Bogan family in Cork, Ireland

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The Bogans of Cork, Ireland

Attached my notes about the Bogan family from my visit there in 1965, when I stayed with my cousin Fred Bogan. Corrections and other feedback welcome.

Direct line

1. _____ Bogan married  ____ Lillie

sources of info: Ringcurran Church, Kinsale; Blackrock cemetery; St. Lukes;
St. Multros, Kinsale (Rev. Gibson)

NB -- tombstone at Ringcurran reads:
John Lillie, master gunner, Charles [Fort], died Jan. 18, 1856, aged 76
years, erected as a tribute to affection by his grandson James Bogan

NB -- from church and cemetery records (related names)
Jane, daughter of John and Julia Lillie (master gunner Charles Fort) born
June 12, 1851
Isabella Gordon Lillie, daughter of John and Julia Lillie (master gunner
Charles Fort) born Sept. 16, 1854 and died June 23, 1881, aged 27 (tombstone
says died June 20, aged 25, and erected by her sorrowing sister M. de

2. son = James Bogan (silk manufacturer) married __________

3. daughter = Isabella Bogan born Dec. 25, 1848 in Cork married (at Wesley
Chapel, Patrick St., Cork, Feb. 18, 1868) Griffith Owen Griffiths born Sept.
22, 1837 in Pen y Craig, Llengefni, Anglesee, Wales (his second marriage)
[first wife = Ann Jane Williams born Sept. 23, 1837 at Bearnmaris, died Feb.
18, 1867, married April 3, 1866 in Bangor Cathedral, Wales; died soon after
childbirth; daughter = Annie Jane born Jan. 28, 1867, died in 1950s of
cancer of the eye]; they emigrated to Philadelphia, PA where Griffith became
manager of a tea company store

4. daughter = Mae Griffith born May 27, 1883, died May 27, 1930  married
(Nov. 29, 1906) Smith William Estes born June 17, 1881, died Dec. 19, 1943
daughter = Helen Isabella Estes (writer) born Jan. 31, 1920 in
Philaldelphia, married (June 5, 1944) Richard Warren Seltzer (teacher,
college dean, superintendent of schools) born June 5, 1923.

5. son = Richard Warren Seltzer, Jr. (graduated from Yale 1969; author,
Internet consultant) born in Clarksville, Tenn. Feb. 23, 1946 married (in
Boston, July 28, 1973) Barbara Hartley (1950-2012), married (in ,
Sept. 27, 2015( Marilyn Mandel Lander (b. Aug. 22, 1945)

6. children:
Robert Richard Hartley Seltzer born July 29, 1975 (4-time US chess champion
for his age groups; graduated from Yale 1997;
Heather Katherine Hartley Seltzer born Aug. 13, 1977 (graduated from Sarah
Lawrence 1999) present residence -- 347 MacDonald Ave., Apt. B4, Brooklyn,
NY 11218-2249. 718-435-5795.
Michael Richard Hartley Seltzer born June 14, 1980 (third year at
Northeastern, English major, novelist)
Timothy Richard Hartley Seltzer born Oct. 5, 1989 (fifth grade)

collateral lines:

children of 2 -- James Bogan and ____
1 James Lillian Bogan married Elizabeth H.
i Mary Anne Harriet Bogan born Dec. 10, 1877
ii Ellie Bogan born April 4, 1879
iii Penrose Marion Bogan born April 1883
iv Georgina Bogan born Sept. 10, 1884
v Kathleen Bogan born Dec. 12, 1885
vi  Violet Bogan born April 8, 1888
vii Olive Bogan born Oct. 2, 1892
2 William Mullins Bogan married Agnes ___
i Margaret Patterson born March 30, 1880, married age 19, died age 20
ii James William born March 26, 1882
iii Robert William Bogan (ran away to sea before age 14 and died of yellow
fever 1903 or 1905
3 John Bogan
4 Amos Frederick Bogan died 1905 married Annie Vearian
i James (navy)
(1) James, college Belfast
(2) Brian, civil engineer
(3) Eileen Lily
ii Susan unmarried
iii Annie
(1) Eric
(2) Eden
(3) George
(4) Doreen
(5) Louise
(6) Evelyn Mons
iv Elizabeth married (in Wesley Chapel) ___ Richards (Welsh)
(1) Frieda
(2) Gwen (flood Lynmouth)
(3) Dolly
(4) Florrie
v George (engineer)
(1) George
(2) Jim
(3) Frederick (killed -- test pilot)
vi William motor engineer, died 1964
(1) Frederick
(2) Bluebell
(3) William, college in Belfast
vii Frederick engineer, killed in WWI
viii Florence married Alec Dunn
(1) George Alexander Dunn
(2) Jean Annette married _______Wells
5 Isabella Bogan (see above)
6 Elizabeth Bogan died 1910 (St. Finbards)

children of 2 -- Griffith Owen Griffith and Isabella Bogan (emigrated to US,
1 Elizabteh Rachel Griffith born in Cork, April 27, 1869 (had nervous
breakdown in teens, put in insane asylum where she died in the 1950s)
2 Isabella Agnes Griffith, born in Cork, July 18, 1870, never married, with
sister Lillian raised the children of sister Mae Griffith and Smith William
Estes after Mae's death
3 Thomas Owen Griffith, born in Philadelphia April 21, 1873, disappeared
(ran away from home)
4 Lillian Griffith, born in Philadlephia, Nov. 9, 1875, never married, with
sister Agnes raised the children of sister Mae Griffith and Smith William
Estes after Mae's death
5 Griffith Owen Griffith, born in Philadlephia, Aug. 28, 1877 (hit by pipe,
spent rest of life in insance asylum)
6 David Griffith, born in Philadelphia Jan. 3, 1879 died of heart trouble
married Florence Van Hart (daughter of mayor of Camden, New Jersey)
their children:
i Lilly May Griffith, died of heart trouble
ii Isabella Griffith, fell down stairs as a little girl and after that her
eyes were crossed
7 Mae Griffith born in Philadelphia Masy 27, 1883, see above
8 George Bogan Griffith, born in Philadelphia, Jun 1, 1885, died 1904 of
typhoid fever
9 Stanley Griffith, born in Philadelphia, Aug. 6, 1890, measles caused one
eye to be closed, died of alcoholism

children of 3 -- Mae Griffith and Smith William Estes
1 John Griffith Estes Sept. 27 1908-1961, worked as night watchman, died of
cancer of lungs and bone
2 Louis Stanley Estes 1911- died foreman of mill, married Jean ___________
i Jean Estes
ii Joan Estes
iii Jeanette Estes
3 Lillian Margarget Estes 1908- died married (1929) William Norris Moyer,
i William Norris Moyer, III 1934 married (1958) Blanche Wilkerson
their children:
William Norris Moyer IV 1959
ii Betty Jane Moyer 1932 married 1955 Paul Knittel, Jr.
their children
Paul Knittel, III 1957
David John Knittel 1963
4 Virginia Griffith Estes 1914-2000 married 1937 Edward Robert Jacoby, Jr.
1915- died
their children
i Wayne Jacoby 1940
ii Virginia Jacoby 1945
5 Agnes Griffith Estes 1915- died married 1938 George John Meyers, Jr.
1916 - died
their children
George John Meyers III 1939
i James Meyers 1944
ii Patricia Meyers 1947
iii David Meyers 1955
6 Helen Isabella Estes (see above),
ii daughter Raven (Sallie) Estes Seltzer 1964
7 Mildred Elizabeth Estes 1922- died married (1) 1945 James Glisson Brinton
1920-1944 (Cassino, Italy), (2) 1947 Walter Taney Rowland ship supply
i Joyce Lynn Rowland 1949
ii Gay Diane Rowland 1951
iii Lawrence Walter Rowland 1955
8 Smith William Estes (died as baby)