Chuck Hartley --

over 40 years experience in parking lot striping and traffic line markings in the Boston area.

Using the Graco LineLazer 5900 the most up-to-date and versatile line striper

If you would like to discuss a project, or receive a quote:
Chuck Hartley, 65 Perham St., Orange, CT 06477
Cell - (617) 699-4591
Fax - (617) 325-4701
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My name is Charles (Chuck) Hartley. I've installed traffic lines for the past 35 years at airports, hotels, hospitals, schools, shopping centers, restaurants, industrial buildings and municipal lots as well as for towns, cities and Massachusetts state highways.

I enjoy my profession which demands that I find the best traffic pattern for each situation. I maintain high quality workmanship until the last markings have been installed.

ALL WORK IS GUARANTEED. If any markings do not meet the proper standard, I'll gladly re-stripe at no cost. I stand behind every application.  Your parking lot is important and your satisfaction is the goal.

Standard stencils include:

Standard contractors paint 100 "four-inch" lines per 5 gallons of paint.
I paint 50 "five inch" lines per that same 5 gallons of paint.

I use the highest quality and strength materials which are applied with care and result in lines with the best in product durabilty. I use Franklin Paint Company products which provide the highest quality traffic paint in the country.

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