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Justin Alcala

·         Dim Fairy Tales


Darbie Andrews

·         ¿¡HIM!?!

Lee Baker

·         My Feet Don't Touch the Ground


Bette Bono

·         The Better Angels

·         Fear Itself


Monica Brinkman

·         The Turn of the Karmic Wheel


Nancy Flinchbaugh

·         Revelation in the Cave

·         Revelation at the Labyrinth

·         Letters from the Earth

·         Awakening

·         Revenation in the Roots


Jeff Gephart

·         Accidental Adulthood


Margaret Gaffney

·         Of Slaves and Exiles


Bill Gillard

·         Down a Man

·         The Vade Mecum of the True Sublime


Cate Munene Moriasi

·         The Scientific Sleuths: Atherosclerosis Attack: Traffic Jam in Your Arteries

Roger Roffman

·        Looking Always


Nona Schrader

·         Aqua (to be published soon)


Richard Seltzer

·         Parallel Lives

·         Beyond the 4th Door

·         Nevermind

·         Breeze

·         Shakespeare's Twin Daughter

Judy Stanigar

·         Marika's Best Laid Plan

Randy K. Wallace

·         #9 Grundpark Road

·         The Banderman Odyssey


Kenneth Weene

·         Memoirs From the Asylum

·         Widow’s Walk

·         Tales From the Dew Drop Inne

·         Times To Try The Soul of Man

·         Red and White

·         El Catrin

·         Two Tales of Terror.

Joe Zeppetello

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