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Seltzer Books, Formerly B&R Samizdat Express

We strive to help you discover little-known books that you will love.  We do this by connecting books that you probably have enjoyed with others that are related to them by theme or author or genre.  We include a list of associated books in each of our ebooks, and we have web pages that fill out such lists with brief samples and links to related pages in stores where you can buy them.

This is an online equivalent of the tables of suggested books that that physical bookstores display to prompt customers and stir their interest. You might also think of this arrangement as a banquet of books, arranged buffet-style with like foods at separate stations to prompt you to try new items likely to suit your taste.

When the association is very close, as in the case of books by the same author, we also offer collections of books combined in a single file and sold for the same price as a single book.  Each and every one of our titles, whether an individual book or a collection of books, sells for just 99 cents and can be purchased at both Nook (Barnes and Noble), Kobo, Apple, and PublishDrive.

We focus on time-tested books which have been enjoyed for generations and which, because they are in the public domain, we can combine in this way and offer at a nominal price.


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