875, Brownsville, Tenn.; d. 15 Apr. 1939, Nashville, Tenn.; md. 23 Jan. 1906, Midway, Ky., Ruth Parrish, b. 25 Oct. 1879, Midway, Ky., d. Feb. 1955, St. Augustine, Fla. Children: I Margaret Emily Magofin; 2 Humphrey Estes.

1 Margaret Emily Magofin (8) Folk, b. 21 June 1907, d. 29 Sept. 1968, Midway; md. 12 Nov. 1929, Nashville, Tenn., Hilliard D. Phillips, b. 16 Aug. 1905;d. 11 Jan. 1951, St. Augustine, F’la. Children: i Mary Ruth; ii Hilliard Folk.

i Mary Ruth (9) Phillips, Youngstown, Ohio, b. 8 Dec. 1932, Nashville, Tenn.; md. 10 Sept. 1950, St. Augustine, Fla., Jim Neil Moreland, b. 6 Dec. 1931, Detroit, Mich.; engineer; Director of Corporate Research and Engineering, Rockwell International. Children: 1 Rebecca Folk; 2 Deborah Niel; 3 James Edward; 4 David Allen.

1 Rebecca Folk (10) Moreland, Baltimore, Md., b. 24 Dec. 1951, Gainesville, Fla.; employed by Industrial Health Services; M.S. in Public Health.

2 Deborah Niel (10) Moreland, Powhatan, Va., b. 17 Aug. 1954, Schenectady, N.Y.; student T.C. Williams Law School, Univ. of Richmond; md. David M.

3 James Edward (10) Moreland, b. 16 July 1956, Roanoke, Va.; student Emory and Henry College, Emory, Va.

4 David Allen (10) Moreland, b. 14 Aug. 1960, Roanoke, Va.; student Univ. of Richmond, Richmond, Va.

ii Hilliard Folk (9) Phillips, Nashville, Tenn., b. 16 June 1934, Nashville; Civil Engineering; md. 27 Feb. 1960, Lookout Mt., Tenn., Sylvia Anderson, b. 29 Nov. 1937, Chattanooga, Tenn.; teacher. Children: 1 Michael Ward; 2 Tedford Folk; 3 Nancy Kimbrough.

1 Michael Ward (10) Phillips, b. 11 Nov. 1960, Knoxville, Tenn.
2 Tedford Folk (10) Phillips, b. 3 Fel
3 Nancy Kimbrough (10) Phillips, b. 8 Feb. 1963, Jacksonville, Fla.

2 Humphrey Estes (8) Folk, b. 23 Sept. P retired banker; md. 29 July 1930, Fran Rodgers, b. 27 Feb. 1913, Memphis. Cf Rodgers; ii Humphrey Estes, Jr.

i Martha Rodgers (9) Folk, Memphi Aug. 1931, Memphis; owner of “La Boutique," a speciality shop; md. 12 Aug. 1952, Memphis, Charles Cleveland Drennon, Jr. Children: 1 Catherine Weller 2 Charles Cleveland, III.

1 Catherine Weller (10) Drennon, b. 13 Nov. 1955, Nashville, Tenn., md. 30 Aug. 1974, Marvin Alf Reed. Child: i Marvin Alf, Jr.

i Marvin Alf (11) Reed, Jr., b. 2 2 Charles Cleveland (10) Drennon,

2 Charles Cleveland (10) Drennon, III, b. 9 Feb. 1957, Memphis, Tenn.

ii Humphrey Estes (9) Folk, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., b. 9 Feb. 1936, Memphis; president of construction co., md. 12 Feb. 1956, Catherine Prest. 1 Humphrey Estes, III; 2 Michael; 3 Christopher; 4 Carey.

1 Humphrey Estes (10) Folk, III, b. 2 Oct. 1955, Nashville.
2 Michael (10) Folk, b. 1 Apr. 1960, Memphis.
3 Christopher (10) Folk, b. 8 Mar. 1963, Memphis.
ke, 4 Carey (10) Folk, b. 28 Aug. 1966, Memphis.

x Ludile Cornelia (7) Folk, b. 8 Sept. 1878, Orysa, Lauderdale Co., Tenn.; d. 24 Mar. 1951, bur. 25 Mar. Oakwood Cemetery, Brownsville, Tenn.; md. 30 May 1901, Brownsville, Tenn., Dr. Allen Ennis Cox, b. 11 May 1872, Honea Path, S.C.; d. Aug. 1954. Child: Allen Estes, "Jr." (although different middle name).

1 Allen Estes (8) Cox, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., b. 4 Nov. 1902,  Milan, Tenn.; B.A. Vanderbilt, 1923; L.L.B. Yale Law School 1926; retired attorney, firm of Waring, Walker and Cox after 48 years; md. (1) 10 Feb. 1931, Jackson, Tenn., Hortense Beare, b. 17 Nov. 1906, Jackson; d. 23 Oct. 1956. Children: i Allen, III; ii Robert Lee; iii Mary Reiney.

Allen Estes (8) Cox, Jr., md. (2) 10 Mar. 1961, Margaret Tayloe Forkin, Memphis, Tenn.; sans issue.

Children of Allen Estes (8) Cox, Jr. and Hortense Beare:
i Allen (9) Cox, III, Memphis, Tenn., b. 26 Dec. 1932, Memphis, Tenn.; plantation operator in Arkansas; md. 7 Dec. 1963, Jackson, Tenn., Sally Sanders, b. Mar. 1940, Jackson, Tenn. Child: 1 Allison Beare. This marriage ended in divorce, 1968.

1 Allison Beare (10) Cox, Columbus, Ga., b. 24 Sept. 1965, Memphis, Tenn.

ii Robert Lee (9) Cox, Memphis, Tenn., b. 20 Dec. 1935, Memphis, Tenn.; B.A. and L.L.B. Univ. of Va.; atty.; partner of firm Waring, Cox, Sklar, Allen, Chafetz & Watson; md. Children: 1 Robert; 2 Scott; 3 Carey.

iii Mary Reiney (9) Cox, Wash., D.C., b. 12 Nov. 1937, Memphis, Tenn.; law student; md. 30 Apr. 1960, Memphis, Tenn., Sandford Garner, Jr., b. 16 June 1924, Henning, Tenn.; clergyman, Rector Christ Church, Georgetown, Wash., D.C. (Episcopal). Children: Sandford, III; 2 James Allen; 3 Robert Reiney.

1 Sandford (10) Garner, III, b. 12 Nov. 1961, Kenosha, Wis.
2 James Allen (10) Garner, b. 9 Feb 1963, Kenosha, Wis.
3 Robert Reiney (10) Garner, b. 11 July 1965, Knoxville, Tenn.

Moreau Pinckney (5) Estes md. Mary Quarles Noel. We continue with their 4th child, Joel Henry:

4 Joel Henry (6) Estes, md. (1) Martha Ann Mann. Children: i Mary Noel; ii Austin Mann; iii Joel Henry, Jr.; iv Nora Bell; v Patrick Mann; vi Lucy Cornelia; vii Moreau Pinckney; viii Martha Ann.

Joel Henry (6) Estes md. (2) Mildred Henry Anderson. Children: ix Edmund Anderson; x Emily Day.

Joel Henry (6) Estes md. (3) Minnie Landrum Bacon; sans issue.

Children of Joel Henry (6) Estes and Martha Ann Mann:
i Mary Noel (7) Estes, b. 8 Nov. 1863, family home “Estes Hall”, Haywood Co., Tenn.; d. 8 June 1948, Plant City, Fla.; md. Thomas Edwin Moody; (see “Family Connections”). Children: 1 Thomas Edwin, Jr.; 2 Henry Shelton; 3 Patrick Mann; 4 Gladys Elizabeth; 5 Gray Estes.

1 Thomas Edwin (8) Moody, Jr., (known as “Sr.”), “Mr. Edwin,” b. 8 Sept. 1885, ——Tenn.; d. 23 June 1948, Boone, N.C.; md. Dec. 1909, Anna Louise Herron, dau. of Samuel and Martha Patton Herron, b. 12 Aug. 1881; d. 28 Feb. 1965, Plant City, Fla.; came from Trezevant, Tenn.; was teacher in Plant City, Fla. public schools. Children: i Thomas Edwin, III; ii Frank Herron; iii James Shelton; iv Martha Louise.

i Thomas Edwin (9) Moody, III, b. 12 Oct. 1910; md. 6 Apr. 1933, Mary Groover Knowles, b. 24 Feb. 1914, White Springs, Fla.; d. 28 Sept. 1975, Plant
City. Children: 1 Thomas Edwin, IV; 2 Julia Ann; 3 David Patrick; 4 Samuel Herron.

1 Thomas Edwin (10) Moody, IV, “Tem”, San Antonio, Tex., b. 11 Feb. 1935, Gainesville, Fla.; grad. Fla. State Univ.; with F.B.I. —Special Agent; md. 15 Feb. 1959, Plant City, Fla., Cynthia Percy, b. 25 Mar. 1940, Framingham, Mass. Children: i Pamela Ann; ii Cynthia Lynn; iii Thomas Edwin, V.

i Pamela Ann (11) Moody, b. 13 Oct. 1960, Plant City, Fla.; student - Lamar Univ., Beaumont, Tex.
ii Cynthia Lynn (11) Moody, b. 25 May 1964, Plant City.
iii Thomas Edwin (1 1) Moody, V. “Ted”, b. 27 Apr. 1968, San Antonio, Bexar, Tex.

2 Julie Ann (10) Moody, b. 13 May 1937, Plant City, Fla.; grad. Fla. Southern College; teaches at Bryan Elem. Sch., Plant City; md. 16 Nov. 1958, First
Pres. Church, Plant City, Charles H. Hearn, Jr., b. 12 Feb. 1935, Plant City banker. Children: i Catherine Ann; ii Charles David.

i Catherine Ann (11) Hearn, b. 17 Aug. 1959, Plant City.
ii Charles David (11) Hearn, b. 19 Apr. 1961, Plant City.

3 David Patrick (10) Moody, b. 30 Dec. 1942; d.—-1954.

4 Samuel Herron (10) Moody, Houston, Tex., b. 12 June 1948; grad. Ga. Inst. of Tech.; auditor for Blue Cross, Blue Shield; md.-—- 1970, Elizabeth
Sherman. Child: Elizabeth Helen.

ii Frank Herron (9) Moody, b. 23 Nov. 1911, Plant City, Fla.; see Appendix for biographical data; md. Hazel Orell Wiggins, dau. of Fred Roebuck and Edith
Hull Wiggins; b. 23 Jan. 1913. Children: 1 Kay; 2 Frank Estes; 3 Gail; 4 John H.

I Kay (10) Moody, Plant City, Fla., b. 30 May 1934, Plant City; elem. school teacher; md. (1) 27 Nov. 1953, Plant City, Charles Thomas Johnson, Jr., b.
4 June 1931, Plant City; d. 10 Aug. 1975; was with Moody & Moody Ins. Agency. Children: 1 Mary Kathryn; ii Patricia Gail; iii Charles Thomas,

i Mary Kathryn (11) Johnson, b. 1 Mar. 1957; student at Fla. State Univ.
ii Patricia Gail (11) Johnson, b. 7 Oct. 1958, Plant City; student - Stetson Univ.
iii Charles Thomas (11) Johnson, III, b. 5 Aug. 1965, Plant City; student - Marshall Jr. High.

2 Frank Estes (10) Moody, Sarasota, Fla., b. 29 Aug. 1935; grad. Fla. State Univ.

3 Gail (10) Moody, Plant City, b. 11 Sept. 1936; grad. Fla. Southern College.

4 John H. (10) Moody, Bradenton, Fla., b.-—; grad. Furman Univ.

iii James Shelton (9) Moody, b. 29 Dec. 1915; md. 29 Nov. 1939, Irma Cone, (dau. of Elijah William and Edna Henrietta Story Cone). Children: 1 Carole Ann;
2 James Shelton, Jr.; 3 William Cone.

1 Carole Ann (10) Moody, Melbourne, Fla., b. 13 Jan. 1943, Tampa, Fla.; B.A. and M. Ed., Univ. of Fla.; instructor, Fla. Inst. of Tech.; md. 22 Apr. 1967, Naval Air Base Chapel, Jacksonville, Fla., Wesley W. Shelton, Jr., b. 6 Aug. 1941, San Diego, Calif.; B.S., M.S.E.E., Ph.D. Univ. of Fla.; professor Fla. Inst. Tech. (electrical engineering). Children: i Mark Wesley; ii Stephanie Anne. There is an adopted dau., Jennifer Christine.

i Mark Wesley (11) Shelton, b. 10 Nov. 1970, Gainesville, Fla.
ii Stephanie Anne (11) Shelton, b. 11 July 1975, Syracuse, N.Y.

iv Martha Louise (9) Moody, Plant City, Fla., b. 5 Feb. 1920; md. Joel Brand Lasiter, (son of Joel Tyler and Frances Ste ckley Lasiter). Children: 1 Patricia Louise;
2 Margaret Gray.

1 Patricia Louise (10) Lasiter, b. 21 July 1944.
2 Margaret Gray (10) Lasiter, b. 11 June 1947.

2 Henry Shelton (8) Moody, Bradenton, Fla., b. 16 Apr. 1892; d. summer 1980; was mgr. of Southeast Manatee Nat’l Bk., Fla.; md. Sept. 1917, Annie Luke; sans issue.

3 Patrick Mann (8) Moody, b. 21 Feb. 1890, d. 1974; mgd. Moody & Moody Ins. Agcy. - 19 13-1974; md. 5 Dec. 1919, Ida Caroline Parks, b. 22 Oct. 1893; sans issue.

4 Gladys Elizabeth (8) Moody, b. 18 Aug. 1894; d. 7 Dec. 1974; md. 14 June 1922, William Reece Smith, son of Israel Jefferson and Dolly Lee Smith, b. 23 Mar. 1894. Child: William Reece, Jr.

i William Reece (9) Smith, Jr., b. 19 Sept., 1925, Athens, McMinn Co., Tenn.; attorney; md. 3 Aug. 1963, Tampa, Fla., Marlene Medina, b. 19 Feb. 1934, Tampa, Hillsborough Co., Fla.; homemaker, Chairman of Bd. of Trustees, Hillsborough Community College. Child: William Reece, III.

1 William Reece (10) Smith, III, b. 3 Apr. 1966.

Joel Henry (6) Estes md. Martha Ann Mann. We continue with the listings of their 5th child, Patrick Mann:

v Patrick Mann (7) Estes, b. 27 Jan. 1872, Haywood Co., Tenn.; d. 16 Feb. 1947; killed in car collision with train; co-author of CARY-ESTES GENEALOGY; md. Gray McLaughlin, b. 10 Nov. 1875, Nashville, Tenn.; d. 25 Nov. 1943. Children: 1 Elizabeth Warner; 2 Martha Noel; 3 Patrick Mann, Jr.

1 Elizabeth Warner (8) Estes, b. 4 Dec. 1902, Nashville, d. 31 Mar. 1965; md. (1) 31 Dec. 1924, William Waller, Jr., b. 28 Oct. 1898. Child: i William, Jr.
Elizabeth Warner (8) Estes, md. (2) 22 Apr. 1930, Will Polk Kirkman, b. 2 Aug. 1901. Child: ii Patricia Estes.

ii Patricia Estes (9) Kirkman, Nashville, Tenn., b. 1 Mar. 1931, Nashville, md. Jesse Maxwell Overton Colton. Children: 1 Elizabeth Estes; 2 Jesse Maxwell Overton, Jr.

2 Martha Noel (8) Estes, Nashville, Tenn., b. 17 Feb. 1905, Nashville, Tenn.; md. (1) 19 Oct. 1927, Nashville, Tenn., Sydney Frazer Keeble, b. 25 Nov. 1903; d. 5 Dec. 1947. Children: i Sydney Frazer, Jr.; ii Gray McLaughlin.

Martha Noel (8) Estes md (2) Joseph Pinckney Lawrence; sans issue.

Children of Martha Noel (8) Estes and Sydney Frazer Keeble:
i Sydney Frazer (9) Keeble, Jr., Nashville, Tenn., b. 30 Sept. 1928, Nashville; Sr. V.P. Life and Casualty Ins. Co.; also an attorney; md. 29 Aug. 1959, Sheila Broderick of Muncie, md. Children: 1 Grace Barrett; 2 Patrick Mann; 3 Anne Gray McLaughlin.

ii Gray McLaughlin (9) Keeble, b. 18 Oct. 1930, Nashville, Tenn.; md. 18 Apr. 1952, Robert Windslow Bolster. Children: 1 Martha Estes; 2 Katherine Tarkington; 3 Robert Windslow, Jr.

3 Patrick Mann (8) Estes, Jr., b. 8 Feb. 1912, Nashville, Tenn. B.A. Univ. of Va.; L.L.B. Vanderbilt Univ.; served in WW II; achieved rank of major; md. 16 Nov. 1960, Caroline Jones Boyd, a widow with three children.

vii Moreau Pinckney (7) Estes, III, b. 16 Mar. 1876, Haywood Co., Tenn.; md. (1) 14 Sept. 1904, Gallatin, Tenn., Clarabel Turner; d. 1905; md. (2) Lula B. Epperson. Child: Clara Clarke.

Moreau Pinckney (7) Estes, III md. (3) 26 Apr. 1916, Lillian Cole. Child: 2 Moreau Pinckney, IV.

Child of Moreau Pinckney (7) Estes, III and Lula B. Epperson:
1 Clara Clarke (8) Estes, b. 18 Aug. 1912.

Child of Moreau Pinckney (7) Estes, III and Lillian Cole:
2 Moreau Pinckney (8) Estes, IV, Brentwood, Tenn., b. 10 Oct. 1917, Nashville, Tenn.; atty.

Children of Joel Henry (6) Estes and Mildred Henry Anderson:
ix Edmund Anderson (7) Estes, md. Rose Matlock. Child: Joel Henry, III.

1 Joel Henry (8) Estes, III, b. 9 Nov. 1911, Haywood Co., Tenn., d. 8 Feb. 1967, Ruston, La.; md. (1) 16 May 1936, Margaret Claire Zeller; md. (2) 15 Feb. 1952, Ruth Pott, b. 17 Apr. 1924, Rayville, La.; Office Mgr. Ruston, La. Water & Light Dept. Children: i Joel Henry, IV; ii Edmund Anderson.

i Joel Henry (9) Estes, IV, b. 7 Jan. 1954, Winnsboro, La.; grad. student pursuing M.S. in Elec. Engr., La. Tech. Univ.
ii Edmund Anderson (9) Estes, b. 17 Oct. 1955, Winnsboro, La.; in U.S. Navy.

Moreau Pinckney (5) Estes md. Mary Quarles Noel. We continue with the listings of their 6th child, Lucy Quarles:

6 Lucie Quarles (6) Estes, md. Charles Stephens Olin Rice. Children: i Mary Irene; ii Charles Stephens Olin, Jr.; iii Louisa Linerieux; iv Marion; v Ernest; vi Moreau Ewell; vii Mattie Sue; viii Shadrack; ix Lucie Quarles; x Ralph Estes; xi and xii twins, a boy and a girl.

v Ernest (7) Rice, b. 31 Aug. 1872, Lauderdale Co., Tenn.; md. 20 Dec. 1902, Dyersburg, Tenn., Katherine Klyce.
Children: 1 Katherine Estes; 2 Ernest, Jr.; 3 Henry.

1 Katherine Estes (8) Rice, b. 30 Dec. 1904, Dyersburg, Tenn.; d. 13 Apr. 1965, Nashville, Tenn.; md. 15 Jan. 1929, Harold Gladstone Lowe, b. 31 Aug. 1900, Nashville, Tenn.; d. 8 July 1969, Franklin (now Brent-wood) Tenn.; Pres. Oil Corp., realtor, trustee, farmer, businessman. Children: i Harold Gladstone, Jr.; ii Katherine Rice.

i Harold Gladstone (9) Lowe, Jr., Nashville, Tenn. b. 3 Aug. 1933, Nashville, Tenn.; professional news photographer; now with Tenn. State govt.; md. (1) Ann Poteat; this marriage ended in divorce, 1965. Child: 1 Harold Guy.

Harold Gladstone (9) Lowe, Jr. md. (2) Beverly C. Armstrong; sans issue; md. (3) Linda Brown (Logan), b. 29 Dec. 1939, Columbia, Tenn.; sec’y to Pres., Castner-Knott Co. (dept. stores); sans issue.

Child of Harold Gladstone (9) Lowe, Jr. and Ann Poteat:
1 Harold Guy (10) Lowe, B. 23 July 1958; name changed to Guy Wade in Fla.

ii Katherine Rice (9) Lowe (uses maiden name), AKA Katherine Rice Lowe-Ebersole, (“Kitty”), b. 3 Jan. 1936, Nashville, Tenn.; opera and concert singer; portrait artist; writer; travel agent; now full-time minister Lord’s Chapel, Nashville, Tenn. and shares ministry at Faith Chapel, Huntsville, Ala.; md. 9 Apr. 1955, West End Meth. Church, Nashville, Raymond Arthur Ebersole, Jr., b. 28 Oct. 1932, Easton, Pa.; worked for NASA on space rockets; marriage ended in divorce, May 1956. Child: Donald Rice.

1 Donald Rice (10) Ebersole, “Don”, Naples, Fla.; name changed (1) to Donald Rice Lowe-Ebersole, Aug. 1969, (2) to Donald Rice Lowe, June 1973; mgr. of a Radio Shack (div. of Tandy Corp.); md. 16 June 1979, Garden of the Moorings Pres. Church, Naples, Fla., Joyce Ann Baumgardner, (dau. of William Oscar and Jo An Baumgardner, of Naples, fla.)

2 Ernest (8) Rice, Jr., md. Gladys Work. Child: Ernest, III.

3 Henry Klyce (8) Rice, b. 2 May 1912, Dyersburg, Tenn.; d. 19 July 1968; farmer-landowner; md. 15 Jan. 1938, St. John’s Episcopal Church, Tampa, Fla., Susanne Hampton Brown, b. 17 Feb. 1912, Pensacola, Fla. Children: i Eleanore Hampton; ii Susanne Estes; iii Henry Klyce, Jr.

i Eleanore Hampton (9) Rice, Dyersburg, Tenn., b. 5 June 1941, Nashville, Tenn.; gift shop owner; md. 20 May 1961, Bobby Gerald Dean, b. 28 Oct. 1936, Dyersburg; communications engineer. Children: 1 Elizabeth Hampton; 2 Robert Williamson.

1 Elizabeth Hampton (10) Dean, b. 25 Sept. 1963, Dyersburg.
2 Robert Williamson (10) Dean, b. 3 May 1967, Dyersburg.

ii Susanne Estes (9) Rice, Lakeland, Fla., b. 16 Feb. 1945; md. -—— Allen.

iii Henry Klyce (9) Rice, Jr., Dyersburg, Tenn., b. 28 Aug. 1950; farmer - landowner.

Lucie Quarks (6) Estes md. Charles Stephens Olin Rice. We continue with the listings of their 6th child, Moreau Ewell:
vi Moreau Ewell (7) Rice, md. Daisy Anderson. Children:
1 Ewell Linerieux; 2 Charles Stephens Olin, III; 3 Alice Anderson; 4 Moreau Ewell; 5 David John; 6 Infant dau.

2 Charles Stephens Olin (8) Rice, III, b. 21 June 1903; md. Amelia Young, Memphis, Tenn. Child: Charles Stephens Olin, IV.

i Charles Stephens Olin (9) Rice, IV.

3 Alice Anderson (8) Rice, b. 21 June 1907; unmd.

4 Moreau Ewell (8) Rice, Jr., b. 11 Dec. 1910; md. Eula Estelle Walker. Children: i Jo Ann; ii Susan Walker.

i Jo Ann (9) Rice, Rockford, Md., b. 16 Nov. 1935, Brownsville, Tenn.; md. 2 Feb. 1957, Knoxville, Tenn., Boyd Smith Koffman, (son of James and Martha
Hockaday Koffman), b. 17 Sept. 1929, Bellglade, Fla. Children: 1 Boyd Moreau; 2 Steven Harrison; 3 Andrew David; 4 Katherine Elizabeth.

1 Boyd Moreau (10) Koffman, b. 21 July 1960, Santa Maria, Calif.
2 Steven Harrison (10) Koffman, b. 14 July 1961, Santa Maria.
3 Andrew David (10) Koffman, b. 12 May 1964, Santa Maria.
4 Katherine Elizabeth(l0) Koffman, b. 20 Oct. 1967, St. Louis, Mo.

ii Susan Walker (9) Rice, Brownsville, Tenn., b. 11 Aug. 1942, Brownsville, Tenn., md. 28 Feb. 1969, Atlanta, Ga., Charles Edward Scott, son of Mr. and Mrs. Wayne Duvall Scott, b. 22 Sept. 1931, Paducah, Ky. Children: 1 Tamara Walker; 2 David Wayne.

1 Tamara Walker (10) Scott, b. 29 July 1973, Atlanta, Ga.
2 David Wayne (10) Scott, b. 19 June 1976, Jackson, Tenn.

5 David John (8) Rice, Henning, Tenn., b. 31 Oct. 1914, unmd.

Lucie Quarles (6) Estes md. Charles Stephens Olin Rice. We continue with their 7th child, Mattie Sue:

vii Mattie Sue (7) Rice, b. 28 June 1876; d. 27 June 1929; md. Orysa, Tenn., Clarence Mott Walker, son of Thomas Jefferson and Bettie Sweet Walker of Dyersburg, Tenn., b. 9 Dec. 1868, Upper Finley Rd., Dyersburg; was Superintendent of Schools, Dyersburg. Children: 1 Thomas Jefferson; 2 Charles Rice; 3 Lucie Estes.

1 Thomas Jefferson (8) Walker, b. 7 Dec. 1900, Dyersburg, Tenn.; farmer; md. 26 June 1928, Dyersburg, Annabel Draper Bratton, b. 9 June 1905, Dyersburg. Children: i Annabel; ii Thomas Jefferson, Jr.

i Annabel (9) Walker, Birmingham, Ala., b. 13 Apr. 1929, Dyersburg, Tenn.; md. 20 Dec. 1949, Dyersburg, Tenn., R.B. Johnson, b. 22 May 1923, Lauderdale Co., Tenn.; mechanical engineer. Children: I Russell Bratton; 2 Jeffrey Walker; 3 Melinda Ann.

1 Russell Bratton (10) Johnson, Nashville, Tenn., b. 12 Apr. 1952, Birmingham, Ala.; statistician for insurance company; md. 3 Sept. 1977, Laura Lynn Padgett.

2 Jeffrey Walker (10) Johnson, b. 11 Dec. 1963, Birmingham, Ala.

3 Melinda Ann (10) Johnson, b. 21 Mar. 1968, Birniingham, Ala.

ii Thomas Jefferson (9) Walker, Jr., Gainesville, Fla., b.24 July 1931, Dyer Co., Tenn.; professor; md. 2 May 1959, Tifton, Ga., Jane Dorothy Beck, b. 25 May 1933, Monroe, Mich.; stable manager. Children: I Rose Ann; 2 William Thomas.

1 Rose Ann (10) Walker, b. 10 Apr. 1961, Gainesville, Fla.
2 William Thomas (10) Walker, b. 30 Mar. 1963, Gainesville, Fla.

2 Charles Rice (8) Walker, b. 3 Oct. 1909, Dyersburg, Tenn.; professor of Eng. Univ. of Tenn., Knoxville; md. 12 June 1938, Ripley, Tenn.; Roberta Emily Durham, dau. of Mr. and Mrs. Robert W. Durham of Ripley, b. 18 Dec. 1910, Ripley; homemaker; former school teacher and social worker. Children: i Charles Rice, Jr.; ii Robert Dean.

i Charles Rice (9) Walker, Jr., b. 25 Nov. 1942, Memphis, Tenn.; traffic engineer West Palm Beach Co., Fla.; md. 7 Aug. 1965, Knoxville, Tenn., Patricia Lynn Johnson, b. 6 Jan. 1944, Knoxville, Tenn. Children: 1 Patrice Ellen; 2 Carol Elaine.

I Patrice Ellen (10) Walker, b. 6 Sept. 1971, Toledo, Ohio.
2 Carol Elaine (10) Walker, b. 26 July 1974, Toledo.

ii Robert Dean (9) Walker, Brookline, Mass., b. 30 Dec. 1947, Boston , Mass.; computer engineer Kentron, Ltd.; md. 20 Nov. 1971, Petersham, Mass., Dianne Elizabeth Patrick (uses hyphenated last name: “Patrick-Walker”); b. 23 Mar. 1950, Waltham, Mass.

3 Lucie Estes (8) Walker, Savannah, Tenn., b. 24 Mar. 1913, Dyersburg, Tenn.; md. 8 Oct. 1938, First Meth. Church, Dyersburg, Henry Eugene Williams, b. 21 June 1914, Savannah, Tenn.; owner Williams Ins. Agency; first 13 years of marriage family lived in Knoxville, then moved to Savannah. Children: i Katherine Jo; ii Henry Eugene, Jr.

i Katherine Jo (9) Williams, Hartsville, Tenn., b. 4 Feb. 1941, Knoxville, Tenn.; interviewer - State of Tenn., Dept. of Employment Security; md. 28 Dec. 1971, Savannah, Tenn., Philip H. Ivey, b. 22 May 1950, Parsons, Tenn.; Asst. Mgr. Western Auto Store; former newspaper editor. Children: 1 Jeffrey Haywood; 2
Lucie Kate.

1 Jeffrey Haywood (10) Ivey, b. 24 Oct. 1973, Jackson, Tenn.
2 Lucie Kate (10) Ivey, b. 13 June 1977, Lebanon, Tenn.

ii Henry Eugene (9) Williams, Jr., Savannah, Tenn., b. 19 Apr. 1945, Knoxville, Tenn.; Civil Engineer.

viii Shadrack (7) Rice, md. Lavinia Flournoy Read. Children: 1 Mary Irene; 2 Annie Flournoy; 3 Eugenia Read.

1 Mary Irene (8) Rice, b. 25 Jan. 1916, Durh.amville, Tenn., d.4 July 1971.

2 Annie Flournoy (8) Rice, b. 23 Aug. 1923, Durhamville; d. 14 July 1966.

3 Eugenia Read (8) Rice, b. 7 Dec. 1929, Lauderdale Co., Tenn.; teacher; md. 12 Apr. 1951, Durhamville, Tenn. William Gregg Eubanks, b. 9 Dec. 1928, Omaha, Ill.; rural letter carrier. Children: i William Gregg, Jr.; ii Shadrack Rice.

i William Gregg (9) Eubanks, Jr., b. 28 May 1954, Ripley, Tenn.; student Ill. College of Optometry, Chicago, Ill.; md. 22 May 1976, Katina Leigh Smith.

ii Shadrack Rice (9) Eubanks, b. 26 Nov. 1956, Eldorado, Ill.; student Murray State Univ., Murray, Ky.

x Ralph Estes (7) Rice md. (1) Rosa Lee Oldham. Child: 1 Cornelia Linerieux.

Ralph Estes (7) Rice md. (2) 28 May 1919, Haywood Co., Tenn., Myra Landrum Bacon, b. 24 Oct. 1886, Fulton, Tenn., d. 18 Oct. 1978, Dyersburg, Tenn. Children: 2 Ralph Estes, Jr.; 3 Milton Bacon; 4 Mary Ann Lindsay.

Child of Ralph Estes (7) Rice and Rosa Lee Oldham:
1 Cornelia Linerieux (8) Rice, Des Moines, Iowa, md. 16 Feb. 1937, Chicago, Ill., Stephen Hopkins, b. 15 Aug. 1913, Chicago, Ill.; newspaper publisher (Marshfield New-Herald); Exec. Vice-Pres., newspapers, Forward Communications Core. Children: i Stephen Fenton; ii Lea Oldham.

i Stephen Fenton (9) Hopkins, Des Moines, Iowa, b. 22 Aug. 1938, Marshfield, Wis.; promotion magazine publishing, successful Farming Magazine, Meredith Pub.; md. 26 Sept. 1970, Missoula, Mont., Nancy Ann Benson, b. 23 Oct. 1944, Missoula, Mont.; consulting dietitian and free-lance writer; former assoc. food editor, BETTER HOMES AND GARDENS magazine. Child: Eden Ann.

1 Eden Ann (10) Hopkins, b. 28 May 1972, Des Moines, Iowa.

ii Lea Oldham (9) Hopkins, Bethesda, Md., b. 21 July 1945, Marshfield, Wood Co., Wis.; television reporter and Anchor Person WRC-TV, Wash., D.C.; md. 27 Sept. 1969, Marshfield, Wis., Durke Glynn Thompson, b. 5 Aug. 1942, Wash., D.C.; attorney, partner in firm Goldberg & Thompson. Child: Laetitia Taryn.

1 Laetitia Taryn (10) Thompson, “Tisha”, b. 23 Mar. 1977, Wash., D.C.

Children of Ralph Estes (7) Rice and Myra Landrum Bacon:
2 Ralph Estes (8) Rice, Jr., Idaho Falls, Idaho, b. 22 Mar. 1920, Dyersburg, Tenn.; nuclear reactor engineering (mech.); md. 13 July 1947, Lebanon, Tenn., Hallie Decker Martin, b. 20 May 1924, Nashville, Tenn.; teacher. Children: i Patricia Jean; ii Karen Estes.

i Patricia Jean (9) Rice, Kenai, Alaska, b. 12 June 1951, Harvey, Ill.; microbiologist - medical technician; md. to ___ Nelson.

ii Karen Estes (9) Rice, b. 7 May 1956, Idaho Falls, Idaho, employed in fish and wildlife management.

3 Milton Bacon (8) Rice, Dyersburg, Tenn., b. 19 July 1925, Dyersburg, Tenn.; grad. Duke Univ., 1950; Bronze Star - WW II.

4 Mary Ann Lindsay (8) Rice, Bristol, Va., b. 20 Sept. 1928, Dyersburg, Tenn.; elementary school librarian; md. 22 Aug. 1951, Dyersburg, Tenn., David Wayland Charlton, Jr. (son of the Rev. David and Charlotte Savory Charlton, Meth. minister, retired, Goldsboro, N.C., originally from Va.); b. 20 May 1926, Roanoke, Va.; Meth. minister; Dir. of Alcohol and Drug Services, Bristol Mental Health Ct. Children: i Joy Carol; ii David Wayland, III; iii Ralph Rice.

i Joy Carol (9) Charlton, Chicago, Ill., b. 18 Dec. 1952, Charlotte, N.C.; student - Northwestern Univ.; working on Ph.D. in Sociology.

ii David Wayland (9) Charlton, III;b. 17 Dec. 1956, Statesville, N.C., student - Emory and Henry College.

iii Ralph Rice (9) Charlton, b. 30 Apr. 1963, WinstonSalem, N.C.

Moreau Pinckney (5) Estes md. Mary Quarles Noel. We continue with their 8th child, Albert Carey:
8 Albert Carey (6) Estes, md. Leonora Perry Mann. Children: i Phredonia Bradford; ii Ewell Moreau; iii Albert Carey; iv Jefferson Mann; v Leonora Perry.

i Phredonia Bradford (7) Estes, b. 26 Aug. 1873, Brownsville, Tenn.; d. 30 Apr. 1948, Knoxville, Tenn.; md. 14 Jan. 1897, Brownsville, Robert Cooke Kefauver (son of Jacob Peter and Nancy Rieves Cooke Kefauver); b. 25 Aug. 1870, Madisonville, Tenn., d. 19 Feb. 1958, Madisonville, Tenn. Children: 1 Elizabeth; 2 Robert Fielding; 3 Carey Estes; 4 Nancy Rieves; 5 Leonora Mann.

3 Carey Estes (8) Kefauver, b. 26 July 1903, Madisonville, Tenn.; d. 10 Aug. 1963, Wash., D.C.; attorney; Congressman; distinguished Senator; Democratic candidate for Vice-Pres. of the U.S.; Who’s Who in America, Vol. 29, 1956-57, p. 1373; Who Was Who, 1961-70, Vol. 6, p. 618; author of several books; (see “Activities and Accolades”); md. 8 Aug. 1935, Glasgow, Scotland, Nancy Patterson Pigott, b. 21 Jan. 1911, Glasgow, Scotland; d. 20 Nov. 1967, Wash., D.C.; talented artist; Children: i Eleanor Cooke; ii Diane Carey; iii Gail Estes. There is an adopted son, David, who lives with his family on the Kefauver Plantation in Madisonville, Tenn.

i Eleanor Cooke (9) Kefauver, “Lindsay”, San Francisco, Calif., b. 24 Oct. 1941, Wash., D.C.; art historian; unmd.

ii Diane Carey (9) Kefauver, San Francisco, Calif., b. 19 Dec. 1947, Wash., D.C.; Program Dir., Calif., Democratic Party; unmd.

iii Gail Estes (9) Kefauver, San Francisco, Calif., b. 7 Oct. 1950, Wash., D.C.; editor’s assistant; unmd.

4 Nancy Rieves (8) Kefauver, Knoxville, Tenn., b. 10 Jan. 1907, Madisonville, Monroe Co., Tenn.; md. 24 Oct. 1942, Madisonville, Tenn., George Leroy Fooshee, b. 12 Aug. 1911, Sparta, Tenn.,; motel owner; now retired. Children: i George Estes; ii Nancy Elizabeth.

i George Estes (9) Fooshee, Knoxville, Tenn., b. 27 Apr. 1944, Knoxville.
ii Nancy Elizabeth (9) Fooshee, Studio City, Calif., b. 22 Dec. 1946, Knoxville, Tenn.; high school science teacher; actress - has done some commercial television and movies.

5 Nora Mann (8) Kefauver, New York City, b. 9 Apr. 1911, Madisonville, Tenn.; domestic science teacher; unmd.

iv Jefferson Mann (7) Estes md. Ruby Grace Wynne (dau. of George Washington and Ophelia Howard Wynne), b. 22 July 1882, Covington, Tenn., d. 8 July 1972, Studio City, Calif. Children: 1 Ada Virginia; 2 Ruby Grace; 3 Mary Leila.

1 Ada Virginia (8) Estes, movie name, “Virginia Bradford”, London, England, b. 18 Nov. 1900; silent movie actress (see “Activities and Accolades”); md. (1) Joseph Petrie Lyons; attorney, Memphis, Tenn. Child: i William Estes. (see her autobiography)

Ada Virginia (8) Estes, md. (2) Frederick Minter of Hollywood, Calif. Child: ii Frederick, Jr.

Ada Virginia (8) Estes, md. (3) 18 Nov. 1935, Thomas Prentice; sans issue. Ada Virginia (8) Estes, md. (4) —— Ward; sans issue.

Child of Ada Virginia (8) Estes and Joseph Petrie Lyons:
i William Estes (9) Lyons, North Hollywood, Calif., b. 1 Mar. 1922; musician; actor   — has appeared in some movies; unmd.

Child of Ada Virginia (8) Estes and Frederick Minter:
ii Frederick (9) Minter, Jr., Fullerton, Calif., b. 6 Dec. 1923; gynecologist; adopted by paternal grandparents; md. Children: 1 Ted Estes; 2 Mary Margaret; 3 Marian Gaye.

1 Ted Estes (10) Minter, b. 27 Oct-. 1950, Huntington Memorial Hosp., Pasadena, Calif.
2 Mary Margaret (10) Minter, b. 4 Dec. 1959, Huntington Memorial Hosp., Pasadena, Calif.
3 Marian Gaye (10) Minter, b. 13 Dec. 1960, Huntington Memorial Hosp., Pasadena, Calif.

2 Ruby Grace (8) Estes, Studio City, Calif., b. 7 Sept. 1901, Brownsville, Tenn.; nurse; operator of guest house; md. 24 Aug. 1924, Los Angeles, Calif. George Frederick Cannons (son of Sir Harry George and Annie West Cannons); b. July 8, 1896, London, Eng.; d. 27 Apr. 1972; was photographer for Mack Sennet in Hollywood; went to London and became prominent photogr3pher there. Children: Annie Mae; ii Robert Estes; iii Winifred Joyce; iv Harry George; v Mary Edith; vi Melody.

Ruby Grace (8) Estes, md. (2) 24 June 1944, Los Angeles, Calif. Jens E. Jensen, b. 11 Nov. 1911, Hollywood, Calif.;
a Lockheed engineer. Child: vii Virginia Grey.

Children of Ruby Grace (8) Estes and George Frederick Cannons:

Annie Mae (9) Cannons, Cornwall, Eng., b. 10 Sept. 1925, Los Angeles, Calif.; md. 6 Oct. 1948, Los Angeles, Stuart Henry Ball, b. 29 May 1922, Chelsea, London; landowner. Children: 1 Fredric Estes Joseph; 2 Julian Henry.

1 Fredric Estes Joseph (10) Ball, St. Agnes, Cornwall, Eng., b. 21 Oct. 1948, Van Nuys, Calif.; construction machine driver; md. 28 Aug. 1971, Pawlett, Somerset, Eng., Caroline Pope. Child: Ashley Steven.

i Ashley Steven (11) Ball, b. 28 Oct. 1978.

2 Julian Henry (10) Ball, b. 6 June 1959, Liskeard, Cornwall, Eng.; at Cardiff Univ. botany major.

ii Robert Estes (9) Cannons, b. 3 Mar. 1927, Los Angeles, Calif.; d. 26 Dec. 1947; md. Grace Bell. Child: Naomi Estes.

1 Naomi Estes (10) Cannons, Landford, Wiltshire, Eng., b. 3 Jan. 1948, Los Angeles, Calif.; md., London, Eng., Tim Bleaney. Children: i Sarah Grace Estes; ii Alice Mary Frazer; iii James Robert Frazer.

i Sarah Grace Estes (11) Bleaney, b. 3 July 1969, Richmond-on the Thames, England.
ii Alice Mary Frazer (11) Bleaney, b. 13 Mar. 1974, Richmond-on-the-Thames, England.
iii James Robert Frazer (11) Bleaney, b. 12 Mar. 1976, Richmond-on-the-Thames, England.

iii Winifred Joyce (9) Cannons, Cornwall, Eng., b. 9 Aug. 1928, Los Angeles, Calif., d. 23 Apr. 1966, Los Angeles; md. (1) London, Eng. Alex Ward. Children: 1 Mary Isabel; 2 Alice.

Winifred Joyce (9) Cannons, md. (2) 1959, London, Eng., Charles Mensinger; sans issue.

1 Mary Isabel (10) Ward, b. 30 May 1948; owns apparel shop “Count Down”, N.Y. City; travels extensively in business.
2 Alice (10) Ward, b. 20 June 1952, London, Eng.

iv Harry George (9) Cannons, b. 27 Mar. 1930, Glendale, Calif.; d. 12 Mar. 1972; md. (1) 1954, Dayton, Ohio, Diana Yeagle, b. 27 Mar. 1930, Glendale, Calif., d. in Paris; bur. at sea. Child: Kathryn Estes.

Harry George Cannons md. (2) Dec. 1962, London, Eng., Ann MacIntosh. Child: 2 Fergus Tracy.

Child of Harry George (9) Cannons and Diana Yeagle:
1 Kathryn Estes (10) Cannons, b. 3 Aug. 1955, Riverside, Calif.

Child of Harry George (9) Cannons and Ann MacIntosh:
2 Fergus Tracy (10) Cannons, b. 3 Oct. 1963, Cadiz, Spain.

v Mary Edith (9) Cannons, Studio City, Calif., b. 28 Sept. 1933, Edgware, Middlesex, Eng.; unmd.

vi Melody (9) Cannons, Granada Hills, Calif., b. 13 June 1941, Liskeard, Cornwall, Eng., md. Apr. 1960, Roger Manley, b. 1940, Los Angeles. Children: 1 Kaye Lynn; 2 Joann.

1 Kaye Lynn (10) Manley, b. 6 Jan. 1962, Los Angeles, Calif.
2 Joann (10) Manley, b. 3 Feb. 1963, Los Angeles.

Child of Ruby Grace (8) Estes and Jens E. Jensen:
vii Virginia Grey (9) Jensen, Los Angeles, Calif. b. 12 Jan. 1945, Los Angeles, Calif.; md. John Fier; an artist and writer. Child: Bop Jensen.
1 Bop Jensen (10) Fier, “Hipsos Bop”, b. 5 June 1969, San Francisco, Calif.

3 Mary Leila (8) Estes, b. 11 Feb. 1904.

Albert Carey (6) Estes md. Leonora Perry Mann. We continue with the listings of their 7th child, Leonora Perry:

vii Leonora Perry (7) Estes md. Dr. Timothy Daniel Welch. Children: 1 Phredonia Estes; 2 Frances Rogers; 3 Olivia Bradford; 4 Richard Noel.

1 Phredonia Estes (8) Welch, Memphis, Tenn., b. 12 Feb. 1912, Ellisville, Jones Co., Miss.; teacher of business education, Memphis City Schools; unmd.

2 Frances Rogers (8) Welch, Memphis, Tenn., b. 16 July 1914, Ellisville, Jones Co., Miss.; M.A. and J.D. (law) degrees; md. 26 Mar. 1938, Noel, Mo., Harry Eugene Guthrie, b. 13 Dec. 1916, Gentry, Ark.; salesman. Child: William Bradford.

i William Bradford (9) Guthrie, Memphis, Tenn., b. 5 Dec. 1941, Memphis; salesman; md. at Memphis, Sandra Louise Taylor. Children: 1 Tonya Louise; 2 William Bradford, Jr.; 3 Tracey Eugene.

1 Tonya Louise (10) Guthrie, b. 6 Aug. 1961, Memphis, Tenn.
2 William Bradford (10) Guthrie, Jr., b. 17 Dec. 1962, Memphis.
3 Tracey Eugene (10) Guthrie, b. 22 Oct. 1964, Memphis.

3 Olivia Bradford (8) Welch, Winston-Salem, N.C., b. 4 May 1916, Ellisville, Miss.; Administrative Secretary; md. 27 Dec. 1947, Memphis, Tenn., Marcellus Clement Kirchner, b. 16 Jan. 1906, Wheeling, W. Va.;d. 16 Dec. 1971;was an electronics engineer; active in early radio and TV development. Child: Marcellus.

i Marcellus (9) Kirchner, “Marc”, b. 2 Aug. 1954, Winston-Salem, N.C., grad. student Cornell Univ.; recipient numerous awards - for both personal qualities and scholarship; unmd.

4 Richard Noel (8) Welch, Memphis, Tenn., b. 19 Nov. 1924, Ellisville, Miss.; Sales Manager, Nord Photo; md. 13 Sept. 1957, at sea, between Rio de Janeiro and Santos, Brazil, Yolande Marie-Therese Kaufmann, b. 17 Apr. 1927, Falls Church, Va. Children: i Timothy Ransom; ii Kathleen Noel; iii Daniel Richard.

i Timothy Ransom (9) Welch, b. 29 Aug. 1958, Memphis, Tenn.; student, Vanderbilt Univ.
ii Kathleen Noel (9) Welch, b. 19 Nov. 1962, Memphis.
iii Daniel Richard (9) Welch, b. 10 Oct. 1966, Memphis.

Moreau Pinckney (5) Estes md. Mary Quarks Noel. We continue with the listings of their 10th child, Francis Marion:
10 Francis Marion (6) Estes md. (1) Sarah Fredonia Phillips. Children: i Francis Moreau; ii Grace.

Francis Marion (6) Estes md. (2) 5 Aug. 1896, St. Louis, Mo., Nellie Hancock Stockton, b. 30 Mar. 1870, Houston, Tex.; d. 9 June 1943, New York, N.Y. Child: iii Stockton Marion.

Children of Francis (6) Marion Estes and Sarah Fredonia Phillips:
i Francis Moreau (7) Estes, b. 15 Nov. 1880; ci. 7 Aug. 1972; involved in mining gold and platinum in So. Amer.; md. (1) Mary Phelan. Child: 1 Marion Clayton.

Francis Moreau (7) Estes md. (2) Zula Nebhut (King), a widow; sans issue.

Child of Francis Moreau (7) Estes and Mary Phelan:
1 Marion Clayton (8) Estes, “Clayton”, b. 17 Jan. 1915; md. (1) 6 June 1932, Ensign Laurence Win. Smythe, U.S. Navy; md. (2) 12 June 1935, El Paso, Tex., Lt. Ludwell Rector Pickett, U.S. Navy; md. (3) —— Scanlon, M.D. Children: i Helen Clayton; ii William Dennis.

i Helen Clayton (9) Scanlon, Chappaqua, N.Y., md. June 1965, Timothy Byrne; Chevrolet dealer. Children: 1 Clayton; 2 Austin; 3 Timothy, Jr.; 4 Toby; 5 Jennifer;
6 Meghan; 7 Dennis Christopher.

1 Clayton (10) Byrne, “Cici”, b. 23 Mar. 1966.
2 Austin (10) Byrne, “Aussie”, b. 27 Mar. 1967.
3 Timothy (10) Byrne, “Timmy”, b. 6 July 1968.
4 Toby (10) Byrne, b. 21 Nov. 1969.
5 Jennifer (10) Byrne, b. 4 June 1972.
6 Meghan (10) Byrne, b. 8 Aug. 1973.
7 Dennis Christopher (10) Byrne, b. 6 July 1976.

ii William Dennis (9) Scanlon, Canal Zone, md. Dec. 1967, Evelyn Rogowski, “Evie”. Children: 1 Patrick; 2 Kelly Cleighton.

1 Patrick (10) Scanlon, b. 12 Sept. 1968.
2 Kelly Cleighton (10) Scanlon, b. 16 May 1977.

ii Grace (7) Estes, b. 19 Feb. 1883, St. Louis, Mo.; d. 19 Aug. 1960, Bradenton, Fla.; md. 26 Dec. 1907, St. Louis, Charles Thomas Smith; b. 27 July 1876; ci. 18 Dec. 1960, Fredericktown, Mo.; ashes of both Grace Estes and Charles Thomas Smith are buried at Arlington Nat’l Cemetery. Child: Fairleigh Estes.

I Fairleigh Estes (8) Smith, Dreamboat Island, Fla., md. Norma Barry McNab. Children: i Alexander Fairleigh Estes; ii Doris Grace Estes.

Fairleigh Estes (8) Smith, md. (2); sans issue.

Children of Fairleigh Estes (8) Smith and Norma Barry McNab:
i Alexander Fairleigh Estes (9) Smith, Greenwich, Conn., b. 2 Feb. 1938, Cleveland, Ohio; stockbroker, E.F. Hutton &Co., N.Y., md. 15 Apr. 1961, Darien, Conn., Sheila O’Neill, b. 10 Apr. 1938, Bronxville, N.Y.; personnel placement mgr.; marriage ended in divorce; children live with mother. Children: I Mark Alexander; 2 Julia Grace; 3 Robert Francis Estes.

1 Mark Alexander (10) Smith, Westport, Conn., b. 21 Mar. 1962, N.Y. City.
2 Julia Grace (10) Smith, Westport, b. 5 Feb. 1964, N.Y.
3 Robert Francis Estes (10) Smith, b. 23 Sept. 1965, Norwalk, Conn.

ii Doris Grace Estes (9) Smith, Hohenweg, West Germany, b. 5 Feb. 1943, New Rochelle, N.Y.; Ph.D. candidate; md. 7 Oct. 1967, Pine Plains, N.Y., Burghard Dedner, b. 3 June 1942, Berlin, Germany; professor. Children: 1 Christopher Niels; 2 Stephen Andreas.

1 Christopher Niels (10) Dedner, b. 5 Jan. 1970, Bloomington, Ind.
2 Stephen Andreas (10) Dedner, b. 16 June 1972, Bloomington.

Child of Francis Marion (6) Estes and Nellie Hancock Stockton:
iii Stockton Marion (7) Estes, Chester, Conn., b. 16 Feb. 1898, St. Louis, Mo.; ci. 24 July 1979, Chester, Conn.; businessman and banker in New York City; md. 29 Dec. 1925, Homestead Plantation. Lake Providence, La., Cecilia Benjamin Slack (dau. of the Rev. William Samuel and Caroline Augusta Benjamin Slack), b. 23 Sept. 1901. Children: 1 Cecilia Benjamin; 2 Richard Stockton; 3 Joel Cutter.

1 Cecilia Benjamin (8) Estes, Pittsburgh, Pa., b. 21 Feb. 1928, Alexandria, La.; musician; board member and officer in several musical organizations; md. 20 Oct. 1956, New Orleans, La., Stefan Kruger, b. 19 Aug. 1926, Vienna, Austria; research scientist; sans issue.

2 Richard Stockton (8) Estes, Chester, Conn., b. 17 Sept. 1930, Alexandria, La.

3 Joel Cutter (8) Estes, San Diego, Calif., b. 9 July 1933, Alexandria, La.; lawyer; md. 25 Aug. 1960 New York, N.Y., Thayer Jennings Hobson, b. 1 Nov. 1938, New York. Children: i Cary Thayer (daughter); ii Eleanor Jennings; iii Isabelle Spotswood; iv Philip Stockton.

i Cary Thayer (9) Estes, b. 24 Sept. 1962, San Diego, Calif.
ii Eleanor Jennings (9) Estes, b. 18 Oct. 1964, San Diego.
iii Isabelle Spotswood (9) Estes, b. 15 May 1966, San Diego.
iv Philip Stockton (9) Estes, b. 15 July 1969, San Diego.


[dau. of Joel (4), son of Benjamin (3), Abraham (2), Abraham (1)]

iv Virginia Thorpe (5) Estes md. Dr. Paca Wilson. Children: 1 William Pinckney; 2 Joel Estes; 3 Victoria Virginia; 4 Paca; 5 Samuel Henry.

1 Major William Pinckney (6) Wilson, md. Leah America Cannon. Children: i Virginia Estes; ii Susan Agatha; iii Lula Victoria; iv William Pinckney; v Newton Perkins; vi Ethel Cannon; vii Cannon Perkins; viii Lady Leah.

i Virginia Estes(7) Wilson, md. Edmond Brown Campbell. Children: 1 Leah America; 2 Edmond Brown.

1 Leah America (8) Campbell, md. Walter Kirkland Greene. Child: Jennie Campbell.

i Jennie Campbell (9) Greene, md. Alexander Mabry.

2 Edmond Brown (8) Campbell, md. Dorothy Dickman. Children: i Dorothy J.; ii Edmond Brown, Jr.

iii Lula Victoria (7) Wilson, md. Joseph Graham. Child: Leah America.

1 Leah America (8) Graham, md. Eugene Joseph Christian. Children: i Leah America; ii Eugene Joseph; iii Lula Essie.

2 Joel Estes (6) Wilson md. Isabelle Barbee. Children: i William Paca; ii Joel Estes, Jr.; iii Bland Y.; iv Anna; v Susie.

i William Paca (7) Wilson md. (1) Isora Morrison. Children: 1 Paul Malone; 2 Della Ford.

William Paca (7) Wilson md. (2) Franny Phillips. Children: 3 Alfred Vernon; 4 Eula; 5 Carey Estes; 6 Walter Barbee; 7 Samuel; 8 Wiley; 9 Troy; 10 Karl; 11 Aileen.

Child of William Paca (7) Wilson and Isora Morrison:
1 Paul Malone (8) Wilson md. Hattie Reaves.
ii Joel Estes (7) Wilson, Jr. Child: C.E. Wilson.

iii Bland Y. (7) Wilson. Child: 1 Margaret.

1 Margaret (8) Wilson md. Dunlap Cannon. Children: 1 Dunlap, Jr.; 2 Bland; 3 Henry.

iv Anna (7) Wilson md. D.M. Lide.

v Susie (7) Wilson, md. W.A. Somervell. Children: 1 Inez; 2 Totsie Anna.

2 Totsie Anna (8) Somervell, md. J.B. Robertson: Children: i James S.; ii Gilbert Spilman; iii Dorothy; iv Anna; v Eloise.

iii Dorothy (9) Robertson, md.--—-. Children: 1 Barbary; 2 Julia; 3 Gilbert, Jr.
iv Anna (9) Robertson, md. Tracy Rhudolph. Child: Wilhelmena.
v Eloise (9) Robertson, md. H.J. Purvis. Children: 1 Hoyt Somervell; 2 Ma Sue.

2 Ma Sue (10) Purvis, md. John-—--. Child: John, III.

Virginia Thorpe (5) Estes md. Dr. Paca Wilson. We continue with the listings of their 3rd child, Victoria Virginia:

3 Victoria Virginia (6) Wilson, md. William Burkley Mann. Children: i Lula Victoria; ii Myra Epps; iii William Burkley; iv Virginia Estes; v James Hervey; vi Paca Wilson; vii Samuel Henry; viii Ella Lee; ix Ida Brandon; x Emma Bell; xi Eva Johnson; xii Edna Earl; xiii Mamie P.

i Lula Victoria (7) Mann, md. William Alston Morrow. Children: 1 Myra Victoria; 2 Eddie; 3 Hervey B.; 4 John Walker.

1 Myra Victoria (8) Morrow, md. Bascom Gregory Green. Children: i Elizabeth; ii Mary Virginia; iii India.

2 Eddie (8) Morrow, md. John B. Johnston. Children: i Lola Morrow; ii John Burford; iii Frances; iv Edward Myran.

i Lola Morrow (9) Johnston, md. E.L. McBride.
ii John Burford (9) Johnston, md. Ida Lessiter.
iii Frances (9) Johnston, md. Robert E. Cole.

4 John Walker (8) Morrow, md. Emilie Gattling. Children: i Louise; ii Virginia; iii William Alston; iv Emile.

ii Myra Epps (7) Mann, md. John K. Walker. Children: 1 James McGhee; 2 Vive.

1 James McGhee (8) Walker, md. Mittie E. Knox. Children: i John Knox; ii James R.

i John Knox (9) Walker, md. Virginia LaNieve. Children: 1 John Knox, Jr.; 2 James Leslie; 3 Richard LaNieve.

ii James R. (9) Walker, md. Margaret Elizabeth Bulington. Children: 1 James McGhee, II; 2 Peggy Ruth.

2 Vive (8) Walker, md. Frank Gordon Bridges, Children: i Frank Gordon; ii John Walker; iii Myra Bell.

i Frank Gordon (9) Bridges, Jr. md. Jean Rhea Williamson. Child: Frank Gordon, III.
ii John Walker (9) Bridges md. Everett Harris. iii Myra Bell (9) Bridges md. Willis Roswell Greer.

Victoria Virginia (6) Wilson md. William Burkley Mann. We continue with the listing of their 3rd child, William Burkley, Jr.

iii William Burkley (7) Mann, Jr. md. Pearl Parham. Children: 1 Anna Westwood; 2 William Burke; 3 John Westwood; 4 Estes Wilson; 5 Anna Victoria; 6 Pearl Parham.

3 John Westwood (8) Mann md. Louise Greenlaw. Chuldren: i John Westwood, Jr.; ii Bill C.; iii Lon Greenlaw.
4 Estes Wilson (8) Mann, md. Virginia Jefferies. Children: i Estes Wilson, Jr.; ii William Jefferies.

ii William Jefferies (9) Mann, Memphis, Tenn.; b. 14 Apr. 1933, Memphis; owner of hotels; md. 20 Aug. 1956, Memphis, Louise Slater, b. 7 May 1933, Memphis. Children: 1 Louise Slater; 2 Susan Jefferies; 3 Elizabeth Larson; 4 William Jefferies, Jr.

1 Louise Slater (10) Mann, b. 3 Sept. 1959, Memphis; student, Davidson College.
2 Susan Jefferies (10) Mann, b. 22 Aug. 1961, Memphis.
3 Elizabeth Larson (10) Mann, b. 12 Nov. 1962, Memphis.
4 William Jefferies (10) Mann, Jr., b. 9 June 1964, Memphis.

5 Anna Victoria (8) Mann, md. W.W. Campbell. Children: i Win. Mann; ii Anna Pearl.
6 Pearl Parham (8) Mann, md. Ross H. McMillan.

iv Virginia Estes (7) Mann, md. Dr. John Thomas Herron. Children: 1 Stanford Morton; 2 John Thomas, Jr.; 3 Louise; 4 Burke Mann.

2 John Thomas (8) Herron, Jr., md. Alma Hughes. Children: i John Thomas, III; ii Ethelyn; iii Jennie; iv Marjory Lindsey.

3 Louise (8) Herron, md. Jeff Hunt. Children: i Stanford Herron; ii Dora Elizabeth; ili Virginia Mann; iv Gladys.

4 Burke Mann (8) Herron, md. Gladys Ford. Child: Burke Mann, Jr.

v James Hervey (7) Mann, md. Alice Lee Wright. Children: 1 Lola May; 2 & 3 (twins) Ida and boy, b. and d. same day; 4 James Hervey, Jr.; 5 William Wright; 6 & 7 (twins) Ethel Houston and Alice; 8 & 9 (twins) Andrew Nunn and Arthur Walt.
&7 (twins) Ethel Houston and Alice; 8&9 (twins) Andrew Nunn and ARthur Walt.

1 Lola May (8) Mann, md. Allen Z. Orto. Children: i Alice Elizabeth; ii Katherine Ewing; iii Charles Wilbur.

i Alice Elizabeth (9) Orto, md. Warren C. Means.
ii Katherine Ewing (9) Orto, ind. Alex Lawton Green.

4 James Hervey (8) Mann, Jr., md. Louise Duncan. Children: i James Hervey, III; ii Martha Virginia; iii Donald Wright.

7 Ethel Houston (8) Mann, md. William Holder Kennedy, Jr. Children: i William Holder, III; ii James Wright.

vii Samuel Henry (7) Mann md. (1) Mary C. Ramsey. Children: 1 Frances Ramsey; 2 Samuel Henry, Jr.; 3 Mattie W.

1 Frances Ramsey (8) Mann md. James H. Bussey. Children: i James H., Jr.; ii Mary Frances; iii Martha Mann; iv Sam Mann; v Wlliam Muir; vi Robert Nelson.

2 Samuel Henry (8) Mann, Jr. md. Vivian L. Moore. Children: i Mary Elizabeth; ii Samuel Henry, III.

3 Mattie W. (8) Mann md. B. Frank King. Children: i Alice Letitia; ii Frank, Jr.

Victoria Virginia (6) Wilson md. William Burkley Mann. We continue with their 8th child, Ella Lee:
viii Ella Lee (7) Mann md. W.J. Northcross. Children: 1 Wilson James; 2 Marie Louise; 3 William James, Jr.; 4 Leon Mann.

1 Wilson James (8) Northcross, md. Mary Alma Van Trees. Children: i Wilson James, Jr.; ii Elizabeth Harriett; iii John William.

i Wilson James (9) Northcross, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., b. 25 July 1916, Memphis; Exec. V.P. Win. B. Tanner Co. (Adv.); md. 9 May 1941, Idlewild Pres. Church, Memphis, Jane Lee; homemaker; hobby - dabbling in writing. Children: 1 Wilson James, III; 2 Walter Van Trees; 3 Jordan Leon; 4 Victoria; 5 Stephen Paca.

1 Wilson James (10) Northcross, III, Memphis, Tenn., b. 14 Dec. 1942, Memphis; employed in engineering and drafting at Thermo Pac Co.

2 Walter Van Trees (10) Northcross, West Barnstable, Mass., b. 23 Aug. 1947, Memphis; Advertising Mgr., Puritan Clothing Stores.

3 Jordan Leon (10) Northcross, Memphis, b. 15 July 1949, Memphis; architect - La Grange Design Group.

4 Victoria (10) Northcross, Batesville, Ark., b. 1 Nov. 1952, Memphis; md. Rick Fletcher. Child: name not available.

5 Stephen Paca (10) Northcross, Montgomery, Ala., b. 14 Dec. 1953, Memphis; Assoc. Ed. Hatton Brown Co.

4 Leon Mann (8) Northcross, md. Mildred Ruth Arnold. Child: Margaret Mildred.

x Emma Bell (7) Mann, md. Absalom Knox. Children: 1 John; 2 Victoria Virginia; 3 Evan Mann; 4 James Hervey.

1 John (8) Knox, md. Adelaide Lois Bolles. Child: John Knox, Jr.
2 Victoria Virginia (8) Knox, md. Ebert Van Buren. Children: i Ebert, Jr.; ii James Knox; iii Virginia.
3 Evan Mann (8) Knox, md. Mercer G. Evans.
4 James Hervey Orr (8) Knox, md. Bess Weinstein. Child: Ann.

xii Edna Earl (7) Mann, md. William Crutcher, M.D. Children: 1 Virginia; 2 Evelyn.

1 Virginia (8) Crutcher md. Joe W. Clement. Children: i Joe W., Jr.; ii William Crutcher; ili Virginia Mann.

2 Evelyn (8) Crutcher md. Edwin Boren Mitchell, Jr. Child: Edna Ann.

Virginia Thorpe (5) Estes md. Dr. Paca Wilson. We continue with their 5th child, Samuel Henry:

5 Samuel Henry (6) Wilson md. Alice Hunter. Children: i Samuel Emmet; ii Minneola; iii Hunter; iv Walter Clyde; v Erby D.; vi Alice V.; vii Leon Estes.

i Samuel Emmit (7) Wilson, b. 5 Nov. 1869, Jackson, Tenn.; d. 1 Jan. 1930, Jackson, Tenn.; md. 19 Dec. 1894, Louella Maude Whitehead, (dau. of John Thomas Whitehead of Jackson, Tenn.), b. 20 Sept. 1867, Jackson, Tenn.; d. 2 Feb. 1930, Jackson, Tenn. Children: 1 a son, b. and d. day of birth; 2 Louella Whitehead; 3 Samuel Emmet, Jr.; 4 John Thomas; 5 Estes Hunter.

2 Louella Whitehead (8) Wilson, b. 1 Jan. 1897, Jackson, Tenn.; d. 1960, Honolulu, Ha.; school teacher; md. 11 July 1923, Jackson, William Ridley Wills, II, son of Mann and Della Wills, of Brownsville, Tenn.; b. 4 Mar. 1897, Brownsville; d. 25 June 1959, St. Petersburg, Fla.; Rhodes Scholar from Vanderbilt Univ., Nashville, Tenn.; newspaper man - editor. Children: i Louella Wilson; ii William Ridley, III; iii Andrew Mann; iv David Woinack; v John Thomas Thaddeus.

i Louella Wilson (9) Wills, “Tookie”, Orange Park, Fla., b. 14 July 1923; homemaker and artist; md. R. B. Willard.

ii William Ridley (9) Wills, III, New York, N.Y., b. 31 Oct. 1925, Memphis, Tenn.; architect.

iii Andrew Mann (9) Wills, Lakeland, Fla., b. 23 Jan. 1927, Memphis, Shelby Co., Tenn.; explosives engr. (ret. from civil service ); md. 25 Dec. 1952, Colnbrook,
Bucks, England, Iris Jean Greengrass, b. 24 Aug. 1933, Harmingsworth, England. Children: 1 Andrew; 2 Marie Clair.

1 Andrew (10) Wills, b. 24 July 1954, Taplow, England; asst. mgr.
2 Marie Clair (10) Wills, b. 15 Aug. 1961, Bangkok, Thailand.

iv David Womack (9) Wills, Orlando, Fla., b. 24 Nov. 1931, Memphis, Tenn.; school teacher.

v John Thomas Thaddeus (9) Wills, Colonial Heights, Va., b. 27 Sept. 1933, Memphis; insurance broker.

3 Samuel Emmet (8) Wilson, Jr. md. Ada Jane Rogers. Child: Marnerleen.
5 Estes Hunter (8) Wilson, md. Kathleen Alberta Gammon. Children: i Estes Hunter, Jr.; ii Maurice Leon.

ii Minneola (7) Wilson, md. Andrew L. Todd. Children: 1 Evelyn Elizabeth; 2 Aaron Wilson; 3 Andrew L.

iv Walter Clyde (7) Wilson, md. Katherine Fowlkes. Children: 1 Fay; 2 Andrew Clyde; 3 Florence; 4 Vernon.

1 Fay (8) Wilson, md. Grady Ashley.

3 Florence (8) Wilson, md. John Harvey Quinn.

vi Alice V. (7) Wilson, md. Berry Wilson. Child: Helen.

1 Helen (8) Wilson, md. Paul Farrar.

vii Leon Estes (7) Wilson, md. Katherine Thornton. Children: 1 Wanda; 2 Philip.



[daus. of Joel (4), Benjamin (3), Abraham (2), Abraham (1)]

v Eliza Jane (5) Estes md. Dr. W.B. Collins. Children: I Shad-rack; 2 William Carey; 3 Moreau Pinckney; 4 Sarah Bell; 5 Virginia Allie; 6 Cornelia Estes; 7 Anna Eliza.

vi Cornelia Sarah Rebecca (5) Estes md. William Sangster. Children: 1 Henry Carey; 2 Albert Estes.

1 Henry Carey (6) Sangster md. Minnie Rayner. Children: i Cornelia; ii Minnie Lou; iii Jennie Belle; iv Henry Raynor; v William Albert.

i Cornelia (7) Sangster md. W.P. Rose. Child: 1 Arthur Sangster.

1 Arthur Sangster (8) Rose md. Will Allen Byrnes.

ii Minnie Lou (7) Sangster md. Jesse Thomas Davis. Children:

1 Rosa Neal; 2 Jesse T.; 3 Henry Sangster; 4 Matilda Louise.
1 Rosa Neal (8) Davis md. Albert Walter Livingston. Children: i Albert Walter, Jr.; ii Margaret; iii Rosa Ludile; iv Minnie Lou.

i Albert Walter (9) Livingston, Jr. md. Penelope Bond on. Morton. Children: 1 Betty Bond; 2 Nancy.

ii Margaret (9) Livingston md. Elliot Hay.

iii Rosa Lucile (9) Livingston md. Lloyd Curlin Wilson. Children: 1 Rose Ann; 2 Barbara Louise.

2 Jesse T. (8) Davis, Jr. md. Mamie Anderson. Children: i Elizabeth; ii Mamie Celeste; iii Jesse Louise.

i Elizabeth (9) Davis md. Ford Ross. Child: 1 Jesse Davis.

3 Henry Sangster (8) Davis md. Clara Gosnell. Children: i Henry Gosnell; ii Clara Louise.

iv Henry Raynor (7) Sangster, md. Kate Booker. Child: 1 Katherine.

1 Katherine (8) Sangster md. Hilliard Coppedge.

Joel (4) Estes md. Sarah Langhorne Bates. We continue with the listings of their 7th child, Judith Bell:

vii Judith Bell (5) Estes, b. 10 Mar. 1821, Pittsylvania Co., Va.; d. 28 June 1903, Brownsville, Tenn.; bur. in family lot in Oak-wood Cemetery, Brownsville; md. 6 Jan. 1846, Haywood Co., Tenn., John Bertie Moore, (son of Jeremiah and Margaret West Moore of Bertie Co., N.C.); b. 2 Feb. 1808, Bertie Co., N.C.; d. 2 June 1860, Mooreland Plantation, Haywood Co., Tenn. Children: 1 James West Estes; 2 Joel John; 3 Sallie Virginia.

1 James West Estes (6) Moore, b. 15 Dec. 1850, Mooreland Plantation, Haywood Co., Tenn.; d. 3 Feb. 1920, Brownsville, Tenn.; md. 8 Dec. 1874, Brownsville, Tenn., Mary Moore Wood, dau. of James Proudfitt and Anne Perkins Greene Wood, b. 12 Oct. 1853, Brownsville; d. 3 Jan. 1939, Memphis, Tenn. Children: i Annebel; ii Mary Virginia; iii Wood; iv James West Estes, Jr.

iv James West Estes (7) Moore, Jr., b. 8 Mar. 1887, Brownsville, Tenn.; d. 20 Jan. 1952, Nashville, Tenn.; md. 11 Aug. 1923, Frances Graham Rutland, (dau. of Edmund Graham and India Alexander Rutland), b. 31 Aug. 1902, Memphis, Tenn. Child: James Rutland.

1 James Rutland (8) Moore, b. 10 Feb. 1926, Memphis, Tenn.; small business administrator and planter; grows cotton, soybeans and pecan trees on “Mooreland”, founded in 1826 by John Bertie Moore; md. 26 June 1965, Gtn., Phila., Pa., Edith Hacker Shipley (see “Family Connections”) b. 1 Nov. 1936, Gtn., Phila., Pa.; taught seven years before marriage. Children: i James West Estes; ii Anne Strawbridge; iii John Rutland.

i James West Estes (9) Moore, III, b. 18 Sept. 1966, Nashville, Tenn.
ii Anne Strawbridge (9) Moore, b. 18 May 1968, Nashville, Tenn.
iii John Rutland (9) Moore, b. 16 May 1971, Nashville. Tenn.

viii Sarah Ann (5) Estes md. Charles Lewis Read. Child: I Sallie Lewis.

1 Sallie Lewis (6) Read md. George Booth Baskervill. Children: i John Tabb; ii James Read; iii Charles Read; iv William Hunt; v George Booth; vi Mary Taylor; vii John Pepper; viii Battle Malone; ix Margaret Lewis.

iii Charles Read (7) Baskervill md. Catherine Pendleton Quarles. Child: Latham.

iv William Hunt (7) Baskervill md. Kate Allen Taylor. Children: 1 Katherine Taylor; 2 Sarah Hunt.

1 Katherine Taylor (8) Baskervill md. Clyde Q. Sheely. Child: Clyde Q., Jr.

v George Booth (7) Baskerville, Jr., md. Mary Neal Hurt. Children: 1 William Hunt; 2 Margaret Malone.

vi Mary Taylor (7) Baskervill md. William Martin Green. Children: 1 Margaret Baskervill; 2 Sarah Lewis.

Child of Joel (4) Fstes and Mary Lee Wilson (Sharpe): ix Bedford Mitchell.


[son of Joel (4), Benjamin (3), Abraham (2) Abraham (1)]

Bedford Mitchell (5) Estes, the ninth child of Capt. (War of 1812) Joel Estes, was an influential citizen in the South during the post Civil War period. He was active politically, serving in the State Legislature from Shelby Co., Tenn., and after the War was a mediator for the religious differences between the Northern and Southern branches of the Presbyterian Church.

Bedford’s mother, Mary Lee Wilson (Sharpe), was a descendant of the Chews, Worthingtons, Lees and Wilsons of Maryland and Virginia.

ix Bedford Mitchell (5) Estes; attorney; judge; Chancellor of the 11th Chancery Division of Tenn., md. (1) Sarah Jane Johnson. Children: 1 Bedford Mitchell, Jr.; 2 Mary Lee; 3 Emily Alston; 4 Sallie Johnston; 5 lone; 6 Kate.

Bedford Mitchell (5) Estes md. (2) Lizzie Guion. Children: 7 Lizzie; 8 Henry Witherspoon; 9 Morgan; 10 Blanche; 11 Flora.

Children of Bedford Mitchell (5) Estes and Sarah Jane Johnson:
3 Emily Alston (6) Estes, b. 31 May 1858, Memphis, Tenn.; d. 7 Sept. 1942, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; md. 22 Jan. 1880, the Rev. James Geo. Snedecor, b. 21 June 1855, Louisville, Winston Co., Miss.; d. 20 Nov. 1916, Decatur, Ga.; buried Tusca1oosa, Ala.; attorney; planter; Presbyterian minister. Children:
i George Waddell; ii Elizabeth; iii Harriet; iv lone; v Estes; vi Palmer Godden; vii James Gayle; viii Philip Alston.

1 George Waddell (7) Snedecor, b. 20 Oct. 1881, Memphis, Tenn.; prof. Iowa State Univ., 1913-1958; d. 15 Feb. 1974, Amherst, Mass.; md. 29 Dec. 1908, Gertrude D. Crosier; b. 7 Nov. 1886; d. 21 Sept. 1966. Children: I Edward Crosier; 2 James George, II.

2 James George (8) Snedecor, II (never used II), Amherst, Mass., b. 9 June 1917, Ames, Iowa; grad. Iowa State College, 1939; Kappa Sigma; Zoology Prof. at Univ. of Mass., md. 8 Mar. 1944, Colorado Springs, Cob., Mildred Sample, b. 8 Dec. 1915, Bloomington, md. Children: i Sally; ii John.

i Sally (9) Snedecor, Charleston, S.C., b. 1 Mar. 1946, Ames. Iowa: md. 11 Nov. 1967, Amherst, Mass., Robert B. Hull, b. 1 May 1944; landscape planner. Children: 1 Tory Anson; 2 Jeremy Snedecor.

1 Jory Anson (10) Hull, Charleston, S.C., b. 4 Feb. 1971, New London, N.H.
2 Jeremy Snedecor (10) Hull, b. 14 Aug. 1974, Savannah, Ga.

ii John (9) Snedecor, Tucson, Ariz., b. 12 June 1949, Tucson, Ariz.; musician; md. Susan Arnold, b. 5 Dec. 1950; divorced 1971. Child: David S.

1 David S. (10) Snedecor, Amherst, Mass., b. 27 Feb. 1968.

ii Elizabeth (7) Snedecor, b. Pinella Co., Fla., 12 Mar. 1883; d. 30 Jan. 1936; md. 26 Apr. 1905, James A. Campbell, b. 5 Nov. 1874, Bullock Co., Ala.; d. 8 Sept. 1962, Decatur, Ga.; in 1911 founded J.A. Campbell Co., Food Brokers, Atlanta, Ga. Children: 1 James Alexander, Jr.; 2 Emily Estes; 3 Richard O’Neale; 4 William Bostwick.

1 James Alexander (8) Campbell, Jr., Savannah, Ga., b. 5 June 1906, Atlanta, Ga.; B.S. Ala. Polytechnic Inst.; Kappa Sigma fraternity; was food broker with father's firm — mgr. Savannah branch; now ret.; md. Carolyn Ball of Savannah, Ga.

2 Emily Estes (8) Campbell, b. 5 Nov. 1908; grad. Ga. State College for Women, 1930; md. 1 July 1961, Decatur, Ga., F.C. Boland; sans issue.

3 Richard O’Neale (8) Campbell, b. 8 July 1912, Fitzpatrick, Ala.; d. 1 Dec. 1974, Dublin, Ga.; md. 8 Dec. 1937, Griffin, Ga., Margaret Elizabeth Joiner. Children: i Richard O’Neale, Jr.; ii James Alexander.

i Richard O’Neale (9) Campbell, Jr., b. 24 Nov. 1938, Griffin, Spalding Co., Ga.; scout executive; md. 21 July 1967, Griffin, Doris Jeanette Goodwin, b. 12 Mar. 1944, Hart Co., Ga.; contractor. Children: 1 Victoria Elizabeth; 2 Tabitha Anne.

1 Victoria Elizabeth (10) Campbell, b. 17 Nov. 1968.
2 Tabitha Anne (10) Campbell.

ii James Alexander (9) Campbell, Griffin, Ga., b. 14 May 1943, Griffin, Ga.; ret. grocery broker; md. 1 Feb. ——, Americus,Sumpter Co., Ga., Brenda Estelle Bass, b. Americus~Sumpter Co., Ga.; Child: James Alexander, Jr.

1 James Alexander (10) Campbell, Jr., b. 8 Nov. 1963, Americus,Sumpter Co., Ga.

4 William Bostwick (8) Campbell, Decatur, Ga., b. 4 Sept. 1918, Decatur, DeKalb Co., Ga.; grad. Ala. Polytech., 1940, md. (1) 8 May 1943, Decatur, Ga., Nancy Morris, b. 13 June 1923. Children: i William Bostwick, Jr.; ii Isabel; iii Cecelia; iv Eileen. This marriage ended in divorce. William Bostwick (8) Campbell md. (2) 22 Sept. 1973, Sarah Smith; sans issue.

Children of William Bostwick (8) Campbell and Nancy Morris:
i William Bostwick (9) Campbell, Jr., Clarkston, Ga., b. 23 Jan. 1944, Decatur, Ga.
ii Isabel (9) Campbell, Conyers, Ga., b. 10 Nov. 1945; md. C.W. Allen.
iii Cecelia (9) Campbell, Tuscaloosa, Ala., b. 10 Mar. 1950.
iv Eileen (9) Campbell, Atlanta, Ga., b. 26 Mar. 1955.

Emily Alston (6) Estes md. the Rev. James George Snedecor. We continue with the listings of their 3rd child, Harriett:
iii Harriet (7) Snedecor, b. 18 Mar. 1885, Pinella Co., Fla.; d. 31 Mar. 1943, Alicevile, Ala.;md. 22 Jan. 1912, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Benjamin Hughes Somerville, b. 11 July 1881, Pickens Co., Ala.; d. 20 July 1937; planter and lumberman. Child: James Snedecor.

1 James Snedecor (8) Somerville, Aliceville, Ala., b. 21 Aug. 1916, Aliceville, Pickens Co., Ala.; retired postmaster of Aliceville, Ala.; md. 6 June 1942, Birmingham, Ala., Dora May Hodges, b. 2 Mar. 1918, Guntersville, Ala.; librarian. Children: i Mary Hughes; ii Lena Elizabeth.

i Mary Hughes (9) Somerville, Sandy Hook, Conn., b. 24 Jan. 1949, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; grad. Univ. of Wash., Seattle; md. Lawrence Thomas Love, M.D.; grad. Univ. of Wash., Seattle. Child: 1 Emily Estes.

1 Emily Estes (10) Love, b. 1 Oct. 1976, Wash. D.C.

ii Lena Elizabeth (9) Somerville, grad. Univ. of Ala., md. Hugh Holmes Summerville, Jr., grad. Miss. State Univ. Child: 1 Frank Murphy.

1 Frank Murphy (10) Summerville, b. 30 Nov. 1979.

iv Ione (7) Snedecor, b. 27 June 1886, Clarksville, Tenn.; d. 30 Dec. 1957, Tuscaloosa, Ala.;md. 17 Oct. 191l, Jesse Carlos Maxwell, b. 30 Sept. 1878, Tuscaloosa; d. 6 Feb. 1941, Tuscaloosa. Children: 1 Jesse Carlos, Jr.; 2 Mary Emily; 3 lone; 4 James Snedecor; 5 Thomas Estes; 6 Palmer Snedecor.

1 Jesse Carlos (8) Maxwell, Jr. Decatur, Ga., b. 23 Sept. 1912, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; President of Kyle-Giftord Hill Inc. (Vulcan); md. 14 Dec. 1940, Tuscaloosa, Martha Campbell, b. 10 Aug. 1912, Lockhart, Ala. Children: i Jesse Carlos, III; ii Susan Maxwell.

i Jesse Carlos (9) Maxwell, III, Altomonte Springs, Fla., b. 4 Aug. 1950, Decatur, Ga.; landlord; apt. mgr. and investments; md. 17 Jan. 1976, Decatur, Susan Williams, b. 21 Feb. 1950, Memphis, Tenn.

ii Susan (9) Maxwell, Macon, Ga., b. 24 Mar. 1953, Ga. Baptist Hospital, Atlanta, Ga.; A.B. Mercer Univ. 1975; md. 31 Jan. 1976, Buena Vista, Ga., Alpha May Bond, Jr., b. 12 July 1930, Dumont, N.J.; A.B. Dartmouth College, 1952; M.A. Columbia Univ., 1953; Ph.D. Emory Univ. 1963; Prof. of Sociology, Mercer Univ. Child: Alice Campbell.

1 Alice Campbell (10) Bond, b. 9 May 1977, Medical Ctr., of Ga., Macon, Ga.

2 Mary Emily (8) Maxwell, b. 10 Mar. 1914, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; d. 18 Dec. 1964, Tuscaloosa; unmd.

3 Ione Snedecor (8) Maxwell, Tuscaloosa, Ala., b. 19 Mar. 1916, Tuscaloosa; secretary; md. 11 June 1938, Tuscaloosa, Joseph Clayton Hayes, b. 14 Feb. 1915, Tuscaloosa Co.; Funeral Director: Hayes Chapel Funeral Home, Tuscaloosa. Children: i Emily Ione; ii Mary Estes.

i Emily Ione (9) Hayes, Tuscaloosa, Ala., b. 3 Oct. 1942, Tuscaloosa; school teacher - secondary; md. 15 Feb. 1964, Aubrey Eugene Davis, b. 9 Mar. 1939,
Tuscaloosa. Children: 1 Aubrey Eugene, Jr.; 2 Mary Emily; 3 Jo Anne.

1 Aubrey Eugene (10) Davis, Jr., b. 19 Jan. 1968.
2 Mary Emily (10) Davis, b. 11 Oct. 1969.
3 Jo Anne (10) Davis, b. 16 Apr. 1973.

ii Mary Estes (9) Hayes, Birmingham, Ala., b. 15 Jan. 1945, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; R.N. (Master’s Degree); md. James Donald Smith, Jr., b. Eutaw, Ala.; divorced 1 Oct. 1976. Children: 1 Estes Hayes; 2 James Donald, III.

1 Estes Hayes (10) Smith, b. 1 Mar. 1970.
2 James Donald (10) Smith, III, b. 22 July 1974.

4 James Snedecor (8) Maxwell, Tuscaloosa, Ala., b. 20 Aug. 1917, Tuscaloosa; grad. Univ. of Ala., 1933; electrical engineer; Col. USA, Ret.; stationed at Pearl Harbor during Japanese attack; retired after 35 yrs. service; md. 7 June 1944, Eutaw, Ala., Margaret Alice Colson, b. 17 June 1918, Eutaw. Children: i James Snedecor, Jr.; ii Henry Palmer; iii Margaret Eleanor.

i James Snedecor (9) Maxwell, Jr., Austin, Tex., b. 19 June 1946, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; teacher; computer program consultant, Univ. of Texas; md. —; divorced. Child: Jeffrey Palmer.

1 Jeffrey Palmer (10) Maxwell, b. 10 Oct. 1973.

ii Henry Palmer (9) Maxwell, b. 14 Feb. 1951, Fort Benning, Ga.; student at the Univ. of Texas; unmd.

iii Margaret Eleanor (9) Maxwell, Tuscaloosa, Ala., b. 18 Nov. 1956, Fort Monroe, Va.; student Brewer State College, Tuscaloosa; unmd.

5 Thomas Estes (8) Maxwell, b. 6 July 1919, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; d. 4 Oct. 1962; killed inline of duty as Capt. Ala. Highway Patrol; md. Stephanie Dousky, b. 31 May 1914, New Milford, Conn. Children: i Thomas Estes, Jr.; ii John Francis.

i Thomas Estes (9) Maxwell, Jr., b. 26 Apr. 1943, —an attorney. Children: 1 Heidi Marie; 2 Matthew Thomas.

1 Heidi Marie (10) Maxwell, b. 29 Dec. 1966.

2 Matthew Thomas (10) Maxwell, b. 3 Dec. 1969.

ii John Francis (9) Maxwell, South Merritt Island, Fla., b. 29 June 1950; part owner of a marina.

6 Palmer Snedecor (8) Maxwell, Birmingham, Ala., b. 25 Mar. 1925, Tuscaloosa, Ala.; mgr. Crawford & Co., insurance adjustors; md. 28 Nov. 1958, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Peggy Hinton, b. 18 Aug. 1928, Tuscaloosa; sec’y, Westinghouse Elec. Corp. Sans issue.

Emily Alston (6) Estes md. James George Snedecor. We continue with the listings of their 5th child, Estes:
v Estes (7) Snedecor, b. 21 Dec. 1887, Safety Harbor, Fla.; d. 15 May 1974; ret. 1969; md. (1) 29 Dec. 1914, Tuscaloosa, Ala., Julia Dearing Searcy, b. 24 July 1889; d. 2 Feb. 1919. Child: Katharin Searcy.

Estes (7) Snedecor md. (2) 19 Oct. 1920, Rachel King, b. 5 Apr 1892, Salt Lake City, Utah; d. 15 Sept. 1977, Portland, Ore. Children: 2 Elliott King; 3 Estes, Jr.; 4 Phillip Alston, II.

Child of Estes (7) Snedecor and Julia Dearing Searcy:
1 Katharin Searcy (8) Snedecor, “Julie”, “Kay”, Portland, Ore., b. 21 Apr. 1917, Portland, Ore.; attended Mills College  3 yrs.; grad. Colorado College 1938; grad. studies Social Work, Univ. of Wash.; md. (1) 18 June 1940, Vincent Williams North, b. 14 July 1916; d. 19 Feb. 1943, Scarboro, Ill.; killed in a Boeing B-29 test flight crash. Child: i Julia Ann.

Katharin Searcy (8) Snedecor, md. (2) 24 Dec. 1944, William Keith Herrmann, b. 21 Feb. 1916; B.A. Univ. of Ore.; founded Portland Frozen Foods; member of
Bd. of Dirs. of Nat’l Frozen Foods Assn. Children: ii Kirby Jean; iii Pamela Katharin; iv Margaret Ellen.

Child of Katharin Searcy (8) Snedecor and Vincent Williams North:
i Julia Ann (9) North, adopted by William Keith Herrmann, her stepfather, in 1947, b. 21 Feb. 1943; md. Brian Stephen Marts; grad. Univ. of Wash.

Children of Katharin Searcy (8) Snedecor and William Keith Herrmann:
ii Kirby Jean (9) Herrmann, b. 5 Mar. 1946; md. Stephen Anthony Smith. Children~ 1 Heather Sunrise; 2 Cody River.

1 Heather Sunrise (10) Smith, b. 3 Oct. 1973.
2 Cody River (10) Smith, b. 13 Oct. 1976.

iii Pamela Katharin (9) Herrmann, b. 18 Oct. 1951; md. Thomas Roche Miles, Jr.; grad. Collison College, Calif. Children: 1 Erin Melinda; 2 Thomas Keith.

1 Erin Melinda (10) Miles, b. 13 Apr. 1973.

iv Margaret Ellen (9) Herrmann, b. 19 Aug. 1955; grad. Portland State Univ.; now attending Williamette Univ. Law School.

Children of Estes (7) Snedecor and Rachel King:
2 Elliott King (8) Snedecor, b. 11 May 1921, Portland, Ore., self-employed insur. claims adjuster — Snedecor Claim Service; md. (1) 27 Dec. 1959, Portland, Ore., Winifred Alice Young, b. 15 June 1920, South Bend, md. Children: i Carol Ann; ii Laura Lee; iii Philip Delno King. This marriage ended in divorce.

Elliott King (8) Snedecor, md. (2) 27 Dec. 1959, Portland, Ore., Gladys Anita Winn, b. 22 Mar. 1930, Denver, Cob. Children: iv Donald Winn; v Robert Estes.

Children of Elliott King (8) Snedecor and Winifred Alice Young:
i Carol Ann (9) Snedecor, El Toro, Calif. b. 28 Nov. 1944, South Bend, Ind.; md. 11 Apr. 1970, Tigard, Ore., John Charles Potter, b. 26 Apr. 1943, Bremerton, Wash.; computer analyst; consultant. Children: 1 Jennifer Dawn; 2 James Edmund; 3 David Estes.

1 Jennifer Dawn (10) Potter, b. 8 Aug. 1971, Santa Clara, Calif.
2 James Edmund (10) Potter, b. 14 Apr. 1975, Santa Monica.
3 David Estes (10) Potter, b. 20 Mar. 1979;

ii Laura Lee (9) Snedecor, West Linn, Ore., b. 10 Aug. 1946; md. (1) 2 July 1965, Jerry Neil Hegar; ended in divorce, 1975; md. (2) ————Brooks.

iii Philip Delno King (9) Snedecor, Canby, Ore., b. 14 Sept. 1948, San Rafael, Calif.; salesman; md. 26 Mar. 1970, Goeppingen Germany, Ellen Doster, b. 30 May 1948, Faurndau, West Germany; secretary.

Carol Ann, Laura Lee, and Philip Demo King Snedecor were adopted by Fred Edmunds, Jr. 4 Apr. 1964, and Philip is now known as “Philip Edmunds.”

Children of Elliott King (8) Snedecor and Gladys Anita Winn:
iv Donald Winn (9) Snedecor, b. 15 Feb. 1961, Portland, Ore.
v Robert Estes (9) Snedecor, b. 24 Feb. 1963, Portland, Ore.

3 Estes (8) Snedecor, Jr. “Pete”, Portland, Ore., b. 10 Apr. 1923, Portland; V.P. Portland Gen. Elec. Co.; md. 20 Dec. 1946, Tulare, Calif., Helen Lorraine Nielson, b. 28 June 1924, Tulare; in real estate sales. Children: i Barbara Johanne; ii Joy Lynn; iii Diane Constance.

i Barbara Johanne (9) Snedecor, Tigard, Ore., b. 14 Feb. 1948, Stanford, Calif.; ballet teacher and performer - Portland Ballet Co.; md. 24 Nov. 1968, First Presbyterian Church, Portland, Ore., Roger Dean Stalick, b. 30 Apr. 1947, Oregon City, Ore.; Assoc. Broker — Bullier & Bullier, Inc., commercial real estate. Children: 1 Adam Roger; 2 Peter Rian.

1 Adam Roger (10) Stalick, b. 8 Mar. 1974, Portland, Ore.
2 Peter Rian (10) Stalick, b. 15 Mar. 1977, Portland.

ii Joy Lynn (9) Snedecor, b. 11 Mar. 1950, Portland, Ore.; real estate salesperson; md. —, Michael Bidasobo.
iii Diane Constance (9) Snedecor, b. 4 Mar. 1955, Portland.

4 Phillip Alston (8) Snedecor, II, b. 11 Apr. 1926; an M.D., a surgeon and cancer specialist; md. 26 Dec. 1951, Sarah Ralston Clark, b. 14 Feb. 1928. Children: i Scott Phillip; ii Ann.

i Scott Phillip (9) Snedecor, b. 28 Nov. 1952.
ii Ann (9) Snedecor, b. 19 May 1957.

Emily Alston (6) Estes md. James George Snedecor. We continue with the listings of their 6th child, Palmer Godden:
vi Palmer Godden (7) Snedecor, b. Oct. 1891, Birmingham, Ala.; d. 17 Mar. 1963; was professional baseball player; unmd.

vii James Gayle (7) Snedecor, b. 11 June 1894, Avondale, Ala.; md. (1) 2 Sept. 1914, Mary E. Richards. Children: 1 Richard Gayle; 2 Evelyn lone.

James Gayle (7) Snedecor md. (2) 11 Dec. 1950, Rose Knutson Jorstad.

Child of James Gayle (7) Snedecor and Mary F. Richards:
1 Richard Gayle (8) Snedecor, b. 30 Oct. 1921, Sioux City, Iowa, d. 6 Dec. 1974.

viii Philip Alston (7) Snedecor, b. 11 June 1901, Birmingham, Ala., d. 7 Aug. 1941; cost accountant; helped construct several large TVA dams; md. 6 Apr. 1931, Plainview, Ark., Wilna Frances West, b. 19 June 1904, Abbott, Ark.; d. 24 Feb. 1970; Girl Scout Exec. Sec’y — Ft. Smith, Ark. Children: 1 Phillip
Alston, Jr.; 2 Wilna Frances.

1 Phillip Alston (8) Snedecor, Jr., Richardson, Tex., b. 30 June 1933, Ft. Smith, Ark.; B.S.E.E., Univ. of Ark.; data processing, data communications engineer; Dir. of Field Engrg., Danray. Children: i Phillip A., HI; ii Mark Allen.

i Phillip A. (9) Snedecor, HI, b. 12 June 1963, Poughkeepsie, N.Y.
ii Mark Allen (9) Snedecor, b. 30 Sept. 1964, Poughkeepsie.

2 Wilna Frances (8) Snedecor, Little Rock, Ark., b. 5 Feb. 1935, Pine Bluff, Ark.; interior decorator; md. 16 June 1956, Ft. Smith, Ark., Kent Greer Vestal, b. 15 Jan. 1933, Liftle Rock, Ark.; manufacturer of roofing materials; former wholesale florist - recently sold family business. Children: i Charles Howell; ii Kent Greer, Jr.; iii Medra Frances.

i Charles Howell (9) Vestal, b. 6 Sept. 1957, Little Rock, Ark.; student Univ. of Ark., Fayetteville.
ii Kent Greer (9) Vestal, Jr., b. 21 Oct. 1958, Little Rock; student Hendrix College, Conway, Ark.
iii Meddra Frances (9) Vestal, b. 1 Mar. 1963, Little Rock, Ark.

Bedford Mitchell (5) Estes md. Sarah Jane Johnston. We continue with the listings of their 4th child, Sallie Johnston:
4 Sallie Johnston (6) Estes, b. 29 May 1860, near Memphis, Tenn., d. 26 Sept. 1944, Hollywood, Calif., md. 11 Aug. 1881, James Clarence Bell, b. 10 Dec. 1852, Macon, Ga.; d. 7 Nov. 1893, Chicago, Ill. Children: i James Clarence; ii Katharin.

ii Katharin (7) Bell, b. 22 May 1892, Chicago, Ill.; retired -was life underwriter for Equitable Life Ins. Co. of U.S. since Jan. 1934.

Children of Bedford Mitchell (5) Estes and Lizzie Guion:

7 Lizzie (6) Estes, md. Harry L. Armstrong. Children: i Bedford Estes; ii Henry Guion.

i Bedford Estes (7) Armstrong, md. Mary Keeler. Children: 1 Virginia Elizabeth; 2 Guion.

1 Virginia Elizabeth (8) Armstrong, b. 8 Aug. 1918.
2 Guion (8) Armstrong, b. 15 Jan. 1920.

10 Blanche (6) Estes, b. 30 Oct. 1879; md. 10 Jan. 1904, George P. Phillips. Children: i Elizabeth; ii Sarah; iii George.

i Elizabeth (7) Phillips, Memphis, Tenn.; b. 17 May 1910, Memphis; md. 3 Mar. 1934, Memphis, Edward Bennet LeMaster, b. 4 Oct. 1898, Memphis; member of Board of Edward LeMaster Co. - Realtors. Children: 1 Elizabeth; 2 Edward Bennet, Jr.

1 Elizabeth (8) LeMaster, Memphis, Tenn., b. 20 Aug. 1936, Memphis; md. 12 June 1959, Memphis, David Louis Simpson, III, b. 1 May 1936, Memphis; attorney; Sec’y Con-wood Corp. Children: i David Louis, IV; ii Elizabeth LeMaster; iii Edward LeMaster.

i David Louis (9) Simpson, IV, b. 14 June 1962, Memphis.
ii Elizabeth LeMaster (9) Simpson, b. 9 May 1964, Memphis.
iii Edward LeMaster (9) Simpson, b. 19 Dec. 1967, Memphis.

2 Edward Bennet (8) LeMaster, Jr., Memphis, Tenn., b. 26 May 1938, Memphis; Pres. Edward LeMaster Co. - Realtors; md. 4 May 1963, Memphis, Camille Frierson, b. 30 June 1940, Memphis. Children: i Camille Frierson; ii Edward Bennet, III.

i Camille Frierson (9) LeMaster, b. 14 Mar. 1964, Memphis.
ii Edward Bennet (9) LeMaster, III, b. 29 Apr. 1968, Memphis.

ii Sarah (7) Phillips, b. 26 Aug. 1911, Memphis, Tenn.; d. 4 Dec. 1976; md. 8 Apr. 1937, Memphis, Pete Freeman Crenshaw, b. 10 Aug. 1908, Memphis; retired; sans issue.

iii George P. (7) Phillips, b. 28 Feb. 1918.

11 Flora (6) Estes, b. 16 June 1882, Memphis, Tenn.; d. 4 Sept. 1964, Dayton, Ohio; md. 2 Nov. 1904, Rowan Adams Greer, son of James M. and Betty Allen Greer, b. 9 Sept. 1881, Memphis; d. 24 Oct. 1945, Dayton. Children: i Rowan Allen, Jr.; ii David Carr; iii Janet Elizabeth.

i Rowan Allen (7) Greer, Jr. (used “Jr.” although different middle name), b. 27 Aug. 1907, Memphis, Tenn.; d. 13 Aug. 1967, Dayton, Ohio; A.B. Yale, 1928; md. 18 Apr. 1931, Janet Carr, dau. of Sylvester Fay and Gail Stevens Carr, b. 8 Feb. 1910, Buffalo, N.Y.; d. 18 May 1967, Dayton. Children: 1 Rowan Allen, III; 2 David Carr; 3 Janet Elizabeth.

1 Rowan Allen (8) Greer, III, New Haven, Conn.; b. 17 Apr. 1934, Dayton, Ohio; professor at Divinity School Yale Univ.

2 David Carr (8) Greer, Dayton, Ohio, b. 14 Feb. 1937, Dayton; attorney - Bieser Greer & Landis; md. 27 June 1959, Dayton, Barbara Ann Bennett, b. 24 July 1937, Ironton, Ohio. Children: i Thomas Carr; ii James Howell; iii Katherine Ann.

i Thomas Carr (9) Greer, b. 19 Apr. 1962, New Haven, Conn.
ii James Howell (9) Greer, b. 27 Apr. 1964, Dayton, Ohio.
iii Katherine Ann (9) Greer, b. 27 Apr. 1966, Dayton.

3 Janet Elizabeth (8) Greer, Glenview, Ill., b. 15 July 1938, Dayton, Ohio; teacher; md. 27 Dec. 1960, John H. Dynes, b. 28 Apr. 1938, Mt. Vernon, N.Y.; personnel mgr. Pfizer, Inc. Children: i William Rowan; ii Gail Elizabeth.

i William Rowan (9) Dynes, b. 3 Oct. 1962, Bad Canstadt, Germany.
ii Gail Elizabeth (9) Dynes, b. 29 June 1964, Fort Sill, Okla.

ii Elizabeth Estes (7) Greer, Dayton, Ohio, b. 15 Aug. 1910, Memphis, Tenn.

Benjamin (3) Estes md. Cecilia Rebecca Thorp. We now continue i their 4th child, Benjamin (4) Estes.


[son of Benjamin (3), Abraham (2), Abraham (1)

The descendants of Benjamin (4) Estes are eligible for membershij patriotic organizations connection with Revolutionary War service his father, Benjamin (3) Estes; and through his mother, Cecilia Re Thorp, are descended from Gerard Fowke (builder of Gunston Ha the Tripletts of Virginia, Adam Thoroughgood, and two Lord Mayors of London. See “Family Connections": Benjamin (4) was a Captain in the War of 1812.

4 Benjamin (4) Estes, md. (1) Susan Nowell, A.K.A. “P Noel”; see “Family Connections” for Noel family dat Children: i Celia; ii Callie; iii Sarah Triple tt; iv Marth

Benjamin (4) Estes md. (2) Eliza Miller Dix, (dau. of and Lucy Miller Dix of Henry Co., Va.) Children: v Dabney; vi Thomas Dix; vii Joseph H. viii Edward Ha ix Lucy Miller; x Emma Curd; xi Benjamin Estes, Jr.

Children of Benjamin (4) Estes and Susan Nowell:
i Celia (5) Estes, md. John Cross. Children: 1 John 3 William; 4 Benjamin.

iii Sarah Triplet (5) Estes, md. James Richardson. Cli 1 Margaret Ann; 2 Susan Payne; 3 William Benjamin; 4 Edmund; 5 Robert Payne; 6 Triplet Estes.

3 William Benjamin (6) Richardson, md. Martha Bi Children: i James Estes; ii William Benjamin, Jr.

i James Estes (7) Richardson, md. Willie Butler. 1 Jamie; 2 Martha.

ii William Benjamin (7) Richardson, Jr., md. Marie Lineberger. Children: 1 William Benjamin, III; 2 Marie.

6 Triplet Estes (6) Richardson, md. ——. Child: i Madge.

i Madge (7) Richardson, md. Wallace B. Millner. Children:
I Triplet Fstes; 2 Wallace B.; 3 Margaret Lee.

3 Margaret Lee (8) Millner, md. Thomas Pettegrew. Children: i Anna Lee; ii Margaret.

Children of Benjamin (4) Estes and Fliza Miller Dix:
v James Dabney (5) Estes; was prominent physician, practicing at Cascade, Va. for 60 years; surgeon in the Civil War under Gen. Robt. F. Lee for four years; md. Nannie J. Steele; sans issue. Reared two nieces: Lucy Dix and Emma Bell Estes, daughters of his brother, Benjamin Estes, Jr.

viii Edward Harrison (5) Estes md. Unity Fontaine, great-granddaughter of Patrick Henry. Children: 1 Unity G.; 2 Edward Harrison, Jr.; 3 James Dabney, II; 4 William Dix.

3 James Dabney (6) Estes, II, of Cascade, Va., md. Betty Price of Henry Co., Va. Children: i Thomas Starling; ii James Dabney, III; iii Mary Drewry; iv Betty Dabney.

4 William Dix (6) Fstes, md. (1) Marion Holden. Children:
i Dixie; ii Marion.

William Dix (6) Estes, md. (2) Frances Ballard Weaver (a widow). Child: iii Mary Elizabeth.

xi Benjamin (5) Fstes, Jr., md. Bell Rodery Collier (widow) of Tenn. Children: 1 Lucy Dix; 2 Emma Bell.

1 Lucy Dix (6) Estes, b. 14 Mar. 1899, Palmersville, Tenn.; grad. Chatham Hall, Chatham, Va. 1916; grad. Salem College, Winston-Salem, N.C. 1920; md. 14 Dec. 1921, Cascade, Va. in home of Dr. James Dabney Estes, Harry Barnette Grimsley, son of George A. and Cynthia Tull Grimsley, b. 16 July 1891; d. at home in Georgia 1958; was in life insurance in N.C., first with Jefferson Standard, Greensboro, then Security Life and Trust, Winston Salem, N.C.; A.B. 1914 and Law Degree 1915, Univ. of N.C., Chapel Hill. Child: Cynthia Tull.

i Cynthia Tull (7) Grimsley, Watkinsville, Ga., b. 2 Mar. 1914, Greensboro, N.C.; grad. Salem Academy, Winston Salem, N.C.; in 1978 first woman elected to Nat’l Bd. of Cattle Assn., also to Ga. Board of Cattle Assn.; owner and operator of large cattle farm in Ga.; md. 31 Dec. 1943, Corpus Christi, Tex., Richard Brice Curtis, (son of Harry and Buford Brice Curtis); b. 4 Apr. 1921, St. Paul, Minn.; d. 1967 on board ship three days from Melbourne, Australia; Richard’s father was family founder of Curtis 1000, a paper company owned by him and 3 sons; recently merged with American Products Co.; attended Cornell U.; served in Navy Air Corps, WW II; finished 2 years of college in one, while operating ranch- grad. Univ. of Arizona; was owner and operator of Curtis Cattle Co.; home place called “Wrayswood”. Children: 1 Richard Brice, Jr.; 2 Cynthia Ann; 3 William Harry; 4 Lucy Caroline; 5 Margaret Elizabeth; 6 Thomas Russell.

1 Richard Brice (8) Curtis, Corner, Ga., b. 17 June 1945, Chicago, Ill.; with Bookcrafters, Fredericksburg, Va.; owns farm - sheep producer; rnd. Alice Hering. Child: Christie Necole.

2 Cynthia Ann (8) Curtis, Watkinsville, Ga., b. 8 July 1946, Tucson, Ariz.; grad. Univ. of S.C.; scout and 4-H leader; elected “Citizen of the Year” 1978 by Chamber of Commerce, Green Co., Ga.; md. Toombs DuBose Lewis (descendant of Gen. Toombs DuBose, Treas. of the Confederacy). Children: i Cynthia DuBose; ii Virginia Ann; iii Robert Toombs; iv William Duke.

3 William Harry (8) Curtis, b. 20 Oct. 1948; d. 1968.

4 Lucy Caroline (8) Curtis, winters in Gallatin Gateway, Montana, summers in Bozernan, Mont.; b. 31 Oct. 1953, Greensboro, Ga.; rnd. Athens, Ga., John Hymas, (son of Ron Hymas); dude rancher; owner and operator of several dude ranches. Child: Lillian Grace.

i Lillian Grace (9) Hymas, b. 29 June 1975.

5 Margaret Elizabeth (8) Curtis; b. 13 Oct. 1955, Greensboro, Ga.; grad. Woodward Academy, College Park, Atlanta, Ga.

6 Thomas Russell (8) Curtis, b. 29 Apr. 1962, Greensboro, Ga.

2 Emma Bell (6) Estes, b. 5 Apr. 1900, Palmersville, Tenn.; grad. Chatham Hall, 1918; grad. Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, Lynchburg, Va., 1922; md. 30 June 1925, Cascade, Va.. Collier Cobb, Jr., b. 23 Dec. 1893, Lilesville, N.C.; grad. Univ. of N.C., Chapel Hill; served in WW I, Eng. Corps; after war attended
Royal Sanitary Institute, Manchester, England; founder of Collier Cobb & Associates (insurance); also in contracting and real estate. Children: i Collier, III; ii Nancy Estes.

i Collier (7) Cobb, III, Chapel Hill, N.C., b. 3 July 1928, Durham, N.C.; grad. McCallie School; A.B. Univ. of N.C. 1948; with Collier Cobb & Associates for 25 yrs.; now a realtor; md. (2) 5 Jan. 1966, Durham, N.C., Joyce Carolyn Roycroft, b. 7 Dec. 1934, Durham, N.C.; attended Univ. of S.C. 3 yrs.; second marriage for both; sans issue. There are three adopted children: Wesley Kenneth; Jennifer Ann; Bess Marie.

ii Nancy Estes (7) Cobb, Raleigh, N.C., b. 17 Sept. 1930, Durham, N.C.; grad. Randolph-Macon Woman’s College, 1952; md. 25 Nov. 1961, Chapel Hill, Edward Guerrant Lilly, Jr., b. 29 Oct. 1925, Lexington, KY.; grad. Davidson College. Children: 1 Penelope Read; 2 Edward Guerrant, III; 3 Collier Cobb; 4 Steven Clay.

1 Penelope Read (8) Lilly, b. 2 Sept. 1962, Kinston, N.C.
2 Edward Guerrant (8) Lilly, III, b. 18 June 1964, Durham, N.C.
3 Collier Cobb (8) Lilly, b. 17 May 1967, Durham.
4 Steven Clay (8) Lilly, b. 21 June 1969, Durham.

Benjamin (3) Estes md. Cecilia Rebecca Thorp. We now continue with, their 6th child, William:
6 William (4) Estes md. Susan Shelton. Children: i Ann; ii William; iii Benjamin.

iii Benjamin (5) Estes md. 1858, Jessie Hicks. Children: 1 Jessie; 2 Sue; 3 William Lee; 4 Nellie; 5 Edward; 6 Elisha; 7 Sarah.

8 Elisha W. (4) Estes, md. Child: Thomas H.

10 Nancy (4) Estes md. Jesse Fears. Children: i Thomas; ii Albert; iii Nancy; iv Martha Ann; v Sarah; vi James.

Abraham (1) Estes md. Barbara ——. We continue with the listings of their fifth child, Robert:

(The material on the descendants of Robert (2) Estes was compiled by William J. Curtis of Independence, Mo., and Frances Halloway of La
Junta, Colo., and edited and rearranged for publication by Helen Estes Seltzer.)


[son of Abraham (1)]

5 Robert (2) Estes, b. ca. 1695, King and Queen Co., Va.; d. 13 Apr. 1775; will made 15 Mar. 1770, Lunenburg Co., Va., proved 13 Apr. 1775, Will Bk. 2, p. 417; md. Mary ——, b. 1698, Louisa Co., Va. Children: i Robert, Jr.; ii Elisha; iii George; iv Zachary; v Benjamin; vi Bartlett; vii Milly.

i Robert (3) Estes, Jr., b. 1726, Louisa Co., Va.

ii Elisha (3) Estes, b. 1728, Louisa Co., Va.; md. Mary Stone Townsend, (dau. of Richard and Mary Stone, md. 1775), b. 1744, Va.; d. 1789, Va. Children: 1 Andrew; 2 John.

1 Andrew (4) Estes, b. ca. 1770 Lunenburg Co., Va.; md. 24 May 1802, Madison Co., Ky., Polly Gibson (or Gipson). Children: i Hickman; ii Townsend; iii Andrew; iv John; v Nancy; vi Susan; vii son, name unknown (b. between 1816 and 1820, Tenn.) (Docurnentation: John & Andrew Estes of Madison Co., Ky., gave power of atty. 11 Oct. 1806, recorded 8 Jan. 1807, to Thomas Townsend to recover their estate from their grandfather, Richard Stone, Lunenburg Co., Va. -- Deed Bk B, pp. 31A and 2A, Lunenburg Co., Va.; 1830 Cooper Co., Mo. Census, p. 201; 1860 Morgan Co., Mo. Census, pp. 88 and 166; 1840 Morgan Co., Mo. Census, p. 170; Will, Mo., to Folly Fstes, a farm.)

i Hickman (5) Estes, b. 1804, md. Ky., Martha Rene. Children: 1 Elma; 2 Mary Ann; 3 and 4 two daughters, names unknown; 5 Martha; 6 Cindarilla; 7 Elizabeth Jane; 8 Aura Jane; 9 Elizabeth C.; 10 Andrew J.; 11 Catherine; 12 William D.; 13 Thomas J.

1 Elma (6) Estes, b. 1824, Ala.; md. ca. 1844, —— Hinten. Children: four.

2 Mary Ann (6) Estes, b. 20 Aug. 1825; d. 26 Aug. 1909, Independence, Mo.; md. 11 Apr. 1850, St. Joseph, Mo., Josiah Curtis, (son of Thomas and Percy Baldwin Curtis); b. 5 Aug. 1830, Sheridan, Chautauqua Co., N.Y.; d. 25 Dec., 1910, Independence, Mo.; bur. Mound Grove Cern., Indep., Mo.; vet, of Mex. War and received pension; wintered where Pueblo, Cob, is now — was first settler there; served in Civil War — fought. in Battle of Lexington, Mo. against his brother, William, who fought for the Union. Children: i Mary Jane; ii Lucinda; iii child —— d. in infancy; iv and v twins, Hickman Thomas and Martha P.; vi Walter Eugene; vii Josiah Mack; viii Nannie; ix Elizabeth W. “Bertie”; x William Andrew.

(The documentation for data on Mary Ann Estes and Josiah Curtis and their children is as follows: Latter Day Saints church records, Indep., Mo.; Mormon Battalion records; Josiah Curtis’ personal record; Indep. Examiner, 27 Aug. 1909 (Mary Ann’s obit.) and 29 Dec. 1910 (Josiah’s obit.); Kansas City Times,27 Aug. 1909 (Mary Ann’s obit); Josiah’s Elder’s license; Mary Jane’s obit. from Cameron, Mo. newspaper; Saints Herald obits. for H. T. Curtis and Nannie; Indep. Examiner, 16 Aug. 1934 (Martha’s obit.); Kansas City Star obits. for William and Serona (sp. ?); Indep. Examiner and Saints Herald obits. of Josiah M and Emma Curtis; 1860 DeKalb Co., Mo. Census, p. 29; 1880 Johnson Co., Mo. Census, p. 19; Family History by Josiah M. Curtis).

i Mary Jane (7) Curtis, b. 9 Sept. 1851, St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., Mo.; d. 10 Oct. 1941, Cameron, Clinton Co., Mo.; bur. DeKalb Co., Mo.; md. 1 July 1877, H. Caley James. Children: six.

ii Lucinda (7) Curtis, b. 28 Apr. 1853, DeKalb Co., Mo.; d. 17 Nov. 1855, DeKalb Co., Mo.; sans issue.

iv Hickman Thomas (7) Curtis, (twin to Martha) b. 9 Mar. 1857, Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo.; d. & Aug. 1904, Holden, Johnson Co., Mo.; md. 1 Dec. 1880, Wakenda, nr. Regal, Ray Co., Mo., Frances Amanda Cato, b. 23 Feb. 1861, Monroe Co., Ala.; d. May 1931, Richmond, Ray Co., Mo. Children: 1 Mabel Ann; 2 Josiah Hickman; 3 Elbert Win.; 4 Mary Elizabeth; 5 Tommy; 6 Walter Eugene; 7 James Norman; 8 Glaud Roger; 9 Fred.

1 Mabel Ann (8) Curtis, b. 6 Feb. 1882, Millville, Ray Co., Mo.; d. 6 June 1952; ind. 12 May 1903, John Stufflebeam; d. 17 Mar. 1926. Child: i Mary Frances.

i Mary Frances (9) Stufflebeam, b. 29 July 1904, Holden, Johnson Co., Mo.; d.; md. 23 May 1922, Henrietta, Mo., Cecil Hutson, b. 30 July 1900, Henrietta, Mo.; d. 15 Mar. 1962. Children: 1 Edith Louise; 2 George Win.; 3 Cecil Eugene; 4 Mary Frances.

1 Edith Louise (10) Hutson, b. 24 Sept. 1923, Henrietta, Ray Co., Mo.; md. 25 July 1943, Durwood Ellis White, b. 31 Jan. 1923. Children: i William Ellis; ii James Curtis; iii Patricia; iv Ralph W.

2 George William (10) Hutson, b. 19 July 1925; d. 13 Oct. 1962, La Junta, Cob.; md. Barbara Schaff. Chib dren: Georgia Ann; ii Earl Dwayne.

3 Cecil Eugene (10) Hutson, b. 26 Oct. 1927; md. Stella Pierce. Children: i Curtis; ii Dennis; iii Gary.

4 Mary Frances (10) Hutson, b. 19 July 1931; md. 26 Oct., Raton, N.M., Herbert G. Halloway; b. 2 July 1905, Sharpsvible, Mo.; sans issue.

Mary Ann (6) Estes married Josiah Curtis. We continue with thefr 5th child, Martha P.:
v Martha P. (7) Curtis (twin to Hickman) b. 9 Mar. 1857, nr. Maysvilbe, DeKalb Co., Mo.; d. 15 Aug. 1934; bur. Mound Grove Cern., Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; unrnd.

vi Walter Eugene (7) Curtis, b. 12 Dec. 1858, nr. Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo.; d. 21 Aug. 1860; burned to death as small child playing with matches; bur. Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo.

vii Josiah Mack (7) Curtis, b. 18 Oct. 1860, nr. Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo.; d. 24 Jan. 1933, Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; bur. Mound Grove Cern., Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; md. (1) 26 May 1881, Johnson Co., Mo., Sidney French (dau. of Samuel E. and Louise Howe French) b. 19 Dec. 1862; d. 28
Sept. 1885; bur. Montserrat, Johnson Co., Mo. Child: 1 Samuel Josiah.

Josiah Mack (7) Curtis md. (2) Emma Lavinia Bishop, (dau. of Charles A. and Annie Wieland Bishop), b. 24 Apr. 1866, Provo, Utah; d. 17 Jan. 1933, Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; bur. Mound Grove Cern., Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; Josiah ordained a teacher in Church of the Latter Day Saints 15 Aug. 1877; (see First 20 Yrs. History of the Latter Day Saints by M.W. Etzenhouser, p. 33). Children: 2 Violet Rosean; 3 Mack William; 4 Hickman Thomas; 5 Walter Elmer; 6 Emma Lavinia; 7 Joseph Vernon; 8 Frank Wesley; 9 Mable Elizabeth; 10 Bessie Naomi.

Child of Josiah Mack (7) Curtis and Sidney French:
1 Samuel Josiah (8) Curtis, b. 31 Mar. 1882, Montserrat, Johnson Co., Mo.; d. 15 Nov. 1951; bur. Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; ind. 22 May 1905, Jesse Evelyn Gillespie. Child: one.

Children of Josiah Mack (7) Curtis and Emma Lavinia Bishop:
2 Violet Rosean (8) Curtis, b. 12 Nov. 1887, Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; d. 24 Sept. 1971; bur. St. Joseph, Buchanan Co., Mo.; md. 25 Dec. 1907 Michael Tracy. Children: eight.

3 Mack Win. (8) Curtis, b. 15 Oct. 1889, Spokane, Wash.; d. 16 Jan. 1966; bur. Mound Grove Cern., Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; md. 1 Jan. 1914, Bertha Brown. Children: three.

4 Hickman Thos. (8) Curtis, “Tom”, b. 16 Jan. 1892, Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; d. 16 Dec. 1973; md. (1) 28 Feb. 1915, Edith Ruth Carmean. Children: seven.

Hickman Thos. (8) Curtis md. (2) 29 June 1955, Ethel M. Newcom (a widow); sans issue.

5 Walter Elmer (8) Curtis, b. 5 Apr. 1895, Portland, Ore.; d. 12 Sept. 1968, Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; md. (1) 15 Jan. 1920, Hazel Tigner. Children: two.

Walter Elmer (8) Curtis md. (2) 24 Dec. 1930, Pearl Freeman. Sans issue.

6 Emma Lavinia (8) Curtis, “Lavinia”, b. 16 Apr. 1897, Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; d. 11 Aug. 1974; bur. Mound Grove Cern., Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; md. 30 June 1914, Ernest Brown. Children: five.

7 Joseph Vernon (8) Curtis, “Joe”, b. 14 May 1899, Indep., Jackson Co., Mo., in the C.A. Bishop home; md. 30 Dec. 1933, Indep., Mo., Ruby Marie Davis (dau. of James Holmstrom and Ida Myrtle Randall Davis) b. 31 Jan. 1911, at Curtis Randall farm, Columbus, Kansas. Child: i William Joseph.

i William Joseph (9) Curtis, b. 16 July 1936, Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; md. 18 Aug. 1962, Annette Marie Wagner.

8 Frank Wesley (8) Curtis, b. 21 Jan. 1901, Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; md. 26 June 1927, Irene Lawton McKinley. Child: one.

9 Mable Elizabeth (8) Curtis, b. 20 Nov. 1903, Indep.,Jackson Co., Mo.; md. 4 Aug. 1924, Kennie P. Paschall. Children:

10 Bessie Naomi (8) Curtis, b. 6 Nov. 1908, Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; md. (1) 21 Aug. 1926, Earl Bevens. Child: one.

Bessie Naomi (8) Curtis md. (2) 30 July 1932, Joseph E. Cain; sans issue.

Bessie Naomi (8) Curtis md. (3) 3 Oct. 1970, Clifford Powell; sans issue.

Mary Ann (6) Estes married Josiah Curtis. We continue with their 8th child, Nannie:

viii Nannie (7) Curtis, b. 12 Sept. 1863, Versailles, Morgan Co., Mo.; d. 1 Aug. 1950, Kansas City; md. (1) 28 Feb. 1884, John W. Brackenbury (sp.?). Children: two.

Nannie (7) Curtis, md. (2) 11 Apr. 1904, Henry M. Gibbs; sans issue.

ix Elizabeth W. (7) Curtis, “Bertie,” b. 2 Aug. 1865, Elveston, Hancock Co., Ill.; d. 6 May 1950, Indep., Jackson CU., Mo.; md. 7 Feb. 1886, Robert Adolph Bishop. Children: twelve.

x William Andrew (7) Curtis, b. 17 Mar. 1868, Denison, Tex.; d. 12 Mar. 1943, Kansas City, Mo.; bur. Mound Grove Cern., Indep., Jackson Co., Mo.; rnd. 31 May 1895, Sarena (sp?) Jane Frank. Children: four.

Hickman (5) Estes md. Martha Rene. We continue with their 5th child, Martha:

5 Martha (6) Estes, b. 1830, Cooper Co., Mo.; md. Henry Lewis.
6 Cindarilla (6) Estes, b. 1833, Cooper Co., Mo.; died young.
7 Eliza (6) Estes, b. 1836, Cooper Co., Mo.
8 Aura Jane (6) Estes, b. 1837, Cooper Co., Mo.
9 Elizabeth C. (6) Estes, b. 1838, Cooper Co., Mo.
10 Andrew J. (6) Estes, b. 1841, Cooper Co., Mo.
11 Catherine (6) Estes, b. 1843, Cooper Co., Mo.
12 William D. (6) Estes, b. 1845, Cooper Co., Mo.
13 Thomas J. (6) Estes, b. 1847, Cooper Co., Mo.

Andrew (4) Estes married Polly Gibson. We continue with their 2nd child, Townsend:

ii Townsend (5) Estes, b. Ca. 1806, Ala.; md. Polly ——, b. ca. 1806, Tenn.; d. 1850’s nr. Maysville, DeKalb, Mo. Children: 1 daughter, name unknown; 2 Margaret; 3 William M.; 4 Hickman; 5 Arthusa V.; 6 George; 7 Swanson; 8 John S. (Documentation: 1850, 1860 and 1880 DeKalb Co., Mo. Censuses;
1880, p. 29, Townsend lived in Dallas Twp., DeKalb Co., Mo., P.O. Maysvile, Mo.; Townsend was in Cole Co. in 1830.)

2 Margaret (6) Estes, b. ca. 1829, Mo.

3 William M. (6) Estes, b. ca. 1832, Mo.; md. 1850, Sarah A. b. ca. 1837. Children: i Ephrairn; ii Julia A.; iii Charles; iv Nancy; v William; vi John; vii Robert.
(Documentation: 1860 DeKalb Co. Mo. Census, p. 29; 1870 DeKalb Co. Census, Adams Twp.; Win. and Sarah lived in Dallas Twp., DeKalb Co., Mo., P.O. Maysvile, Mo.)

i Ephraim T. Estes, b. 1858, nr. Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo.
ii Julia A. (7) Estes, b. 1859, nr. Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo.
iii Charles (7) Estes, b. Ca. 1861.
iv Nancy (7) Estes, b. Ca. 1862, nr. Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo.
v William (7) Estes, b. ca. 1866, nr. Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo.
vi John (7) Estes, b. Ca. 1868, nr. Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo.
vii Robert (7) Estes, b. 1870, nr. Maysville, DeKalb Co., Mo.

4 Hickman (6) Estes, b. 1834, Mo.; bur. Calif.; md. Alta Redmond; b. 1840; d. 1860. Child: Edmund.
(Documentation: DeKaIb Co., Mo. Census, p. 15)
5 Arthusa (or Arthusia) V. (6) Estes, b. Ca. 1836, Mo.
6 George (6) Estes, b. ca. 1838, Mo.
7 Swanson (6) Estes, b. ca. 1840, Mo.
8 John S. (6) Estes, b. Ca. 1842, Mo.

Andrew (4) Estes married Polly Gibson. We continue with the listings of their third child, Andrew:
iii Andrew (5) Estes, b. 1808, Tenn.; md. Susan ——. Children: 1 John; 2 son, name unknown; 3 Jasper; 4,5, and 6 daughters, names unknown; 7 boy, name unknown; 8 Sarah; 9 Malina; 10 Thomas; 11 Mary; 12 Susan A.; 13 Constantino; 14 Ariadore (sp?).
(Documentation; Morgan Co., Mo. Censuses — 1860 pp 166, 1840 p. 170; Andrew owned slaves in 1840 Census: 1 female 24-35 and two children under 10.)

1 John (6) Estes, b. 1829, Mo.; farmer; md. Mary ——, b. 1826, Tenn. Children: i William; ii Cynthia; iii Mary; iv Theodotia;
v Martha.
(Documentation: 1870 Morgan Co., Morgan Twp., Mo. Census p. 53; in 1870 John ‘s brother, Constantine, was living with him, also a Smyth (sp?) Estes and a California Estes, ages 28 and 18, b. Mo.)

i William (7) Estes, b. 1850, Mo.
ii Cynthia (7) Estes, b. 1854, Mo.
iii Mary (7) Estes, b. 1855, Mo.
iv Theodotia (7) Estes, b. 1860, Mo.
v Martha (7) Estes, b. 1864, Mo.

2 Boy, name unknown, b. 183 1-35, Mo.; d. before 1860; md. Elvinia; sans issue.

3 Jasper (6) Estes, b. 1832, Mo.; farmer; md. Nancy ~—-—, b. 1839, Mo. Child: John.
(Documentation: 1860 Morgan Co., Mo. Census, p. 167; not in 1870 Morgan Co., Mo. Census. Probably more children later.)

4-6 Three girls, names unknown, b. between 183 1-35.
7 Boy, name unknown, b. between 183640.
8 Sarah (6) Estes, b. 1837.
9 Malina (6) Estes, b. 1838.
10 Thomas (6) Estes, b. 1843.
11 Mary (6) Estes, b. 1846.
12 Susan A. (6) Estes, B. 1847.
13 Constantino (6) Estes, b. 1850.
14 Ariadore (sp?) (6) Estes, b. 1852.

Andrew (4) Estes married Potty Gibson. We continue with their 4th child, John:
iv John (5) Estes, b. between 1811-1815, Tenn.

v Constantino (5) Estes, b. 1817, Tenn.; md. Elizabeth Ford, (dau. of John Ford), b. 1822. Children: 1 James R.; 2 Mary; 3 George; 4 John B. 5 Matilda A.; 6 Andrew; 7 Alfred M.; 8 Minerva J.; 9 Francis.
(Documentation: 1840 Morgan Co. Census, p. 170; 1860 Morgan Co., Mo. Census, p. 111; 1870 Morgan Co., Mo. Census, Mill Creek Twp., p. 1; father of Elizabeth Ford, John Ford was a farmer; b. 1786, Tenn., was living with Constantino and Elizabeth; James R. (first child) in 1870 Morgan Co. Census, p. 22, Moreau Twp., was md. with no children, wife was 34.)

1 James R. (6) Estes, b. 1841, Morgan Co., Mo.; md. Luicilber (sp.?); in 1870 had no children.
2 Mary (6) Estes, b. 1843, Morgan Co., Mo.
3 George (6) Estes, b. 1847, Mo.; md. Florida ——, b. 1850, Mo. Child: Jefferson

i Jefferson (7) Estes, b. 1862, Mo.
(Documentation: 1870 Census Morgan Co., Mo., Haugh Twp. p. 40).

4 John B. (6) Estes, b. 1849, Morgan Co. Mo.
5 Matilda A. (6) Estes, b. 1852, Morgan Co., Mo.
6 Andrew (6) Estes, b. 1854, Morgan Co., Mo.
7 Alfred M. (6) Estes, b. 1856, Morgan Co., Mo.
8 Minerva J. (6) Estes, b. 1859, Morgan Co., Mo.
9 Frances (6) Estes, b. 1861, Morgan Co., Mo.

Robert (2) Estes md. Mary ——. We continue with their 3rd child, George:
iii George (3) Estes, b. 1730, Louisa Co, Va.; d. before 18 Feb. 1777; md. Mary
iv Zachary (3) Estes, b. 1733, Louisa Co., Va.; md. before 1769 tax list.
v Benjamin (3) Estes, b. 1 Jan. 1736, Louisa Co., Va.; md. vi Bartlett (3) Estes, b. 1739, Louisa Co., Va.; estate inventoried 1796.
vii Milly (3) Estes, b. Ca. 1742, Louisa Co., Va.; md. Fred Cox.

Abraham (1) Estes married Barbara ——. We continue with their 8th child, Elisha:


[son of Abraham (1)]

Information on the descendants of John Glover (5) Estes was supplied by Mary Estes (Shelby) Beckham of Philadelphia, Miss., editor and publisher of two genealogical periodicals, Estes Trails and The Ancestral Circle.Mary writes: “All the information in this sketch was gathered from Census, Bible, and other family records. All has been proven as given.”

The information on the Charner (5) Estes line was supplied by Mamie Estes Bryan of Sunflower, Miss. She, Josie Worthy Holman, Stella Estes Hayes, and Venus Estes Robinson collected it over the years, beginning in 1954.

In both cases, the information was edited and rearranged by Helen Estes Seltzer to fit this format.

8 Elisha (2) Estes, b. ——; d. between 28 Feb. 1781 and 30 Jan. 1782, Henry Co., Va., (Will Bk. I, p. 54); md. Mary Ann ——; d. Franklin Co., Va. (Will Bk. 7, June 1790); Elisha and Mary sold land, Lunenburg Co., Va. 1771-72, deeded 200 acres to William Estes 10 June 1767; Will in Henry Co. Children:
i Elisha: ii Ambrose; iii Abraham; iv William; v~ Richard: vi JQel; vii Sarah; viii Barbara; ix Elizabeth; x Mary; xi Rachel. (Note: another list gives a different sibling order).

i Elisha (3) Estes, d. Ca. 1790; md. Frances ——

iv William (3) Estes, b. Ca. 1735 (likely in Va.); d. 1807 between 11 Aug. and 4 Sept.; will probated on 4 Sept.; elected ensign Pittsylvania Co., Va. Militia 27 Sept. 1775 (later called Henry Co.); Revolutionary ancestor; took oath of allegiance 13 Sept. 1777; recorded Martinsville, Va. (See CARY-ESTES p. 133);
md. Elizabeth ——. Children: 1 Lyddal; 2 Sylvanus; 3 William, Jr.; 4 John; 5 Mary or Polly; 6 Peggie; 7 Bettie; 8 Sallie; 9 girl, name unknown.

1 Lyddal (4) Estes, 1763, Amelia Co., Va.; applied for a Rev. War pension at age 80, and living in Troup Co., Ga.; application reports his birthplace as Amelia Co. Va.; lived in Henry Co., Va. for a time, then on to S.C. before going to Troup Co., Ga.; was 87 in 1850 Census; md. Martha Thomason 7 Apr. 1789, according to N.C. archives marriage book; Martha was 80 yrs. old in 1850 Census.

2 Sylvanus (4) Estes, md. Nicy ——, no will; estate administered by Nicy Estes and Joseph Carter, probated 6 Jan. 1823; died just prior to this; eight children; names listed in estate: Moses B. Eger and Burwell Bishop.

3 William (4) Estes, Jr., b. 3 Jan. 1768, Va.; d. 17 Jan. 1853, Chester Co., S.C.; md. Sarah Timms (or Tims), dau. of Joseph and Mary Glover Tims, b. 13 Oct. 1776, S.C., d. 17 Apr. 1849; both buried in private burial grounds; above records from tombstones. Children: i Joseph; ii Elizabeth; iii John Glover; iv William Ellis, III; v Charner; vi Ferdinand; vii Amos Tims; viii James Alexander.

i Joseph T. (5) Estes, b. 16 Feb. 1798; md. 23 Jan. 1822, Elizabeth Rainey.

ii Elizabeth (5) Estes, b. 27 July 1799; d. 1849; bur. Calvary Church, Chester Co., S.C.; there were several children.

iii John Glover (5) Estes, b. 16 Jan. 1801, Chester, S.C.; d. 2 Feb. 1856, Itawamba Co., Miss.; bur. New Chapel Cern., nr. Nettleton. Miss.; md. 22 Oct. 1820, Mary Atkinson. Children: 1 James A.; 2 William I.; 3 Nancy E.; 4 Joseph F.; 5 Fielde L.; 6 John E.F.; 7 Sarah; 8 Amos A.; 9 Festus M.L.; 10 Mary E.

1 James A. (6) Estes, b. 27 Nov. 1822, Chester, S.C.; d. possibly Lee Co., Miss; md. (1) 19 Sept. 1843, Hannah Woodward, b. 15 Oct. 1823, Tenn.; d. ca. 1856, Newton Co., Miss. Children: i William Andrew Alexander LeGrande; ii John Aaron; iii Eli Charner; iv Lucinda Rebecca.

James A. (6) Estes md. (2) Martha ——. Children: v Mary Ellen; vi James A.; vii Martha Ledora; viii Elmer Barcelona; ix Festus Marion Glover; x John Amos; xi
Idar (Ida?) Alice.

Children of James A. (6) Estes and Hannah Woodward:
i William Andrew Alexander LeGrande (7) Fstes, b. 16 July 1844, Tenn.; d. 1896, Newton Co., Miss.

ii John Aaron (7) Estes, b. 18 Dec. 1846, Tenn.; d. Newton Co., Miss.

iii Eli Charner (7) Estes, b. 6 Jan. 1848, Ala.; d. 5 July 1926; bur. Pleasant Grove Cern., Little Rock, Newton Co., Miss.; md. 2 Jan. 1884, Mary Catherine Jones,
(dau. of Thomas B. and Elizabeth Herrington Jones) b. 23 Apr. 1860, Neshoba Co., Miss.; d. 4 Oct. 1939, Meridian, Miss.; bur. Pleasant Grove Cern. Children:
1 Simpson Andrew Alexander; 2 Annie; 3 John T.; 4 Lemuel Winston; 5 Lucinda S.; 6 Walter Tims.

1 Simpson Andrew Alexander (8) Estes, b. 30 Dec. 1884, Little Rock, Newton Co., Miss.; d. 1 Mar. 1963, Meridian, Lauderdale Co., Miss.; bur. Rock
Creek Cern., Little Rock, Miss.; md. (1) 20 Nov. 1904, Erma Bell Stanley. Children: i Mattie Mae; ii Thomas Lamar; iii Celeste Lee; iv Annie Pearl;
v Percy Leon.

Simpson Andrew Alexander (8) Estes md. (2) 2 Mar. 1926, Sallie Smith (Drake) (dau. of John Abner and Willie Beason Smith), b. 25 Feb. 1906.
Children: vi Mary Ethel; vii Sallie Louise; viii Simpson Andrew, Jr.; ix boy, name unknown; x Norma Jean; xi Johnnie Mae.

Children of Simpson Andrew Alexander (8) Estes and Erma Bell Stanley:
i Mattie Mae (9) Estes, b. 4 Sept., 1905; d. 7 Dec. 1905.
ii Thomas Lamar (9) Estes, b. 11 Oct. 1907; d. 7 June 1932.
iii Celeste Lee (9) Estes, b. 39 July 1909; md. ——Herrington.
iv Annie Pearl (9) Estes, b. 28 Aug. 1912; d. 1967.
v Percy Leon (9) Estes, b. 10 July 1915; d. 10 June 1967, Jackson, Miss.

Children of Simpson Andrew Alexander (8) Estes and Sallie Smith (Drake):
vi Mary Ethel (9) Estes, Philadelphia, Miss., b. 16 Dec. 1927, Meridian, Lauderdale Co., Miss.; md. (1) 7 Aug. 1945, Wilson Shelby, son of Evan Ross and Nora
Elizabeth Parker Shelby. Children: 1 Mary Anne; 2 Wilson, Jr.; 3 Carol Jean; 4 James David; 5 Eloise

Mary Ethel (9) Estes md. (2) 25 Jan. 1970, E.E. “Pete” Beckham; sans issue.

Children of Mary Ethel (9) Estes and Wilson Shelby:
1 Mary Anne (10) Shelby, Portsmouth, Va., b. 12 Aug. 1948; md. Allan Conrad. Children: i Richard Joseph; ii Michelle Leigh.

2 Wilson (10) Shelby, Jr., b. 18 Mar. 1950; d. 28 Feb. 1967.

3 Carol Jean (10) Shelby, b. 1 May 1951; in Air National Guard.

4 James David (10) Shelby, Portsmouth, Va., b. 3 Mar. 1953; md. Linda McPeake. Child: i Robert Joseph.

5 Eloise Faye (10) Shelby, Philadelphia, Neshoba Co.. Miss., b. 23 Mar. 1955; md. Glen Payne of Meridian, Miss. Children: i Michael; ii Robert; iii Sherrie Lynn.

Simpson Andrew Alexander (8) Estes married (2) Settle Smith (Drake). We continue with their second child, Saiie Louise:
ii Salle Louise (9) Estes, b. 31 July 1929; rnd. —— Roberts.
iii Simpson Andrew (9) Estes, Jr., b. 20 Apr. 1933.
iv boy, b. and d. 2 Mar. 1937
v Norma Jean (9) Estes, b. 14 Aug. 1938; rnd. —— Phillips.
vi Johnnie Mae (9) Estes, b. Nov. 1943; d. 30 Dec. 1943.

Eli Charner (7) Estes married Mary Catherine Jones. We continue with their 2nd child, Annie:
2 Annie (8) Estes, b. 28 June 1886; md. —— Crabtree; d.
3 John T. (8) Estes, b. 13 Aug. 1888; d.
4 Lemuel Winston (8) Estes, b. 31 May 1893; d. 19 Feb. 1964, Biloxi, Miss.; Vet. of WWI; d.
5 Lucinda S. (8) Estes, b. 20 Dec. 1894; md. —— Huff; d.
6 Walter Tims (8) Estes, b. 26 Feb. 1898.

James A. (6) Estes married Hannah Woodward. We continue with their 4th child, Lucinda Rebecca:
iv Lucinda Rebecca (7) Estes, b. 2 Oct. 1849, Miss.; d. ca. 1850.

James A. (6) Estes md. Martha — —. We continue with the 5th child, Mary Ellen:
v Mary Ellen (7) Estes, b. 9 Oct. 1852.
vi James A. (7) Estes, b. 13 July 1854.
vii Martha Ledora (7) Estes, b. 9 Mar. 1857.
viii Elmer Barcelona (7) Estes, b. 18 Dec. 1858.
ix Festus Marion Glover (7) Estes, b. 3 June 1860.
x John Amos (7) Estes, b. 7 May 1864.
xi Idar (Ida?) Alice (7) Estes, b. 7 July 1867.

John Glover (5) Estes md. Mary Atkinson. We continue with their 2nd child, William I.:
2 William I. (6) Estes, b. 27 May 1824, Chester, S.C.
3 Nancy E. (6) Estes,b. 5 Apr. 1826.
4 Joseph F. (6) Estes, b. 19 July 1828.
5 Fielde L. (6) Estes, b. 11 Feb. 1830.
6 John E.F. (6) Estes, b. 16 July 1832.
7 Sarah, “Sary” A. (6) Estes, b. 9 July 1835.
8 Amos A. (6) Estes, b. 8 Oct. 1837.
9 Festus M.L. (6) Estes, b. 2 June 1840.
10 Mary E. (6) Estes, b. 31 Mar. 1843.

William (4) Estes, Jr. married Sarah Timms. We continue with their 4th Child, William Ellis:
iv William Ellis (5) Estes, III, b. 27 June 1805; d.; md. 20 Jan. 1825, Nancy Kennedy.

v Charner (5) Estes, b. 1 Sept. 1807, Chester Co., S.C.; d. 2 Dec. 1875, Winston Co., Miss.; md. 14 Oct. 1830, Elizabeth Wilkes. (dau. of William and Lydia Wilkes), b. 2 Nov. 1810; d. 17 Apr. 1878. Children: 1 Ferdinand; 2 William Ellis Wilkes; 3 Charner, Jr.; 4 Sarah Ann; 5 Thomas A.; 6 Martha E.; 7 Lydia Emmaline Fielderbell; 8 Francis D.M.; 9 Amos T.A.; 10 George W.B.; 11 unnamed son.

(All the children of Charner and Elizabeth who died before 1857 are buried in Calvery Cemetery, Chester Co., S.C. This family, along with others, left SC. fall 1857 for the West, after Indians ceded all Miss. territory to the U.S Charner and Elizabeth were members of Calvery Bapt. Church, Chester Co., SC., then of Mt. Camel Bapt. at Noxapater, Miss., later changed to Noxapater Bapt. Church. They settled on Young Crossing Rd.., just beyond Tallahaga Creek, about 7 mi. from Louisville. Chamner was too old for Civil War Service; so he stayed on the farm with his slaves. The farm was raided and ravished by Sherman. To support the family, Charner moved to Louisville and opened a grocery business. After the War he returned home and was able to live comfortably, but never made complete comeback.)

1 Ferdinand (6) Estes, b. 1 July 1831; d. 6 Nov. 1856.

2 William Ellis Wilkes (6) Estes, b. 15 June 1832, Chester Co., S.C.; d. 30 May 1906, Noxapater, Miss.; md. (1) 29 Dec. 1853, Mary Frances Gregory, b. 27 Oct. 1827; d. 14 Aug. 1867; (horse ran away with her -- never recovered; bur. with husband at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Noxapater, Miss. Children:
i Chamer; ii George Thompson; iii Lucy Ann; iv Mary Willie; v Francis Marion.

William Ellis Wilkes (6) Estes md. (2) 27 Feb. 1868, Nancy Penelope Crow, (dau. of John Crow and wife, both bur. at Old Lebanon Pres. Church, 4 mi. west of Ackerman, Miss.), b. 27 Dec. 1848; d. 30 Apr. 1925. Children: vi John Wilkes; vii Samuel F.; viii Margaret F.; ix Myrtle Ada: x Mobley Quay; xi Lillie Viola; xii Lomie Elmo; xiii Lucretia Penelope; xiv Kittie Belle; xv Ruby 0.

(William came to Winston Co., Miss, in 1857 with his parents and brothers. He settled a little north of Noxapater and spent the rest of his life there with his family. He met with 100-200 men at McEfroy ‘c shop to form Company 1, 35th Regt. of Miss. Volunteers, “Dixie Rebels ‘~ Civil War; was selected 2nd Lt.; wounded and honorably discharged 1864,.. He was active in Noxapater Baptist Church: organized its first Sunday School and sat in the “a-men” corner of church -- front seats, right side.)

Children of William Ellis Wilkes (6) Estes and Mary Frances Gregory:
i Charner (7) Estes, b. 28 June 1855, Chester Co., S.C.; d. 20 June 1900, S.F. Noxubee Co., Miss.; bur. Pleasant Ridge Cemetery, Macon, Miss.; first person buried in this burial ground; came to Winston Co., Miss. with Darents, 1857; md. 10 Oct. 1882, Noxubee Co., Macon, Miss., Fradonia Flemming, “Donie”. Children: 1 James Brady; 2 Alma; 3 Maggie Lee; 4 Birtha; 5 Wilkes; 6 Neppie; 7 Littleton Worthy; 8 Charner.

ii George Thompson (7) Estes, “Tomp”, b. 25 Aug. 1857, Chester Co., S.C.; d. 26 Sept. 1899, Winston Co., Miss.; md. (1) 20 Oct. 1880, Electa Gunn, b. 7 May 1858; d. 3 Sept. 1892. Children: 1 Ethel; 2 Edwin; 3 Clanton. George Thompson (7) Estes md. (2) 3 Mar. 1893, Mollie Caperton. Children: 4 Myrtle; 5 George Ervin.

Children of George Thompson (7) Estes and Electa Gunn:
1 Ethel (8) Estes, b. 26 Aug. 1884, d.
2 Edwin (8) Estes, b. 23 July 1887.
3 Clanton (8) Estes, b. 15 Sept. 1890.

Children of George Thompson (7) Estes and Mollie Caperton:
4 Myrtle (8) Estes, b. 4 Mar. 1894.
5 George Ervin (8) Estes, b. 26 Feb. 1897.

iv Mary Willie (7) Estes, b. 17 Aug. 1862, Winston Co., Miss.; d. 30 Aug. 1914, Union Co., S.C.; bur. at Beulah Bapt. Church; went to Union Co., S.C. early in life to live with mother s sisters and lived there rest of life; md. 6 Jan. 1887, Alvin Gil-more. Children: 1 Aubry; 2 Clara; 3 William; 4 Ernest; 5 Lucy; 6 Mary; 7 Alva.

1 Aubrey (8) Gilmore, b. 28 July.
2 Clara (8) Gilmore, b. 9 May 1890; d.
3 William (8) Gilmore, b. 11 Jan. 1892; d. 18 Jan. 1949.
4 Ernest (8) Gilmore, b. 21 June 1894; d.
5 Lucy (8) Gilmore, b. 8 July 1900.
6 Mary (8) Gilmore, b. 16 Nov. 1901; d.
7 Alva (8) Gilmore, b. 31 July 1907.

v Francis Marion (7) Estes, “Bud”, b. 20 Jan. 1866, Winston Co., Miss.; d. 5 Nov. 1945, Noxapater, Miss.; bur. Mt. Carmel Cemetery, N oxapater, Miss.; successful farmer, also surveyor; had large lake on farm used many years for Mt. Carmel Church baptisms; rnd. 29 Mar. 1894, Ellen Tarney Gallagher, (dau. of Charles and Eileen Tarney Gallagher); d. 7 Oct. 1950. Children: 1 Stella Mae; 2 Charles Gullard; 3 William Vernon; 4 Pearl Venus; 5 Mamie Frances Marian; 6 James Tarnay; 7 George Thorn; 8 Woodrow Wilson.

1 Stella Mae (8) Estes, b. 21 June 1895; d. 12 Mar. 1980; rnd. 1932, Eustace C. Haynes; grad. Bapt. Memorial Hosp., Memphis, Tenn.; registered nurse; sans issue.

2 Charles Gullard (8) Estes, b. 22 Apr. 1897; d. 1976; served in Hosp. Corps, U.S. Navy, V/WI; employed by Prudential Life Insur. Co., Memphis, Tenn.; Deacon, Highland Hts. Bapt. Church; md. 9 May 1931, Daisie Brown, b. 9 Oct. 1901. Children: i Charles G.; ii Robert Marion.

i Charles G. (9) Estes, b. 7 June 1932; d. 28 Nov. 1944; accidental death.

ii Robert Marion (9) Estes, b. 16 Oct. 1933; served in Armed Forces -- stationed in Italy; grad. Univ. of Tenn.; engineer with Bell Helicopter, Ft. Worth, Tex.; rnd. 4 June 1955, Carolyn Ann Hull, b. 11 June 1933.

3 William Vernon (8) Estesjb. 2 July 1899; cattle and tree farmer; living on part of 1858 land of V/rn. Ellis Wilkes (6) Estes; md. 2 Oct. 1940, Mabel Littlejohn Reagan, b. 5 Mar. 1907; sans issue; stepdaughter: Lucille Reagan Crow.

4 Pearl Venus (8) Estes, b. 5 Sept. 1901, Winston Co., Miss.; md. 28 June 1924, Andrew Leroy Robinson, b. 23 Sept. 1899, Winston Co., Miss.; farmer and carpenter. Children: i Leroy Estes; ii Frances Elizabeth; iii Stella Jean; iv Richard Marion.

i Leroy Estes (9) Robinson, b. 13 July 1925; d. 17 Apr. 1956, Jennings, La.; served 2½ yrs. AAF, WWII — Gunner, Radio Operator on B-25; grad. Miss. State Univ., Geology, 1951; oil bus. La. and Tex.; killed in highway accident.

ii Frances Elizabeth (9) Robinson, b. 26 Apr. 1927; attendedMiss. State, C.W.; md. 3 Aug. 1947, Albert Koones Halliday, Jr. b. 31 Dec. 1916; served U.S. Army WV/TI: discharged as Capt. Children: 1 Albert Koones, III; 2 Virginia Frances; 3 Andrew Joe; 4 Katherine Estes.

1 Albert Koones (10) Halliday, III, b. 8 Aug. 1949; served in Vietnam War; grad. Delta State Univ.; rngr. Union Bus Stn., Greenwood, Miss.; md. 28 Aug. 1976, Brenda Kaye Andrews, b. 8 Jan. 1958; attending Delta State univ., accounting major. Child: i Albert Koones, IV.

i Albert Koones (11) Halliday, IV, b. 25 Dec. 1978.

2 Virginia Frances (10) Halliday, b. 14 Apr. 1952; grad. Miss. State, C.W., 1974 - Elementary Educ.; teacher, U.S. Dept. Defense, Hanau Elem. Sch., W. Germany.

3 Andrew Joe (10) Halliday, b. 9 Jan. 1957; attending Miss. State Univ., School of Engrg.

4 Katherine Estes (10) Halliday, b. 20 May 1959; attending Miss. State Univ., Interior Design major.

iii Stella Jean (9) Robinson, b. 24 Dec. 1930; grad. Miss. State, C.W., 1952, Home Econ. major; was teacher in Miss., La., and Fla.; md. 24 Dec. 1958, Louis Carlton Wise; this marriage ended in divorce. Children: 1 Louis Carlton, Jr.; 2 Leroy Estes.

1 Louis Carlton (10) Wise, Jr., b. 8 May 1962, Gainesville, Fla.
2 Leroy Estes (10) Wise, b. 22 June 1963, Gainesville, Fla.

iv Richard Marion (9) Robinson, b. 16 May 1933; served in Army Air Force Strategic Air Command — was B-36 tail gunner; grad. Miss. State Univ. 1959 in md. Management; 17 yrs. with Armstrong Tire & Rubber Co.; now with Dunlop Tire & Rubber Co., Huntsville, Ala.; md. 30 May 1957, Edna Sue Dickson; grad. Miss. State Univ.; bus. major. Children: David Michael; 2 Alan Wayne; 3 Anthony Eric;
4 Bethany Jane.

1 David Michael (10) Robinson, b. 29 May 1958.
2 Alan Wayne (10) Robinson, b. 31 Dec. 1960; attending Auburn School of Veterinary Medicine.
3 Anthony Eric (10) Robinson, b. 26 Jan. 1968.
4 Bethany Jane (10) Robinson, b. 13 Sept. 1971.

Francis Marion (7) Estes md. Ellen Tarney Gallagher. We continue with their 5th child, Mamie Frances Marion:

5 Marnie Frances Marion (8) Estes, Sunflower, Miss., b. 31 Jan. 1904; grad. Blue Mt. College, Blue Mt., Miss.; taught school in Miss. and retired; now Postmaster of Blame, Miss.; married 25 Feb. 1931, Henry Marshall Bryan, b. 21 May 1898; d. 9 May 1959.

6 James Tarney (8) Estes, b. 21 June 1907; d. Sept. 1979; was owner, operator of J.T. Estes Gin Co., and seed and fertilizer dealer, in Noxapater, Miss. Children: i James Therrel; ii Janice Christine.

i James Therrel (9) Estes, b. 18 July 1929; md. Dorothy Buskirk, b. 23 Feb. 1930. Children: 1 James Phillip; 2 Renela Sue.

1 James Phllip (10) Estes, b. 20 Dec. 1950; md. Leigh Wilson. Children: one son.

2 Renela Sue (10) Estes, b. 4 Nov. 1952; md. Harry Holt Lott, III. Child: Harry Holt Lott, IV.

ii Janice Christine (9) Estes, b. 25 Dec. 1928; md. Maxey Dotson. Child: 1 Celeste.

7 George Thom (8) Estes, Mobile, Ala., b. 28 July 1910; served in WW II with Gen. Patton; worked for International Paper Co.; md. 20 Aug. 1941. Thelma West, b. 31 Mar. 1913; sans issue.

8 Woodrow Wilson (8) Estes, b. 7 Mar. 1913; employed by Coca Cola Bottling Co., Jackson, Miss.; md. 31 July 1939, Minnie Ethel White, b. 13 Aug. 1917. Children: i Wilma Glyn; ii Marian Clark; iii Rebecca Joe.

i Wilma Glyn (9) Estes, b. 7 July 1940; grad. Hinds Jr. College; airline stewardess.

ii Marian Clark (9) Estes, b. 13 Aug. 1942; served 4 yrs. in Women’s Air Corps; attended Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss.; with Welfare Dept., Rosedale, Miss.

iii Rebecca Joe (9) Estes, b. 20 Dec. 1955; attended Millsaps College, Jackson, Miss.

William Ellis Wilkes (6) Estes md. (2) Nancy Penelope Crow. We continue with their 6th child, John Wilkes Estes:

vi John Wilkes (7) Estes, b. 31 Jan. 1869, md. 1 Sept. 1892, Eddie Yarbrough of Liberty Community, Winston Co., Miss. Children: 1 Floyd; 2 Hilda; 3 Lillie; 4 Gypsy; 5 Alvin; 6 Jay.

1 Floyd (8) Estes, b. 29 May 1893; d.; md. Booth Hutchins.
2 Hilda (8) Estes, b. 26 Oct. 1895; md. Cap Carter, M.D.
3 Lillie (8) Estes, b. 25 June 1898; d.; md. J.O. Hardwick.
4 Gypsy (8) Estes, b. 4 Mar. 1902; d.; md. name unknown.
5 Alvin (8) Estes, b. 28 Feb. 1905; d.; md. Florence ——. One child.
6 Jay (8) Estes, md. Martha Kirkpatrick Carter of Chester Co., S.C., b. 23 Sept. 1868, S.C.; d. 14 Sept. 1940, Noxapater, Miss. Children: 1 Jewel; 2 Sammie Lee; 3 Kilburn; 4 Clarence; 5 Clanton; 6 Catherine; 7 Thad.

1 Jewel (9) Estes, b. 11 Feb. 1895; d.; md. Lloyd Flemming.
2 Sammie Lee (9) Estes, b. 21 Feb. 1899; d. 26 May 1926; md. Walter Bennett.
3 Kilburn (9) Estes, b. 16 Dec. 1901; d.; md. Pearl Woodruff.
4 Clarence (9) Estes, b. 21 Mar. 1904; d.
5 Clanton (9) Estes, b. 13 Dec. 1907;d. 16 Mar. 1949; md. name unknown.
6 Catherine (9) Estes, b. 16 Sept. 1910; md. W.B. Hargrove.
7 Thad (9) Estes, b. 27 July 1914; d. Jackson, Miss.

x Mobley Quay (7) Estes, b. 23 July 1878; d. 5 May 1942; Noxapater, Miss.; bur. Mt. Carmel Cemetery; md. (1) 14 Jan. 1903, Daisy Chalk, dau. of Benj. P. and Alice Carter Chalk, b. 15 July 1884; d. 15 Oct. 1904, Noxapater, Miss.; bur. Mt. Carmel Cemetery. Child: 1 Roy.

Mobley Quay (7) Estes md. (2) 24 Dec. 1905, Mattie Chalk, sister of first wife, Daisy. Children: 2 Estelle; 3 Mildred; 4 Inez; 5 Mobley Quay, Jr.; 6 Daisy Mae; 7 Coline.

Child of Mobley Quay (7) Estes and Daisy Chalk:
1 Roy (8) Estes, b. 31 Oct. 1903; d. 11 Jan. 1943; md. 13 May 1925, Agnes Costello.

Children of Mobley Quay (7) Estes and Mattie (halk:
2 Estelle (8) Estes, b. 26 Sept. 1906; md. Jodie Parker.
3 Mildred (8) Estes, b. 1 Mar. 1910, md. Hugh Little.
4 Inez (8) Estes, b. 25 Apr. 1912; d.; md. Wendell Truman Quinton. Children: three.
5 Mobley Quay (8) Estes, Jr., b. 9 July 1914; d. 5 Aug. 1959; md. Virginia Bourland. Children: four.
6 Daisy Mae (8) Estes, b. 22 Sept. 1916; md. J.N. Cooper; had one adopted child.
7 Coline (8) Estes, b. 29 Sept. 1927; md. John Wesley Wright. Children: three.

William Ellis Wilkes (6) Estes md. (2) Nancy Penelope Crow. We continue with their 11th child, Lillie Viola:

xi Lillie Viola (7) Estes, b. 7 Dec. 1879, Winston Co., Miss; d. Magnolia, Miss.; md. 26 June 1904, Winston Co., Miss., James Timothy Thomas. Children: 1 Pearl; 2 Opal; 3 James Timothy, Jr.; 4 Harvey Lee.

1 Pearl (8) Thomas, b. 3 May 1905.
2 Opal (8) Thomas, b. 11 Feb. 1907.
3 James Timothy (8) Thomas, b. 13 Dec. 1910.
4 Harvey Lee (8) Thomas, b. 23 May 1920.

xii Lomie Elmo (7) Estes, b. 17 Feb. 1882, Winston Co., Miss.; d. Mashulaville, Miss.; bur. at Bapt. Cemetery; md. (1) 2 Nov. 1909, Macon, Miss., Sallie Hill (Vonkohn), a widow; they later moved to Mashulaville, Miss. Children: 1 Lester Aubrey; 2 William Elmo.

Lomie Elmo (7) Estes md. (2) 10 Nov. 1955, Macon, Miss., Mrs. Ruby Davis Fulton; sans issue.

Child of Lomie Elmo (7) Estes and Sallie Hill (Vonkohn):
1 Lester Aubrey (8) Estes, b. 27 Aug. 1910.

xiii Lucretia Penelope (7) Estes, “Crete”, b. 8 Aug. 1884, Winston Co., Miss.; d. in Memphis, Tenn.; md. 24 Dec. 1911, Winston Co., Miss., Clyde Hathorn, b. 8 Aug. 1914; d. 19 Nov. 1944; killed in Battle of the Bulge; was Lt. in U.S. Army.

xiv Kittie Bell (7) Estes, b. 27 Apr. 1887, Winston Co., Miss.; md. Robert Rose McKnight; she now lives in Fla. Children: 1 Ruby Reno; 2 Frances Catherine.

1 Ruby Reno (8) McKnight, b. 1 Feb. 1891, Winston Co., Miss., md. 4 Dec. 1905, James C. Penny of Newton Co., Miss.; she now lives in Ga. Children: i Frances F.; ii James Edward; iii Juanita.

i Frances F. (9) Penny, b. 7 Dec. 1906; d. 7 Dec. 1908.
ii James Edward (9) Penny, b. 21 Sept. 1909; d. 3 Aug. 1930.
iii Juanita (9) Penny, b. 19 Feb. 1913; d. 22 May 1958.

Charner (5) Estes md. Elizabeth Wilkes. We continue with their 4th child, Sarah Ann:
4 Sarah Ann (6) Estes, b. 10 Apr. 1835, Chester Co., S.C.; d. 15 Jan. 1897; md. 22 Oct. 1852, Chester Co., S.C., Littleton Worthy; moved to Miss. with Sarah’s parents and family in 1857; Littleton served with “Dixie Rebels”, Co. 1, 35th Miss. Inf. Regt. Confed. States Army; fought in north Miss., Vicksburg, Atlanta, Lovejoy Stn., and in Tenn.; mustered out at Mobile, Ala. Children: i Martha Elizabeth; ii Nancy L.; iii Louisa J.; iv Henrietta Eugenia; v Preston Beauregard; vi Lydia R.;vii Henry Co.;viii Amos Tims.

i Martha Elizabeth (7) Worthy, “Lizzie,” b. 12 Aug. 1853, Chester Co., S.C.d. 16 June 1935, Winston Co., Miss.; bur. at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Noxapater, Miss.; md. John Chesley Wilkes, a second cousin, 15 Nov., Winston Co., Miss.; d. 28 Apr. 1917, Winston Co., Miss.; bur. at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Noxapater, Miss.; was instrumental in organizing Calvary Bapt. Church, west of Louisville, Miss., named for his home church in S.C. Children: 1 Charles Augustus; 2 Sarah Ann; 3 Mary Viola; 4 Lula Belle; 5 Florence Alma; 6 Littleton Worthy; 7 Nannie Lela; 8 Henrietta Lila; 9 Leslie Lottie; 10 Grover Cleveland.

1 Charles Augustus (8) Wilkes, b. 19 June 1874; d. 6 May 1937; md. Alma Bennett.
2 Sarah Ann (8) Wilkes, b. 6 Jan. 1875; d. 17 Nov. 1962; md. Jesse Estes.
3 Mary Viola (8) Wilkes, b. 6 Mar. 1876; d. 7 Jan. 1964; md. Smith Boswell.
4 Lula Belle (8) Wilkes, b. 17 Oct. 1878; d. 6 Sept. 1964; md. William Kirkpatrick.
5 Florence Alma (8) Wilkes, b. 29 Oct. 1880; d. 2 Jan. 1939; md. Em Crai2.
6 Littleton Worthy (8) Wilkes, b. 1882; d. 1935; md. Evie Robinson.
7 Nannie Lela (Wilkes, b. 16 Jan. 1884; md. Lige Crow.
8 Henrietta Lila (8) Wilkes, b. 26 Mar. 1886; d.; md. William Caperton.
9 Leslie Lottie (8) Wilkes, b. 14 Oct. 1891; d.;md. Victor Humphries.
10 Grover Cleveland (8) Wilkes, b. 31 July 1888; d. 22 July 1889.

ii Nancy L. (7) Worthy, “Nannie,” b. 2 Dec. 1855, S.C.; d. 28 Mar. 1929, Miss.; bur. at Mt. Cannel Cemetery on Worthy Row; md. 9 Aug. 1876, William Marion Caperton; they lived in Bessemer, Ala.; Nannie, left a widow with six small children, was looked after by her father; later, when children were old enough to farm, he gave her 160 acres of land and built her a house on it. Children: 1 Blanche; 2 Henry Blewett; 3 Calhoun Caldwell; 4 William Preston; 5 Winston Jefferson; 6 Everett Davis.

1 Blanche (8) Caperton, b. 11 July 1877; d. in Calif.; md. George Cornwell.
2 Henry Blewett (8) Caperton, b. 13 Apr. 1879; d. 20 June 1956; md. Edna Webb.
3 Calhoun Caldwell (8) Caperton, b. 7 Aug. 1882; d. 20 July 1964; md. Ira Smith.
4 William Preston (8) Caperton, b. 7 Jan. 1884; md. Lila Wilkes.
5 Winston Jefferson (8) Caperton, b. 7 Nov. 1886; d. 14 Apr. 1946; md. Neppie Estes.
6 Everett Davis (8) Caperton, b. 22 July 1889; md. Annie Carter.

iii Louisa J. (7) Worthy, b. 9 Feb. 1857; d. 17 Apr. 1928; never md.

iv Henrietta Eugenia (7) Worthy, “Ret,” b. 22 May 1859, Miss.; d. 1921; bur. in Mt. Cannel Cemetery, Noxapater, Miss.; md. 7 May 1882, John Madison Brown Triplett; always lived in vicinity of Liberty and Plattsburg, Miss.; John was cripplied. Children: 1 Carrie Victoria; 2 Mary Annie; 3 Oliver Boyd;
4 James Thomas; 5 unnamed infant daughter; 6 Preston Bluett; 7 Arche; 8 Canzada Wade.

1 Carrie Victoria (8) Triplett, b. 14 Feb. 1883; d. 10 July 1949; md. Earnest H. Carter, b. 17 May 1874, S.C.; d. 6 Nov. 1952.
2 Mary Annie (8) Triplett, b. 14 Apr. 1884; d. md. 7 Feb. 1907, James Hawford Pendergrass, b. 6 July 1877; d. 8 Dec. 1920.
3 Oliver Boyd (8) Triplett, b. 31 Jan. 1887; d. 5 Sept. 1887.
4 James Thomas (8) Triplett, “Jim”, b. 7 Dec. 1889; d. 1951; md. Enez Germany.
5 Unnamed infant dau. b. Nov. 1891.
6 Preston Bluett (8) Triplett, b. 7 June 1893; d. 6 Dec. 1961.
8 Canzada Wade (8) Triplett, b. 20 Aug. 1900; d.; md. 20 Apr. 1923, Percy Bryant Hathorn, “Hop”.

v Preston Beauregard (7) Worthy, “Pres,” b. 11 June 1861, Winston Co., Miss.; d. 20 Apr. 1941; md. 19 May 1889, Mary Ann McGee, “Mollie,” Children: 1 Henry; 2 Josie.

1 Henry (8) Worthy, b. 18 Mar. 1890; d. 14 Apr. 1892, of pneumonia.

2 Josie (8) Worthy, b. 14 June 1892; attended Blue Mt. College; worked for U.S. Gov. in WV/I; md. 24 Mar. 1921,
 illiam Bruce Holman, b. 18 Oct. 1883; d. 25 Apr. 1947; hit by an automobile; grad. md. Veterinary College. Children: i Camille; ii William Bruce, Jr.

i Camille (9) Holman, b. 25 June 1924; md. —— Fulton. Children: 1 Jeff; 2 Maryjo.

ii William Bruce (9) Holman, Jr., b. 25 Dec. 1926; md. Margaret Threadgill. Children: 1 Jane; 2 William Bruce, III.

1 Jane (10) Holman, b. 16 May 1970.
2 William Bruce (10) Holman, III, b. 16 Aug. 1971.

vi Lydia R. (7) Worthy, b. 24 July 1863; d. 2 June 1891; md. 30 Nov. 1883, James Washington Carter, of Plattsburg, Miss.; in mercantile business; early in marriage Lydia was stricken with cancer; moved to parents’ home for care. Child: Howard.

1 Howard (8) Carter, b. 22 Sept. 1884; d. Sturgiss, Miss.; md. twice; sans issue.

vii Henry C. (7) Worthy, b. 22 Aug. 1869; d. 23 Dec. 1872.

viii Amos Tims (7) Worthy, b. 9 Jan. 1871; d. 19 Dec. 1872.

Charner (5) Estes md. Elizabeth Wilkes. We continue with their 5th child, Thomas A. Estes:

5 Thomas A. (6) Estes, b. 17 Jan. 1837; d. 20 Sept. 1914; bur. at Mt. Carmel Cemetery, Noxapater, Miss.; joined “Dixie Rebels”, Co. I, 35th Miss. Inf. Regt., Noxapater, Miss. (at McElroy’s shop with other kin); captured at Franklin, Tenn.; sent to Camp Douglas Prison Camp; developed chronic leg trouble rest of life from iron bands on legs in that camp; md. (1) 1 May 1858, Mary Gibert Patty of Winston Co., Miss.
Children: i Jennie McCoy; ii Ferdinand; iii Sarah Gibert; iv Francis Marion; v Jesse Patty.

Thomas A. (6) Estes md. (2) 4 July 1883, Elizabeth Gregory of Winston Co., Miss. Child: vi Charles Spurgeon.

Children of Thomas A. (6) Estes and Mary Gibert Patty:
i Jennie McCoy (7) Estes, b. 26 Apr. 1859; d. young.

ii Ferdinand (7) Estes, b. 14 Jan. 1861; d. Laurel, Miss.; left Winston Co. to live at Laurel when some of his siblings were still small; md. Lula Clark of Winston Co., Miss. Children: several.

iii Sarah Gibert (7) Estes, b. 23 Feb. 1863; d. 6 May 1899; md. William Kirkpatrick. Children: 1 Henry; 2 Jim; 3 Frank.

1 Henry (8) Kirkpatrick md. Ella Robinson.

2 Jim (8) Kirkpatrick md. Hassie Kelly. Children: three girls, one named Mary Frank is a missionary to Nigeria.

3 Frank (8) Kirkpatrick md. Mary G. Humphries. Child: girl, name unknown.

iv Francis Marion (7) Estes, b. 21 May 1868; d. at Crugar, above Greenwood, Miss. Child: Marvin C.

1 Marvin C. (8) Estes lived in the delta.

v Jesse Patty (7) Estes, b. 21 Jan. 1871; d. 12 Apr. 1942; md. Annie Wilkes. Children: 1 Velma Beatrice; 2 Jesse Myrtis.

1 Velma Beatrice (8) Estes, b. 23 Nov. 1895; d. Apr. 1957; grad. Miss. Southern; teacher in Noxapater and Louisville, Miss. primary schools.

2 Jesse Myrtis (8) Estes, b. 27 Sept. 1905; d. Apr. 1979; practical nurse; md. 10 June 1958, Ernist Ingram.

Child of Thomas A. (6) Estes and Elizabeth Gregory:
vi Charles Spurgeon (7) Estes, b. 19 Aug. 1884; d. close to Carthage, Miss.; md. (1) Lula Wood, b. 29 Sept. 1885; d. 19 Jan. 1919; sans issue; md. (2) Cora Deason. Child: Tom.

1 Tom (8) Estes; employed at Forest, Miss. radio station.

Charner (5) Estes md. Elizabeth Wilkes. We continue with their 6th child, Martha E.

6 Martha F. (6) Fstes, b. 11 Dec. 1838; d. 31 Aug. 1875; bur. at Noxapater, Miss.; md. 8 Oct. 1856, Chester Co., S.C., Pickens Butler Gregory; moved to Winston Co., Miss. in 1857 with rest of family; Pickens was farmer and Bapt. minister. Children: i Martha Elizabeth; ii James Benjamin; iii Sarah Elvira; iv Marion Adolphus; v Louisa Jan.; vi Sims.

i Martha Elizabeth (7) Gregory, b. 10 Nov. 1859.
ii James Benjamin (7) Gregory, “Ben”, b. 27 Jan. 1861; d. 29 Aug. 1897.
iii Sarah Elvira (7) Gregory, b. 8 May 1864.
iv Marion Adolphus (7) Gregory, “Doll”’, b. 28 Jan. 1866; d. 21 Jan. 1932.
v Louisa Jane (7) Gregory, “Lou”, b. 28 May 1867.
vi Sims (7) Gregory, b. 4 Jan. 1875.

7 Lydia Emmaline Fielderbell (6) Fstes, b. 22 Mar. 1841, Chester Co., S.C.; d. 3 May 1910, Winston Co., Miss.; md. (1) 8 Nov. 1858, Thomas James Watts; d. 1862 nr. Tupelo, Miss.; was 1st Sgt. in Confederate Army; died while in Army, as the result of measles. Children: i Safronia; ii Tommie.

Lydia Emmaline Fielderbell (6) Estes, md. (2) 15 Dec. 1870, John Humphnes Levern of Winston Co., Miss. Children: iii Hughes; iv Ernest; v Edward; vi Everett.

Children of Lydia Emmaline Fielderbell (6) Estes and Thomas James Watts:
i Safronia (7) Watts, b. 11 Mar. 1861; d. 1931; md. Robert L. Wood. Children: several.
ii Tommie(7) Watts, b. 19 Jan. 1863; md. a Flemming of Noxubee Co., Miss.

Children of Lydia Emmaline Fielderbell (6) Estes and John Humphries Levern:
iii Hughes (7) Levern, b. 21 July 1873; d. 14 Oct. 1935.
iv Ernest (7) Levern, b. 2 Apr. 1875; d. 5 June 1951.
v Edward (7) Levern, b. 31 Aug. 1877; d. 2 Jan. 1962; t twin. a twin.
vi Everett (7) Levern, M.D., b. 31 Aug. 1877; d. 15 Sept. 1949; 1949; a twin.

8 Francis D.M. (6) Estes, b. 23 Dec. 1842; d. Camp Douglas s Prison during Civil War.

9 Amos Tims (6) Estes, b. 15 July 1846, Chester Co., S.C.; d. 8 July 1909, Mt. Calm, Tex.; according to Bible record was born “11 July”; he and wife lived in S.C. until 1870’s or early 1880’s; moved to Mt. Calm, Hill Co., Tex.; had farm; then established a lifetime mercantile bus.; was bus. and civic leader in Mt. Calm, Tex.; md. 31 Dec. 1863, Permelia Estes Robinson of Choctaw and Oktibbeha Co., S.C. Children: i William Davis; ii Alexander F; iii Annie; iv Bettie; v Samuel Charner; vi Cora; vii Boyd; viii Edna; ix Joseph Edward; x Phara F.; xi Mattie L.

i William Davis (7) Estes, b. 1866; d. 1920.
ii Alexander E. (7) Estes, b. 1868; d. 1937.
iii Annie (7) Estes, b. 1869; d.
iv Bettie (7) Estes, b. 25 Aug. 1870; d. 8 Apr. 1901.
v Samuel Charner (7) Estes, “Bud”, b. 4 Mar. 1872; d. 13 May 1931.
vi Cora (7) Estes, b. 1873; d.
vii Boyd (7) Estes, b. 1875; d.
viii Edna (7) Estes, b. 1878; d.
ix Joseph Edward (7) Estes, b. 22 Aug. 1881; d. 22 Dec. 1956.
x Phara E. (7) Estes, b. 24 Nov. 1884; d. 29 Oct. 1906.
xi Mattie L. (7) Estes, b. 5 July 1888; d. 15 Jan. 1905.

William (4) Estes, Jr. md. Sarah Timms (or Tims). We continue with their 6th child, Ferdinand:
vi Ferdinand (5) Estes, b. 30 June 1809; d. 9 Sept. 1825; bur. at Calvery Church, Chester Co., S.C.
vii Amos Tims (5) Estes, b. 16 Jan. 1813.

viii James Alexander (5) Estes, b. 23 May 1821; was merchant and planter before Civil War; md. Winifred Wilkes, sister of Elizabeth Wilkes Estes, b. about 1820. Children, according to 1850 Census: 1 Amos Tims; 2 Sarah F.; 3 William A.; 4 Margaret; 5 Martha.

William (3) Estes, md. Elizabeth ——. We continue with their 4th child, John:
4 John (4) Estes, d. between 23 Mar. 1849 and 27 Apr. 1849; left will; md. Sarah ——; he speaks of only one child: Permely Loveless.

i Permely Loveless (5) Estes, md. Alexander Roberson.

5 Mary or Polly (4) Estes md. John Carter. There were several children, including: Sylvanus; William; Blake A.

Sylvanus (5) Carter md. a dau. of William Wilkes.
William (5) Carter md. Mary Wilkes.
Blake A. (5) Carter, b. ca. 1804, md. a dau. of Reuben Wilkes.

6 Peggie (4) Estes md. Eli Gaither.

7 Bettie (4) Estes, b. 12 Jan. 1782; md. 12 Apr. 1798, John Lockhart, b. 5 Mar. 1770; d. 16 Nov. 1807. Children: i Aaron;
ii Narcissa; iii Elizabeth.

i Aaron (5) Lockhart, b. 6 Apr. 1799.
ii Narcissa (5) Lockhart, b. 26 Apr. 1801.
iii Elizabeth (5) Lockhart, b. 24 Feb. 1805.

8 Sallie (4) Estes, b. 10 Dec. 1789; d. 1839; md. 25 Aug. 1803, Charles Walker; d. 11 Dec. 1838. Children: i Margaret F. Hardin; ii Adam T.; iii Sarah Caroline Oaine; iv William C.; v Mary Adeline; vi John Alexander; vii Polina Emeline; viii Elizabeth Harden; ix Martha Annis Abell.
(Charles Walker was the son of Adam Walker, b. before 1759 and d. after 1796. Adam’s wife was Priscilla or Roda Terry, md. 1779. Adam Walker was b. in Chester, Pa. and d. in Chester, S.C.; listed in the Rev. Roll of S. C. No. 493, Book 2. Service verified by certificate from Sec ‘y History Comm., S.C. First Census of the U.S., Chester Co., S.C.)

9 Girl, name unknown, md. ——Clement. Child: William.

Elisha (2) Estes md. Mary Ann. We continue with their 5th child, Richard (given as first child in another listing sent by Frances Halliday).

v Richard (3) Estes, md.; was living in N.C. in 1786.

Elisha (2) Estes md. Mary Ann. We continue with their 6th child, Joel:


[son of Elisha (2), Abraham (1)]

This line includes Joel (5) Estes for whom Estes Park in Cob, was named. It traces from Elisha (2) Estes to Mildred (7) Estes Hopwood. Jack Estes of Fredericksburg, Texas, supplied most of the information, based on a letter he received from Mildred Estes Hopwood. Additional material was sent in by Frances Halo way of La Junta, Colo.

vi Joel (3) Estes, b. 1741, in Va.; d. 1825, in Clay Co., Mo.; served in Rev. War, Talley Choice’s Co., under Major Geo. Waller; rnd. 15 Oct. 1770, in Va.; family moved to Madison Co., Ky. ca. 1800; sold home in Ky., Sept. 1818 and moved to Howard Co., Mo.; later Clay Co. was formed from part of Howard Co.
Children: 1 Elisha; 2 Joel; 3 Peter Harris; 4 Elizabeth; 5 Littleberry; 6 John Harris; 7 William; 8 Spencer; 9 Mary Ann; 10 Henry Harris; 11 Nancy; 12 Thomas Harris; 13 Sarah.
(There is a discrepancy between the two lists of children submitted. The other list shows Peter Harris as the second and Joel as the third.)

1 Elisha (4) Estes, b. 22 June 1771, in Va.; md. Nancy Harris.

2 Joel (4) Estes, b. 16 Mar. 1773, in Va.; d. 2 Jan. 1857; md. (1) Rachel Ward; md. (2) 9 Dec. 1793, Pittsylvania Co., Va., Mrs. Elizabeth Brawner (widow), Pittsylvania Co., Va.

3 Peter Harris (4) Estes, b. 6 Dec. 1774, in Va.; d. 1854; md. Esther Hiatt; both bur. Old Green Cern., Ave. K, 3 miles from Amazonia, Mo. Children: several, including Joel and Peter (b. 1808 in Ky.)

Joel (5) Estes, b. 25 May 1806, Madison Co., Ky.; d. Dec. 1875; md. 1827 in Va., Patsy Stollings (dau. of Jacob and Sarah Stollings), b. 6 July 1806, in Va.; d. 1884. Children: I Louey; 2 Hardin; 3 Philena; 4 Woodson; 5 Patsy Ann; 6 Newton; 7 Jasper; 8 Jesse; 9 Milton; 10 Sarah; 11 Mary Jane; 12 Francis Marion; 13 Joel, Jr.

(Documentation: Latter Day Saints Old Genealogies and History of Estes Park by Harold Marion Dunning; most info, placed in Latter Day Saints by Rose M. Estes, wife of Newton Davis Estes, oldest son of Milton. Mildred Estes Hop wood tells something of Estes Park: “Joel and Patsy had 13 children, one of whom, Francis Marion, is my grandfather. Francis Marion was 13 years old when he went with his father for the first time into what is now Fstes Park -- on a hunting trip. When Francis Marion was 20, he left Estes Park, with his sister, Sarah, and brother Wesley Jasper, and went to Sidney, Iowa. “)

1 Louey (6) Estes (also sp. Looey or Lewey), b. 30 Sept. 1827.
2 Hardin (6) Estes, b. 2 Nov. 1828.
3 Philena (6) Estes, b. 20 Apr. 1830.
4 Woodson (6) Estes, b. 14 June 1832.
5 Patsy Ann (6) Estes, b. 12 Jan. 1834, Andrew Co., Mo.
6 Newton (6) Estes, b. 11 May 1835, Andrew Co., Mo.
7 Jasper (6) Estes, b. 11 Jan. 1837, in Mo.
8 Jesse (6) Estes, b. 18 Mar. 1838, in Mo.
9 Milton (6) Estes, b. 28 Mar. 1840, in Mo.; md. 11 or 17 Aug. 1861, Ft. Lupton, Cob., Mary Louise Flemming.
10 Sarah (6) Estes, b. 7 Oct. 1842, in Mo.; md. Mr. Hiatt.
11 Mary Jane (6) Estes, b. 8 Dec. 1844, in Mo.xmd. Christian Ruffner.
12 Francis Marion (6) Estes, b. 3 Sept. 1846, Andrew Co, Mo.; md. in Sidney, Iowa, Mary Caroline Watt. Children: several, including twins, Reuben Marion and Charles Francis.

Reuben Marion (7) Estes, d. Nov. 1914, in Okla.; md.; family migrated to Oklahoma after birth of first child.
Children: Marjory and Mildred (only ones known).

Mildred (8) Estes, Visalia, Calif., md. —— Hopwood. 13 Joel (6) Estes, Jr., b. 16 Oct. 1848, St. Joseph, Mo.; md. Martha Hannah.

Elisha (2) Estes md. Mary Ann. We continue with their seventh child, Sarah:
7 Sarah (3) Estes, md. Charles Hutchinson.
8 Barbara (3) Estes, md. Ambrose Holt; believed to have moved to Madison Co., Ky.
9 Elizabeth (3) Estes, md. Benjamin Evans.
10 Mary (3) Estes, md. —-- Knight.



To the best of our knowledge the previous listings are thoroughly documented. The following line, back to the third child of Abraham (1) Estes and Barbara, Thomas (2) Estes, has not been completely proven. Evelyn Joanne Mitchell Estes, of Gresham, Ore, is endeavoring to trace her husband, Charles Clifford Estes’family branch back to Abraham (1). She has not yet been able to document the connection between fifth generation John Colman (5) Estes and sixth generation George Augusta (6) Estes. But the names of both these ancestors do appear in Barren and Metcalfe Co., Ky. Census rolls, as explained below:


[son of Abraham (1)]

3 Thomas (2) Estes, b. 1697; d. 1744, Caroline Co., Va.; md. Ann ——. Child: John.

John (3) Estes, b. 27 Dec. 1725, Caroline Co., Va.; d. 18 Apr. 1778, Caroline Co., Va.; md. (1) 11 Sept. 1746, Caroline Co., Va., Mary Marshall, b. 3 Mar. 1736; d. 12 June 1772. Child: Marshall.

Marshall (4) Estes, b. 6 Aug. 1755, Culpepper Co., Va.; d. 1810, Barren Co., KY.; md., in Va., Martha Yates.
Child: John Colman.

John Colman (5) Estes, b. 1785, Culpepper Co., Va.; d. between 1860 and 1870, probably Metcalfe Co., Ky.; md. 7 Apr. 1807, Culpepper Co., Va., Susannah Butler, b. 1790, d. after 1870. Child: George Augusta.
(Documentation: both John Colman Estes and George Augusta Estes appear in 1850, 1860, 1870 Barren and Metcalfe Co., Ky., Censuses. Also correspondence indicates that Geo. A. had a son named John Colman Estes.)

George Augusta (6) Estes, b. 5 July 1813, Va. or KY.; d. 2 July 1864, Metcalfe Co., Ky.; md. (1) Amy Anna Whitlow, b. 4 Jan. 1817, Cum. Co., KY.; d. 6 Oct.
1857, Barren Co., KY.; md. (2) 12 Dec. 1858, Barren Co., Ky., Cynthia Malinda Peden, b. 19 July 1830, Barren Co., KY.; d. 2 June 1915, Barren Co., Ky.
Child: Edrnon Harlin.

Edmon Harlin (7) Estes, b. 20 Oct. 1859, Barren Co., KY.; d. 16 Nov. 1918, Hot Lake, Union, Ore.; md. 16 Mar. 1883, Barren Co., Ky., Mary Elizabeth
Frank, b. 26 Mar. 1874, Barren Co., Ky.; d. 1945, Portland, Ore. Child: Charles Otis.

Charles Otis (8) Estes, b. 19 Aug. 1888, Wichita, Ks.; d. 15 June 1962, Portland, Multnomah, Ore.; md. 19 Apr. l914~, Gardner Co., Dorothea Elizabeth Stack, b. 26 Jan. 1890, Chase Co., Ks.; d. 14 July 1929, Portland, Multnomah, Ore. Child: Charles Clifford.

Charles Clifford (9) Estes, b. 8 Aug., 1920, Portland, Ore., Evelyn Joanne Mitchell, “Joanne”, b. 23 Nov. 1921, Howard, Elk Co., Ks.

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