Selected Articles by Nancy Felson, Professor Emerita, University of Georgia

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Epinician Apollo in Story Tme: Pythian 9, Olympian 6 and Pythian 3

Some Functions of the Enclosed Invective in Archilochus' Erotic Fragment

Children of Zeus in the Homeric Hymns, Generational Succession

Epinician Ideology at the Phaeacian Games

Deixis in Linguistics and Poetics

Some Functions of the Demophon Episode in the Homeric Hymn to Demeter

Gender and Homeric Myth

Introduction to the Poetics of Deixis

Narrative Structure in Pindar's Ninth Pythian

Nostos, Tisis and Two Forms of Dialogism in Homer's Odyssey

The Poetic Effects of Deixis in Pindar's Ninth Pythian Ode

Radical Semantic Shifts in Archilochus

Semiotics and Classical Studies

Shaping Audience Perspectives Through Deictic Patterns: Aeschylus' Persae

Signposts in Oral Epic: Metapragmatic and Metasemantic Signals

The Telemachus Chapter from Regarding Penelope (Chapter 4: Mother)

The Epinician Speaker in Pindar's First Olympian: Toward a Model for Analyzing Character in Ancient Choral Lyric

The "Savvy Interpreter": Performance and Interpretation in Pindar's Victory Odes

Threptra and Invincible Hands: The Father-Son Relationship in Iliad 24

Vicarious Transport: Fictive Deixis in Pindar's Pythian Four

Victory and Virility int he Homeric Hymn To Apollo: At Whose Expense?